Santiago had always been very curious about sex since he started to jack his cock off. My bedroom was next to his and at wee hours of the morning I could hear him emptying his heavy balls. He had posted a picture of his semi hard cock on on a social website evidently quite proud of his member. I knew he was going to make his sexual partners very happy presently and in the future. 

   I made the mistake of not locking my closet door in my bedroom which held my fleshlite. While I was away for the weekend he happened upon it and it´s black zippered case. It had two caps, one to expose soft silicone lips and other cap for increasing and decreasing suction. There would be no doubt in his young mind what it was for, especially seeing the lubricant. He got on the phone with Juan Carlos, his cousin and told him he had found something real neat that he wanted to show him. He invited him to the house to watch a soccer game. 

   When Juan Carlos arrived at the house,his mind definitely wasn´t on the soccer game that was coming up. He immediately asked Santiago what he wanted to show him. Santiago went to my closet and brought the black case and placed it on his bed. He unzippered the case and brought out the plastic cylinder. Juan Carlos though older didn´t recognize what it was until Santiago had removed the main cap. Once he saw the pursed lips he knew exactly what it was for. Santiago told him to insert his finger within the lips, he could feel a warmth and wet feeling on his finger. Santiago noticed right away that his cousin was getting excited observing the front of Juan Carlos´s shorts start to tent. Upon seeing this he himself started to get a hard on. Juan Carlos asked whether he had tried it. Santiago said he was waiting for him to try it first. 

 Juan Carlos was the first to yank his shorts down along with his briefs, exposing his nine inch uncut cock and clean shaven balls. Santiago hooked his thumbs in the waste band of his nylon shorts and slowly exposed his turgid cock  already sticking straight out from his hairy crotch. He noticed right away that his cousin was checking him out since he had a cock at least two inches longer and real thick. They both got on the bed along side of each other and Santiago handed him the bottle of clear lubricant gel.Santiago watched intently as Juan Carlos squeezed onto his cockhead a liberal amount of lube. Juan Carlos brought the fleshlite to his cockhead and as it touched the lips it peeled back his foreskin and started to swallow his member. Santiago kept noticing that as he did Juan Carlos was eyeing Santiago´s huge cock and even complimented him by saying his cock was enormous. Santiago was pleased at his complement not thinking anything of it. It was true he had a huge cock  thinking to himself that all his male relatives on his father´s side had huge cocks.I can attest to this since I had sucked off his father and Uncle  a few times. 

   As Juan Carlos began to raise and lower the fleshlite up and down on his thick shaft he started to moan as he fucked the lips and brought the fleshlite down to his balls. Santiago watched and asked whether he could help his cousin out. Juan Carlos released the fleshlit as Santiago straddled his cousin´s legs. Santiago´s  big cock came to rest with its huge cockhead nudging his cousin´s balls. He could see his slimy precum from his cockslit leaving a trickle flowing down his cousin´s bare balls. Santiago used both hands and started to jack off his cousin. He watched as Juan Carlos started to react with his abs contracting as he sped up the up and down motion. He also noticed that Juan Carlos´s mouth started to involuntarily open and close. Santiago made sure on the downward thrust he would touch his cousin´s balls making them tremble and quiver. Santiago edged his body closer pushing his huge cockhead into the area below Juan Carlos´s balls which had a predicted reaction also. He increased the tempo of jacking off his cousin til Juan Carlos shouted to he was going to nut. Santiago quickly removed the fleshlite just as Juan Carlos´s eyes rolled back into his eye sockets. Santiago immediately replaced the silicone lips with his own lips, swallowing Juan Carlos´s shaft to his balls. Juan Carlos feeling the difference opend his eyes just as Santiago was receiving the first heavy spurt from his balls. He grabbed his cousin´s head and forced his shaft up into Santiago´s greedy mouth. Juan Carlos was watching to see if Santiago was swallowing his nut, hoping to see Santiago adam´s apple move sinaling he was swallowing his thick load. Juan Carlos was totally straight just like Santiago but had never had anyone swallow his load. After his cock spasms subsided, Santiago lept from the bed and ran to the bathroom pretending to spit out his cousin´s spunk. What really happened was Santiago upon entering the bathroom, looked in the mirror and opened his mouth, pleased at seeing his cousin´s thick white cream . He swallowed his reward and tasted the strong bleachy taste that still covered his tastebuds. He turned on the faucet letting his cousin think he was washing down all the cum from his mouth. In the back of Juan Carlos´s mind, he was disappointed but could understand that to swallow so much cream it would be to much to ask for.

   Santiago came back to the bed wiping his mouth and Juan Carlos smiled knowing he had come into Santiago´s mouth. It wouldn´t be anything he would have done and told Santiago I hope you´re not expecting the same from him. Santiago laid on the bed still secretly savoring his cousin´s taste in his mouth as he squirted some lube onto his swollen member. By this time he was leaking precum profusely fronm his cockslit as he brought the fake soft lips down over his immense cockhead peeling back his thick foreskin. He told juan Carlos to starddle his legs and jack him off like he had done for him. Juan Carlos started to jack the cylinder down trying to enclose Santiago´s shaft but his cock was too long. Santiago told him to unscrew the back cap and noticed as he jacked it down Santiago´s cockhead emerged from the other end. Now he could easily bring the fleshlite to bottom out against his cousin´s balls. Juan Carlos ´s cock started to harden excited and reliving what he felt like when Santiago brought his own lips down over his shaft to receive his load. He even told Santiago he hadn´t emptied his balls  for a week not having the opportunity or the privacy at his house.

   Juan Carlos increased the tempo of his jacking off his younger cousin and watched as Santiago had started to react. He even caught a glimpse of his cum that still coated his cousin´s tongue. He could see the thick white coating and knew it was his. It made him get hard as he brought the head of his cock just below Santiago´s heavy balls. He felt the slimy precum start to lubricate the nether region below his cousin´s balls til he could swear the head of his cock was pressing against his cousin´s anus bud. He even edged further and sure enough could feel the how Santiago asshole would open and close. When he felt Santiago´s hole spasm open and added more pressure. His precum was doing the trick and felt Santigo start to take half his cock head. Juan Carlos wanted to feel what it was like decided to push the envelope further and with one forceful thrust as Santiago was busy with him jacking his cock,in popped the head. Santiago moaned both in pain and pleasure with the invasion of his virgin hole. Juan Carlos allowed his cousin´s hole accustom to the size of Juan Carlos´s shaft. Juan Carlos feeling the warm sleeve surrounding his cockhead ,made him want more. He sank three more inches of his member inside again allowing his younger to get use to him, hitting his prostate. This brought Santiago over the edge making him come. He told  his cousin to put the rear cap on. As Santiago started to cum Juan Carlos lunged forward sinking his  cock to his balls inside Santiago´s ass. Juan Carlos felt the spasms of Santiago´s orgasm milk his balls til he too was filling his cousin´s ass. Santiago was filling the fleshlite with much more cum than he would have since Juan Carlos´s cock was massaging his prostate as he thrust in and out. When he withdrew his spent cock he noticed blood mixed within his white cum. He knew he had fucked a virgin ass since Santiago never had a cock in his ass.

   Juan Carlos stayed the night hoping to get another repeat with his cousin´s ass but Santiago said his ass hurt. So they continued to play around with the fleshlite til their balls couldn´t produce anymore com. 





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