'It's the prostate,' explained Red, he apparently being the more expert of the two men when it came to such matters. 'Just above your rectum, there's a gland called the prostate.' Seeing the look on Jeremy's face that proclaimed, 'I know what the prostate is, dickhead! Do you think I'm some sort of idiot?'Red quickly added, 'OK, I know you know about the prostate, but did you know that it's extra sensitive? The prostate is to a man what the clit is to a woman, and when a dick (or any object for that matter) rubs up against it, it can bring a man to a climax. That's what happened to Kenny. Oh, that's the guy on the pool table, by the way. Kenny.'

'Holy shit! It can really do that?'

'Fuck yeah! Want me to show you?'

For an instant, Jeremy froze, and then Red and Brad broke out in laughter, and Jeremy followed suit.

Just to show Jeremy that he was no threat, Red slid away from him and settled on the other side of Brad. As the three men continued to drink and chat, Red began to rub his hand gently over Brad's crotch. Red and Brad acted as if nothing unusual was going on while Jeremy pretended not to notice the growing bulge in Brad's tight denim shorts. He's gotta be uncomfortable with his swollen dick pent up like that, thought Jeremy. He was right. Brad turned and gave Red a quick peck on the lips, which Red seemed to interpret as a signal. So, Red loosened Brad's belt and reached inside to rearrange his straining snake. As Red continued to rub Brad's cock beneath his underwear, Brad carried on his small talk with Jeremy.

Brad mostly asked about Jeremy, but Jeremy was dubious about revealing too much about himself, so mostly he hedged the truth without actually lying. He said that he was from California, which was technically true since he had been born there and moved with his parents to Wyoming when he was only a year old. He said that he was the sales manager in a small company, which was partly true because he did manage a ranch that bought and sold cattle. He said that he was in town on vacation, which was true, at least until the day of the wedding reception. He said that he did not currently have a girlfriend, which he rationalized as the truth by telling himself that Amy was his fiance, not just his girlfriend. The only actual lie that he told was to give his name as Jack instead of Jeremy.

Red and Brad told Jeremy that they were both natives of New Orleans and had grown up together. Red revealed that he worked as a trainer at a local gym, and Brad, though he seemed reluctant to talk much about himself, identified himself as a student taking courses in criminal justice. 'Oh, my future brother-in-law is a New Orleans cop,' Jeremy started to blurt out, but he caught himself in time and withheld the information. Red said that he and Brad were not really a couple, just 'friends with benefits.'

Though Jeremy tried to keep his eyes focused on theirs and his attention on the conversation, seeing Red massage Brad's cock sent a tingling sensation up and down his spine. Suddenly, he became aware of just how warm he felt in the air conditioned bar. 'You look like you could use another drink,' offered Brad.

'I really should be going,' said Jeremy, rising from the stool.

'Ah, don't be a party pooper,' said Brad as he lowered Jeremy back down with his strong arm. 'The night is still young, and we're just getting to know each other.'

By the time Jeremy resettled on the stool, the bartender had produced another round of drinks.

As Brad engaged Jeremy in conversation about sports and cars and movies, Red slid down on his knees, unzipped Brad's shorts, pulled out his cock and balls, and began to lick them. Jeremy squirmed in his seat, but Brad carried on the conversation as if nothing were happening, even though Red now had his cock fully stuffed into his mouth and was sucking on it with abandon. Brad already had one arm firmly wrapped around Jeremy's shoulders, and now his other hand was slowly moving up and down his thigh. Before long, it was rubbing the inside of his thigh and eventually cradling his increasingly hot package.

Brad paused in the conversation and gazed into Jeremy's eyes...in much the same way that Amy looked at him when she was ready to make love. Jeremy sat transfixed. Slowly, Brad leaned forward and whispered in Jeremy's ear: 'Feels good, doesn't it?' Brad pulled back and watched for Jeremy's response, but Jeremy remained silent and immobilized. Brad again slowly leaned forward as if to whisper in Jeremy's ear, but this time, he gently rubbed his cheek against Jeremy's. His words were replaced by his hot breath against Jeremy's fair skin. He nibbled on Jeremy's ear and then planted butterfly kisses on his cheek, working his way gradually toward his succulent lips. He again pulled back to gauge Jeremy's reaction. The message he read on Jeremy's face was this: 'I can't believe I'm letting you do this, but I can't seem to fight it either.' So, Brad gave Jeremy a faint, loving smile, ran his hand slowly through his hair, and gently pulled him close. Their lips met in a soft, warm kiss.

Jeremy could not believe that he had let Brad do that. He had found the kiss from another man in the clown car disgusting, but this was different. Was it because the other man had Jeremy's cum in his mouth, or was the difference in the man who kissed him? Brad again sized Jeremy up, and still seeing no objections, grasped Jeremy's head with both hands and kissed him again, more passionately this time. He gently bit Jeremy's lower lip and drew it between his. He brushed his tongue across Jeremy's teeth and gums. Jeremy began to breath more heavily, and as he did, Brad stuck his tongue into his mouth and explored every inch of the cavity. Jeremy could not believe what he was doing, but he actually reciprocated, as he had done so many times with women. He stuck his own tongue into Brad's mouth and swapped saliva fervently. Without realizing what he was doing, he threw his arms around Brad and ran his hands feverishly all over his back, arms, neck and shoulders. He could not get enough, so he was taken aback at first when Brad, panting heavily, withdrew.

'Oh fuck!' gasped Brad. 'Oh shit!' Suddenly, Jeremy remembered that while he was french kissing Brad, Red was working over the stud's cock. 'Oh, God. Fuck! I'm gonna cum,' shouted Brad, gripping the bar and throwing his head back. 'I'm cummin'! I'm cummin'!I'm...AAAHHH...FUCCCKKK!' What cream didn't go down Red's throat peppered his face. The other bar patrons, those who were not similarly occupied anyway, whooped and hollered and shouted out their congratulations. The bartender strutted over and laid another beer in front of Brad, seemingly his prize for the conquest. Red rose from the floor, and Brad pulled him closer, as he had done with Jeremy, and kissed him deeply, occasionally licking patches of cum off of Red's face and kissing him again. Jeremy did not know how to react. He was terribly confused about letting Brad kiss him, the public blow job on a man standing right next to him with his arm around his shoulder, and the whole goddam fuckin' situation. What the hell was he doing? He did like Brad and Red, though. They both seemed like genuinely nice guys, the kind of guys he would have a beer with back in Cheyenne.

Once he had completely cleaned Red's face, Brad took a deep breath and a generous swig of beer. Then, he turned and smiled warmly at Jeremy. 'Well, I see you're still here.'

Not knowing quite what to say, Jeremy just coughed up an embarrassed giggle.

'Well, how do you like it?' Brad asked.

'Like what?'

'The whole thing,' replied Brad. 'The blow job you got in the clown car, the show on the pool table...us?'

After pausing to consider the question, Jeremy answered. 'Well, the blow job was fan-fuckin'-tastic! That, I gotta admit. The show on the pool table, I can't believe I actually stood there and watched it, but I just couldn't take my eyes off of it.'

Jeremy played with his bottle of beer, trying to end the conversation at that point.

Brad again wrapped his arm around Jeremy's shoulder and rubbed his thigh and then his crotch. 'And the rest? This? The kiss?'

Breathing heavily, Jeremy continued to stare silently at the bottle of beer. Brad placed his hand under Jeremy's chin and lifted his face toward him. He leaned in to kiss Jeremy again, but just before their lips touched, Jeremy pushed him away. 'I'm sorry. I really should be going,' said Jeremy rising from his stool.

'No, Jack, wait...please...I'm sorry. I didn't...I won't.... Please, don't go. Please.'

Jeremy paused. Reading the sincerity in Brad's eyes, he reached out with both hands, grasped Brad's shoulders, and lowered him to the stool that he had just vacated. He did not understand why the feel of Brad's hard, muscled shoulders excited him, but it did. He slowly rubbed his hands up and down Brad's thick biceps, again experiencing that inexplicable tingling sensation. 'Look...Brad. I dunno. Like I said, I've never experienced anything like this before. I've never had a man kiss me before...except for that guy in the clown car, and he caught me off guard. I really don't want to admit it, Brad, but your kiss was different. For some reason that I can't explain, I...well, I...you know...it was...sweet. But that guy in the clown car had my cum in his mouth. Frankly, I found it disgusting. How can you kiss another man with cum in his mouth?'

Brad reached over and caressed Jeremy's hand, which was still massaging his biceps. 'Haven't you ever eaten your own cum, Jack?'

'No! Well, once or twice when I've jacked off, I've accidentally shot some in my mouth. OK,' he finally admitted, 'more than once or twice...but I really didn't like it. I mean, it was OK, but I could never eat another man's cum.'

Brad rose up from the stool and, as he had done before, took Jeremy's face in his hands and kissed him on the lips and then swirled his tongue in his mouth. Jeremy could taste a slight residue of Brad's cum, which Red had sucked out of his cock and then deposited into his mouth. Jeremy's resistance to tasting Brad's cum surrendered to the warm feeling he got from Brad's romantic kiss and passionate embrace. Smiling tenderly at Jeremy, Brad whispered, 'Like many of the finer things in life, sometimes you just have to develop a taste for it, but when you really care for someone, it soothes the palate like the nectar of the gods.' Jeremy wasn't ready to go that far, but with Brad, it suddenly seemed less undesirable. Brad handed Jeremy his bottle of beer and raised his own, clinking them together, still rubbing Jeremy's crotch.

'Well, you ready for another?'

'No, I think I've had enough beer for one night.'

'Who's talking about a beer? I was asking if you're ready for another blow job?'

Jeremy's eyes popped wide.

'Well, you did say that the first one was fan-fuckin'-tastic. What? You got a limit of one a night?'

'No,' Jeremy laughed, 'I could outlast your puny little pecker any day,' he bragged. 'It's just, I don't think I want to go back into the clown car.'

'Well, what about right here?'

'What? No, I don't think so. I'm...I mean..I'm just not the exhibitionist type.'

'Oh, just the voyeur type, huh?'

'No! Well, I never thought I was, but I guess I have been tonight. I shouldn't be staring like I have. Shit, man, I shouldn't even be in here, and I shouldn't be getting blow jobs from strange men I've never even met, and I shouldn't...well, I like you, Brad...and you, too, Red. I really do. I wish I didn't have to leave, but I've gotta be meeting somebody.'

'Jack, look, it's only 10 o'clock. She can wait a couple of more hours for you, can't she?'

'Well, it's not a she, but...'

'Ah, Jack, you sly little devil you. You really had us believing that we were the first two men in your life, but now the truth comes out.'

'Eat me, asshole. You know what I meant.'

'I would like nothing better than to eat you,' Brad shot back. 'And from the looks of that rocket in your pants, I'd say that you're clearly ready to unload another one.'

The three men laughed at the verbal jousting.

'Seriously, Jack. My apartment is just a few blocks from here. Come home with me. We'll talk and get to know each other better. If it turns into something more than that, great. If not, then we'll part friends.'

'Well, I do have a couple of hours to kill,' Jeremy said, looking at his watch. 'No strings?'

'No strings!'

'How about you, Red? Are you coming with us?'

Red started to accept the offer, but seeing the signal on Brad's face, he quickly excused himself from the affair. 'You boys go and have a good time, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.'

'Is there anything you won't do?' asked Jeremy.

'Not much.'

(To be continued)


Brock Archer

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