After having sex with Jhon´s two nephews, my fleshlite stayed in it´s zippered case but my closet I left unlocked so Santiago could use it. Each day after work I would check it out since he would come home at least two hours before me and I knew he liked to feed it a load now and then. Deep down I was hoping he would not only deposit his load but the loads of the many of his hot friends.

   I had to be away for the long weekend in Bogota amd when I arrived by at the house he wasn´t one to disappoint me. I asked him how the weekend went and he said Juan Carlos , his cousin had come to stay with him. I checked out the fleshlite and sure enough it was full of all their weekend fun. I got hard just thinking about all the spent cum. That same night after I had went to bed  I took it out and started to jack off, not using the fleshlite  but my trusty hand. I was jerking off and letting the spent cum dribble from the lips of the sex toy into my open mouth. I guess I made too much noise and heard a knock at my door. Santiago opened the door and caught me in the  act. He was standing with his turgid sticking through the opening of his boxers. I love seeing a big uncut hairy cock sticking out of the fly opening even better with huge hairy balls exposed at the same time. I told him to come inside and lock the door since his Uncle was sleeping one floor below. I told him to be quiet as he dropped his boxers to the floor exposing his mamouth cock. Santiago got on the bed next to me as I continued to jack off, he grabbed the fleshlite and held it above my open mouth at times opening its pursered lips to increase the flow of spent cum. After it was empty, he straddled my chest with his hairy legs and brought his swollen member to my mouth and began to fuck my mouth all the while  telling me the details of what went on during the weekend and whose cum I had just swallowed.

   Santiago said his cousin, Juan Carlos had arrived at the house with a two of his black friends to watch the soccer game and maybe if everything turned out right, the real game would start later. Sure enough, after smoking a few joints and everyone was feeling mellow Juan carlos told Santiago to bring out the fleshlite. Juan Carlos proudly showed his friends the fleshlite who were more than curious by the way their cocks started to react.  Juan Carlos told Andres one of his friends whether he wanted to be the first. Andres dropped his drawers exposing a good size black uncut cock, already for action. Andres seemed alittle embarassed and said he would feel better if everyone would get naked not just him. Juan Carlos and Santiago and the other friend Carlos  looked at each other and dropped their shorts wanting to make his Andres feel more confortable. Andres and Carlos had seen Juan Carlos´s cock before when they fucked girls in their neighborhood together so it wasn´t a big deal. When they saw Santiago´s cock they were astonished by the size , both in length and thickness since he was much younger. Carlos was the only one whose member even came close. It intrigued Santiago to no end since it was totally black unlike his, and by the way Carlos was perusing his member he had he same feelings.

   Andres was still apprehensive so Juan Carlos told Santiago and Carlos to leave the room while Juan Carlos stayed to show his friend how to use the fleshlite. Carlos and Santiago seemed glad  to leave the roon , almost too anxious thought Juan Carlos, his cousin. They both went to my room and turned on the tv and laid on the bed waiting their turn. Juan Carlos had closed the door and both Santiago and Carlos laughed at the noises coming from the adjacent room. They smoked another joint and both had a ackward moment  when both their gazes were on the huge cocks they possessed. Santiago made the first move and touched Carlos´s semi hard cock which responded immediately especially  Santiago started to kiss Carlos, gently at first since Santiago didn´t know Carlos was open to making out with a guy.or for that matter  having sex with him. Carlos returned the kiss, searching out Santiago´s tongue signalling to Santiago that Carlos did indeed want to have sex. 

   Juan Carlos and Andres in the meantime were having fun with the fleshlite and Juan Carlos as with Santiago had manged to get his cock lodged inside Andres´s virgin hole. Santiago and Carlos knew what was happening since Andres was saying ¨ fuck me harder and send your cock all the way inside¨ as he jacked off his friend with the fleshlite. Santiago and Carlos got so curious about what was happening they  opened the door and Juan Carlos had Andres ´s legs on his shoulders  in the air feeding him his nine inch cock. This broke the ice as Santiago dropped to his knees and started to suck off Carlos in front of Andres and Juan Carlos. Juan Carlos and Andres seeing this went back to what they were doing but now and then would look at what was happening between Carlos and Santiago watching Santiago swallow Carlos´s huge black cock to his wiry pubic hair ,resting his lips against his heavy black balls. The next time they looked Carlos was trying to do the same with Santiago´s member but it was just too big. Andres said he was going to shoot his nut and egged Juan Carlos on to come with him  at the same time. Andres´s ass muscles were milking the cum from Juan Carlos´s balls, both Carlos and Santiago knew both were nutting at the same time since both were lost in the throes of orgasm with remarks from Andres saying to Juan Carlos¨ feed me your cum and fill my ass, motherfucker.¨ After Juan Carlos and Andres were finished they left the room to take showers and left Santiago and Carlos alone, Carlos wanted to use the fleshlite to no end.

   Santiago helped him out with the fleshlite and even unscrewd the rear cap so both could fuck the fleshlite at the same time. From both sucking each other they knew it wouldn´t be too long til they were filling the fleshlite with their spunk.Not only that, Santiago´s foreskin was so big that he enclosed Carlos´s cockhead within it  and both fucked each end of the fleshlite. Santiago could feel carlos´s cock slide back and forth within his sleeve of flesh. They began kissing until their hot cum were mixing as both cocks were spurting their loads within Santiago´s foreskin . Once they separated all their spunk filled the fleshlite. As I was sucking Santiago, I  jacked my cock to an incredible ejaculation, thinking about the three loads of cum that I had swallowed. I shot my load onto Santiago´s back just as he was rewarding me with his huge load in my mouth. After swallowing  Santiago told me that Juan Carlos stayed the night and both ended up sucking each other at the same time with the promise that Santiago would let him fuck him again. He said he was above his older cousin feeding him his cock while he was swallowing Juan´s Carlos shaft below. Santiago could tell when Juan Carlos was ready to come since Juan Carlos started to suck his cock with more vigor and suction,so Santiago with one hard thrust forced his cock down Juan carlos´s throat. trying to force Santiago . Santiago heard a muffled moan from his cousin who began to erupt in his mouth. As  both were coming he made Juan Carlos eat his cum since he had pinned him from above. After eating his cum Juan Carlos said it wasn´t as bad as he would have thought since Santiago´s cock was lodged well past his taste buds and drained down his throat to fill his belly. After that Santiago rewarded him with letting his cousin  fuck him again.  










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