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Sky and Lucas are in Sky's car on their way home after spending the whole afternoon together at "their spot". Lucas has been staring at Sky the whole drive and Sky has been completely clueless of this.

Lucas' point of view

I've only been here for a week and I've made such an amazing friend, no, boyfriend. Boyfriend-I didn't expect to connect with someone for a long time. After my last boyfriend I didn't think I could ever trust anyone again, but it's different with Sky. I can't explain it but I feel like I belong here, with him, it just feels right. And that strange feeling I get when I'm around him or when I stare into his eyes, just pulls me even closer to him. Is this what love is like? Do I love Sky?

Even though I know that his father is the reason why I am the way I am it doesn't change my feelings towards him one bit. If anything, it makes my feelings for him even stronger, knowing that his own father ran tests on him. Can you imagine that, his own father planned his conception just so he could be a test subject? If anything I need to protect him, I have to protect him. I won't let anything bad ever happen to him; I won't let anyone ever hurt him.

Luke reached over and placed his hand on Sky's lap. Sky looked over smiled at Luke and took his hand into his own.



"You said you thought we were being followed?"

"Yeah but I guess the darkness and being in the middle of woods at night just freaked me out a bit and I was just hearing things assuming the worst."

"What if you weren't imagining it?"

"Okay. So who would be following us?" Sky said with a serious yet sarcastic tone.

"You're not funny." Luke said as he let go of Sky's hand.

"Hey I'm sorry - I'm Sorry." Sky snatched Luke's hand back.

"Okay, so if we are being followed. Why? And who?" Sky asked more seriously.

"Well we did make quite a scene last week. Maybe someone saw us and maybe that someone contacted the government and now they're watching us."

Sky wanted to laugh so badly but he didn't want to insult Lucas. Lucas was only talking about this because he brought it up.

"Lucas I have to admit that sounds highly unlikely."

"Why? We already know that the government knows people like us exist."

"Okay, but why only watch us? Why not take us in or something?"

"I don't know."

Skylar's point of view

Okay Lucas is beginning to freak me out; I was able to dismiss my suspicions of being followed. But after finding out what we found out, how can I disprove what he's saying? I can't. So, what can we do now? Next time I feel like we're being followed I will scan the area telepathically and try and hear our follower's thoughts. The only problem with that is I'll hear everyone's thoughts within 75 feet of me. That many voices in my head will be painful and there might be some physical side effects. I guess I can live with some temporary nausea and headaches if it means finding out whom, if anyone, is following us.

Sky pulls up to Lucas' house.

"Thanks babe, I had a great time today."

Sky blushed again when he heard Lucas call him babe.

"Why are you blushing?" Lucas asked while sliding his thumb over the spot where Sky was blushing.

"It's just going to take some getting used to I guess."

"What is?"

"Us, Luke, you're my first." Luke was surprised to hear this.

"My first boyfriend, my first kiss, the first person to give me a pet name, because it's all new to me," Sky looked up and smiled at Luke

"I can, not call you babe if it makes you uncomfortable."

"No! I-I like it."

"Ha-ha, ok then. Listen we don't have to do anything you're not ready for. Since I'm your first boyfriend you must think you have to meet some sort of expectations but you don't. Okay?"

"Yeah okay," Sky said as he nervously looked down. Lucas lifted Sky's chin and looked directly into his eyes.

They both felt that pulsation, they were connected again.

"I'm serious Sky. You have me already and I'm not going anywhere." He slowly leaned in and gave Sky a soft kiss.

*Knock, knock, knock*

There was knocking on Lucas window and Sky jumped from the shock and he sort of bit Lucas lip.

"Ouch, God dammit," Luke yelled as he threw his hand over his bottom lip.

"Oh my God Luke I'm so sorry, are you ok?"

Luke chuckled.

"I'm fine, but who the hell -- Eh, it's my brother." Luke rolled down his window. Sky looked over and took a look at Luke's brother.

Wow apparently Luke's good looks run in the family. This is Riku, his older brother, I could tell because of his eyes they were the same color as Lucas' and they had the same kindness in them.

Riku spoke to his brother in their native language. It seems like he is upset but I can't really tell. Luke responded to his brother in Japanese, this is the first time I've heard him speak Japanese. I'll have to ask him to teach me some.

"Is everything ok Luke?"

"Yeah, it's just my parents were really worried about me. They thought I might have lost control of my abilities again. My brother came out here to warn me."

"Aww, did I get you in trouble? I'm so-"Sky was beginning to apologize but Luke quickly kissed him to shut him up.

Sky was taken by surprised and kept his eyes open during the kiss and looked over to Riku who was just looking away giving them a moment to themselves.

"Don't worry it's my fault. I should have called to let them know I would be home late today."

"Alright, you should go. I don't want your parents to begin to hate me," Sky laughed as he gave his boyfriend one last goodbye kiss.

Luke got out of the car and began to walk towards his house with his brother.

"Call me later, babe." Sky yelled from the car blushing. Luke just smiled and waved.

Meanwhile across the street from Lucas' house stood a woman, about 21 years old 5'10, Hispanic athletically built with long black hair, and hazel eyes. She pulled out a phone and hit speed dial number one.

"Hello?" The voice on the phone was a man. He sounds older maybe middle aged.

"I've found them," said the mysterious woman.

"Did they see you?"

"I don't think so. What should I do now?"

"Stay on task, covertly monitor them. Do not engage in any way and be careful."

"Yes sir."

The two hung up and the woman walked a couple blocks down and got in a black SUV.

Skylar parked his car in front of his house and walked inside.

"Hey ma I'm home." Sky said as he went upstairs.

"Oh hey hun, you're home late." Kat walked over and kissed her sons cheek.

"Yeah I'm sorry I should have called, I was out with Lucas all afternoon. We found the most amazing spot today it was so beautiful. There was a waterfall with a huge plunge pool and a big open field."

"Wow sounds like I need to see this place for myself." Kat said with a smile.

"Are you hungry hun? I wrapped up your dinner and left it in the microwave."

Skylar ran to microwave pulled out the plate and started eating the rice cold. In all his excitement today he completely forgot to eat.

"Wow, heat it up you animal."

"Sorry, I didn't realize I was so hungry."

"Yeah-yeah I'm off to bed. Don't stay up too late you have school tomorrow."

"Alright ma, g'night." Sky said with a full mouth of rice and pork chop.

"Night hun, love you."

Sky tried to quickly swallow what he was chewing and just barely got out saying, "You too."

After scoffing down the rest of his dinner, Sky took a quick shower and was getting ready for bed. As he walked past his window he swore he saw someone standing across the street looking up at his window. He jumped back in front of the window and the figure was gone.

Ok I know I saw someone there. Mom is the only one nearby so I'll just open my mind but I'll keep her out.

Skylar closed his eyes and concentrated on opening his mind to all nearby thoughts. But he heard nothing.

Dammit. Either I was wrong or no one's there or this person knows what he's doing. Either way it can't be a coincidence that I thought someone was following us in the woods and now I see someone watching me from across the street.

Just then Sky's cell began to ring; he grabbed the phone and looked to see who was calling 'Lucas Yoshida'. I need to get a picture of him for this, Sky thought as he picked up.

"Hey Luke."

"Sky? Sky are you ok?" Lucas sounded frantic.

"Luke I'm fine, what's wrong?"

"I don't know honestly. I was in the shower and I got this weird feeling like you needed help or something."

"That's weird."


"Well, I thought I saw someone watching me from outside. So I opened my mind so that I could hear all nearby thoughts. But whoever it was, if anyone was even there, was gone by the time I established a link. But how did you know something was wrong?"

"I don't know. One second I'm fine thinking about everything that happened today and then bam all I can think about is you, like you needed me. Sky I'm going to tell you something and you tell me if you think I'm crazy."

"Whatever it is I sure it won't sound crazy." Sky said while smiling. He also walked over and lay on his bed.

"Okay, when I'm with you I sometimes feel this weird sensation."

Sky sat up quickly as he began to understand what Lucas was telling him.

"I can't even explain what it is. But when I feel it, it's like I get closer to you. It's like we, connect."

"Connect," Sky and Luke both said it in unison.

"Yeah exactly, how did you know?" Lucas asked.

"Because I can also feel it, it feels like a pulsation right? It goes through your entire body head to toe."

"Yeah, Sky what is this?"

"I wish I knew Luke. But to tell you the truth I've been feeling this ever since the first day we met in the school bathroom. And-"

"And what?"

"Okay, now it's your turn to not think I'm crazy."

"I'll never think that." Lucas said this; the same way Lucas spoke to Sky when he was helping him out of his trance. His voice was soft yet stern as if trying to get his point across, Shivers flew up Sky's spine.

"The night before we ran into each other I dreamt about you."


"Yeah it was weird, when we first met I thought I recognized you from somewhere and it wasn't it until later on that I put it together. I wanted to talk to my mom about it but that was a crazy day and I never got around to it. And then we started hanging out all the time it so it just sort of slipped my mind."

"So you had a vision of meeting me, that's - awesome." Luke laughed.

"Awesome? Don't you think it's weird?"

"Babe, considering everything that we can do, no I don't think it's weird. If anything, knowing this somehow makes my feelings for you even stronger. So in my mind we were meant to be."

"Well when you put it like that." Skylar yawned threw himself back onto his pillow and closed his eyes.

"He he tired babe?" Luke asked as he jumped into his bed.

"No." Sky lied.

"Oh really?"


"Sky, get some sleep. I'll see you tomorrow."

"No! Stay on the phone with me?"

"He he, ok." Luke agreed.

The two stood up just listening to the other breath for about an hour until they both fell asleep. The next morning at Skylar's house he was fast asleep and someone had crawled into his bed with him. Skylar felt nothing, until the person wrapped their arm around him.

"Mmmmm, Lucas what are you doing here?" Sky asked still half asleep as he scooted closer to who he thought was his boyfriend.

"I'm not Lucas." The person whispered into Sky's ear.

With one wave of Sky's hand the person went flying across the room and slammed into the bedroom door where he was held by Sky. Sky jumped up and quickly realized who it was and released him.

"Ahh, hermano por favor (bro please) let me down. Angel pleaded.

"Angel you asshole, I could have hurt you." Sky sighed as he dropped Angel.

"Dios (God), why are so jumpy today? Who the hell could I have been?" Angel asked as he got up from the floor and jumped onto the bed.

"Eh, I don't know you're going to think I'm nuts." Skylar walked over to the bathroom that was linked to his bedroom.

"Try me, come on it's the least you can do for ditching me this past week."

Sky stuck his head out from the bathroom.

"I'm sorry about that I really am but-"

"But Lucas," Angel said as he laid back.

"We're together now."

Angel quickly sat up his eyes were wide open.

"You're together? Like boyfriends?"

Sky rinsed his mouth out one last time and walked out of the bathroom.

"No like girlfriends." He said as he jumped next to Angel.

"Ah I see, you needed alone time."

"Ha ha, shut up."

Sky got dressed grabbed some breakfast said bye to his mom and headed out this car with Angel right behind him. When in the car Skylar decided to give Lucas a call and see if he wanted a ride to school.


"Hey babe, need a ride?" Sky asked.

"I would love a ride. I really can't stand riding the bus."

"Alright then I'll be there in five."

"See you then."


"Babe?" Angel asked teasingly.

"Callate (Shut up)." Sky said as he punched Angel in the arm.

"Ow! I really need to stop teaching you Spanish."

Sky chuckled and pulled off. When he pulled up to Lucas house Lucas was waiting in front with his younger sister. Lucas said something to his sister and walked over to the driver's side of the car and gave his boyfriend a kiss.

"Hey what's up?" Sky asked.

"Hi Angel"

"Hey Luke." Angel just waved at Lucas.

"Hey babe I'm sorry I tried to get out of it but do you think you can give my sister a ride too?"

"Are you kidding? Of course I can."

"You're the best." Luke gave his boyfriend another kiss then ran over and got his sister. They both hopped into the backseat.

Lucas introduced everyone "Rin, this Skylar and Angel. Sky, Angel this is my younger sister Rin."

"Hi, it's very nice to meet you both and thank you for driving me to school as well. Rin greeted them while bowing her head.

"Aww, no problem at all and its nice to meet you too," Sky looked into his mirror and smiled at Rin.

Rin blushed and quickly looked out the window.

"So Rin you go to high school?" Angel asked.


"She's not much of a talker; she gets really shy especially when she sees a cute boy." Luke teased his sister.

Rin jabbed Lucas in his ribs with her elbow and everyone in the car began to laugh. Everyone except Rin who was blushing so much that she was practically as red as a tomato. When they got to school Rin said goodbye and went on her way. The guys walked over to the lunch room to wait for their first period bell. Lucas tried to grab Skylar's hand but Sky just pulled away, Luke looked at sky clearly hurt but Sky was acting as if nothing happened.

(In Lucas' Mind)

"Luke I'm sorry it's just that you saw how those idiots acted towards you for just assuming you were gay. I don't want to bring more attention to you, ya know? I don't want to cause any unnecessary stress that may cause you to snap." Sky tried to explain.

"Whoa this is going to get some getting used to. But hey don't worry about those guys, I told you ever since I've been around you it's been different, easier."

"Luke, are you sure?"

Luke just snatched Sky's hand before he could pull away, and kissed it.

"Answer your question?"

"Ha ha, yeah." Sky chuckled.

"I'm going to grab some breakfast." Angel announced as they entered the Café.

Luke and I grabbed a table next to a window but I snatched the seat closest to the window. Luke just laughed sat next to me and started talking about how his parents scolded him last night. But I was distracted by the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She was standing outside by the bus stop and was staring directly at me. Something about her was familiar and then it made sense, the reservation, first at my house and now here. She's the one that has been following us. Once I had come to this realization the city bus pulled up and it seemed like 100 people stepped off that bus. I quickly jumped up and ran out the side exit of the café. Luke was taken by surprise as I jetted off to find the woman.

"Skylar! Where are you going?" Lucas yelled as he tried to catch up to me. Angel was on his way to the table when he heard Luke yelling for me. He dropped his food and quickly followed us.

"Luke what's going on?" An out of breath Angel asked.

"I don't know, one minute I'm talking to him and then the next he just takes off."

As I got to where the crowd is I couldn't see the woman anymore, I didn't hesitate to open my mind but as soon as I did my mind was flooded with thought after thought just as I had anticipated. The pain was intense but I had to push through it. It was hard for me to pinpoint her thoughts exactly. As I shoved my way through each thought the pain got worse and worse, I dropped to my knees from the pain but I had to push on. I felt someone run up behind me and try to lift me up.

"Sky- Sky! Are you okay? Sky!" It was Luke he was terrified, I want to explain to him what's happening but there's just no time. I need to hear her thoughts before she got away, anything will do, I just need to know something!

"He won't be pleased about this. I have to abort before they spot me again."

There! That's her, but where is she? I thought.

"I have to get back to the hotel and contact Mr. Andrews. I'm compromised and need immediate extraction." Did she just say Mr. Andrews? She works for-for my father?

After I heard that I lost the link and fell limp into Lucas' arms. I'm so disappointed I wasn't able to get more information from her. I'm mentally and physically exhausted from opening my mind to so many thoughts.

"Sky your nose is bleeding." Luke said as he plugged my nose and pushed my head back. I pushed away his hand.

"M-m-my father," Is all I managed to say before passing out.

Lucas' Point of View

His father? What about his father? Did he see him just now? Ah whatever, that doesn't matter right now. I need to get him to nurse's office. Just then Angel ran up and began freaking out.

"Hai dios mio, mi hermano. Por que el esta sangrando por la nariz? Dios mio! Dios mio!(Oh my God, my brother. Why is he bleeding from his nose? My God! My God!)" Angel was ranting on and on in Spanish and I can't understand one word of it.

"Angel! Snap out of it and help me carry him to the nurse!" I reached under Sky's arms and Angel grabbed his feet. We quickly but carefully ran Sky to the nurses office. While the nurse was checking all of Sky's vitals and to see if he had any visible injuries she started to ask us questions.

"Tell me what happened." The nurse demanded.

"I,I don't know. One minute we're talking and the next he runs outside. He seemed frantic like he was looking for someone, when I caught up to him he was not responding to me."

"Was he conscious?"

"Yes, but he fell to his knees while he was still looking around and he was also breathing heavily. I tried to snap him out of it but then he just went limp I caught him before he could fall to ground."

"Does he have asthma?"

"No, no, he doesn't" Angel responded as he begun to calm down some more.

Just then Skylar slowly began to regain consciousness. He started to mumble things that I couldn't understand.

"Sky I-!" Angel stopped me before I could run up to check on Sky.

"What are you doing? Let me go!" I pleaded with Angel trying to break free."

"Luke,Luke let her do her job; you want to make sure he's ok right?"

Angel made sense but how could I just stand by? Sky needed me I had to show him I was still here. But I had to get a hold of myself; my being distraught right now won't help the situation.

"Yeah ok you're right." I sighed as I relaxed into the chair closest to where my boyfriend laid.

The nurse began to ask Sky questions.

"Hi, my name is Nurse Evans. Do you know your name son? Do you know where you are?" The nurse asked Sky slowly.

"I, I'm Skylar Andrews I,I think I'm in school. W, w, where's Luke?" Sky answered while stuttering and breathing heavily. I quickly got up and grabbed his hand.

"I'm right here baby, its okay you're okay now." Skylar tried to focus his eyes on me, he finally found my eyes. We were instantly connected and I felt sick to my stomach which meant so did Sky but as he stared into my eyes he began to calm down and feel a little better.

"Hey." Sky said with a smile.

"Hi, you scared me." I said while rubbing his cheek.

"You?! I nearly shit my pants." Angel said as he rushed over to Sky's other side.

The nurse cleared her throat and the three of us laughed.

"I'm so sorry guys I, I had a small panic attack." Sky tried to explain, I looked at him weirdly and so did Angel but we figure he didn't want to say what really happened in front of the nurse. The nurse didn't sound convinced.

"Hmm, okay but I'm still going to have to call your mother. You two can head to class I can handle it from here." Nurse Evans pointed at me and Angel.

"No! Please. Let them stay." Sky pleaded, he was looking directly at the nurse with the saddest puppy dog eyes. I knew there was no way she could resist them.

"Fine, but just until your mother gets here to pick you up," Nurse Evans gave in as she went to go call Sky's mom.

"Nurse Evans?" Sky called out.

"Yes?" She stepped back and poked her head into the room.

"M, may I have some aspirin? I have a killer headache."

"Sure, I'll be right back with that after I call your mother."


"Hmmmm," she was out the door again.

Angel and I quickly turned to Sky.

"What the hell really happened?" Angel yelled at Sky while poking his ribs. Sky tried to sit up and I helped him, he still had some blood on his nose so I looked around spotted some paper towels wet them in the nearby sink and helped him clean up.

"Thanks Luke."

"No problem, now please tell us what really happened Sky." He checked to make sure no one was close enough to hear the conversation and motioned his head towards the door which closed as he did. I noticed him wince in pain as he grabbed his head.

"I-I saw her." Sky began.

"Her? Who's her? I asked.

"The woman that has been following us around," Sky told us as if we should have known.

"You're being followed?!" Angel yelled. Sky and I tried to shush him.

"Yeah, well we didn't know for sure. But I recognized her from last night; she was watching me through my bedroom window."

"Sky, are you sure it was her? Maybe you were confused_" Sky cut me off.

"No!" Sky yelled. "I'm not confused, it's her. When I ran outside the bus had just got there and she jumped into the crowd. So she was obviously running from me."

"Okay, but that doesn't explain why your nose started to bleed and why you passed out. I mean Sky you were pretty zoned out." Angel agreed with my assessment. Sky just looked down and began to play with his hands.

"Well I opened my mind."

Angel gasped. "Sky! How could you? Your mom said that's dangerous."

"I don't get it, what does opening your mind do?" I asked, and Angel decided to answer me.

"Well from what I understand telepaths are able to control when they hear or speak to someone's thoughts kind of like a switch."

"Yes so?"

"Sky is a telepath but it's just one of his secondary abilities so he's not as powerful with it as he is with his telekinesis. He needs to see the person he is trying to communicate with telepathically."

"Yes but he saw her."

"And then he lost a visual." Angel corrected me. I looked over to Sky and he was still looking at his hands. Why was he so ashamed?

"Okay so he opened his mind? What does that do?" I asked beginning to get a little impatient.

"He basically disabled that on and off switch." My eyes widened as I began to understand what Sky did.

"So he was hearing the thoughts of everyone nearby, in school, on the bus, in the street." Angel continued. I looked over at Sky who still wouldn't look at me.

"Sky why would you risk_" I tried to speak.

"I needed to know! I needed to protect us, I needed to protect- you." Sky began to cry but it wasn't tears of sadness or pain or happiness. He was angry, no, he was furious, but why? Then I remembered what Sky said before he passed out, his father.

"The woman knows your father doesn't she?" I asked.

"What?!" Angel yelled in confusion.

"No- She works for or with him." Sky said coldly. I was terrified by what I was hearing.

Skylar's father is back and he has some sort of agent watching us. I have to be strong though, for Sky.

"What exactly did you hear?" Angel asked Sky.

"She was thinking about someone not being happy. Then she thought she needed to go back to the hotel to contact Mr. Andrews and request an extraction. She feared her identity was compromised." Sky explained this with such anger in his voice and yet I could also sense fear coming from him.

He feared his father as much as I did.

"Did you hear anything else?" Angel continued to question Sky.

"No, I-I lost the link and passed out. My head was killing me I couldn't keep the link up anymore it was too painful."

I winced at the thought of Sky being in pain, but I had to stay strong for him. He can't see me being affected by this. He's emotionally unstable right now and he needs someone to be his rock. And that someone is me. I reached over and hugged him; I leaned down to his ear and whispered-

"You were so brave today and I am so proud of you." I then kissed him on the cheek and that's when the nurse walked in.

She cleared her throat clearly uncomfortable with my public display of affection but I could care less I just held onto Sky and refused to let go. The nurse sighed and walked over to Sky.

"Here's your aspirin son, and your mother is on her way she'll be here in 10 minutes. I want you two back in class when she gets here." I grabbed the 2 pills and glass of water and thanked the nurse as I helped Sky take the pills.

"Thanks Luke. My mom is going to be so upset." Skylar sighed.

"Hey don't worry about that. I'm sure she's going to rush through that door grab you and give you a huge hug." I said to Sky trying to comfort him.

10 minutes later Sky's mom came charging through the door.

"Oh Skylar!" Kat sighed as she quickly ran over to her son and gave him a hug. Skylar looked over to me and I just had a smile from ear to ear he just rolled his eyes.

"Look ma about what happened-"Sky began to try and explain but Kat cut him off.

"No, no, we get you home first; because I want to give you a healing bath to make sure everything is ok.

"Ma seriously that's not necessary."

"Skylar Andrews, I know exactly what you did. Do you think I can't recognize the symptoms? Bloody nose, headaches, soreness, you opened your mind. How many times have I-"Kat stopped mid sentence closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Let's go home and talk about it ok?"

"Home? No ma I can finish today I'll be fine." Sky looked over to me. He was begging me to say something. Not telepathically and not verbally but it's that thing we have, he looked in my eyes and I just knew what he wanted. I just threw my hands up refusing to get involved. Kat glanced over and I quickly brought my hands down.

"Oh no you don't, you just want to stay because of Lucas. You can see him later today. You two will live without seeing each other for a few hours." Kat got up and patted me on the shoulder. "I'm sorry Lucas but I have to make sure he's ok."

Angel Laughed. Sky glared at him.

"No, I completely understand Kat I'm on your side with this." I smiled at Kat. Then Sky took his glare off Angel and moved it over to me.

"Good, now let's go Sky I'll help you to my car." I stepped up and offered to take Sky.

"I'll walk him over to your car Kat."

"Oh, thank you Lucas." I just smiled and began to help Sky up as Kat went on ahead.

"Luke, what about my car?" Sky asked.

"Oh, well can't Angel drop it off for you?"

"I wish. I don't have my license yet." Angel said.

"Do you have you license yet Luke?" Sky asked me.

"Um yeah I do but are you sure?" Sky said nothing he just dropped his car keys in my hand and gave me a kiss.

Skylar's Point of View

I waved to Luke and Angel as my mom drove away. My mom spoke first.

"So Sky, why'd you do it? It must have been important at least I hope it was. You weren't trying to show off or anything were you?" I could hear the worry in my mom's voice I had better straighten things up before I drive her insane.

"No ma, of course not, but before I tell you what really happened, will you promise not to freak out?"

That was a bad choice of words. I could already tell she was freaking out, she gripped the steering wheel harder adjusted herself in her seat and cleared her throat. I might have to conceal some of the truth at least until I fully understand what just happened myself.

"Ok I'll bite. No freaking out, I promise."

"Ok well, for the past couple of days I have been feeling as if someone is following me." Mom looked over at me complete shock in her eyes. "Now I tried to convince myself that I was just being paranoid, but when I noticed that the person who was watching me from outside today was the person I had saw watching me last night_" Mom cut me off.

"Watching you last night?!" I looked over at her with that 'Didn't you just say' look.

"Ok I'm sorry. Please continue."

"Well I had to find out who she was and why she was following me. So I ran outside opened my mind and I just got overwhelmed. There were just too many thoughts for me to handle. I ended up just passing out from the pain." I figured that was enough of the truth she needed to hear for now. I could only imagine what she would do if she knew that my father was behind this. My mother is a fully realized telepath and if I were to tell her my father is behind this, let's just say I wouldn't want to be my father when she finds him. She did admit to having thoughts about killing him at one time.

"Oh Skylar I can't be mad at you for wanting to explore your telepathic capabilities, but I really wish you would do it when I'm around. So that I can monitor you and assist when needed."

"I know ma, but this was spur of the moment thing. I couldn't wait for another opportunity."

"And you say you couldn't establish a link with her? At all?"

I quickly looked away from her gaze; she had an uncanny way of telling when I was lying to her. So I tried my best not to look at her when she asked. She wouldn't violate my personal space by reading my thoughts either so I am safe for now.

"No, I wanted to so badly but I just couldn't." I looked down at my hands in shame. My reaction isn't me acting. I really am ashamed that my telepathic abilities aren't strong enough to do what needed to be done.

"Aww, sweetie don't do that to yourself. You know that people who have more than one ability always have issues at developing their secondary abilities. Your telekinetic abilities are amazingly powerful especially for someone of your age. And your hydro kinesis is powerful as well and that's because it's very similar to your telekinesis. But telepathy is a whole new ball park, even I had issues developing my telepathic abilities and it's my primary ability."

She was making complete sense and she was making me feel better, but deep down inside I couldn't help but feel weak. We pulled up to our house.

"Thanks ma." I hugged my mother and started to get out of the car. She quickly ran over to my side to help me. We may be telekinetic but we do know how different helping someone physically can mean than helping someone telekinetically.

We got inside and my mom helped me into my room. "You change into some swim trunks and come to the healing room." Mom demanded as she sat me on my bed. I just complied and met her there, no arguments. She ran the hot water and filled the tub she then motioned me to get in so I did. I began to form an air bubble around my mouth and nose but my mom stopped me.

"Don't stress your mind by doing that, I'll do it. You just close your eyes and relax." Mom ordered.

"Yes ma'am." I said.

She then formed the air bubble around my mouth and nose and lowered me down into the hot water. It felt amazing I immediately felt all of my muscles relaxing. I heard my mom get up and I knew she was going for her special water. Its plain water mixed with special herbs and other ingredients that she promised to tell me one day. The water has some amazing healing properties and I've seen her work miracles with it.

Almost like magic, she began to make the water in the tub massage my entire body and focus on key muscles. She then poured her special water into the tub and it felt cool at first but then quickly adjusted to the temperature of the water that was already in the tub. She guided her special water all around my body. This was how she found specific spots that needed extra attention from the special water (let's just call it healing waters). She made quick stops on my shoulders, lower back and legs until she finally came up to my head. The feeling was amazing almost like when someone puts a cool compress on your head to help keep your fever down. I let out a sigh of relief and slowly drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up I looked at the clock and it read 8PM. I slowly sat up expecting to still be a little sore but I always forget how great my mom is at what she does. My body and mind were pain free, even that little kink I had in my neck was completely gone. Man do I love my mother; I got out of bed and as I walked by my door to go to my bathroom I heard my mother talking to someone. I quickly took care of my business and walked over to the kitchen to see who she was talking to. A smile quickly came to my face as I saw Lucas and my mom laughing, he was helping her cut up some veggies it looked like she was making stir fry. Luke was the first to notice me.

"Hey you're awake!" Luke said excitedly as he ran over but softly hugged me.

"Hey, my mom's a miracle worker so you don't have to be so gentle. I feel completely fine now," I said while laughing.

Luke took note and hugged me tighter while lifting me off the ground.

"I missed you so much." Luke said as he put me down and kissed my cheek.

"It's only been like 12 hours sheesh."

I looked over to the living room and there was Angel. He had said that through a mouth full of chips while his eyes were glued to the TV.

"Is there ever a day when you're not here eating all my food?" I yelled over to him.

"Hey! I haven't been here all week. I have to catch up, ok?" everyone just laughed.

I quickly walked over to my mom gave her a huge hug and kiss and thanked her for fixing me up.

"I feel great ma, thanks so much."

"Aww, sweetie don't worry about it. Are you hungry? I figured you'd be up late so I decided to make dinner a little later than usual."

"I'm starved!" I said while taking a seat at the kitchen table. Luke had gone over to finish helping my mom. I just watched and laid back into the chair. I yelped and quickly jumped up.

"Oh my God that's freezing!" I completely forgot to throw on a shirt so when my skin touched the metal frame from the chair it shocked me a little.

Everyone laughed at me as I ran to my room to grab a shirt. When I came out I noticed Luke looked at me with a sad look on his face. I quickly established a telepathic link.

"What's wrong babe?" I asked

"Oh, hi. I just enjoyed seeing you shirtless." Luke responded as he turned to continue to look at what he was doing.

"Ohhhh, maybe later," I chuckled.

When I cut the link I grabbed my head and sucked in some air as I got a sharp pain. As if my mother knew what had happen she just said. "You may be feeling great now but you really should give your abilities a rest for a couple days hun."

I just grumbled and plopped next to Angel and stole my bag of chips back. After dinner Angel announced he was heading home.

"Thanks for dinner Kat it was delicious as always." Angel said with a smile while rubbing his stomach.

"No problem hun, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Need a ride home?" I offered.

"Ha-ha very funny, but sure you wanna drive me down 1 block?" Angel literally lived one block down the street. One final goodbye and he was gone. It was now 10'oclock and was I surprisingly still tired my mom had retired to sleep one hour earlier. I shut off the TV and dragged Lucas to my room.

We spooned up in my bed, me lying against his chest. "I really don't want you to go." I sighed.

"I'm not going anywhere." I turned to look at him. "But it's late, shouldn't you be getting home?" I asked.

"Nope, I called my father and told him I was staying over a friend's house tonight." But if you really want me to go," Lucas began to get up I just yanked him back onto the bed and he fell on top of me.

"Don't you dare go anywhere." I chuckled as he leaned in and began to kiss me. We made out for a few minutes and I began to feel my cock get hard. I instinctively began to grind my hips up and to my surprise Lucas also began to grind into me. I could feel his cock and it was also rock hard. We stopped kissing and I stared into his gorgeous gray eye's I was lost instantly. We connected again which only increased the pleasure I was receiving. I not only felt my pleasure but I could feel his pleasure this dual indulgence was completely intoxicating.

"Do-do you feel that?" I asked Lucas while out of breath and yet still grinding into him.

"God yes, it feels amazing. It's like I can feel my own pleasure and yours at the same time. I've never felt anything like this." Lucas began to kiss me again.

He reached up under my shirt and began to play with my nipples.

"I can even feel this." Lucas giggled as he continued to tweak my nipples.

I ripped my shirt over my head and Lucas did the same with his, never breaking our grinding sync. He returned to kissing me and playing with my nipples. When he laid his bare chest on mine the heat between our two bodies only increased the amount of pleasure we both were having. I began to kiss down his neck slowly while softly nibbling as I made my way down to his nipple. Luke threw his head back as I finally began to work one of his nips.

"God your right that feels great." I said while breathing heavily.

I could feel myself getting close and strangely enough Lucas was close too, I could feel that as well. I can't wait to feel that. I thought to myself, two orgasms at once. Mine and his, just the thought of it made me grind harder and faster into him.

"Aww, Luke I'm so close." I whispered into his ear while softly biting and licking it.

"I uhh can feel it, I'm close too babe. Let's cum together," Luke said back.

I laughed. "I don't' think that'll be a choice. Don't you feel it babe? We're in sync, we're gonna cum together whether we want to or not."

"Ha-ha I think you're-uhh" was all Luke can get all before he started to cum, he grinded his crotch right into me.

"Oh my gahhhh," was all I could say as I came with him in complete unison.

I arched my back and met his grind with my own.

We came together and hard. How can I describe how this even feels? The feeling is like having your own orgasm, while feeling your partners simultaneously. We were in complete and utter ecstasy. I was still high with pleasure when I felt Lucas completely collapse on top of me.

"That- was- amazing." Luke was completely out of breath and still high with pleasure but he really wanted to get his point across. I laughed and hugged him tight.

"Luke that felt incredible. I just want to pass out I'm so exhausted after that. It's like I put in double the effort." I laughed and so did Luke.

"Haha yeah I know what you mean, but maybe we should clean up first." I looked up at Luke and suddenly realized I was about to see him naked and he was about to see me naked. A sudden nervousness came over me that felt out of place.

"Hey, don't worry." Luke cooed to me as he helped me stand up.

He slowly removed my cum stained briefs and shorts and I did the same to him. As I slowly took off his shorts I couldn't help but stare at his cock. It's the first cock I've seen other than my own and I have to admit I was impressed. His pubes were neatly trimmed and it looked like he was only a little smaller than I am. Either way it doesn't matter I like him for him, cock size meant nothing to me. I stood up and kissed him; he kissed me back and then led me into my bathroom. I followed him staring at his firm ass, this guy was perfect all around, and I really am the luckiest man alive to have this guy as a boyfriend.

We took a nice long, hot shower, quickly threw on some clean briefs and jumped into my full size bed. We lay in each other's arms and made out some more.

I broke our kiss, "Luke I'm really glad I bumped into you in that bathroom." I laughed.

"I am too." Luke agreed and laughed with me. I soon drifted off to sleep in his arms.

* * *

Back at the motel, the mysterious woman called Mr. Andrews.

"Hello?" Mr. Andrews answered

"Sir we have a problem," said the mysterious woman.

"What's wrong Rodriguez?"

"I've been made, I need extraction and now."

"Negative, the mission stays on course."

"But sir, I _" Rodriguez tried to argue but Mr. Andrews cut her off.

"But nothing Sofia, now you shift and keep an eye on them," he shouted into the phone. "Is that understood?"

"Yes sir, perfectly."

"Good, now call me in a few days with a status update."

"Yes sir."

Sofia Rodriguez and Mr. Andrews ended their conversation. Sofia then striped down and stood there completely naked. She stepped outside and within a seconds a beautiful black raven stood where she stood and flew off. Sofia the newly shifted raven stood on Skylar's window sill and peered through. She saw he was sound asleep with his boyfriend and flew off again.

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