It was my last first day of high school and boy was I ready. I'd just turned 17, broke up with my boyfriend, Chuck, and got three acceptance letters from nearby colleges and got a car as an early graduation present from my dad.

School was the usual messed up drama scene and I couldn't wait for it to be finished. I really didn't have anything to worry about this semester because I didn't want to play football my senior year and tennis wasn't until next spring, so I had the time to do whatever I wanted. Looking for a new boy to hang with was probably going to be my first priority since Chuck, the douchebag decided to hang out with his gay neighbor more than with me. I really couldn't help that he was better looking than me and that he had a lot more money than I did, but oh well, he sure wasn't the nicest thing on the planet and maybe Chuck would one day see that he made a huge mistake, but it wasn't like I was going back with him....Pshhh.

As I walk in the house, I noticed that my dad was still doing the usual moping around he usually does before he goes to work. He hasn't had a girlfriend or anyone to 'laugh' with (sexually) in months. He was a very sexually active beast. Well that is really not true because he isn't a beast at all. From the numerous times that I have actually walked in on him, I'd say he was a fair 7.5 inches, 38 years old, 6'0, 156 lbs. brown messy hair, brown eyes, no muscles what-so-ever, very spiritual, hairy chested and a heart attack waiting to happen by the looks of his sad puppy dog face, but for some reason I thought it was kinda cute.

I mostly bare resemblance of my devilish mother who left my dad for some rich millionaire when I turned 13. I am 6'3, a chubby 216lbs., black hair, hazel eyes, pip-squeak muscular arms, clean shaven, and a nerd.

I tried cheering up my dad numerous times before he had to go work long hours down in the coal mines from about 7:30pm to 9:30am by telling him jokes or showing him funny things on youtube or just trying to show him a good time taking him places; well telling him to drive here or there. I could tell that my ideas really had started to wear off a bit and he needed a little more umph in his life, so I signed him up for one of those online Christian dating services to see how he liked going out again. It was more like a blind date to him because he doesn't know anything about the internet and me signing him up for something on it! His first date was the night of our first home football game, so I went to the game to cover his shift in the concession stand and he went on his date. All night all I could do is worry and when I got home, I knew why I worried so much. My dad was sitting on his bed sobbing. The date that I set him up on was a total disaster not just for only my dad, but for me too. The lady stole my dad's wallet and everything in it, so we basically became broke overnight. I didn't know how I was going to be able to repay my dad, but he needed something that was going to put a smile on his face.

One day, I was in one of my horny states and dad was off from work for the day. I could hear that he was watching one of those awful cheep pornos that you could buy at the convenience store for $9.99. I decided to barge in on him and jump on his bed to lie beside him. I had to take care of him some kind of way and dammit, doing it the 'gay' way was the easiest solution for me! 'What in the fuck do you think you are doing?' he yelled. 'I dunno! You seem all depressed and you look like you could use someone to talk to.' I implied in a sexy growl. 'Dad, I have something for you.' I grab a hold of his arm, kiss him on the cheek, and pull him off the bed. I grab a hold of his hard cock and bent down to the floor trying to be as seductive as possible. I began sucking his cock through his jeans and began to nibble on it and instantly I heard a moan of relief come out of his mouth. I broke the button off his pants to get inside and instantly started sucking him and sucking him and all he did was stand there for me to continue. As I kept a small pace with my tongue whipping back and forward, he is steadily stripping off his close. He then picks me up from the ground and lays me on the bed and we get into a 69. This was the first time I'd ever tried having sex with anyone and kinda felt it was weird to be thinking that my dad was going to take my virginity. His moaning gets louder as I take his hard warm cock deep throat and snake tongues his cock inside my mouth.

As we finish the 69, he stares at me in a weird way and he begins to tear up. 'I love you son, very much.' - 'I love you too dad.' I replied. He pulls out a condom and slides it on his cock. It was actually longer than I imagined and then I knew that I was probably going to be in for a treat. He sticks his massive cock up me which made me excited and scared at the same time. He slides it back out and inches it up me to try to tease the hell out of me. He found my sweet spot that made me go crazy every time he touched it with the head of his throbbing cock. When he pushed his cock fully in, he learned forward to start passionately kissing me on my neck and grabbed my head to kiss me on the lips. He then began to bang me in and out, in and out, and while grabbing my hair in a fist all in the same process. I could feel his warm breath all the way on my chest in a pattern. He was panting every time his large ball sack would hit my ass and that was bringing pleasure to me that was out of this world. I grabbed his ball sack accidently which causes him to precum into the condom. He yelled with a sigh as the stream of precum was so forceful that it broke open the condom and I could feel his juices squirm into my ass. Before he really came, it was my turn to return the favor, but I didn't have a condom to put on.

Dad pulled me towards him and started kissing me and running his hands all down my body. He began sucking my cock and it felt ever better than the first time. He rimmed my ass and licked me around my nuts which made me tense up a lot. He was like a wild animal going back and forward between my nuts and my penis. All I could do was feel the intensity of the situation which started to get hotter and hotter to me. He then got on his back and pulled me towards him and slid in my cock into his ass. I soon started fucking him in a rhythm and leaned in to kiss him all at the same time. I rubbed his cock and his nipples and he soon busted his load all over my face and all over the wall behind me. He cleaned it all off with his mouth and shared it with me. He started to cry in relief and told me to fuck him faster. I began pounding his ass which was making all my adrenaline fly out of my body. The bed was hitting the wall and someone was hitting the wall on the other side trying to get us to stop. Before I came, I pulled out and shot what I knew what would be the best load I ever produced. Our moaning was drowning out the ringing phone in the living room and we kept kissing passionately.

We laid down by each other for the next 3 hours after we took a shower together. I was tucked in under my dad's arm as he fell asleep. I sat there watching him sleep peacefully with a smile on his face, which really made me happier than ever. There was a knock on the door in which it was the police returning my dad's wallet with the woman who stole it in the back of a squad car. It really turned out to be the best day of my life and I finally knew everything was going to be alright.

When my dad finally awoke, he asked me, 'How did you know I was so depressed when I didn't even show it?' - Dave -'Dad, trust me, when it comes to your happiness, I can tell a difference and I knew that you needed a good time and I decided to solve the problem the best way that I could.' - Dad - 'Well I am lucky to have a son like you.' he said. I began to tear up to my dad's proclamation because I truly felt bad seeing him so upset.

I went to school the next day with a big grin the next day because my dad woke me up that morning with a little surprise; him nude, breakfast, a blowjob and a kiss. All day, I wondered what was in store for me when I got home!


Andy Thomas

[email protected]


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