Reba didn't know why she kept checking back in at the zoo's reptile and bird house; she was repelled by and afraid of snakes. OK, yes, she was fascinated and drawn to them as well. Whatever the reality of that, as she was doing her rounds to make sure that all of the visitors had left for the day, she found herself walking up the path to the reptile and bird house. She knew she was going to check inside, even though she hadn't checked inside any of the other exhibits and even though this would be her third visit to this building this afternoon. Her position as deputy director of the zoo didn't entail checking the grounds at closing. Yet, here she was...again about to enter the one building that gave her the creeps.

'Hello, Ms. Stern. Back again, I see.'

As soon as Reba entered the building, she knew why she kept coming back. Bud, the keeper of the reptile and bird exhibit...she couldn't bring herself to call him by his nickname, Viper, as some of the other employees did...was still in the exhibit. He had two big bags of bird seed stacked in the center of the corridor, and he'd opened one and was throwing seed up by the handful into feed repositories in the bird level of the exhibit.

'Uhh, just checking one last time for the evening, Bud. But I don't know why; these brutish snakes give me the creeps. They are even more dangerous looking in the evening than under the full sunlight.'

Bud gave her the hint of a leer that frightened her. She knew why she had returned to this exhibit, and Bud knew too. She was fascinated by the young man. Younger than she was by a good ten years, he fit in perfectly in this exhibit. Dark and handsome in a glowering sort of way...and lithe; he was always darting around the exhibit. But not in a frenetic sort of way; rather, he glided. Reba didn't want to go as far as to say he seemed to slither about, because his movement was actually graceful and mesmerizing. But it did seem to blend in well with the image of snakes. He was thin, but he had good musculature; his muscles were sinewy and seemed to undulate below his skin as he hauled heavy material around.

Bud gave her an intense look, and then he laughed. Embarrassed, she turned her eyes from him and toward the snake enclosure, behind its thick glass. She flinched as one of the vipers took notice of her and rose its head from its coil and fanned out its hood.

Once again that dry laugh from Bud. 'We both know you didn't come in here to see that snake, did you, Ms. Reba? You came in here to see this snake.'

Reba's eyes darted back to Bud; he had one of his hands on his crotch, cupping his basket.

Reba turned and fled the reptile house. Flinging herself out of the door, she twisted just to the right of the entrance and leaned back into the stuccoed wall there for support. She was hyperventilating. She couldn't go any farther until she'd calmed down. One, two, three big breaths. Bud's laugh cut through the wall again, setting off the racing of her heart once more. One, two, three more big breaths. She thought she could leave now. But as she pushed off from the wall, she could hear Bud, inside, humming a haunting tune. And when she took her first step away from the wall, it wasn't down the path toward her office; it was back through the entrance of the reptile house and into Bud's waiting arms.

Bud's mouth found hers as he wrapped his arms around her, and she opened to his flickering tongue as he turned her back toward the glass of the snake enclosure and pinned her against the pipe railing running along the length of the exhibit, a foot and a half off the glass and three feet from the ground. The railing was biting into her butt, and her back was arched toward the glass, her shoulder blades against the cold surface. Bud held her there with one arm, while his other hand was busy ripping away the buttons of her khaki work blouse and tearing at her bra. He'd forced his pelvis between her legs, and she felt his manhood uncoiling and hardening against the crotch of her shorts. She trembled at his ferocity and at the feel of his strength against her.

She was free of her blouse and bra, and Bud buried his face between her breasts and started making little darting strikes of his tongue against the tender skin of her breasts and at her hardening nipples. She threw her head back against the glass and turned it...and immediately was sorry she had, because the cobra had taken an interest in what was happening on the other side of the glass and had slithered closer, risen from its coil again, and was swaying back and forth, mesmerized by the nearby coupling, only about a foot beyond the transparent divide.

Reba lurched, as Bud's hand ripped the buttons off her shorts and roughly cupped her mound. She cried out as a long, search finger slid between her labia and struck at her clit. She had subconsciously known she wanted this, but he was taking her roughly and by ferocious storm. The fingers, one snaking in at first, but quickly joined by another and then another, were driving her wild. And she was flowing for him. A fingernail bit into her clit and she cried out again and started to shake uncontrollably.

His searching finger was extracted, but only long enough for him to pull her shorts away and prop her butt on the cold pipe of the railing.

His face was now buried between her legs. His tongue was darting into her, and he was attacking her with short, sharp bites of his teeth...on her tender inner thighs and even on the lips of her cunt. The violence of his attack made her spasm orgastically. But he gave her no peace. She clung to his head with her hands, holding him into her, a victim of her long-held desires for and fears of him. As he feasted between her legs, her hands glided over the hard, smooth, young muscles of his biceps and shoulders.

Bud laughed a little laugh of triumph at how quickly he had brought Reba to orgasm. He drank in the evidence of his victory, and when she began to moan and twitch again at his onslaught, pulled away from her. He stood then, close to her, his hips pushing in at her bruised pelvis, arched his back away from her, and pulled off his work shirt.

Reba gasped as she realized why he always wore high-necked T shirts under his work khakis. He had a tattoo of an emerald-green snake winding around his torso, its tail hidden below the line of his pants on his belly and the head of the snake embossing his neck, its forked, scarlet-red tongue flicking out for one of Bud's ears.

Dazzled at the sight, Reba tentatively reached out a hand and traced the scales of the snake the wound around below Bud's well-muscled pecs.

Calmer now, Bud gave another of his dry laughs and placed a hand over Reba's as it traced the figure of the snake.

'Like what you see?' he asked, almost in mocking tones.

'Yes,' Reba answered in a small voice, mesmerized at how well the snake was drawn to Bud's musculature. When he moved, the rippling of his muscles seemed to start the snake moving as well...up and around Bud's torso.

Bud's grip on Reba's hand tightened, and he moved her fingers down now, Following the coil of the snake below his pecs and then skipping over to pick up the lower part of the snake as it wound around to the front of his belly. Down, down he slid her hand. She tried to pull back from his control, but he was just too strong for her. Down to where the tail disappeared below the waistband of Bud's pants. And then down between material and skin until he held her hand there, at the root of his cock.

Reba was breathing heavily now. And so was Bud. With his other hand, he slowly unzipped and opened the fly of his reveal that the tip of the snakes tail wound around the root of Bud's cock.

Reba whimpered and Bud laughed.

Then he pushed down his pants and stepped out of them. He forced Reba's hand down the length of his cock. It was a very, very long cock, but it was thin, even as it engorged.

Reba was trembling all over and, she let out a groan when her fingers reached the mushroom cap of Bud's penis. She felt something hard at the tip and Bud laughed again and pulled away so that she could see what he had pierced the knob of his cock with.

Her blood went cold when she saw that it was a triangle, a gold triangle, clearly fashioned as a snake's head. And it had a small ring through the snakes mouth.

Reba didn't have long to think about what that ring represented, because Bud leaned down and fumbled around in the pocket of his discarded pants and came out with a long, scarlet ribbon...a single ribbon but split half way from the end so that it was forked. There was a tiny clasp at the end so that Bud could...and did...attach the ribbon to the snakehead ring at the tip of his dick...a long ribbon of red forked tongue at the end of his penis.

Bud's cock was hard as steel. Hard and long and standing straight out. It bridged the distance between his crotch and Reba's lower belly now, and it poked insistently at her as he moved into her, encased her in his arms and tenderly kissed her on the lips.

The kiss went on and on and became more inflamed and consumed all of her attention and much so that it was a total shock when Bud pulled his hips back and, whipping them back at her, struck hard and fast at and into her vagina with that long, long cock of his. Her back had struck the glass hard when he had thrust into her, and her head snapped around...just in time to see the frightened cobra strike at her as well, its fangs lashing out at her through the thankfully thick glass partition.

Reba tried to thrash escape...and to scream out her shock and pain. But the Viper held her fast in his grip, his arms wrapped around her and his mouth now brutally in possession of hers.

The cock struck hard, repeatedly, to the quick of her, that snake head biting at the very center of her with each strike, the red-ribboned forked tongue swirling around inside her and then back out of her as the Viper recoiled, only to strike again. The Viper's venom was spitting up into her at great depth and she was firing off repeated orgasms in response.

At length, both were spent. And Reba's attention was readjusting from focusing on that long, long cock striking up into her and slithering around inside her and murmured her discomfort at having been crushed against the hard pipe railing. When another one of his dry laughs, Bud turned her then, maintaining purchase of his cock inside her, and laid her down on her back on the birdseed bags in the center of the aisle. He arched his chest up from her, supported by his hands and locked elbows, their pelvis still glued together, and Reba ran her fingers lightly along the coils of the snake tattoo around his torso, still mesmerized by how animated it was when Bud's muscles rippled, as Bud reloaded with his venom.

Reba traced the returning of his desire...both her own desire and adrenaline never having dissipated...with the uncoiling of his long cock up into her again. It was slithering up inside her. He seemed so calm, so much in control, until she sensed his lust had taken possession of him. His sinewy arm muscles started trembling, and he grabbed her hips roughly in his hands and started fucking her hard again, striking up into while pulling her pelvis into him, and then pushing her hips away until he had slid almost entirely out of her, and then striking again. He loosened his grip as Reba began meeting his thrusts with those of her own, and the two set up a rhythm that led to repeated orgasms and frenzied cries of ecstasy.

With each flooding of her insides with Bud's venom, Reba became weaker and more drowsy, and she finally drifted off, him still fucking her hard and deep. When she awoke, she was alone, laying on her back, naked, and very sore on the birdseed bags, her clothing in disarray over beside the glass of the snake enclosure. She sat up, and looked around her, at first having no idea why she was here...and then, as the memory flooded back into her, looking around for Bud.

Bud was gone. But there, stretched out on the corridor floor between her and the snake enclosure, was the molted skin of a giant green snake. She started to tremble.

It had to be something Bud had cleared out of the snake enclosure earlier that day. I must have been simply something Bud had cleared out of the snake enclosure earlier today.



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