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Skylar's Point of View

How can he even consider excluding me from this? I understand that he's trying to keep me away from these people but they have mother, MY MOTHER! How can I just leave her safety in the hands of someone else?

Mom, I'll save you just hold on. Please. DKRD, they've already attacked me and my mother within 24 hours of each other. Those agents how could they do this? Attack their own kind, and they're so skilled at using their abilities it makes me wonder how exactly the DKRD trains them. I need to focus though, Sky focus!

As I came out of my thoughts I heard someone walk in downstairs. But Jonathan was already 2 steps ahead.

"Angel Sanchez, civilian, Sky's best friend." Jonathan said in a robotic like tone. It was a little creepy but cool at the same time. I looked over at my mother's computer and Jon had taken a screen capture of Angel as he walked in and within seconds he had pulled up at least a page of info on him.

"Aren't you handy." I said to Jon as I walked over and patted his shoulder. He just turned and wink.

I walked downstairs with Lucas following right behind me.

"Hey Angel." I said almost too depressed.

"Whoa Sky what's wrong?" Angel looked around and noticed the shop was a mess. Luke and I cleaned up but to anyone who walked in you can obviously tell something bad happened here. My mother's front counter which was made of glass was destroyed and how could he miss the huge crack in the wall where my mother was thrown.

I cringed at that last thought. I didn't know how to tell Angel what happened. He loves my mom as much as I do she's like his second mom.

I let out a sigh. "Angel, agents showed up here and they tried to take my mother in. She tried to defend herself but she lost, they were too well trained and powerful."

Angel had a look of confusion, rage, and sadness I didn't know which reaction I was going to get. I braced myself for the worst, but he just walked up to me silently and pulled me into a tight embrace. I wrapped my arms around him.

"I'm going to save her, hermano (bro)." I whispered into Angel's ear as tears came to my eyes.

"I'm coming with you." He whispered back. I quickly pulled him to arms length.

"No way, its way too dangerous I can't put you at risk like that."

"Well I can't just stay here and ignore what you just told me Sky!" Angel was beginning to get upset but how could I pull him into all of this? Sure he has already been a part of this part of my life but this is different. Who knows how far the DKRD will actually go, someone can die and I won't let that someone be Angel.

"Angel I'm sorry I just can't let you put your own life in danger. I know you love my mother as your own but you have to understand, and I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm saying this because I love you. Angel there's nothing you can do." I could tell that my last statement stung him and I only wished there was another way to put it but there isn't. We're going against a government agency with their personal army of super powered soldiers. I barely believe I can do anything to help, let alone my normal best friend.

Angel let out a big sigh. "I know, you're right but I feel like I have to do something Sky."

"Okay how about this? Be safe. You know my mother would never forgive herself if something happened to you while we were trying to save her. Stay here, stay safe and stay positive. Once we get back with her you'll be the first person to see her I promise." I pulled Angel into another hug when we heard my father calling us upstairs.

"Sky you're going to want to see this." Christopher yelled down. Angel immediately tensed up.

"Is that who I think it is?" Angel asked.

"Oh yeah." I smiled as I rubbed the back of my head nervously.

"I take it you decided on giving him a chance?"

"Yeah, you mad?"

"Of course not hermano. I'm glad you decided on it but why is he here?"

"Well he does work for the people who took my mom so I figured he could possibly help." I said sarcastically. Angel just shoved me towards the stairs. "Yeah, yeah okay smart-ass let's go see what he wants."

Luke laughed as the three of us rushed upstairs as fast as we could. When we got to my mother's room my father, Sofia, and Cyrus were around Jon and my mother's computer intently watching something. I walked up behind them to get a look but all I could see were images of a black van and some of the images were zoomed into the driver and passenger faces.

"Who are they?" I asked surprising the four of them. My father quickly turned around but the other three kept studying the images.

"Oh Sky, That's Wood's and Reynolds." I took another quick look at the images as my heart began to race.

"Jonathan took captures of their faces from the surveillance videos from your mothers shop and began a search with all of the nearby traffic cameras, ATM's and just about any other video surveillance they may have passed. We're looking at all of the images trying to track their location." My father explained. My hopes immediately flew up. Luke walked over and squeezed me on my right shoulder and Angel on the left when I turned to look at them they both smiled and so did I.

"So we know where they are?" I asked.

"We're still looking through the imag-." My father was cut off.

"Sir you need to see this." Jon said to my father signaling him over with his hand. We all rushed to the computer it was beginning to feel cramped in here but everyone wanted to help my mother so I guess we all had to deal with the space issue.

"What is it Jon?" My father asked.

"It doesn't look like their heading to the airport sir. They got on the wrong highway they're actually heading away from the airport." Jon explained.

"But why would they not take her directly to the facility? What could they gain?" My father asked to no one in particular. Then a look of fear came across his face which only frightened me.

"What is it?!" I asked.

"There's only one place they could be going. It seems as though they are trying to bag two kinetics in one day."

I was confused, what was he talking about? What other kinetic? But it looked like Jonathan understood what my father meant because I saw the computer monitor begin to flood with new windows and images. Jonathan was so focused on what he was doing my curiosity about it, his ability was killing me. How did he talk to the computers? How did the computers respond? I wonder what a computer speaking sounds like. I slowly looked around and no one was paying attention to me so I thought I'd give it a try. What harm can come of it? No one will find out. With that I began to listen to Jonathans thoughts.

"01001000 01100101 01111001 00100000 01001001 00100000 01101110 01100101 011001011 01100100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01101000 01100101 01101100 01110000 00100000 01100001 01100111 01100001 01101001 01101110 00101110" All I heard was a bunch of zero's and one's which only made me laugh out loud. Everyone turned to look at me but I couldn't control my laughter.

"You okay hermano?" Angel asked.

"I'm fine I just thought of something silly." I said between chuckles and giggles.

"So there's another kinetic nearby?" Luke asked to change the subject for me. There he goes again knowing exactly what I needed again.

"Yes like I said before I had Jonathan watching over another possible target for the DKRD. A young girl, who has the ability to speed up molecules so fast, that they reach a point where they explode."

The image of that girl using her abilities on the agent who could reflect abilities onto others sent chills all throughout my body.

"So we have to save the girl and in the process we save mom too." I stated.

"Precisely, though we have to move now and we don't know what their exact plans are."

"Sir it looks like they stopped at a hotel not too far from the girl's house." Jon said.

"Ok! That's good. That means we have time to catch up. Sky if you really want to do this we need to leave now."

"Alright let me grab a few things and then we can stop by Luke's so he can grab some clothes as well."

"No I'm sorry but Lucas can't come." My father shouted to me as I made my way out my mom's rooms. I quickly turned around and bolted back into the room.

"What do you mean he can't come?" I asked angrily.

"What exactly is he going to tell his parents? You can't very well tell them the truth can you?" My father asked Luke.

"Actually Mr. Andrews I'm positive I can. My parents are very understanding and trusting of me especially when I'm with Sky. Once I explain to them exactly what's going on they should have no objections."

"Well alright then. Me Cyrus, Sofia and Jon will go back to our hotel room and grab our things. How about we meet you at Lucas' house in 30 minutes?"

"Sounds good," my father, Cyrus and Sofia headed downstairs while Jonathan stood at the computer closing up everything he was working on when he finished he joined my father and his friends downstairs. I went to my room to pack a bag, Luke and Angel sat on my bed.

"Will you be gone long?" Angel asked.

"I don't know." I walked into my bathroom and snatched up my deodorant, cologne and toothbrush.

"What about graduation?" Angel asked?

"Hopefully we aren't gone that long. Honestly we should be able to get his mom back tomorrow we won't let them get away." Luke said.

Once I had everything packed we all headed to my car I took one final look at the front of my mom's shop before closing and locking up.

"I'll walk home so you can just head straight to Luke's. Be careful you two." Angel reached over and grabbed me and Luke into a hug.

"We will." Luke and I said in unison.

"Man how do you guys do that?"

We all laughed and Angel started walking to his house. When Luke and I got to his house no one was home again other than Riku that is. I guess his parent really like to go out, Riku was at the kitchen table with his laptop. Luke quickly asked his brother something in Japanese which I assumed was him asking about their parent's whereabouts. Riku answered him in English.

"Otou-san had a business dinner with his boss. They won't be back till later tonight, why?"

"Riku I have to go away for a few days."

"Where exactly do you have to go?"

"Luke go grab your stuff, I'll explain everything to your brother." I said sitting down next to Riku. I slowly explained what happened with my mother and where Luke and I were going. Riku's jaw slowly dropped as I went on with the story.

"Um, Riku?" I waved my hand in front of Riku's face and he quickly came to.

"Man my baby brother sure can pick'em." Riku said with a smile.

"Hey!" I said defensively Riku just laughed as he started to make some tea.

"So you save your mom, what then?" Riku asked as he sat back down.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I doubt these DKRD people will just give up. From what you've said they consider you, my brother and your mom to be special. So after you save her what's your next move?"

I gave Riku a worried look. "I didn't really think that far ahead but hopefully my father has." Lucas walked in with his bag around his shoulder. "Ready babe." Riku got up and gave his brother a big hug. "Be careful Lucas, I'll tell our parents what's going on but you still better call them later."

"I will. Thanks Riku, I love you."

"Love you to oni-chan." Riku turned and gave me a hug too. "You be careful too okay? And watch over my little brother." I hugged him back. "I promise I won't let anything happen to him."

When we got outside my father was waiting in a black Jeep with his subordinates. I walked over to his window.

"All set Sky?"

"Yeah but I'm gonna follow you with my Escape."

"That's fine Jonathan is going to make sure every light will be green for us and he will disable all, if any, speed seeing radars. We're gonna be speeding so keep up." He said with a smirk.

I looked over to Luke and he already knew I wanted him to drive his hand was waiting for me to throw him the keys. I smiled and threw him my keys. When we got into my car which was parked in front of my father's we heard one of my back doors opened. I looked back and saw Sofia jumping into the backseat.

"Your father thought I should ride with you guys just in case something happens. I hope that's ok?"

"Yeah it's fine." I said.

My father was driving like a maniac but thankfully Lucas is a very good driver and was able to keep up with him. I thought I would use this time to ask Sofia a few questions.

"Hey Sofia."


"How long were you, Cyrus and Jonathan at the facility before my father saved you all?"

"We were there for three years and in those three years they trained to control our abilities, and they were even able to teach us how to fight."

"How old were you?"

"By the time your father was able to get us out of there we were 8."

Wow these people were teaching children to fight. They still are training children to use their abilities as weapons. That infuriates me, instead of teaching them how to control their abilities and show how to live a normal life they're making soldiers.

"Wow I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you all."

"It wasn't too bad. Your father protected us all as he still protects the ones that are in there."


"Well they keep all of the subjects drugged 24/7 so they can't use their abilities to escape or attack workers. The drug can be very dangerous if given the wrong dosage and some of the guards don't like people like us so they might "accidently" OD a patient. Your father makes sure that doesn't happen. Even their test and experiments would be far worse if it wasn't for your father. For example some patients abilities don't manifest when the scientist want them to. So to stimulate them they make the patients endure heightened emotions which tend to manifest dormant abilities."

"How exactly would they stimulate them?"

Sofia glanced out her window, I feel like I brought up a subject that she may have experienced when she was younger and I immediately tried to change the subject.

"Oh I'm sorry we can-"

"No it's okay." She took a deep breath. "Some are lucky they get stimulated with extreme joy, pleasure, or even love but for others, we get stimulated with extreme fear, pain both physical and mental, anxiety, and anger. I have to admit that was probably the worst times of my life but as soon as your father found out what they were doing he tried to stop it at all cost."

"Tried to?" Luke looked into his rearview mirror.

"Your father is able to help and save a lot of us but he can't help us all. Some of the patients still experience some of the worse experiments that the facility conducts."

After a few minutes of silence Luke asked a question.

"So why exactly do you all call him "Sir"?"

"Habit I guess. We used to call him that or Dr. Andrews in the facility but out here we just call him sir, especially when we're on a mission."

"Speaking of missions, how the hell does the DKRD know about us? How are they finding new people with abilities?" I asked.

"They have a satellite in orbit. It's constantly scanning for unusual amounts of kinetic energy. So if a kinetic begins to use their abilities the satellite will pick it up and transmit that person's info to the facility. It can't pinpoint where exactly the kinetic energy is coming from it can only determine who it came from. The facility takes care of the rest. Your father helped develop the technology that's on that satellite."

"So if we take out that satellite they can't find kinetics anymore, right?" I asked.

"For awhile yes, it'd only a matter of time before they launch a new one. Funny you bring that up because your father is working on a plan to destroy the current satellite then destroy their backup satellite and make sure that the design plans for the technology are destroyed."

So he is trying to make up for his mistakes. It looks like I made the right decision in giving him a chance. He really is remorseful for everything he has done and I want to help him. I want to help bring down this facility and save all of those innocent people in there, but first we have to save my mother.

After awhile more questions flew into my head so I decided to continue to ask Sofia.

"Sofia can you tell me more about your ability?"

"Sure, what do you want to know?"

"Well back at the fall's I saw you turn into a dolphin, a gorilla and even a bird. Are you only able to shift into animals?"

"Yes just animals."

"How come your clothes don't shift with you? Like-."

"Like in the cartoons?" Sofia giggled. "It's because they aren't a part of me. I change every cell in my body, not in and around it."

"Why just animals?" Luke asked.

"I don't know."

"Have you tried?" When Luke asked that Sofia's eyes flew shut and she froze. I reached over and grabbed onto her shoulder and gave her a little nudge.

"Sofia are you alright?" Her breathing had picked up and she was beginning to sweat we obviously brought up some memories that we were really painful.

"Hey, you don't have to talk about it, forget we asked." Sofia slowly opened her eyes and looked into mine I smiled reassuringly and Sofia began to get her breathing under control. Did I do that? Did I somehow calm her down like how what Luke and I do for each other?

"No-no it's ok. It's just when I was younger the scientist had the same questions only they actually tried to make me shift into other humans. It was horrible. Your father found out what they were doing and stopped it immediately and that was the day I began to trust him."

We got to Hanna Bay in about an hour and we were just outside the DKRD's next targets apartment. We need to get to her before the agents do, so we're going to talk to her now even though it's 1AM. Christopher walked over to my SUV and hopped in the back with Sofia.

"So what's the plan?" I asked eagerly.

"Sofia and I will knock on her front door; Cyrus will go around back and keep an eye on things. Sky and Luke you stay in the car with Jon. He's going to be monitoring the hotel where the agents are but we don't know if they have back up or not, so you guys need to be aware of your surroundings."

Christopher got out of my car and opened his Jeeps trunk and pulled out a huge black suitcase. When he opened the suitcase I noticed several different gadgets. He grabbed a bunch of ear buds and passed one to everyone. "We use these to communicate with each other, if you see anything out of the ordinary you let Sofia or Cyrus know."

I wasn't too happy about having to stay in the car but I understand why, once all of this is over I'm going to ask him to train us. I want to be out there helping just like Sofia and Cyrus and I'm sure Luke does as well and after we save my mom I am going to do everything in my power to make sure we take this organization down.

In front of the agents next targets door:

Christopher knocked on the door several time before someone finally yelled out.

"Alright, alright I'm coming. Who is it?" The girl asked.

"Amanda Rivers? My name is Christopher Andrews, I know it's late and I know you don't know me but can I please talk to you. It's an emergency."

Amanda slowly crept up to her door and looked through the peephole.

"Amanda please we're trying to help you out here, this may sound crazy but your life may be in danger. We know about your abilities and so do some very bad people and if we don't get you out of here those bad people are going to take you away." Sofia explained.

Amanda yanked the door. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"May we please come in so we can talk inside?" Christopher asked. Amanda knew she shouldn't invite strangers into her home but if these people decided to get funny she knows how to defend herself. She's an Army brat and her father taught her more than enough to hold her own.

Skylar's Point of View

Twenty minutes later and my father was still talking to Amanda, it seems like she is believing what he is telling her. Which is a good thing; the smoother this goes the better. Just then I heard Cyrus come on the com.

"Cyrus to Jon, you there?"

"Go for Jonathan, what's up Cyrus?"

"I've got some suspicious activity going on back here. I'm going to go check it out."

"Copy that, keep me posted."

"Roger." Cyrus took off to investigate whatever he saw or heard.

"Do you think its Woods and Reynolds?" Luke asked Jon.

"Can't be, I've been streaming the footage from the security camera on their hotel rooms floor and they haven't left since they checked in." Jonathan explained.

"Wait a minute where is my mother then?"

"Woods took her into her room."

"Without anyone seeing?"

"They work for the government Sky; they made sure no one saw."

I began to get angry again, these bastards are carrying my mother around like a piece of luggage and there's nothing I can do about it. Luke placed his hand over mine and smiled as he mouthed its ok.

Cyrus' voice came onto the com again.

"Chris, it's Silas Black and Ricardo Ramirez. They're almost at the apartment building. I can stall them but you have to get Amanda out of there now and more importantly we have to get you out of there. If they see you-"

"I know, be careful we're going to move Amanda now. Amanda let's go they're here."

My heart began to race as adrenaline was pumped into my system.

"Who are Silas Black and Ricardo Ramirez?" I asked Jon while practically jumping out of my seat.

"The men that attacked you at the falls, Silas is the kinetic."

My eyes narrowed and Lucas squeezed my hand. We both wanted to go help Cyrus, he's good at what he does but this Silas guy is scary. Cyrus might need some help.

"Cyrus I'm coming to help you." I said into the com and Lucas and I got out off my car.

My father was just getting to the front of the building with Amanda and Sofia as Luke and I were walking up.

"Sky what are you doing?" Christopher said.

"Chris its Silas! He may need us." I yelled as I tried to walk past him but he quickly jumped in my way and placed his hands on my shoulders. I was ready to protest but he surprised me.

"Be careful son." I looked into his eyes and I saw that he truly cared for my safety and if I didn't have so much adrenaline in my system right now I probably would have teared up but I just nodded and took off towards the back of the building with Luke right behind me.

"Cyrus I thought you took care of these guys." Luke spoke into the com.

Cyrus chuckled. "If you mean you thought I killed them, that's not how we do things. I just moved them from the area they must have met up with Woods and Reynolds so they could work together. They probably expected us to be here to help this girl."

"I suspect the same, however we can't let this stop us from completing our primary objective here and that's saving my son's mother. We're going to head to the hotel now and once you finish up back there you meet us at the hotel."

"Understood sir." Cyrus quickly responded. There was a slight pause and then my father spoke again.

"Sky, Lucas?"

Luke and I looked at each other with confused looks but then it came to me he wanted us to respond to his orders. He was already considering us a part of the team, another good sign for when I ask him to train us. By the look Luke was giving me it seemed like he came to the same conclusion.

"Understood," we said in unison.

"Sky you meet up with Cyrus." Luke said as we were getting closer to Cyrus.

"What? What about you?"

"I'm going to circle around and come at them from behind. If Silas sees me coming with you, it will be easy for him to disable us all. We need the element of surprise for this work in our favor."

I nodded in agreement and we both went our separate ways. "Be careful, I love you." I said to Lucas telepathically.

"Ashiteru. (I love you, but a more powerful way to say it. It's only used in strong relationships.)" Luke whispered to me telepathically and somehow I just knew exactly what it meant, I didn't think I knew what it meant. I knew, but how?

I finally caught up to Cyrus but there were no agents in sight.

"Cyrus, where are they?"

"They'll be here any second."

"You made it sound like they were really close. How do you even know they're coming?"

"I used my ability to see them before I could actually see them."

"What how?" But my questions were cut short when Black and Ramirez appeared.

As they slowly made their way towards us I readied myself for a fight but Cyrus had other plans. He slammed the ground with one foot and a medium sized boulder the size of a beach ball flew up into the air. He slammed the ground again and a pillar shot out from right under him which sent Cyrus flying towards the agents, taking the boulder with him. When he was about half way he did a front flip mid air and the boulder followed his motions as his leg flew over his head the boulder went flying straight for Silas Black. Right before the boulder impacted it just fell straight to the ground with such force it made a mini crater where it landed. As Cyrus landed he punched the ground which made the entire ground below us shake which caused Silas and Ricardo to lose their balance. Within a second I realized this was my chance, I quickly grabbed both agents with my mind and sent them flying into the nearby tree. Ramirez landed right on Black as they slammed into the tree. Yet somehow Black was still conscious he glared at me as he noticed who I was.

"Oh, look who came to play." Black's blonde almost white hair covered his face but just enough was parted near his eyes for me to see the hate in them.

Suddenly I felt the world around me crashing down, literally. It felt as if everything around me was being piled on top of me. I couldn't even yell because I couldn't breathe there was so much pressure on me that my lungs had no room to expand. Cyrus quickly noticed and ripped out multiple boulders from the ground as he kicked and punched them towards Black. He swiftly ran right behind them obviously he used the first few boulders as a distraction but Black picked up on it and after he stopped the boulders he slammed Cyrus into the ground. Ramirez slowly got to his feet and pulled out his dart gun. This was it, we were done for. But then I saw Lucas creeping up behind Black he placed his hand on Blacks back and I saw electricity completely envelop him. As pulse after pulse shot into him he let out a shriek of complete and utter pain. Ramirez turned and aimed his gun at Lucas but Luke was too occupied to realize, luckily Blacks hold on me was gone. I took one look at Ramirez and his arm was instantly behind is back and I continued to pull until I heard that man cry out like a bitch. I ripped his shoulder out of its socket and he must have passed out from the pain because once I let him go he just fell to the ground just around the same time Lucas finally stopped zapping Black and he fell to the ground too. I walked over to Cyrus and helped him.

"Nice job guys. You saved my ass." Luke walked up to Cyrus and shook his hand.

"No problem, glad we could help." Luke said.

"What do we do about these two?" I asked.

"Nothing sadly, it's too risky to take them with us. We're just going to have to leave them here."

I couldn't help but feel like we should do more but Cyrus was right. My father can't worry about prisoners with everything he's doing. It'll just be easier to fight these pricks again.

The three of us went towards the front of the building and I tried to contact my father through the com to see what we should do next but Cyrus explained that they were out of range. So we all hopped in the Jeep and took off towards the hotel where Woods and Reynolds were keeping my mother.

After driving a few blocks we noticed a lot of police cars and fire trucks flying past us. I was worried now; this was the exact way my father would have driven. When we finally arrived at the source of all the commotion I couldn't believe my eyes. We all rushed out of the Jeep towards the yellow tape and there it was my car completely destroyed. It looked like a bomb had gone off. Cyrus quickly whipped out his phone and began calling my father.

"I'm going to go take a look around." Lucas said and he walked around to the other side of the accident to get a closer look.

Was this is it? Have I lost my father? Again?! I just got him back; I was just beginning to understand him. This can't be happening. I fell to the ground and just gazed at flames emanating from my car. Tears began to fall from eyes but I didn't make sound I just sat there and cried quietly and softly, no sobbing or whimpering, just silent tears.

"Hey Sofia, thank God! Is everyone ok?" I heard Cyrus finally get in contact with Sofia, I wiped my tears rushed over to his side to try and listen in on the conversation but I couldn't hear a thing. So I just read his mind.

"Hey Cyrus I'm just going to listen in, I hope that's ok." I asked to Cyrus telepathically. He just nodded as Sofia continued to talk.

"Hold on Sof, start over and calm down." Cyrus spoke slowly and softly to Sofia trying to calm her down.

Sofia took a deep breath and began her story again.

"Woods and Reynolds were waiting for us before we even got to the hotel. They knew we would come and they knew we would get the girl first."

"How did Jonathan miss them leaving?" I asked Cyrus Telepathically and he relayed the question to Sofia.

"I don't know. They must have a techno kinetic as well. Their tech must have messed with what Jon was seeing, look I don't know how but it happened."

"Ok, but Sky's car. What the hell happened there?"

Sofia let out a sigh.

"Amanda panicked. After hearing Chris describe the DKRD and their facility it must have left her on edge she tried to blast the agents."

"While they were still the car?" I yelled at Cyrus telepathically and he did the same to Sofia. Sofia let out another sigh.

"She was the only one in the car." I let out a gasp and threw my hand over my mouth as I looked back at my car. Just then Lucas walked up and saw my shock. He quickly ran to my side and wrapped his arm around my waist I rested my head on his shoulder.

"Are they?" Luke asked

"Just Amanda."

"Okay Sof where are you now?" Cyrus continued to question Sofia and I continued to listen in.

"After the explosion we knew there was no chance she survived so I shifted into a horse and got Chris and Jon out of there. We're a couple miles down at some run down Motel; I'll text you the address."

"Sof, was he made?" I paid close attention to their convo now. This was the big one, if my father was made, our upper hand was gone and we probably won't be able to save my mother for a very long time. Not to mention everyone in that facility, they would be losing their protector, their savior.

"No, I don't think he was. The explosion sent us all on our asses and when Chris, Jon and I got up the agents were still down. Chris was still pretty close to the car when the explosion went off. He has some burns on his left side and he's pretty cut up on his right, but he'll live."

I let out a huge sigh of relief and cut my connection with Cyrus. My father's alive, hurt but alive. He wasn't made so we still have a chance. We can't save my mother tonight but since my father has all of his power with the DKRD still we still have a shot at saving her. I raised my head from Luke's shoulder and looked at my car one more time and it hit me. My car has just been a part of a huge accident; police are going to get involved. What will I do? My car is in a different town with a dead girl in the back seat and no one knows where I am. This doesn't look good for me.

We made our way to the motel where Sofia and the others were hiding out. When we got to the room Sofia was in the shower, Jon was on a laptop and my father was lying on the bed passed out. I walked over to him and took a closer look at his injuries. He's pretty banged up just like Sofia described. He has a few burns on his left side and his right side is all cut and bruised up. But by the looks of it I should be to heal him right up with my mother's healing waters, but the bottle I brought with me was in my car so it's long gone now. We're going to have to go back to my mom's shop to pick up some more. Chris started to slowly wake up and when he noticed I was standing over him, he smiled. I reached down and grabbed his right hand.

"I thought I lost you." One lone tear fell from my left eye. He reached up and wiped it away.

"I'm not going anywhere, I promise.

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Thanks to all of the people who sent me e-mails over the past few weeks. Each e-mail I get encourages me to write more and more.

I was thinking about putting a group together that would receive an e-mail of any up and coming chapters or delays or any other updates I might want my readers to know. If you want to be added into that group just send an e-mail.

I posted my E-mail in the intro above.

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!



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