More than two weeks had passed since Jeremy Travis left his ranch in Wyoming to get married in New Orleans and enjoy his honeymoon in the Bahamas. Of course, both were cut short. Amy had called her school district to inform them that she would not be returning to teach. Naturally, they were disappointed, especially with the late notice, but when she explained the situation with Ford, they said they understood. She did not tell them about Paul Broussard.

Jeremy was left to cruise the bars of the Big Easy in a vain attempt to douse the pain of not only losing his betrothed, but also potentially his best man. He wanted--needed--to be at Ford's side--he had already extended his stay a week in the hope that he would get that chance--but he knew that he couldn't stay in New Orleans forever. Oh, his foreman, Wade Dawkins, and his ranch hands would look after the ranch, and his neighbors would check in from time to time. People in Wyoming are just like that. Still, it was his ranch, and it was his obligation to run it.

His experiences with Ford, Kenny, Kyle, Red, and Brandon--as well as the anonymous men he had met at the club and in the bars--had opened his eyes to a side of himself that he had not even known existed, and he liked it. But seeing Amy at the hospital again had also reawakened something in him, the need to be with a woman, to feel the soft touch of her warm body next to his. Of course, he got hit on by every prostitute in the French Quarter, and since he was such a hot cowboy, a few of them even offered their services for free, but that wasn't exactly what he was looking for. He decided to cruise the bars again, but this time he looked for bars that did not fly the rainbow flag, whose significance he had come to understand.

He found himself a nice little bar on the edge of the French Quarter near Woldenberg Park along the river and just down the street from Harrah's Hotel and Casino. He plopped himself down and ordered a beer. It was impossible to miss her. She sat directly across from him at the opposite end of the bar, and everything revolved around her. Her wavy blond hair gently caressed her bare shoulders. Her emerald eyes drew every watt of electricity from the room and projected it back out. She was Aphrodite reincarnated. He tried not to stare, but how could he help it?

'You OK, buddy?'

'Huh? Uh...yeah,' Jeremy stammered to the bartender. 'Yeah, I'm fine.'

She caught him staring and broached an almost undetectable smile, but it was there. He was sure of it. She slowly ran her long index finger over the rim of her glass before bringing it to her lips and gently kissing it with her succulent, ruby red lips. Jeremy practically melted off his stool. He had hitched up his courage and set one foot on the floor in her direction when a handsome young man sat beside her and placed his arm around her shoulders. The man picked up the glass in front of him and took a sip. Jeremy looked away, but he continued to monitor their actions in the mirror behind the bar. The man said something in what appeared to be casual conversation. The woman responded by whispering into his ear. He looked at her quizzically and whispered back. After their third exchange, the man looked at Jeremy and then back at the woman. She nodded her head ever so slightly. The man looked back at Jeremy and walked toward him.

Oh, shit, thought Jeremy. The guy's gonna try to whip my ass to impress his girlfriend. He knew that he could take the kid easily, but he really wasn't in the mood for a fight. He slapped a five on the bar and turned to walk away, but the young man intercepted him and led him back onto the stool.

'What's your hurry, buddy?'

'Look, I don't want any trouble, OK?'

'Trouble? Who said anything about trouble? I'm here to make you an offer you can't refuse.'

Yeah, right, thought Jeremy, eying him skeptically. Like I've never heard THAT one before.

'See that woman at the end of the bar?'

Of course, you idiot, thought Jeremy. How could anyone NOT see her?

The young man pinched his thumb and index finger together and held them up to Jeremy's face. 'I'm THIS close to getting into her panties,' he said, with the fervor of a horny teenager. Jeremy made a move to get away, but the young man urged him back down. 'Only thing is,' he continued, 'she insists that she's way too much woman for just one man. No shit, dude. That's what she said.' He looked back at the goddess and smiled and then turned back to Jeremy. 'Damn. She is sooooooooo fuckin' hot, I just gotta get my rod inside her, know what I mean, but she says the only way she's gonna come back to my hotel room is if I can get you to come with us.'

Jeremy looked askance at the young man.

'Come on, man. You can't tell me you wouldn't wanna fuck that chick!'

Jeremy finally spoke. 'She IS beautiful.'

'Beautiful? Hell man, she's fuckin' gorgeous...and hot to boot. So, whaddya say, huh?' he asked with all the aggressiveness of a used-car salesman. 'You're not gonna pass up this opportunity, are ya, bud?'

Jeremy stared at the man for a few moments and then looked toward the blond. She smiled slightly more broadly this time and ran her tongue slowly across her tantalizing lips. Jeremy didn't need any more convincing.

On the short walk to Harrah's, Jeremy learned that the woman was an attorney from Cleveland who had come to New Orleans for one last fling before getting married the coming week. She called herself Sam, short for Samantha, but having used a fake name himself when he first got to New Orleans, he took that information with a grain of salt. On the other hand, when the kid told him that his name was Rob, Jeremy accepted that on face value because he was too excited and naive to think of lying. He had just graduated from college and was in town to celebrate, which is exactly what he intended to do.

Once inside the hotel room, Rob, so proud of himself for his impending conquest, began to strip immediately, but Sam stopped him. 'Not so fast, hot shot. This ain't no wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. I'm gonna give you an experience like none you've ever had before and aren't likely to have again, but you need to slow down and savor it.' And with that, she re-buttoned his shirt, which simply made him all the more desperate. 'Now, just watch.'

As Rob stood observing, Sam planted slow, wet kisses all over Jeremy's face and neck and deep into his mouth. Rob squirmed in anticipation and rearranged the snake straining to break free of his tighty whities. After nearly five minutes of what was for Jeremy heaven and for Rob torture, Sam finally turned to the kid and gave him equal treatment. All the while, Rob kept rushing like a child struggling frantically to unwrap his birthday presents, but Sam repeatedly put on the brakes.

Then, she turned back to Jeremy and rubbed her hands slowly over his chest and arms, first outside the shirt and then underneath. If the truth be told, Jeremy was just as eager to get it on as Rob was, but he was more experienced in such matters and knew not to show it. He didn't have to, though. His dick was doing that for him, and Sam acknowledged that fact by rubbing and squeezing it firmly through his pants.

Rob's turn again. He was not as muscled as Jeremy, but he was in good shape, and his body was certainly no less sensitive. Sam's touch sent shivers up his spine. Finally, she unbuttoned his placed wet kisses all over his chest and abs, squeezing his stiff tube as she worked her way around. Then, she did the same to Jeremy. At that point, she returned to the deep french kisses, first with Jeremy and then with Rob. Then, she place one hand behind each one's head and pulled them toward her, running her tongue back and forth between them. Once she knew that she had them under her control, she pressed their mouths together for a man-to-man kiss. By that time, Rob was too fuckin' horny to resist.

From their reactions, Sam could tell that the experience was new to Rob, but not to Jeremy. 'Well, stud,' she asked Rob. 'How was it?'

Rob took a deep breath and confessed. 'Wow! I ain't never done that before.'

'But you liked it, didn't you.'

As much as Rob refused to admit it, Sam could tell that he had liked it. So, she kissed him again with slow passion, pulled Jeremy in for the three-way, and then pressed their lips together once more. She winked at Jeremy, and he took the signal to begin kissing Rob more passionately. She lifted Rob's arms and set his hands on Jeremy's waist and placed Jeremy's hands on Rob's face. She pressed their heaving, half-naked bodies against each other. Then, she moved Jeremy's hands to Rob's ass and pulled their crotches together. Rob squirmed and moaned in mock resistance, but Jeremy just squeezed more tightly, and Rob finally relented, melting in Jeremy's arms. Sam broke the two men apart and returned her tongue to Rob's mouth. Rob was left totally defenseless.

Once Sam let him go, Rob gasped for air. 'Now, let's see what you've got to work with, stud,' she smiled. She again took Jeremy's hands, but this time she placed them on Rob's belt buckle. Jeremy unbuckled Rob's belt, unzipped his pants, and let them fall to the floor. Then, she placed Rob's hands on Jeremy's belt buckle and had him do the same. Each man stepped out of his shoes and pants, and Sam led them to the bed in their underwear.

As they lay side by side on the bed, she slowly turned up the heat with a bombshell strip tease that would have made Marilyn Monroe proud. Kneeling between them, she massaged Rob's cock and gently chewed on it through his tighty whities. Then, she did the same through the Ginch Gonch briefs that Brandon had bought for Jeremy in the Bahamas. She looked at Jeremy and nodded in the direction of Rob's crotch, which Jeremy interpreted rightly as the signal to remove Rob's underwear. Next, she had Rob remove Jeremy's, and the kid's eyes nearly popped out at the size of the cowboy's tool. It was definitely a case of penis envy.

Sam flitted her tongue all over Rob's body--except in the most sensitive areas. Those, she would work up to. Then, she gave Jeremy the same treatment before moving down to his balls. She licked underneath and all around and took each one in her mouth one at a time. Turning back to Rob, she went through the same preliminaries before licking his cock like an ice cream cone. Then, without any warning, she engulfed his penis with her mouth.

'Oh, fuck!' he yelled, nearly tossing Sam off the bed as he shot into the air. 'Oh, God, fuck! Shit! Fuck! Damn!' With electric shocks ricocheting throughout his body, he clenched the mattress with one hand and Jeremy's arm with the other, holding on for dear life.

'Settle down, sugar. We're just getting started,' she teased. Then, of course, it was Jeremy's turn She was getting each man exactly where she wanted him.

She went back to the deep kissing, first with each one separately, and then all three together, and then the two of them together. She alternated sucking their cocks and made sure that they continued kissing throughout. She scooched their hips together, turned them facing each other, and took both cocks into her mouth at once. Both men moaned past the tongues in their mouths as she worked their pieces separately and jointly.

After several minutes, she squeezed in between them and pulled each one's head toward a breast. As they went to work, sucking like new-born calves, she writhed and purred with delight. She took a hand from each of them and rubbed them against her wet pussy. Each man inserted a finger and nearly brought her off. She rolled over on top of Rob and pressed her breasts into his face, begging him to suck her nipples together, but begging was hardly necessary. She swiveled around and sat over his face, offering him her love canal and rewarding him by sucking his cock in tandem. He went to town on her clit, and she ravaged his corona. Grabbing Jeremy's dick, she pulled him closer and kissed him with fire on her tongue. Then, she slipped Rob's cock into his mouth. As Sam continued to ride Rob's face and Jeremy continued to suck his cock, Sam grabbed Rob's hands and pressed them tightly against her breasts.

Next, she directed Jeremy to stand on the firm mattress and positioned Rob facing her with Jeremy's long man-meat sticking out between them. She grabbed the back of Rob's neck and pulled him in for another phase of passionate kissing. Then, she grabbed Jeremy's butt and nudged him forward, sliding his cock between her lips and Rob's. Rob tried to resist, but Sam pulled him back. Jeremy slid his dick back and forth, letting them kiss sometimes with his rod and sometimes without. Once Sam was satisfied that she had gotten Rob this far, she pressed Jeremy's manhood solidly into his mouth. He wasn't very good at sucking dick at first, but he soon caught on. Jeremy's moans and curses urged him forward.

Sam prepared to move them into the next phase. She lay on the bed with two pillows stuffed under her buttocks and coaxed Rob forward. This was it, he knew. Now, he was gonna get to fuck her. Oh, God. He couldn't wait. This was gonna be the best fuck he'd ever had in his short life--maybe the best he would ever have. It would certainly be the one to tell his buddies about, though he would edit out the part about the second man. He slid his rock-solid cock into her inviting pussy and pumped away. He leaned his head toward her, but Sam intervened, pulling Jeremy toward Rob. As Rob shafted Sam's juicy cunt, Jeremy fucked Rob's face. For Rob, the feeling was mind-blowing. When Sam sensed that the two men were ready to come, she halted the action.

She turned sideways on the bed and had Jeremy lie on one side, burying his manly shaft into her love canal. Then, she pulled her ass cheeks apart and beckoned Rob to re-enter her in a new orifice. The men developed a rhythm as they each fucked her in separate holes. Sam achieved three orgasms in a row before Jeremy came in her pussy and Rob shot his load up her tight ass. Rob started to pull out, but Sam pulled him back. She wanted to savor the feel of his thick cock. Jeremy, being more seasoned, did not have to be told. He knew how to please a woman, and in the past couple of weeks, he had become pretty damn good at pleasing a man.

Sam waited for the men to catch their breath and then, turning to Rob, asked, 'Well, how was it?'

'Holy shiiiittt! My god, that was fuckin' awesome. I can't believe I did some of that shit, but it sure as hell was worth it. Fuckin' unbelievable!'

Jeremy had gone looking for the touch of a woman, and he had found it, but he had also experienced the satisfaction of opening a young man's eyes to the sexual potential that he himself had discovered only recently.

'Well, I don't know about you guys,' said Sam, 'but I'm famished. What say we order up some room service, watch a movie, and have another go at it?' No one objected.

By the time they had finished their supper and their second round of sex, the hour was late. Sam and Jeremy both curled up with Rob on the king-sized bed. When morning came, Jeremy awoke to find Sam gone and Rob's head nestled in the crook of his shoulder and his hand resting on his newly stiff dick. He gently slipped out from under the kid and went to the bathroom. When he returned, he was slipping on his Ginch Gonch briefs when Rob opened his eyes.

'Mornin',' he smiled broadly and with tremendous self-satisfaction. 'Where's Sam?'

'Uh, well, I guess she left. Maybe she had to go back to her room and pack or something.'

'You're not leaving too, are you?'

'Well, yeah.'

Rob stretched out his hand and coaxed Jeremy back to the bed. 'Sit.' Rob sat up in the bed to look Jeremy in the eye and realized that he, too, had a very noticeable case of morning wood. 'Oops!' he giggled. Then, somewhat sheepishly, he asked, 'Dude...Jeremy...have you...have you ever fucked a guy?'

Jeremy hesitated only briefly, and then with a new-found confidence in his blossoming sexual identity, he responded, 'Yes. Yes, Rob, I have.'

'Good,' replied Rob with delight. 'Then you can teach me how it's done.'

After Jeremy and Rob had fucked each other, they chatted briefly, and Jeremy learned that Rob had just graduated from the University of Denver and would be going to graduate school at the University of Colorado. They exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

It was past noon, and Jeremy had to return to Ford's apartment, collect his things, and head for the airport to catch his late-afternoon flight back to Cheyenne. He was just about to check in at the flight counter when his cell phone rang.

'Amy! What is it? Oh, God, Amy don't tell me...please don't tell me.'

'No, no, Jeremy. It's not Ford. His condition hasn't changed.'

'What then?' Jeremy heard Amy fighting in vain to hold back her tears. 'Amy, what is it?' he urged.

'Oh, Jeremy! It''s Brandon!'

(To be continued)


Brock Archer

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