Upon my awakening, Jared had just started his morning workout routine which consisted of pull ups, crunches, squats and more. I lay therw in bed, admiring his beautiful body in the works. God he was one amazing boy. Shaped like Apollo. Like a God. Hell, in my mind, he WAS a God. I preceded to continue my morning routine of grooming, and a small workout. We hit the showers and got dressed for class. Hand in hand we enter battle class where there were four different colored signs. Green for beginners, Yellow for novices, Red for advance and Blue for experts. Along with the sign scrolled list of the names of students that were now in thoses classes. This was due to the battles that took place yesterday. Since we finjshed in record time, we were placed in Blue. Therw was only four six other students within the class with us, all partners setting records in their orevious battle classes.

"Children, or shall I say masters of you abilities. You've all tested kn the Blue range in all of your courses and classes, meaning that you have nothing left to earn except your place in our school, and society. After winter break you and your partners will be sent on a trip to a destination with the world to carry out an important mission. You'll face challenges that you've never faced before. You will be pushed to your limits and tested harshly." Mr. Welks spoke to us calmly pacing the room. "You will be paried in groups of four since there are eight of you. Jared, Jasphre, Sunja, and August. You guys are group one. Maple, Lyric, Fread, and Geophery you are group two. You guys will have today to gey accioayed with one another, than you begin traing for your mission in exactly four months. Good luck children, and may Slipher Furion bless you with the strength, agility, and grace to get through." And that was that, he was gone. Jared and I examined our two new partners. Sunja and August. Twins. They both stood five eleven, long blonde hair, piercing gray eyes. Sunja was well shaped, like a swimsuit model while August was shaped like a marital art god. As twins we expected them to have the same abilities but they didn't. They were both spellcasters, but because of their level of spellcasting, Sunja was able to conjure Dark Magic while August was able to conjure Good Magic. I suggested lunch to chat, and find out more about our team. Over the next few weeks we grew closer as a teamn and more and more like a family. We established a telepathic link to communicate telepathically through my telepathic abilities, which helped out even better. The weeks go on and on as we get better and better as a team and a family, concering all that came our way. Soon, winter break approached and we all went on vacation together in sunny side Miami. Our room had three beds, one for each of the twins and one for Jared and I. Our first night out was fantastic. We went and partied, drinking, smoking, and fucking shit up. We danced all night and got so wasted we didn't even remember anything the next morning. That morning I walk into the bathroom which is full of steam, and me assuming Jared is in the shower I slip out of my clothing and enter the shower walking quietly behind him. I can see his perfect plump ass as I walk closer towards him. I begin tk kiss the back of his neck and caress his upper back as I embrace him in a hig from behind. Jared let out a moan, a moan that didn't sound like Jared but more like August. His soft tan body, felt so good under the water. I never actually realized that August was in great shape and looked absolutely fantastic. His body was perfectly lean, with a greatly defined six pack and hairless body. "Umm, August, look. I...I thought you were Jared. I'm sorry." I say to him as he turns around.

"No big deal, I kinda been wanting this to happen for awhile" he says to me, locking the door with a snapbof his fingers. He wraps his hands around my waist pulling me in until our cocks are touching. He kisses my chest to my nipples, then my chin. "Please, let me have this moment with you..." he begged going in for a kiss. "I'll allow it this time" I said responding with a even more passionate kiss. We continued kissing, letting out tongues vexplore eaxh others mouth while out bodies were in a hot warm embrace. The water showering down on us, moved us to a new level of excitement. August slowly moved down my body kissing and licking on the way down until he got to my cock, swallowing without any hesitation he deep throats me. Bobbing up and down sending signs of pleasure althoughout my body making me moan loadly. "You like that huh?" He ask me teasing the head of my cock. "Fuck yes!" I say moaning and throwing my head backwards. He continues to bob up and down, swallowing, and teasing my cock. He then climbs back up my body and whispers in my ear that he wants to take my cock. For some reason that sent me into overdrive and I pushed him off of me and turned him around and fell to my knees opening his ass and infiltrating his hole with my tounge. He moans and beggs to be fucked but I just tease him more, sucking his cock from behind him, licking his gouch, and tounge fucking his hole. I soon kiss up his back until I reach his neck in which I continue to make out with sliding my cock slowly into his ass until he has all of me inside of him. He moans and aches his back as I beging to slowly fuck him letting him get use to the feel of me being inside of him. "Fuck yes. Fuck me faster!" He moans pushing his ass back as I stroke in perfect rhythm. I begin to speed up like he begged. Fucking him harder and harder, he started to mumble something. Soon I felt his ass clench around my cock, tightening, squeezing my cock all around. "Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" He yells as he shoots all over the shower door. Soon after I felt myself let loose inside of his ass, slowing my fuck and moaning for it was an amazing orgasm. We cleansed ourselves in the water which was now cold. We exited the shower, with minimal speaking, just glances. We dressed, and August left for a grocery run. I go awake Sunja, and Jared walks in the door, drenched in sweat wearing nothing but skin tight running tights, again showing off everything. God the boy was amazing. He looks so good. I walked up to him and wraps my hands around his neck and kissed his lips. Sweaty, salty but yet still so perfect.

"Well good morning to you to mr." He says wrapping his arms around my waist. "I'm gonna go shower, I reck of mid-morning Miami."

"Yeah, you go do that. I'll change my clothes. Breakfast will be done in a few" I saw to him as he leaves the room. I cook us a heathy breakfast of pancakes, waffels, fruits, oatmeals, and bacons. We cleant our room heading on the road back to the school, stopping at the supply store to pick up some new toys. I picked up a new blade, Jared some new combat gloves, and the twins new advanced level 7 spell books. We headed back and arrived back at the school, only to wish we spent one more day in sunny side Miami. We return to our dorms unpacked and rested for an hour.

"Hey guys, can you hear me?" Asked Sunja telepathically. "Well if you can, training ground is empty for the next three hours and we've got two days left beforw we are assigned our mission. So meet in trainging ground in ten." We've always done what Sunja said but that seemed irrational. But she wouldn't want us to meet there for no reason. But we all agreed and met in the training ground.

"I've got new uninformed battle suits for us, a team name, and a new battle format that will give us an edge" Sunja said speaking with a stern voice. "I'm not trying to be mean, it's just we didn't do this on break so we've got to do thia now. Each battle situation will be different, so I had some adjustments made to our battle armour. Jared, Jaspher, we use August magic on them making our battle armour virtually indestructible to all abilities except Black Magic. That's just the way it works. Don't know why, and frankily I don't care. Our team name, let us see, we shall be called Sapphire, after the great team of Wizards and Benders. Now our new battle format consist of a telepathic link that will be created by Jaspher, to let us communicate without the enemies hearing. Then we follow instructions from the leader of the team, or from someone with the best suggestion. We've got time now to test. Everything out. Boys, link up, and get ready for battle." We indulged in battler, the armour being light and adoptive worked so well in battle. Jared and I had similar uniforms of the same pants, while I had a three quarters length skin tight tee shirt while he didn't have one. The twins had your typical wizard uniform, with the cape and all.

After a long day of taining and battling we reiterated to our dorms and fell quitely asleep as the school buzzed back into motion around us. The next day everything felt normal. Classes resumed, students picked up where they left before break, and teachers back to their oldselves.

"Attention. Attention please. Can both blue groups Sapphire and Gemini report to conference room 3 please? Again, can both blue groups: Sapphire and Gemini report to the conference room 3 please thank you. " the announcements rang loudly waking me up. Jared grabs me and leads me down to the room.

"Glad to see everyone here" Slipher says as we enter the door. "Now, you have three hours tob pack your belongings and eveything you will need for your mission. The stagf will be there once ever month to make sure that eveything is going well. Now you'll get a pamphlet of what to do when your there. That is all. You may go." We start to leave the room, and Slipher speak again. "Because I have grown to like you guys I will tell you something. Some of you will die, some of you will be left behind, some of you will not know who you or your partners are. Be careful. Please. That's all I ask." He said sitting back down in a chair.

"Isn't that against the code of ethics you've set hereat this school?" ask Pedro, the head of Gemini.

"Yes, but because of your level of skill, you guys are expected to preform at a level where the results are of necisarry acceptances. " Slipher said dropping his head. "I'm sorry but that's how it is. " We exited the room one by one, Jared grabbing my hand holding it tight leading me out of the conference room and back to our dorm. We enter our dorm and sit on the bed staring at each other.

"This is it, huh? Our passage into adulthood?" Jared ask me.

"Yes" I say leaning in for a kiss. "One last time before we leave and lose all privacy? " I ask kissing Jareds' neck. His respond was a slight shift of his weight laying himself on top of me, planting kisses all over my body.

To Be Continued........


Rainbow Fortune Teller


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