Coming out of the bar, Jeremy spotted two more men taking advantage of the parked cars, only this time one was bent over the trunk with his pants down and his legs spread wide, and the other was kneeling and poking his face into the other's ass.

'Oh, my God!' gasped Jeremy. 'What the fuck are they doing?'

Brad chuckled at Jeremy's innocence. It was one of the things he had come to adore in him, along with his incredibly hot looks, of course. 'That's called rimming. He's trying to reach his partner's prostate with his tongue.'

'Gross! He's eating his shit?'

'Well, some guys have been known to do that, but most clean up pretty well before they get rimmed, so it's really pretty sanitary.'

'But why would anybody do that?'

'The same reason that people have other forms of sex. It feels damn good. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.'

'I would never do that in a million years.'

'You never thought you'd let a man give you a blow job or kiss you either, but you did, and it felt damn good, didn't it?'

As the two men walked down Burgundy Street, Jeremy told Brad about the cop who had observed the same episode that he had witnessed earlier and asked, 'Why don't they do something about this? I mean, doing it in the bar is one thing, but doing it right out on the street?'

'Look, New Orleans runs on four things: the river, jazz, the world's best food, and sex, not necessarily in that order. Without any one of those things, the tourist trade would evaporate, the city's tax revenue would dry up, and the cops wouldn't get paid. There's just as much sex in the open during Mardi Gras, probably more, only it's mostly straight sex. When Southern Decadence comes around, the locals know what goes on, and if they don't wanna see it, they just stay away. Besides, the cops here in New Orleans don't have the same attitude toward gays that cops in many other cities have. Hell, there were probably half a dozen off-duty cops in that bar we just came out of.'

'If they were off duty, what were they doing there?'

'Same thing you and I were doing there, gettin' their rocks off.' Seeing the stunned look on Jeremy's face, Brad added, 'That guy gettin' fucked on the pool table, Kenny? He's a cop, and the dude bangin' his ass is a fireman. Here in New Orleans, nobody really cares as long as you do your job.'

Immersed in the conversation, neither Brad nor Jeremy saw the two men in ski masks leap out from a dark doorway. 'Hand 'em over,' demanded one. Your wallets, your watches, and any other jewelry you got on you.'

Jeremy froze, but Brad shot back, 'I don' t think so, dude. Now, why don't you step aside, and we'll be on our way.'

Clearly not expecting Brad's calm response to the situation, the man, apparently the alpha of the two, whipped out a pocket knife and screamed, 'This ain't no nuh-go-shee-ay-shun, DUDE! Now, hand it over before I slit your pretty little throats.' Following the blade's lead, the other man pulled a pipe out from behind his back.

Brad slowly raised his arm and nudged Jeremy behind him, shielding him from any potential attack. Evidently, he did not realize that Jeremy could take care of himself.

'I really don't wanna see you guys get hurt,' said Brad, so why don't you just put those toys down and back away.'

But Brad's words seemed to irk the attacker all the more. With his arm outstretched, he lunged at Brad with the knife, but Brad quickly dodged the assailant, turned on him, and, slamming his arm across his knee, disarmed him. Instantly, the other masked man sprang at Brad with the pipe, but Jeremy leaped over Brad's back and decked the man. He never saw Jeremy coming. Twisting the alpha thug's arm, Brad threw him up against the wall and, with the man's own belt, tied his hands behind his back. He did the same with the other man, still lying on the pavement.

'Damn, you were good!' exclaimed Jeremy.

'You weren't so bad yourself, Superman.'

Jeremy grinned at the compliment. 'So, what do we do with them now?'

'We've only gone three blocks from the bar, so let's drag 'em back down there and hand 'em over to Kenny. He's off duty, but he'll take care of it.'

'Won't we have to give a statement or something?'

'Yeah, but that can wait until tomorrow. Right now, let's just dump this trash and high-tail it over to my apartment. I think we could both use another couple of drinks and a soft, comfortable couch right now.'

The encounter had actually made Jeremy feel closer to Brad and less nervous about going over to his apartment.

'Nice place,' said Jeremy, looking around Brad's well-decorated apartment.

'Thanks. My sister gets all the credit. I have no eye for beauty...not that kind anyway,' said Brad, winking at Jeremy. 'Make yourself comfortable. Take your shoes off. Take your shirt off. Take your pants off.'

Jeremy chuckled as he sat down on the sofa, knowing that Brad was only half joking. He did kick off his shoes, but that was as far as he went.

'I don't know about you, but I'm ready for something stronger than a beer. How about a scotch?'

'You know, after what we just went through, I could use a scotch right about now.'

Returning with the drinks, Brad sat down on the coffee table facing Jeremy. Strangely, Jeremy began to feel like a teenager on a first date. As the two men talked, Jeremy gradually relaxed over the sound of Brad's voice. It was deep and masculine, but also smooth and reassuring. Brad pulled the coffee table closer so that his knees were right up against the sofa, and one of Jeremy's knees was close to his crotch. He slowly rubbed both of Jeremy's thighs. Momentarily, he removed his tank top, revealing for the first time his hairy, muscular chest. Jeremy had never really thought about men's chests before and whether they were hairy or not, but Brad's really turned him on. The dark coating was not overly thick, but generous, and a treasure trail drew Jeremy's eyes down toward Brad's crotch. Damn, he's hot! Fuck, why am I feeling this way? But he was feeling it, and the bulge in his crotch proved it.

Brad leaned over as he had done in the bar and kissed Jeremy tenderly on the lips. Then, he slowly removed Brad's shirt and massaged his chest and abs, moaning admiringly as he did. He licked and sucked on Jeremy's nipples, first one and then the other. He raised Jeremy's arms above his head and licked his armpits. An electric shock zipped through Jeremy's body. He had never realized that his armpits were so sensitive before...or maybe it was just Brad. Brad kissed Jeremy again, only more vigorously this time. He burrowed his tongue into Jeremy's mouth, and Jeremy succumbed to the passion. The two men panted like bulldogs in heat.

'I want you,' Jeremy. 'God, I want you so bad.'

Jeremy locked eyes with Brad but did not speak. Hearing no objections, Brad kissed and licked his way down Jeremy's torso and rimmed his belly button. Then, he unbuckled Jeremy's belt and pulled off his pants. Jeremy's cock strained to escape his briefs, but Brad did not remove them. Instead, he rubbed his face against them and gently bit Jeremy's dick through the cotton cloth. When he did pull away the elastic band, Jeremy's cock shot out like a rocket.

'Oh, my God, Jack! It's beautiful! It's fuckin' gorgeous! You're gorgeous.' Jeremy blushed and laughed off the compliment. 'No, really, man. You should be in the Galleria dell'Accademia right next to Michelangelo's David.'

'Galleria dell'Accademia?' asked Jeremy.

'Catholic schools,' replied Brad.

Brad stared at the masterpiece before him from all sides and gently stroked it with a single finger, drinking in its beauty. He pressed his face against Jeremy's crotch and took a deep whiff. 'Ummm. That's smells delicious.' Then he brushed the penis with his tongue, just as he had done with his finger, savoring each stroke. With the tip of one finger, he scooped up the pre-cum that had begun to ooze out. He rose up and delicately rubbed the pre-cum over Jeremy's lips. Then, he kissed him and licked his own lips. Jeremy moaned and Brad smiled.

Returning to Jeremy's crotch, Brad licked around his heavy balls and then took each one in his mouth and rolled it over his tongue. He licked underneath in that sensitive area between the balls and the asshole. He returned to the penis and kissed the head gently before inserting the delicacy into his mouth. Nine inches was a lot to swallow, but Brad had lots of practice, so, with some effort, he was able to stuff the whole shaft into his mouth. Oh, my God, I can feel his nose in my pubes, thought Jeremy. Nobody's ever been able to take all of me before, not even the guy in the clown car.

'Ahhh. Ahhh. Oh, God. Shit! Oh fuck. Oh, Brad...Brad...Brad. God DAMN.' Jeremy gripped Brad's head, more for support than anything else. Then, fearing that he might actually hurt him, he let go and gripped the sofa cushion beneath him instead. Brad wasn't ready for Jeremy to cum. He wanted to savor his love stick for as long as he could...hell, he wanted to savor it forever, but there was no holding back. Jeremy's hot juices burst forth like a geyser. 'Ahhh...FUCCCKKK!' Brad thanked God that his apartment walls were thick. Brad took in every drop of Jeremy's cream, but before he could swallow it, Jeremy pulled him down on top of him and sucked the juice out of his mouth, jerking with aftershocks and grappling Brad's body onto his. He wanted to squeeze Brad so tight that their two bodies would merge into one.

After about a minute, Brad spoke, 'You gotta let go of me, Jack.'

'No, I can't. I won't. I've gotta have you close to me.'

'I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here, but you gotta let go of me. You're suffocating me. I can't breath.'

Quickly, but despairingly, Jeremy loosened his grip. Shortly, he said, 'I want you to stay right here, just like this, forever, but now I'm the one who can't breath.' Rising from the sofa, Brad looked down at his new lover and said confidently, I have an idea.' Extending his hand, he added, 'Come with me.'

At first, Jeremy struggled to get his sea legs, but Brad wrapped Jeremy's arm over his shoulder and led him to his bedroom. As Jeremy sat on the bed and then stretched out, Brad sat beside him and smiled, 'Well, how was it, Superman?'

'Oh, God, Brad. I never imagined... I'm...I'm speechless.' Taking Brad's hand and rubbing it softly, the way he always rubbed Amy's, he said, 'Thank you, Brad. Thank you for helping me, thank you.'

'I assure you that the pleasure was all mine,' replied Brad.

'No, not all of it,' protested Jeremy. 'Certainly not all of it.'

Brad rose from the bed, and the two men just gazed at each other affectionately. Then, Brad slowly removed the rest of his clothes as Jeremy watched. Jeremy had never looked at a man's body so closely before and had certainly never thought of one as being beautiful, but now he did. He actually found himself falling in love with the Cajun god standing before him. Once he was completely naked, Brad slowly walked around to the other side of the bed and lay down beside Jeremy. He laid one arm across Jeremy's chest and one leg across Jeremy's legs. Brad had never lain with a man before, nor had another man's cock pressed against his skin, but it felt heavenly. He so desperately wanted Brad to hold him. He threw his arm across Brad's back and again squeezed him tightly. 'Unh!' Then, he rolled Brad over on his back and lay on his side, rubbing his fingers through the sexy hair on his manly chest, licking his neck, and kissing his face.

He looked down at Brad's stiff cock and admired its size, its shape, and its proportions. He had seen it before when Red gave him a blow job in the bar, but it was dark there. Here, now, he was able to get a really good look at it, and he couldn't believe what a fascinating creation it was. Mother Nature really was a genius, and she apparently worked overtime on some people. He was drawn to it the way some people are drawn to works of art. He felt compelled to reach out and touch it, though he had never touched another penis before, not even other boy's when he was young. He rubbed his hand very gently over the monument to manhood and caressed the potent balls that produced the seed of life. He marveled at the feel as well as the sight. He had to get a closer look, so he turned and leaned toward it. He breathed in the pungent man-scent and bathed in the erotic aroma. He softly rubbed his cheek against the cock and balls and thrilled at the sensation. He looked up at Brad adoringly and smiled. Then, he slowly turned again to the treasure before him and kissed the golden fruit.

'You don't have to do this, Jack,' said Brad. 'You don't owe me anything.'

'I want to do this, Brad. For both of us.'

And Jeremy turned his attention once again to his prize. He slowly licked the dick from every side, thoroughly savoring every slurp. He licked the balls. Never having done this before, he decided not to take the nuts into his mouth because he did not want to hurt his lover. Instead, he returned to the dick and circled the head with his tongue. Then, he opened his mouth wide and slowly slid it over the meat. He was amazed at how much he liked it: the smell, the feel, the taste. But mostly, he liked it because it was a part of Brad, that most intimate part of a man. He reveled in the thought that he was giving pleasure to a man he loved. No, he couldn't say that. He had just met him. But he was uncontrollably drawn to him. He wanted him, and he wanted to please him.

He slowly took more of the shaft into his mouth and then more. He could not get it all. How was Brad able to swallow my whole 9'? he wondered. But that didn't matter. This was his first time, and he would just do the best he could. felt sooo good. Why hadn't he discovered this delight before? Because he had never met Brad before, that's why. Brad was his mentor and his lover. He could suck on this cock all night, but Brad's testosterone had other ideas. Jeremy could feel the cock swelling up in his mouth as the blood rushed from Brad's brain. He felt the blood pulsating through the tube.

'I'm cummin', Jack. Pull back, Jack. Now, dammit! I'm...ahhh...ahhh...AHHH...FUCCCKKK.'

Brad's love seed filled Jeremy's mouth. Jeremy, unaccustomed to the experience and shocked at the amount of fluid Brad released, chocked on the jism. He removed Brad's cock from his mouth and coughed, just in time to get his face sprayed with at least seven more bursts. As Brad shook and jerked from his orgasm, Jeremy wiped a glob of cum from his eye. Then, he turned, and the two men smiled at each other. Though still panting from his orgasm, Brad pulled Jeremy toward him and kissed him deeply. He licked his cum off of Jeremy's face, and they kissed again.

'Damn, Jack! Are you sure you've never done that before? That was sensational.'

Jeremy knew that Brad was just trying to be polite, but he enjoyed the flattery nonetheless. How can this be? he thought. I'm actually flattered at being called a cocksucker? But he was flattered, not at the suggestion of homosexuality, but at the realization that he had given his lover so much pleasure.

The sex had drained both men. Brad tried to stay awake, but he just couldn't fight off the sandman, and he fell asleep in Jeremy's arms. Jeremy, while also tired, just could not fall asleep. For one thing, Ford, Amy's brother, would be calling him soon to pick him up, and for another, he had far too many questions boggling his mind. Why had he allowed himself to get drawn into this experience? Shit, man, what the fuck have I done? What the hell am I doing lying naked with another man in his bed? Why did it feel so good? And then there was the biggest question of all: How am I ever going to face Amy again? I'm getting married in four days, for chrissakes!

Jeremy got up and went to the living room to retrieve his cell phone clipped to the pants he had left lying there on the floor. He set it on the night stand and nuzzled up again next to Brad. He once again fell deep into thought, and Brad remained sound asleep. Eventually, Brad awoke and smiled at Jeremy. 'Hi, gorgeous. What a lovely sight to wake up to. I'm glad you're still here.'

'Brad, we should talk.'

'Hold that thought,' said Brad. 'Let me go drain my bladder. I'll be right back.'

Returning from the bathroom, Brad caught a glimpse of the alarm clock. 'Six thirty! Holy crap! I'm in shit up to my eyebrows! Excuse me while I make a phone call.' Brad picked up the phone on the nightstand and dialed a number. Two seconds later, Jeremy's cell phone rang. 'That's my ride,' he announced.


'Jeremy, this is Ford. I am sooo sorry. Where are you?'

'Right here!'

Brad turned and faced Jack. 'Jeremy?'

And Jeremy stared at Brad. 'Ford?'

(To be continued.)


Brock Archer

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