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Skylar's Point of View

Getting to sleep last night wasn't easy. My mind was too busy thinking of everything that has happened to me in the past couple of weeks. Two weeks ago my life was simple and normal, well almost normal. I barely used my abilities in public before I met Lucas and now I don't even think twice about it. I've never met anyone else with an ability other than my mother and now I've met several and found out there are many more. My long lost father who I thought cared nothing about me or my mother has returned and is trying to protect me from the very government facility that he works for. Should I forgive him? CAN I forgive him? Truths? I think I can, as much as I hated the guy for betraying me and my mom I still feel like I can trust him. Is that stupid? Am I just setting myself up for more pain and heart ache?

My thoughts were interrupted by something poking my backside. I reached over and grabbed the culprit and I quickly let go and blushed when I realized it was Luke's dick poking me. I laughed to myself, why am I still so embarrassed by all of this? I turned over and lay face to face with Luke, I noticed his mouth finally closed I laughed to myself again. He looks so peaceful I reached over stroked his cheek and gave him a small kiss.

"Mmmmm, you're still awake?" Luke whispered as he slowly came to.

"Well I was finally getting to sleep but then you woke me up."

Luke looked at me confused, I then lightly tapped is dick. Luke's face quickly turned red. Yes! I got him to blush again. I don't why this feels like some sort of achievement, but it's rare that I see him get embarrassed or blush.

"I-I'm sorry." Luke tried to back away from me but I stopped him from getting away.

"Hey relax I was kidding, I was already awake and I didn't say it bothered me." I slowly reached down and slipped my hand under the waistband of Luke's boxer briefs. Luke let out a soft moan as I wrapped my hand around his stiff dick. Luke's is the only dick I've seen up close, let alone the only dick I've touched besides my own. But it seems to me like he has a very nice sized dick. If I had to guess I would say he's about seven maybe seven and a half, and very thick. Luke grabbed my hand and pulled it away.

"Hey I told you we don't have to do anything you're not ready for." He said as he looked into my eyes.

I was a little hurt by what he said but I know he was just looking out for me. I brushed away his hand and quickly grabbed his dick again and began to stoke him as I leaned in and kissed him passionately.

"Thank you." I whispered between kisses.

I pulled off the covers and began to pull down Luke's boxer briefs, once his dick was free from his briefs it flew up and slapped his stomach. I looked up and smiled at Lucas, he returned my smile with a grin of excitement. I took his dick into my hand again and began to slowly stroke him. My dick has been rock hard this entire time but as soon as I began to stroke Luke I started to feel as if my dick was being stroked as well.

We're linked again I thought to myself, Luke pulled me up so that we were face to face and began to slowly kiss me. I wrapped my leg around his and rubbed my dick against his side; he broke our kiss and removed my boxer briefs. We were both now completely naked as our skin made contact it sent chills up my spine and I felt Luke shiver as well. It's amazing how differently rubbing my dick on Luke's bare leg felt compared to having my briefs on. I wanted to experiment a little more with my newly found toy. I got between Luke's legs and spread them apart so I had enough room to kneel in front of him comfortably. I began to lean my head towards Luke dick.

"Sky are you sure?" Luke whispered.

I climbed up and kissed Luke on the lips. "Positive."

I then kissed his cheek then his neck, his chest; I slowly kissed and nibbled each of his nipples which made Luke moan and shiver with pleasure. I traced each of his abs with my tongue and twirled my tongue in his belly button before kissing that too. The head of Luke's dick was eagerly awaiting me below his belly button but I teasingly kissed his stomach around it. Luke moaned in pleasure and disappointment as I made my way to his happy trail that led to his neatly trimmed bush. I inhaled deeply to take in his scent, it's not an unpleasant smell either I actually enjoyed it. I kissed the very base of his dick as I move to his balls I didn't know if I should kiss those too.

Luke must have felt my uncertainty, "You can kiss my balls Sky." I looked up at him and then slowly and softly kissed his balls. "Ahh yes lick them sky." Luke moaned.

I complied with his demand and slowly traced each of his balls with my tongue and began to lick my way back up his balls and his shaft. As I finally got to the head of his dick, Luke was breathing heavily and shaking from the anticipation. I figured I tortured my poor boyfriend enough. I licked at his dick head and there was pre-cum waiting for me. I've tasted my own pre-cum before so the taste wasn't new to me. I slowly pulled back his foreskin and kissed the head before I slowly wrapped my lips around it.

Luke threw his head back and thrust his hips up as he tried to contain his volume. At the same time I felt my own dick getting stimulated. This whole mental link thing is awesome to be able to feel what he feels just makes the whole experience that much better. I began to take more and more of his dick in my mouth, although I wasn't able to get much in. I stopped about half way before I pulled back and went down again. I had Lucas squirming in his bed as I began to suck him faster and harder but I couldn't get more of him down my throat I even gagged and coughed a few times.

Damn my lack of experience. I don't know why, but I wanted to have his entire dick in my throat. I may not be able to do it today but I am making a personal oath to myself that one day I will take it all. I reached down and began to play with his balls with one hand as I stroked the other half of his dick with my free hand and worked the rest with my mouth. This felt amazing, the giving, the receiving, the pleasure I'm able to feel of giving and receiving the blowjob at the same time. It's all amazing and I cannot last a second longer. I lost it and came all over the sheets. Luke must have felt my orgasm through our link because his breathing and squirming picked up.

"Babe I'm gonna cum." Luke whispered as he breathed heavily.

I've seen enough pornos to know that some people enjoy having someone cum in their mouth but I wasn't sure if I wanted that. Luke answered for me when he quickly pulled his dick out of my mouth and began to furiously stroke it. I pushed his hand off and began stroking him; he just threw his hands behind his head as he softly encouraged me.

"That's it, yeah, don't stooooooop" Luke moaned as he thrust his ass up and unleashed his seed. He came so hard that some of it hit his forehead and chin.

"Wow, you shot hard." I giggled. Luke just collapsed on the bed panting.

"That-was - the best load I have ever shot, ever." Luke panted still out of breath; I crawled up next to him and gave him a kiss.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"Where did you learn to do that?"

I looked at him curiously. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Sky you got me so worked up with all that kissing and licking you practically had me begging for you to blow me."

I blushed and laughed. I didn't know if that was a good or bad thing.

"I'm sorry I thought-" I began but was cut off.

"What?! Do not even try to say sorry for that. It was amazing." Luke leaned in and kissed me. "But what brought this on?"

"I don't know. I'm just in a good mood today I guess."

"Well then we need to always keep you in this mood that was amazing. But now it's your turn." Luke looked at me wickedly as he pushed me onto my back and straddled me. I was hard instantly even though I had just come not even five minutes ago.

"Luke I-"

I tried to tell him he didn't need to, but he stopped me by kissing me. I quickly opened my mouth to massage his tongue with mine as I thrust my dick into Luke's crack. He slid off of me as he mimicked what I did to him earlier only instead of stopping at my balls and going back up he went lower. Luke lifted my legs up and slammed his face right into that one spot between my balls and my butthole I think it's called the perineum. Whatever it is I've never felt this sensation and I slammed my legs shut against Luke's head. He just opened them back up and laughed into my perineum which tickled and made me squirm.

He then licked down to my butthole another sensation I never felt before but surprised me and I jumped back. It felt good but different and it tickled. Luke yanked me back down and threw his face back into my hole and continued lick and kiss it. He stuck his tongue out and penetrated me with it; he twirled his tongue around and around in and out. I was squirming so much out of pure pleasure, my dick was still rock hard I reached down to grab it but Luke just slapped my hand away.

"Not yet." Luke grunted as he came back up for some air.

I knew he was torturing me for making him wait earlier as he looked into my eyes I knew he felt my annoyance of his teasing and just gave me another wicked smile as he came back up and kissed me.

"Ok, ok, I tortured you enough." He said and then he quickly went to work on my member.

He began to kiss and stroke it pulling my foreskin down and over my head. He was having as much fun with mine as I had with his. He placed his mouth over the head I squealed and grabbed his head. Luke looked up at me and winked and in one swift motion he drove my entire dick down his throat I couldn't help myself I moaned so loud I wouldn't be surprised if I woke everyone in the house.

Luke quickly covered my mouth; I bit my lip as I felt him work his throat on my dick. I was so surprised he had taken me so easily I am at least eight inches and he took me as if I were two. I am very impressed. Seeing as this was my first blowjob I was not going to last very long.

"Babe I'm going to cum." I said between moans.

Luke released my dick from his throat long enough to say "I know, I can feel it all babe."

I expected him to just stroke me to climax but he shoved my dick back down his throat which got another gasp out of me. As I got closer to my climax my breathing picked up and Luke removed me from his throat and worked my head with his mouth as he stroked me off.

"Uhh that's itttt." I whimpered as I unloaded blast after blast into his mouth he managed to catch and swallow it all, making sure he drained me completely.

I pulled him up and we both collapsed onto his bed embracing and making out. I can still taste my cum in his mouth and surprisingly I wasn't disgusted.

"How did you even get it all down your throat?" I asked as we lay there still embracing.

"Hehe, I can teach you." Luke offered as he sat up and pulled me into his lap and then stood up with me wrapped around him. He walked us over into the bathroom that's connected to his room and slammed me against the shower door.

"Geez you're gonna wake everyone up." I laughed

"I think you already took care of that." Luke teased as he turned the water on. Once it was hot enough we jumped in and took our morning shower.

Once we were done with our shower and dressed we walked hand in hand into the kitchen where Riku was eating some cereal and reading something on his phone. Riku looked up from his phone with an evil grin.

"Did you two break anything?" My face went flush and I quickly looked at the floor.

Lucas was just as red as me.

"Did we wake you oni-san? (Brother)." Luke asked still blushing.

"No, but you're lucky Otou-san (father) and Okaa-san (mother) took Rin out for breakfast," Riku teased as he left for the living room.

Luke and I both let out a sigh of relief.

"What do you want for breakfast babe?" Luke asked.

"Uhh, I'm not much of a breakfast person." I said as I took a seat at the table.

"Well I'll make you some toast at least." Lucas began to make me some toast as he got himself some fruit loops.

After breakfast Luke and I were in his room cleaning up. When Luke came back from dumping his sheets in the washer I decided to let him know what I planned to do today.



"I'm gonna call him."

Luke dropped what he was doing and slowly turned towards me. "You're going to call your father?" He asked eyes wide.


"What are you going to say?"

"Well I decided to give him a chance." I admitted. Luke ran up to me wrapped his hands around and lifted me up off my seat as he kissed me.

"I'm so glad that's your choice."

"Why are you so happy about that?" I laughed awkwardly. "You know what this guy did to you right?"

"Well Sky we don't know for sure if he did anything bad. We just know that my memory is blocked hopefully we can get some answers out of him and hopefully your mom can fix this block. I'm just so happy to see that you will finally have a father, well have your father back. It makes me really happy Sky, but you don't seem too happy about it. Why?"

"I guess I'm a little apprehensive about the whole thing. But I still want to at least try."

"Good for you babe," Luke hugged me again I couldn't have been more grateful for his support.

"Thanks Luke."

"For what?"

"For being here for me, I really appreciate it." I looked into Luke's eyes and tears slowly came to my eyes.

I wanted to tell Luke something but is it premature? Will he say it back? Screw it I jumping in head first. I walked up to Luke and pulled him into a hug and nuzzled my face into his neck.

"What's wrong babe?"

"I-I-I love you. I love you Lucas Yoshida." I stood still as I waited for a reaction from him. He pushed me off and lifted my head to look into my eyes and I knew instantly that he felt the same way, he didn't even have to say anything. But he did.

"Skylar Andrews I loved you ever since you saved me from myself. I love you so damn much and nothing you do or say will ever change that. I hope that we will be together forever." Luke was also crying but they were tears of joy. I pulled him back into an embrace as we both passionately kissed each other.

At around 12:30pm I finally decided to call my father.

"Do you want me to stay here while you talk or do you want a minute?" Luke offered.

"Can I actually get a minute?" I asked, I looked into Luke's eyes and Luke could feel the pain and yet the certainty of my decision.

"Of course babe, I'll be in the kitchen making us some lunch if you need me. How do hamburgers and fries sound?"

"Sounds great and thanks Luke." I kissed Luke and Luke wished me good luck as he walked out of his room and slid his door shut.

I slowly picked up the phone my father left me and thought to myself what I exactly he wanted to say to my father. I thought for a second on what I should call him; I didn't feel comfortable calling him dad or father, even father seemed unworthy. I decided to call him by his first name, Christopher. I pressed speed dial number one and hit send. A couple of rings later and my father picked up.


"Christopher it's me Sky, do you have a minute?"

** ** **

Last night back at the hotel room where Sofia is staying, Mr. Andrews and his subordinates had a discussion.

"Sir he tried to kill you. He obviously doesn't want your help; I say we focus on protecting their next target and move on." Cyrus decided he would be blunt with Andrews.

"Cyrus I don't blame my son for hating me. He knows what I had planned sixteen years ago; he just doesn't realize how much I regret that plan."

"You're wrong." Sofia spoke up. "I could see it in his eyes; he began to understand your pain and regret. It may be faint but there's hope you have to just give him time."

"What, so you're an empath now?" Cyrus said as he paced back and forth while continually checking through the windows curtains.

"Don't be an ass Cyrus. Just because you almost got your ass handed to you earlier today by him doesn't mean you can completely push aside the big picture here." Sofia glared at Cyrus.

Cyrus chuckled. "I did almost get my ass handed to me. That kid is strong if he does decide to let you into his life, will we train him?" Cyrus asked Andrews.

"No!" Andrews slammed his hand on the table. "I'm trying to keep him away from all of this, not get him more involved."

The three sat in silence for awhile. Cyrus continued to keep watch as Sofia flipped through a magazine and Andrews attended to some business on his iPad. Sofia was getting bored and decided to go for a walk fully intending to find and speak with Sky. She wants so badly for him and his father to make up she had to at least try and butter him up.

"I'm going out for awhile. Cyrus you better not pass out on my bed."

"Yeah, yeah love you too."

Sofia decided to actually drive to where she needed to get. Her shape shifting definitely has it pros but it also has it cons, one being that she loses her clothes every time she shifts. So she rather not talk to Sky naked. She walked out of the room hopped in her car and was on her way.

Back at the hotel room:

"Sir has Jonathan updated you on their next move?" Cyrus sat across from Andrews at the table.

"No he hasn't."

"Do you really think they will leave Sky and Lucas alone? I mean they both have three abilities they have got to be high on the DKRD's list right now."

"I'm still trying to think of a way to get him out of this mess."

"Can't we relocate them? Like the others." Cyrus asked.

"I didn't want to have to resort to that, but I don't see any other alternative. If I do decide to do that I will have to speak with his mother."

"Your ex that wants to kill you?"

"That's the one."

"Maybe I should go with you just in case she loses it on you like Sky did."

"Haha thanks Cyrus but Katherine is a very powerful telepath. She will have you drooling in a catatonic state within seconds. It's better that I go alone so she won't feel threatened."

"Hmm, I rather that not happen so I guess I'll wait in the car at least. I don't want anything bad to happen to you Chris you've been like a father to me, to all of us."

Christopher smiled. "Thanks Cyrus, but I'll be fine."

Eventually the two passed out for that night. Chris on the couch and Cyrus, even though Sofia told him not to, passed out on her bed. Sofia returned shortly after that. She had put on some clothes she had in her car. She noticed Cyrus lying on the bed she just smiled to herself and hopped onto the other side of the bed and fell asleep. The next day Sofia had gone back to watching the two boys while Cyrus was still asleep Chris continued to do some more work on his iPad when his phone rang. He looked to see who the caller was and it said Skylar. Chris was surprised but glad to be hearing from him so soon. He answered the call....


"Christopher it's me Sky, do you have a minute?"

Chris was a little disappointed that his son was calling him by his first name but he can understand why.

"Sky, I'm so glad you called."

Skylar's Point of View

Christopher answered the call and to my surprise hearing his voice actually calmed me down a bit.

"Christopher I wanted to call to let you know that I think I would like to have you in my life. I now understand what you must have gone through all those years ago but you need to also understand how I feel. And even though I'm letting you into my life we still need to take this slowly and we definitely need to talk to my mom. She might be harder to convince than I."

"Yes of course Sky, anything. I'm just so glad you're giving me another chance and I was also contemplating talking to your mother. Cyrus is a little worried she might try to kill me but I have faith that she won't, at least I hope not." Christopher laughed at that last part and Sky chuckled with him.

"I can talk to her first and try to explain the whole situation to her. I'm sure once she sees that I'm willing to forgive you she will be more compliant."

"Ok that works, and thank you Sky, this mean a lot to me."

"This means a lot to me as well Christopher and I have many more questions for you but I think we should talk in person."

"Of course we can, when do you want to meet?"

"How about tonight, we can meet at a restaurant and talk there, how about 8pm at the Texas Roadhouse."

"I'll be there."

"Oh, I'll also bring my boyfriend. You've done some things to him in the past and we want to find out what exactly, because a telepath has blocked his memories of those experiences."

"I'll be more than glad to explain everything Sky, I'll see you tonight."

"Thanks see you then."

After the phone call with my father I met up with Luke in the kitchen who was still preparing our food.

"How'd it go?" Luke asked.

"Great actually, we're gonna meet up later tonight at the Texas Roadhouse to talk some more."

Luke walked over and hugged his boyfriend. "That's great Sky I'm so happy for you."

"I was hoping you'd join me." Sky looked at Lucas and held on to his hands.

Lucas placed his forehead on Sky's. "Of course I'll go babe, but don't you want some alone time with him first?"

"Not really, well not yet at least and plus I want to find out what is his connection to you."

"Alright if you're sure you want me there of course I'll be there for you." Luke kissed his boyfriend and continued to make their lunch.

Meanwhile back at Divine Aura, Katherine was visited by two suspicious strangers. When Kat isn't around to see who enters her store she leaves her mind open so she can tell when someone enters. Since Kat is such a powerful telepath she can control her ability so that she will only hear the thoughts of people within her own store, there is no interference from outside thoughts. And as soon as she does hear someone enter she cuts the link to avoid any invasion of privacy. Today is no different; Kat was upstairs in the lounge reading a book when she heard the thoughts of two different people enter the shop.

"Be with you in a second." Kat shouted down to whoever came in. As Kat walked downstairs she noticed that the young man and the young woman who stood before her were dressed in suits like a couple of FBI agents and she also quickly noticed the guns on their waistbands.

"Hi may I help you?" Kat asked calmly.

"Ms. Andrews?" The young woman asked.


"Hi, my name is special agent Rebecca Woods and this is my partner special agent Scott Reynolds. We work with the DKRD which is a special branch of the CIA." Agent Woods introduced herself and her partner as they both shook Kat's hand.

"May I see some credentials? And what exactly does DKRD stand for? I've never heard of it." Kat was beginning to become a little suspicious. Both agents flashed their official badges and Kat looked closely at them and their pictures seemed to match and judging by their attire she choose to believe them for now. Once Kat asked for a clearer explanation of their agency both agents looked at each other warily.

"DKRD stands for The Department for Kinetic Research and Development." Agent Reynolds explained. By now Kat was on high alert. She doesn't know what facility her husband works for but this obviously had to be it. She knew the day would come when he would send people to bring her and her son in and today was that day. Kat immediately tried to establish a telepathic link with the two agents to try and discover what their true intentions were but for some reason she heard nothing. She had to play it cool though she didn't want to tip them off about anything.

"Oh, interesting and what may I help you with?"

"Ms. Andrews we were given orders to bring you into our facility so that we can properly question you there." Agent Reynolds began.

"Question me about what? Am I in trouble?"

"We are not at liberty to discuss that here Ms. Andrews so if you would please come with us." Agent Reynolds said as he placed his hand on his gun. Kat noticed this action she quickly tried to get another telepathic link up and this time she was able to get one up however it was very foggy it was like someone was blocking her mind reading.

"Katherine Andrews. Age 40, height 5'7, weight 135 lbs, eyes blue, hair brown. Abilities include telepathy, telekinesis and hydro kinesis. Class S target, be extremely cautious." Was all Kat was able to get out of Agent Reynolds mind which was all she needed to understand that she needed to defend herself and now.

"Woods she got through she read me, amplify my abilities now." Agent Reynolds yelled to his partner. He drew his gun and pointed it Kat, Agent Woods closed her eyes and lowered her head. Kat took this opportunity to act, without moving a muscle she tried to telekinetically throw the two agents against the wall but instead she got thrown back against the wall behind her. She slowly stood up a little dazed and confused and made her way towards the stairs. What just happened? She thought to herself. Just then she heard a gunshot go off however she was able to stop the dart before it got anywhere near her. She lifted two shelves that were nearby and tossed them at the agents who quickly jumped and avoided the shelves.

"Wood's weaken her abilities now!" Reynolds barked another order at his partner. Kat quickly turned her attention on the female agent she tried to send the agent into a catatonic state telepathically but the agent wasn't affected. Kat was completely confused, what is going on with her abilities? Why aren't they working properly? As Kat stood there completely confused Agent Reynolds shot at her again Kat was able to stop the dart again however it was dangerously close to her neck this time she stumbled backwards up a few stairs as the agent took 2 more shots at her. She was able to stop the first one but the second was able to break through and strike her in her neck she let out one last telekinetic blast towards the two agents but again it backfired and sent her flying into the stairs where she passed out.

Agent Woods cancelled her ability and slouched down as she panted heavily.

"You alright Woods?" Agent Reynolds walked over to his partner and helped her stand straight.

"Yeah I'm fine. This was a tough one though, I'm completely wiped."

"Not tough enough we still bagged her." Agent Reynolds smiled. The two agents walked over to Kat lifted her up, carried her outside and placed her in their car.


Back at Lucas's house the boys were just coming back from a walk on the beach.

"God I love the beach so much." Sky exclaimed as he jumped onto Lucas back as they made their way into his house. Lucas laughed as he piggy backed his boyfriend to his room and dropped him onto his bed.

"Ouch that was mean." Sky said. Luke crouched down and kissed Sky on the forehead.

"I'm sorry." He said as he kissed Sky's left cheek, then his right, then his chin, and finally his lips. Sky broke their kiss because he remembered that he still has to talk to his mother. He looked over at his phone and saw that it was 4:24pm.

"Ugh I better go talk to my mom about my father."

"Want me to come? I can be moral support." Luke smiled and kissed Sky again.

"I would love if you came." Sky said between kisses. The two headed towards Divine Aura. Before they got out the car Luke turned Sky's face towards his and looked deeply into Sky's eyes.

"I love you." Luke said. Chills flew up Sky's spine; Luke used that tone that Sky loves, again.

"I love you too." Sky said as he kissed Luke one last time before they got out the car. They walked hand in hand into Divine Aura and Sky was completely horrified by what he saw. The front of the shop was a mess. Shelves were thrown around, glass was broken, and it looked like the wall behind the counter was cracking.

"What the hell happened here? Mom?! Mom are you here?!" Sky let go of Luke's hand and ran upstairs. Luke just stood there and took in the horrible sight. He hoped that Kat was fine.

"Mom is everything ok?! Mom?!" Sky was now beginning to panic. He quickly dialed 911 on his cell and began to run back downstairs. Luke took a look around the front of the store and he noticed a few darts on the floor he instantly knew what they were and where they came from.

"Sky! You need to see this." Luke shouted as Sky made his way downstairs.

"See what?" Luke just held out one of the darts and Sky froze in place and dropped his phone.

"911, Where's your emergency? Hello? Hello?" The 911 operator was the only thing you could here in the room while Lucas and Sky just stood there in shock of what they think happened here. Luke was the first to move he picked up Sky's phone and hung it up he walked over to Sky and tried to shake him.

"Sky, Sky wake up." Sky shook his head as he snapped out of his daze.

"Sky you ok?"

"They took her, she's gone." Sky mumbled to himself.

"Sky, everything will be ok we just have to call your father he will know what to do."

Sky realized Luke was right but then remembered he left the phone his father had given him at Luke's house.

"Luke we have to get to your house! Come on!" Sky quickly locked up the shop and ran to his car Luke was right behind him.

"Why are we going to my house?"

"I left the phone my father gave me there. It's the only safe way to contact him." Sky sped to Luke's house it's a miracle he didn't get pulled over. When they arrived at Luke's house they both rushed in and ran to his room Sky stumbled around as he frantically looked for the phone.

"God dammit where the fuck is it," Sky yelled.

Luke could feel Sky's frustration radiating off of him.

"Sky-" Luke tried to get his attention but Sky kept on swearing up a storm as he looked for the phone.

"Sky-" Luke tried again but still no luck so he rushed up to Sky and wrapped his arms around him. Sky tried to break free as he began to sob.

"Shh, it's ok babe we're going to find her we just have to stay calm and think clearly." Luke cooed into his boyfriend's ear. Sky was finally able to control his breathing and calm down. Luke noticed the phone thrown on the floor near his closet he walked over picked it up and passed it to Sky.

Sky quickly called his father.

"Hello? Sky? What's wrong?" Christopher said into the phone.

"Christopher they took her! She's gone! You have to get her out of there!" Sky began to become frantic again. Luke just grabbed Sky's shoulder, Sky looked over to Luke and his nerves stabilized. Sky mouthed "thank you" to Luke, Luke just nodded and smiled.

"Whoa Sky calm down. Who took who?"

"Agents took my mother. The shop is a mess she must have put up a fight there's a few darts laying around. I-I don't know what to do, is there anything you can do to help?" Sky still a little shaken up was able to speak more calmly this time.

Christopher was horrified; he expected them to move on Kat but not this soon.

"Yes of course, we're going to get your mother out of there but first does your mothers shop have any kind of video surveillance?"

"Uhh yeah I think so, I'm pretty sure the video is transmitted and saved on to the computer in her room but I don't know any of her passwords."

"That's fine I know someone who can get around that but he isn't in town. Sky I'll meet you at your mom's shop in 2 hours ok?"

"Two hours?! They'll be long gone by then. Who knows what they'll do to her with that much time!"

Sky couldn't believe what was happening right now he was finally going to have his family back together again but the very thing that tore them apart sixteen years ago has yet again ripped this family away from each other. Luke was still holding onto Sky's shoulder which he firmly squeezed as he felt Sky's emotions begin to lose control again. Sky immediately began to calm down. This connection that the two have with each other is very useful in situations like this when one needs to calm down the other can easily help achieve that.

"It's ok Sky the facility isn't as bad as you think. I'm not saying that we're going to leave her there; I'm just saying that they aren't going to dissect and probe her either. She's perfectly safe." Christopher tried to calm his son down but he knew there was nothing he could say to calm him down.

"Look Sky I'm gonna go make some calls so we can get this ball rolling. Get to your moms shop and wait for me there."

"Fine, I'll see you in two hours." Sky had no choice but to put his mother's fate in the hands of his father.

"And Christopher.... I'm counting on you, don't let me down. Not again." Christopher couldn't help but feel for his son right now.

His emotions almost got the better of him but he held them back. He didn't want to lose it in front of his son.

"From this day forward I will do my best to never let you down again I promise son," with that they both hung up.

Sky threw himself into Luke's chest but he didn't cry he wasn't even sobbing. He just needed to feel the warmth and comfort that he knew his boyfriend would provide for him.

"You ok?" Luke asked as he rubbed his hand in a circle on Sky's back.

Sky just sighed into Luke's chest; Luke moved himself and Sky down onto his bed and continued to comfort Sky until he was ready to talk. About an hour later Luke was beginning to get worried it's been an hour since they found out Sky's mom was abducted and they haven't done anything yet.

"Sky I know you don't feel like talking right now but I think we should do something we're losing valuable time here."

Sky reached up and placed his forehead on Luke's, all of a sudden Luke could hear Sky and his father talking. He figured out that sky was replaying the conversation he and his father just had so he closed his eyes and listened as Sky replayed the conversation. When the conversation was over Sky leaned his head back Luke slowly opened his eyes Sky smiled at him and he smiled back. Luke stretched out his arm to look at his watch.

"Let's head to the shop to meet your father, ok?" Sky just nodded and two took off to Sky's car. They passed Riku who was in the living; he looked up and saw how depressed Sky looked.

"Sky you ok?" Riku stood up and walked over to Sky and Luke.

"Uh Riku, Sky is going through something right now, but he can't talk about it. I'm sorry." Luke explained to his brother.

Sky looked up and gave Riku a weak reassuring smile, Riku wanted to persist on and make sure Sky was ok but he decided to give him some space.

"Ok, well feel better Sky." Riku softly slapped Sky's shoulder before he walked over and threw himself back onto the couch.

Luke decided he should drive and Sky had no objections. When they arrived at Divine Aura, Sky finally livened up a bit. He asked Luke to help him clean up and together they were able to clear up all the broken glass and shelves in no time. Next Sky wanted to try and move his mother's computer out of her room and into the living room. But her surveillance system was a little more complex then he thought so he found it best just to leave it where it was. About 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door, Sky quickly opened it. It was Christopher with Sofia, Cyrus and a third person who Sky didn't recognize he just assumed this was the tech guy his father had been speaking of.

"Sorry we took so long, but I had Jonathan here working another case for me." Christopher began to explain. "By the way Skylar this Jonathan Huerta, Jon this is my son, Skylar Andrews."

"Nice to meet you Jonathan." Sky shook his hand.

"You too, so I hear you need to get into a computer?"

"Yeah it's right this way." Sky escorted everyone upstairs Luke was waiting in the living room for them and Sky introduced Luke and Jon. Finally everyone made their way into Sky's mother's room and Jon quickly got to work. Sky noticed that he didn't even use the keyboard he just touched the tower and everything turned on and began doing things by themselves.

Sofia leaned closer to Sky and Luke and whispered into their ears. "He's a Techno path, so right now he's talking with the electronics and getting them to do what he wants."

Sky and Luke both nodded and focused on what Jon was doing on the screen, he had pulled up the video footage from this afternoon and began to play it. Everyone took a step closer to get a better look. As the entire fight played out Skylar began to feel furious and sad at the same time.

"I was afraid of this." Christopher said. "Of what," Sky and Luke asked in unison. "Those two agents are Rebecca Woods and Scott Reynolds. They each have unique abilities that allow them to work especially well with each other."

"What are their abilities?" Sky asked.

"Rebecca has the ability to amplify or reduce another person's abilities and her partner Scott has the ability to reflect another person's abilities."

"So when she was getting-" Sky took a minute as the images of his mother getting attacked popped back into his head. "Thrown around it's because that Scott guy was reflecting her own telekinetic blast back onto her?"

"Precisely," Chris responded. "These two work great together because of special cases like your mother."

"And why exactly is my mother a special case?"

"Well she is very powerful Sky." Sky looked over at the footage of his mother being captured then looked at his father with a "are you serious" look. Christopher noticed his son's annoyance. "She's powerful but so are they and that's why the DKRD sent them."

"What's the DKRD?" Luke asked.

"The Department for Kinetic Research and Development, that's the facility I work for." Christopher explained.

"Ok whatever. So how do we save my mother?" Sky was beginning to become impatient.

"You don't, we do." Chris pointed to himself and his team.

"Like hell you're leaving me out of this I want to help save my mother."

Chris thought for a second and he knew exactly what he had to do. He had wanted to leave the DKRD for awhile now but he didn't want to lose out on the amount of resources and inside Intel they provided for him. However he also knew that getting Katherine would take a long time if they did it the usual way. So now it's time to hit the DKRD and it's time to hit them hard. Skylar would just have to be willing to hold on rescuing his mother for a little while.

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