The smell of coffee invaded my consciousness.

I opened one eye to see a steaming mug centered between two

muscular legs.

"Here, this may help."

A deep gravelly voice said.


I mumbled, sitting up on the couch and shaking the funk

from my head. I took the cup, looking up into Mark's sleep creased face.

"I feel like shit."

I said, feeling the steam waft up into my

crusty eyes. My tongue felt a little furry and my mouth tasted like too

much whiskey and cigarettes. I wasn't sure what died in there, but I

looked around at the living room to see if it was still there. The remains

of last night's debauchery were still in evidence. Mark held his own mug

and took a sip.

"It's morning, I hope you still respect me."

Mark said, grinning

at me. Respect him? I respected him on so many levels. But, mostly, I

respected him for the hot cup of joe.

"Here, these should do the trick."

I took the aspirin that Mark held in his outstretched hand as if they were

magic beans. I put them in my mouth and swallowed them with a sip of the

steaming coffee.


I moaned, laying my head on the back of the sofa. I

rolled it around, hoping that the yoke inside my throbbing skull would

decide which side it would take up residence on. I felt the coffee start

to glow in my stomach as the sleep fog left my head I hated hangovers.

Sure, I had had more than a few. Usually I just ignored them. But, this

one was a monster and I could feel it pervading my entire body.

"I guess I

can't tell when enough is enough."

I groaned.

"I'm glad. I would have hated to miss any of it."

Mark replied,

sitting next to me on the couch. Our thighs connected in an intimate way,

as I looked over at Mark's sexy visage. I just couldn't get over him.

Even wrung out from a night of total hedonism, Mark could still enthrall me

with his effortless masculinity. I knew that I must have looked like

Baghdad after the surge. But, Mark's tossled hair lent an endearing

quality to his stubbly face. I'm sure that you could have swept the floor

with my usual morning mohawk.

"Where's Jesse?"

I asked, hoping Mark wouldn't be completely

turned off by desheveled state. I dared to move myself closer to Mark. I

laid my head onto his well-developed chest. I gazed down at his still nude

body. His well used dick was curled around his abundant balls. He

adjusted his body so that we would be positioned comfortably,

semi-cuddling. He put an arm around my shoulders and drew me to him.

"He's taking a shower. Isn't it amazing how the young seem to

bounce back so much quicker?"

Mark observed, clenching me tightly to him.

It felt so right, cuddling with Mark. I enjoyed the moment as he held me

in his protective embrace.

"I remember when I was the same way. Youth is wasted on the


I volunteered. There was a time when I could party all night, and

then get up the next day and start all over. Thank God, those days were

gone. Back then, I didn't have the money to party all of the time. Now

that I had the money, I no longer had the time. 'At least God has a sense

of humor.' I thought.

"Yeah, me too. I remember those days, climbing out of some

anonymous bed and not remembering what happened. I don't miss that at all.

I much prefer sharing memories of great sex with the person who made it so


Mark stated, lazily circling my sensitive nipple with his

relaxed hand. I suppose he still found me disirable. God bless him, this

was as bad as it got and he was still interested. I patted my hair down

and let any self-conscious feeling leave me. I closed my eyes and

envisioned last night's activities. From his words, it was apparent that

Mark was as into what had happened as I was. That thought was enough to

cause me to heave a contented sigh. I took my free hand and rubbed his

defined belly. Even in his relaxed state, I could still trace the

definition of his abs. Our motions were not meant for sexual excitement,

but for calm contemplation. I sipped my coffee, feeling Mark play with the

sparse hair around my erect nipple. His obvious contentment was more than

enough to feed my own need for it. We lay like that for some time,

enjoying each other's company without the necessity for speech. I basked

in the shared interlude for a few moments before I spoke.

"I can't believe how right this feels."

I observed, closing my

eyes and relaxing into Mark's body. I could feel Mark falling into the

same languid state as he held me tighter.

"I know. I can't remember when I have felt so good about another


Mark offered, revealing his feelings. I was a little taken

aback. I was speaking of the relaxed position we were in, he was talking

about his feelings for little old me. Instead of push, I decided to take

the moment for what it was. I didn't want to make more out of what Mark

offered. Just two contented people, wallowing in the aftermath of


"What a pretty picture."

We heard.

I opened my eyes to see Jesse standing there. He had a mug in one

hand and a cigarette dangling from his lips. His tall, buff body shone

with the effervescence of youth. With my eyes, I explored his blond curls,

still wet from the shower. I lowered my gaze to his sculpted chest and

abdomen. I let my eyes wander to the defined thighs, which surrounded the

small bush atop his succulent equipment. I couldn't believe it. From the

workout Mark and I had given this kid, he should have looked like a

shrivelled peach. Instead, he looked as fresh as a new penny. I didn't

know what fountain of youth existed in Mark's shower, but I wasn't leaving

until I found out.

"No prettier than that."

Mark observed, taking in Jesse's body.

Not even close, I thought.

"You two look great like that."

Jesse said, taking the smoke from

his mouth and sipping his coffee. I watched his walk as he went to the

other couch and sat down. I was amazed at the jaunty flair in his gait and

the exuberance his body exhibited after we had abused it so soundly. His

balls perched on the edge of the cushion, allowing his puffy dick to stare

straight at me.

"Last night was incredible. I've never had so much fun

with two buddies."

"Are you sure? Have you ever had two buddies like us?"


asked, grabbing a pack of ML's and lighting up.

"Well, not exactly like you two. But, it got pretty intense."

Jesse asserted, sexily smoking his cigarette.

"Jake, Tom, and I were on

the baseball team together. We got to know each other pretty well once

when we were at the playoffs in a motel. We haven't had as much fun since,

because we didn't have anywhere to go. But, we joke about it."

"When are you planning to get together again?"

I asked, my

curiosity aroused. The thought of this stud with two like-minded guys in a

motel caused my hungover personae to be taken over by the horny personae

that was me.

"We're going to Key West in two weeks. It's my graduation present

from my grandparents."

Jesse informed us.

"Jake and Tom are on the

baseball team at Ohio State and that is their spring break."

From the

frozen outside, it was hard to believe that spring was just around the

corner. But, that's the weather in Ohio. If you don't like it, just wait

around for five minutes. It'll change..

"How did you get reservations in Key West for spring break? It

must have been nearly impossible."

I asked, grabbing the cigarette from

Mark's mouth and taking a hit. The instant nicotine rush did much to calm

my raging horniness.

"Granny and Pops have a house there. I had to promise that there

would be no parties. But, what they don't know won't hurt them. It's

going to be a fuckfest."

Jake stated, smiling gleefully.

"Sigma, Sigma,


"I don't think I know that frat. Do your boys belong to it?"


inquired, lighting a cigarette for himself.

"No Dummy, Sex. Smoke. and Suds. What are you, like ancient?"

Jesse joked. I laughed at Mark's expense. Anyone would have had to agree

with anything Jesse said, he looked so good.

"It sounds like you sand bunnies are in need of a chaperone, at

least for the sake of your grandparent's house."

Mark said, laughing back

at the remarkable stud who sat across from us.

"Are you volunteering?"

Jesse asked, sitting forth on the couch.

I saw that his cock seemed to pull up into his body, leaving his beautiful,

edible nuts more exposed. His eyes smouldered as he took the last hit on

his smoke and exhaled into the air above.

"Because, that would be real


"Now, why would I want to babysit three post-adolescents for a


Mark asked rhetorically.

"Are you serious, why wouldn't you?"

I interjected as the

possibilities ran amok in my wounded brain. (Note to self: Say three Hail

Mary's for Granny and Pops for the foresight to have a vacation home in Key


"I mean it would be great. I know Jake and Tom wouldn't mind.

Besides, I'm the host."

Jesse offered with a serious tone to his voice.

"And you could come too, Allan. Just think of all the fun we could have."

I was way ahead of him. I readjusted my lengthening organ to make it less

obvious. I saw Jesse's eyes flick to it as a leacherous grin appeared on

his face.

"I don't know."

Mark said, a contemplatively. Although I had an

upcoming trip to Germany, it was work and didn't count as vacation. My

interest piqued, I looked up at Mark's face.

"You're your own boss. Do you have anything better to do?"


asked, baiting Mark. From his reaction to last night's fun, I knew that it

wouldn't take much to goad Mark into agreeing with Jesse's proposal.

Besides, time in the sun would do much more to chase away the winter blues

than a grill.

"Not really. Graduation pictures are trickling off, and wedding

photos won't hit until April."

Mark admitted, thinking of the timing. Due

to my unflagging determination to succeed professionally, I had plenty of

time off coming. The thought of a week in the Florida sun with three hunky

college students was enough to start me to counting the days that I was

due. I wondered what Jesse's buddies looked like. Not that it mattered,

if Mark was game so was I.

"It would be great to have you both there. Besides, you're old

enough to buy the party supplies."

Jesse stated, a satisfied look on his


"Now, the ulterior motive surfaces."

I smirked, thinking of my


"I may have an ulterior motive, but that's not it."

Jesse said,

rubbing his dick.

"I think that when Tom and Jake see how natural you two

are with each other, it will help them get over any inhibitions they might


I was surprised at how succinctly Jesse stated his argument. There

was obviously more to this young man than his oversexed body. I wondered

if his friends would demonstrate the same level of maturity. In addition,

I was happy that the naturalness that I felt with Mark was so apparent. I

smiled as Mark gave me an almost imperceptible hug.

"I might be able to work something out."

Mark allowed.

"But, only

if it's understood that Allan and I are also on vacation, together. I

don't think either of us want to be in charge if a train wreck occurs."


warm glow infused me as I heard Mark state the parameters for agreeing to

the proposal. I loved that he had included the word, together. I think

that was the point that I felt more than a growing infatuation for Mark. I

could feel the heat that emanated from his tight body as he held me close.

"Thank you."

I agreed, more than happy with Mark's stipulations.

I would have agreed even if he said that I had to ride in the trunk under

roadkill they collected on the way.

"Don't worry. You two old timers will get plenty of nap time. I

don't think you could keep up with us anyway. We plan on staying hard and

fucked up the whole time."

Jesse joked. I smiled at his assertion that

Mark and I, neither yet thirty, were 'old timers'. But, Jesse's statement

made it apparent that the younger generation's agenda would not include

tending to the needs of us old farts. Well, I hoped they would agree to a

few of our baser needs anyway.

"Who you calling old?"

Mark laughed, launching himself at the

young man. Mark grabbed Jesse and held him down. I was right behind him,

pinching and tickling Jesse until he begged for mercy. I saw Jesse's cock

start to lengthen as he writhed under our ministrations.(Further note: Add

a couple HM's for G and P due to the gene thing, this kid was delectable.)

"Hey, let up. I've got to be at church in one hour. Gotta keep

the rents happy."

Jesse exploded with gasps of mirth. We let him up and

sat back down across from him. Jesse's dick was bloated and his balls were

tight against the base of the growing tube.

"Now look what you did. I'll

be hard all through the services."

"You're young, figure it out."

I offered, enjoying the sight of

Jesse's dick rising into the air. His aroused state caused his face to

grow progressively redder and his smile to beam.

"I wish I had time to figure it out right now, but I gotta scoot."

Jesse said, allowing his fresh-looking prick to bob teasingly.

"Let me

know what you decide about the trip."

"We will."

Mark stated, watching Jesse dress.

With that, Jesse said his goodbyes and left. I lit a cigarette as

Mark went to refill our coffee. I watched the lithe way he sauntered from

the room, his bulging glutes creating the perfect man ass. Wouldn't a tan

look good on those mounds? I thought.

Mark returned with our coffee, stopping at the bar and asking if I

wanted a little hair of the dog. I nodded as Mark grabbed the bottle of

Frangelico and added some to the steaming mugs. His arms bulged with his

exertions, the supple muscles allowing every movement to be associated with

its proper tendon. How DaVinci would have loved Mark's body. There would

have been no backstreet human disections if he had. Mark was a walking

example of male musculature. The sounds of smooth jazz invaded the room as

Mark turned on the stereo. He walked to the couch, handing me my mug.

Then, he sat down and lit his own cigarette. I sipped of the mug, allowing

the hot sweetness to slide across my tongue and down my throat. The warmth

took up residence in my stomach and radiated through my entire body. I

looked at Mark looking at me. He allowed the smoke to trickle from his

nose as he smiled, and kissed the air. I saw that his lips were swollen

and incredibly inviting.

"You'd better watch yourself, or I might just wear those out."


warned him.

"I'm counting on it."

Mark replied.

"But, maybe we should talk

about Jesse's offer first. I've been to Key West many times and it's

always chaos. I can't imagine what it would be like with thousands of

horny college students added to the mix."

"Somewhere between paradise and utopia, I suppose."

I offered,

ruminating on the possibilities.

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

Mark chuckled.

"Can you imagine a

week of nonstop partying? I wonder if we're up to it? Maybe Jesse was

right. Maybe we're just a couple of old timers."

"Speak for yourself."

I interjected.

"I'm no old timer. I can

rut with the best of them and wouldn't mind proving it. I think we could

keep up, so to speak."

Mark paused, letting my assertions run through his

mind. We were prime examples of the male form. We were still young and

knew how to enjoy ourselves. I was a little disconcerted by Mark's


"Fuck it, let's do this."

Mark stated.

"Let's show those young

pups how the big dogs do it."

I raised my mug in salute. Mark's apparent

enthusiasm made me feel better. I enjoyed spontanaity and was relieved

that no stodginess remained about the decision.


I barked, laughing at Mark's use of the cliche. Mark

chuckled with me. A look of relief had replaced the pensive one that was

there before he just gave in to eventuality.

"I think it sounds like a

great time. I can't wait to see you on the beach. Speedos?"

"I'm not that old yet. But, I sure wouldn't mind seeing your sexy

ass in a pair."

Mark asserted, hitting his smoke. The smoke curled around

his face and wafted to the ceiling. He took a sip of his coffee, obviously

relishing the taste. I had to agree it was good.

"Do you think we need to

establish any groundrules first?"

"What groundrules?"

I asked, unsure what he meant.

"Well, you know. Do we share? Is it okay to go off with anyone?

Do we remain exclusive?"

Mark stated, laying his concerns on the table. I

was taken aback at the implications. It was obvious that Mark was as

uptight at our situation as I was. Did he have the same feelings of not

wanting to read too much into anything as I had? Did he feel the same

burgeoning feelings that I felt? Could this man, who was once like a God

to me, like me as much as I liked him? Was this an attempt to move things

along to a closer understanding between us?

'Whoa Nelly.' I thought, not letting my hopes run wild. Slow down

and gain some perspective. (There I go again.) I didn't want to queer the

deal between us by appearing overly eager. True, I would give my left nut

to merely lick the sweat off his balls. But, he didn't have to know that


"Perhaps, we should just let things happen. No rules. But if you

don't feel right about something, tell me and I'll do the same in return."

I offered, suddenly nervous again. The air in the room was now tense due

to the seriousness of the conversation. I wanted to clear it and return to

the relaxed atmosphere we had previously enjoyed.

"Let's just enjoy the trip for what it is, a vacation from frozen

civilization. A chance to get to know each other's likes and dislikes.

You be my wingman, and I'll be yours. We'll see where that leads."


said, knowing where I wanted it to lead.


Mark said, nodding his head.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have

let my thoughts go so crazy."

"You didn't let them go crazy. If you think something, it's okay

to express it. But, this whole thing is kind of new to both of us. Maybe

we should just let it develop naturally."

I explained, and with that all

nervousness, angst, or uptightness left me. I would practice what I

preached. I would lay my soul bare to whatever would happen. I would

allow myself to show my vulnerable side. Mr. Corporate Hardass was going

to be relegated to work. Mark was not work, he was pleasure, more pleasure

than any man needed or deserved.

"Works for me, stud. Let's just have fun. I can deal with that."

Mark acquiesced, relaxing his body language. I gazed at his sculpted body

and wondered at the strength it held.

"I need a shower,"

I stated.

"and it looks like the maid's day off

in here."

Mark laughed and told me where the clean towels were. I entered

the marbeled shower stall and let the warm water cascade down my firm body.

I washed my semi-hard dick. It had been in that state since I entered

Mark's house the night before. That is when it wasn't rampant with lust.

I washed my hole and inserted a digit to make it squeaky clean.

"Here, you might want this."

I heard Mark's voice. He held out a

new toothbrush still in the box.


I said over the sound of the steamy water.

"Want some company?"

He asked.

"I thought you'd never ask."

I smiled in anticipation. Mark

opened the door to the shower still naked from the night's frivolities. I

made room for him, allowing my body to touch his. I felt the instant

electricity of Mark next to me.

"Can I wash those hard to get at places? Mark asked.

"Sure, if you think you can get to them."

I assured him. Mark

took the soap from me and started to rub my back. I stretched like a cat

under a good rub. I felt my asslips flair as Mark rubbed them with the

slick soap. He did an extra good job, inserting his index finger to make

sure that I was clean inside and out. He reached around me and held my

cock in his hand. I felt the suds start to build as he jacked me with an

insistent beat. Instictively, my hips bucked in time with his talented

hands. I was a novice to shower sex, that is with another person present,

but Mark proved to be a master.

Mark let my, now turgid, dick jut forward as he used the soap to

wash my pecs. I could feel his chest against my back as he reached around

me to graze my hard nipples with it. Mark worked the sudsy bar into the

skin of my neck and the folds of my pits, never allowing the contact of his

hard body against mine to break. He rotated his hips, causing me to rock

in unison with his lazy rhythm. I put my head back onto his shoulder and

let myself be lulled into the measure of his sensuous dance. Steamy clouds

surrounded us, magnifying the surreal quality of our tango. Mark led, and

I gladly followed. I was astounded at Mark's effortless ability to

dominate me. Then again, he reveled in my dominance of him as last night

proved. I could feel Mark's aroused pole hit the back of my ball sack

repeatedly. The inflated head of his meaty cock felt magical as it glided

back and forth over my perinium. My breath quickened as the needles of the

shower fell on my flushed body like electric sparks. I luxuriated in the

feeling of Mark's strong hands as they massaged the strong smelling soap

into my aroused person.

"Turn around."

Mark instructed in an authoritative voice.

I was reticent to break our embrace, but his command is all that I

could have wished. I turned around and looked straight into his deep,

brown eyes. His hair was plastered to his head and I could see drops of

water as they rolled down his masculine face. They pooled momentarily on

his full, inflamed lips before dripping off. I leaned forward and licked

them before they fell. They tasted of Mark. I did not attempt to kiss

him. I just licked, enjoying the feel of his unshaven beard with my tender

tongue. I explored Mark's entire face, before zeroing in on his ear. I

nibbled the lobe, then around the outer flap. I inserted my tongue into

his ear, flicking the entrance to the canal. Mark moaned as I blew into

it. His harsh breathing matched the ragged quality of my own. I nipped

and sucked for an eternity as I felt Mark writhe in ecstasy next to me. I

laid a trail of kisses and small bites down Mark's veiny, muscular neck. I

could feel the tendons flare at my forceful nips. I raised Mark's arm,

gazing longingly at the wet tendrils they kept hidden. In a lusty rage, I

sucked Mark's pits like they were my source of life. My nose grazed the

bulge of his biceps as I delved deeper into the cavity they protected,

allowing the silky hair to flow over my tingling lips. I supped on Mark's

pits until I could feel him quake with unspent desire. His brawny

pectorals were so ridgid that I was inexhorably drawn to them. I sucked my

way over the prodigious mound to find my target, Mark's rubbery, erect

nipple. I pinched it with my teeth, flicking at it with the end of my

darting tongue. I felt it grow harder and more pronounced as I sucked it

into my mouth. I rolled his large aureole around my mouth as if I were

using it to gargle with. My sensitive lips rooted, seeking more of him to

inhale. Mark's appreciative groans were like dry kindling to the forest

fire that was my rampant need. I traveled down his torso, licking his

protruding muscles until I met his small outie of a belly button. I

devoured it like it was a third nipple, rolling it over and over my mouth.

Nipping it; suckling it; licking it.

Mark could stand it no longer.

"Suck my dick."

He implored. I was happy to oblige.

I took Mark's tumescence in my hand, squeezing it. I was astounded

at the incredible hardness. I could feel the runaway tempo of Mark's pulse

in his massive prick. I licked the cumhole, tasting the essence his ball's

had given up. I was addicted to that taste. The taste of his nectar, his

juice, his cum. Slowly, I let the head of Mark's cock enter my mouth. I

circled it with my entire mouth. I sucked him in, inch by inch, before

letting it rest entirely in my throat. I vacuumed deeply before rising

from it only to dive down once again to the root. I grabbed Mark's sack,

rolling his nuts in my palm. He groaned as I squeezed lightly, urging them

to give up that which I sought.

"Not so fast, Gorgeous."

I heard Mark growl.

"I missed eating

some of that boy-pussy last night. I can't wait anymore."

Mark roughly turned me around, zeroing in on my hard buns. He

parted me and sank his oversized lips down to my needy hole. He rimmed

like the expert he was. I felt his tongue invade my clutching chute as he

juggled my balls in his palm. Mark ran the gamut of my ass from stem to

stern. He ran his stubbled chin and cheeks across my tender bud causing me

to quake in anticipation. He inserted one, then two fingers into me. Mark

palpitated my joy button with his gnarly digits as he went fuck crazy with

his mouth on my stretched ass lips. He grasped my raging hardon and beat

my meat in time with his darting tongue.

I was in the throes of ecstasy as Mark assaulted my tender butt. I

breathed like a runaway freight train as he claimed my body for his own. I

put one hand on the wall of the shower to brace myself and the other around

my back to urge Mark on. He needed no urging from me. Mark was in a state

of complete wanton bliss.

"Oh please, fuck me."

I wailed, pleading for the fullness of

Mark's cock up my ass. I was a little surprised at myself, until Mark I

had never much enjoyed being fucked. But, this glorious stud had changed

all that.

"Tell me how much you want it."

Mark gasped. I could feel the

breath of his words on my mancunt as he spoke them.

"Take that veiny cock and ram it up my butt. Fuck my ass like it

was the last ass on Earth. Make me feel like a man. Bang those ball until

they shoot your jizz into me. Fuck me with that pole, man."

"You should have been in advertising."

I heard Mark chuckle as he

stood up. My ass was a little miffed that he had stopped his

ministrations, but the anticipation of feeling Mark dominate me was enough

to quell any dissatisfaction.

I could feel the head of Mark's pulsing dick at the door. He

spread his precum around my hole, causing my hole to open and close. My

brain had only one thing in mind, Mark's cock in my ass. I pushed myself

back as Mark speared forward. He plunged balls deep into my creamy canal.

I winced, momentarily, at the invasion of Mark's dick. The hugeness of his

prick in my tight chute was unbelievable. He surged back and then forward

as his hanging nuts banged against my own silky pouch.

Mark fucked me raw. I could hear his ragged gasps as he impaled me

on his cock. My cock waved in the air, matching Mark's long, plunging


"I'm climbing, are you coming with me baby?"

Mark hissed through

gritted teeth.

"I'm with you, babe."

I assured him as my insides parted for

another charging rut from Mark.

"Fuckin' hot, sexy bastard. I can't believe what you do to me."

Mark groaned, pummeling me with his turgid fuckstick. I couldn't believe

what he did to me. I suppose we were both incredulous at the way we could

make each other feel.

"Ohhhh, just fuck me, fuck me, fuck me....."

I screamed, feeling

Mark's pace become more rapid as he made his way to the peak of our shared

passion. His assault on my manclit caused it to spasm and my cock receeded

a little into my body, trying to connect with the feeling of the repeated

stimulation that Mark was giving it.

"I'm gonna blow your sweet ass."

Mark warned me.

"Blow that bull scud, you sexy motherfucker."

I replied, wanting

it more than the quick intakes of air I was managing. I drooled in

anticipation of the peak that I was ascending. I had cum many times, but I

could feel a ballbreaker of a nut building inside of my balls. From the

sounds that Mark was making, he was with me.

"Here it comes."

Mark exploded, blurring his pelvis behind me. I

felt the head of his cock expand and pump across my prostate insistently.

The feeling was enough to make me moan as my cock connected with my

pleasure center. An explosion rocked my insides and raced up my dick. I

shot over and over, painting the shower with my seed (Look Ma, no hands.

Only Mark had made this happen, not once, but twice). Mark pulsed in my

velvety quarters, filling me with his delectable juices. His hose snotted

all over my insides, never letting up its attack.

Mark held me as we caught our breath and descended from our heights

together. I shook from spent urgency. I could still feel Mark's softening

prick inside of me. I sighed as it plopped out followed by an appreciable

amount of Mark's cum.


Mark whispered.


I agreed.

"I guess that's why we keep doing it."


l.a. emerich

[email protected]


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