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Skylar's Point of View

My father? I never even met him, I couldn't tell you his name, his birthday, or how old he is. The only thing I know about him is that mom said he left shortly after I was born. Mom has always avoided any conversation having to do with my father up till now. Is this why? Was she ashamed of whom he was, of where I came from? He's some sort of scientist who ran tests on people like us? Why did mom lay with this man? Oh my god, maybe she was forced? Was my being born planned by that sick man? So many questions where do I start...

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Skylar asked his mother with tears forming in his eyes.

"Come lets go in the kitchen I'll explain everything in private." Kat said as she tried to lead Sky out of the room.

But Sky threw her arm off of his shoulder.

"No! We discuss this here, this is as much about Lucas as it is about me and Angel is my best friend! I trust him!" Sky yells while moving to the couch next to Angel and Lucas.

"Alright Sky alright...Just calm down."

"CALM DOWN? You just told me that my father whom I have never met before is some sick mad scientist who experiments on the people you help protect, and he has placed some kind of freaky parasite thing into Lucas and you want me to calm down" Sky was now shaking full of adrenaline.

Lucas can feel the anxiety just radiating off of Sky, so he wrapped his arm around Sky to try and comfort him. Up until now Lucas had been trying to put off any type of connections Sky has been trying to make with him. But he couldn't resist anymore, something about Sky's distress called to him. As soon as he did Sky looked into his eyes and Lucas felt a pulsation just like Skylar had earlier today. Lucas can tell that Sky was grateful he was there.

"I...I'm sorry mom I didn't mean to snap on you"

"It's okay Sky; it's not fair that you had to find out about your father this way."

"Your father and I met in our junior year of college he majored in some fancy science course and I majored in business management. It was love at first sight, or so I thought, I didn't know it at the time but your father knew about me and what I can do and the only reason he showed any interest in me was because of that."

So I was right, my father had some kind of ulterior motive.

"So what happened?" Lucas spoke up.

"We continued to see each other; we graduated and moved in with each other. He got offered a job with the government to do some top secret research. I never asked him much about his work since I knew he couldn't speak about it."

"A year after he got the job, you were born." Kat looked over at a son and stroked his cheek.

"He was amazing with you, he took you everywhere. When you were two your father said he was going to take you to the Zoo. When you came back that night you had these weird marks on your head as if there was something glued there. That's when I began to get suspicious. The next time he took you somewhere I followed. I was shocked when I found out he had been taking you to the government facility where he worked."

Skylar tensed and twitched at the words "government" and "facility". Lucas was staring at Sky, his arm still tight around his new friend feeling all of his physical reactions, he just hugged tighter. Sky had a blank glazed looked in his eyes as he listened to the story he wasn't even blinking. Angel looked over, he didn't have any idea what he could do to help his friend right now he was just as shocked as Sky and was kind of hoping someone was here to console him.

"So what did you do?" Sky asked without blinking, without looking at his mother. His voice was hoarse and apathetic. As he just sat there staring emotionless at the wall.

"I confronted him that night when he came home. He admitted he knew what I could do and what it was that he researched and that he had been taking you to the facility since you was one. "

Sky twitched at the word "facility" once again.

"What DID he research?" Sky asked still emotionless.

"Psychic abilities. It turns out the only reason he got his job was because he was able to prove to the government that we existed. He had me recorded at home without my knowing. After he showed the video to whoever, he made them a promise that he would bear a child with me and get them their very first confirmed psychic test subject. I was horrified that he would do this to me, to you... I-I thought he loved us. I wanted to kill him right then and there but that would not fix what had been done and then you wouldn't have a father or a mother; so I left, I took you and what little money I had saved up and disappeared."

"Sweetie, he didn't love us he never did. He chose not to be in your life."

When Skylar heard his mother say that it just echoed throughout is mind over and over,

"He chose not to be in your life."

"He chose not to be in your life."

"He chose not to be in your life."

With no warning everything around Skylar had been thrown back, including his mother, Lucas and Angel. The three of them slammed against the wall and fell to the ground. Angel was knocked out while Kat and Lucas were just a little out of it. Skylar slowly levitated out of his seat while every nearby inanimate object began to circle him.

"Skylarrrr you have to stop this, it's ok I'm here sweetie we'll get through this." Skylar's mother yelled and pleaded with him but she was not getting through to him.

"I have to dive in and save him." Kat said while she sat up against the wall.

"Wait what? You're not just going to..." Lucas began but it was too late Kat was gone, psychically at least.

A few seconds after Kat "dove" in, her body just fell over.

"Ms.Andrews?" Lucas shook Kat but she didn't wake.

"Kat-Katharine are you ok? Lucas began to panic. He had two unconscious people and an out of control telekinetic in the room and he had no idea on how to stop him.

Lucas stood up and slowly walked towards Skylar.

"Sky, Sky it's me Lucas." Lucas cooed as he crept closer and closer to Skylar while telekinetically pushing away any flying objects coming towards him. Lucas isn't a telepath so he's going to have to try a different approach at this. Besides, judging by Sky's mother's current state going into Sky's mind probably isn't the best idea right now.

"Sky you've hurt your mom and Angel you have to snap out of this. I know hearing about who your father is and what he has done is painful but you can't deal with it this way. You're not alone; you have people who care about you who can help you get through this. You have Angel, you have your mother, and you have..." Lucas hesitated he was a little reluctant to open himself up this way emotionally. He didn't want to get hurt, not again. But there's something about Skylar, something he can't quite understand but whatever it is, deep down he knows it's a good thing.

"And you have me! I'm here for you now Sky, I'll help you understand this. We can help each other understand this." Lucas was right in front of Skylar now; he lifted himself up so that he was floating right in front of him. He reached out and pulled Skylar into his arms.

"Let me help you Sky." Lucas spoke into Skylar's ear he was speaking in a soft comforting voice it was almost a whisper.

Skylar felt it again, that pulsation, he felt it throughout his entire body he heard it as if there were huge amplifiers in the room. His connection with Lucas was pulling him out of his trance. He heard one last boom from the pulsation and then nothing, the next thing Sky heard was Lucas speaking softly in his ear.

"Skylar please, snap out of it." Lucas was beginning to plead as tears came down his cheeks. He felt helpless. His new friend had gone through so much trouble to snap him out of his trance. And now here he is in his own trance and there's nothing Lucas can do to help him.

"Lu-Lucas?" Skylar said as he began to slowly come out of his trance. All of the objects that were flying around them began to fall out of the air. And he slowly began to descend back to the floor with Lucas still holding on tight to him.

"Oh my god, you're awake!" Lucas pulled Sky away from him looked into his eyes and slammed him into another tight embrace.

"You scared the crap out of me Skylar."

"Wh-what happened?" Sky asked, sounding as if he had been asleep and was beginning to wake up.

Lucas just looked down and then he looked over to Katherine and Angel as they both lay motionless on the ground. Skylar turned his gaze on his mother and best friend; tears came quickly to his eyes as he rushed over to them.

"What the hell happened to them? Did I? Mom-mom! Wake up! Angel, please wake up!" Skylar tried frantically to wake them but it was no use they were both completely unconscious.

"Sky..Skylar don't!" Lucas said as he rushed to Sky to stop him from shaking Angel. He pulled Skylar back and they both fell to the ground. As Skylar sat their leaning on Lucas, Lucas began to explain what happened.

"Angel hit his head pretty hard when you lost it. He may have a concussion you can't shake him like that, you may cause some damage. We should move him to the sofa but we have to be careful not to move his head too much."

Sky just nodded and stood up he placed his hands in front of him palms faced up and began to slowly lift his hands up. As he did that, Angel's body began to lift off the ground. He gently placed his best friend on the sofa walked over to him and placed his hand on Angels chest.

"I'm so sorry hermano. " Skylar slowly walked over to his mother. Seeing his mother laying there unconscious was too much for Skylar.

"A-and Wh-what h-happened t-t-to her? Skylar managed to say those words while trying his hardest not to cry.

Lucas walked up and placed his hand on Sky's shoulder. Sky can't explain it but just feeling Lucas touch him began to calm him down.

"She dove in to your mind to try and pull you back, I guess something went wrong because about 10 seconds after she went in her body just went limp and fell over. That's wh-when I tried to snap you out of it."

"Dammit why did she do that? She knew there was chance that would happen."

"She didn't think twice Sky. She wanted to help you no matter what. Is she going to be okay?"

"Yeah, she'll be fine." Sky walked over to his mom and lifted her up the same way he did Angel only this time he brought her to her room and laid her on her bed. He closed the door and walked out to find Lucas sitting on his couch. Sky sat on the recliner across from the couch.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry for everything Lucas. I brought you here hoping to clear some things up but I've only made things worse for you. And I'm sorry my father is the person responsible for what happens to you. I would completely understand if you wanted to just leave and never turn back. I am so sorry"

Sky just looked at his feet he was too ashamed to look into Lucas' eyes.

He heard movement by the couch and assumed Lucas took his advice and was on his way out but then he felt someone lifting him out of the chair. It was Lucas; he was now standing face to face with him, staring into those beautiful gray eyes again. If Lucas hadn't begun to speak Skylar would have just gotten lost in his eyes.

"Why are you apologizing to me?"

"I -I" Skylar tried to answer but Lucas spoke over him.

"You didn't do this to me, your father did. Don't apologize for his mistakes there's no need for you to take on his burdens. And what's this about me leaving and never coming back? I would be such a hypocrite if I judged you because of your little episode. As far as I'm concerned we're in this together now. I meant everything I said earlier, you have me now, and you're not going to get rid of me that easily."

Lucas let one tear escape, as much as he tried not to cry he couldn't help it. His new friend was hurting and in return so was he. Skylar and Lucas just embraced in a hug they both needed the comfort and they both were more than glad to provide that comfort. Skylar released Lucas from their embrace while wiping away his own tears.

"Uh, I should probably get you home." He said while laughing.

"I can take a cab; you stay here with your mom. She's going to be ok right?"

"Yeah she just needs some time to recover. When she tried to enter my mind, it reacted instinctively and it sort of blasted her mind knocking her unconscious. She'll have a killer headache for a few days but other than that she'll be fine" Skylar explained with a reassuring smile.

"Still, stay with her just in case. And what about Angels leg?" Lucas just couldn't help be feel horrible for doing what he did to Angel and he already swore to himself that he would make it up to him one day.

"He'll have to deal with the pain until my mother is well enough to heal it properly. But when she does it will be like the burn was never there."

"How?" Lucas asked

"Heh well, How are we able to do what we do?"

"Uhh.." Lucas was at a loss for words.

"Exactly, but if you want you can be there when she does heal him it's pretty cool to see."

"Ok I would like that."

Sky walked Lucas downstairs to see him off.

"And Sky..."


"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Everything..." With one last hug Lucas was gone.

It's been one week since everything has happened. Lucas and Skylar have been inseparable since then, where ever Sky went Luke was sure to be there as well and vice versa. Everyone decided to leave what happened to Lucas alone for now. They all acknowledged that whatever happened is way beyond anything they are prepared to deal with. For now... Skylar was waiting for Lucas at his locker patiently. Every day since they met he and Lucas have been going on walks through the town's reservation. They both enjoy being out in woods, the tranquility they feel from being there is euphoric. Skylar noticed Lucas walking down the hall, Lucas always put up a front around people he didn't know. He wants people to stay away from him not because he doesn't like being around people, but because he's scared of losing control and hurting them. Sky see's it written all over Luke's face but as soon as Luke see's Sky it disappears. His dark gloomy look turns into a cool collected and happy smile.

"Hey Sky, ready to go?" Lucas said as we walked up and opened his locker.

"Yeah I'm all set. There's a trail we haven't tried that I've been wanting to check out all week."

"Great let's go."

Sky drove them to the reservation they both grabbed their packs out of the trunk made sure they had enough water and begun to head out. Whenever they came out here they never really talked. Well they did talk but it was never anything personal, and Skylar wants to know more about Lucas. Where he's from, why'd he move here, what's his family like?



They both began to speak at the same time and they chuckled at this. Lucas slowed down so that he was walking next to Sky now.

"You first." Luke said.

"Luke, I want to get to know you better. But you've been so distant when it comes to your personal life."

"I-I really like you and I feel like this, us could be something more, something... special. But if you don't want to pursue anything other than a friendship with me, that's fine, I really enjoy having you as a friend but I want to enjoy having you as a boyfriend."

Sky and Luke stopped walking now and Luke just stared into Sky's dark brown eyes.

"But we can't take that step until you let me in."

"Sky I.." Lucas tried to get some words out but Sky stopped him.

"Luke I'm not going to hurt you, ever. Like you said before, we have each other now. Nothing or no one is going change that. Ok?"

Sky was holding Lucas' hands as he spoke to him laying his heart on the line. Sky couldn't help but feel vulnerable; he was fully prepared to get shot down. But he was sure hoping that that wouldn't be the case.

Lucas let out a sigh of relief. He thought for a second that Sky was about to let him know that their relationship was not going past friendship. He thought that by not opening himself up that he killed the chance of their being together before anything even happened. He was glad that Skylar still wanted pursue something more. He doesn't want to hurt Skylar as much as Skylar doesn't want to hurt him, but he knows now that that won't happen.

"Ok." Is all Lucas said.

"Ok? So we're together? For real?" Sky had to make sure, he was still in disbelief.

Lucas stepped closer rubbed Sky's right cheek with his left hand, placed his forehead on Sky's and they just stood there. Their silence was irrelevant it was as if they were both yelling at the top lungs how much they want to be with each other. Lucas finally spoke, taking Sky's hand and walking him forward down they trail.

"Yes Sky we are. So, what do you want to know?"


Lucas let out a chuckle and began to talk about himself.

"Ok, my name is Lucas Yoshida, I am 17 years old I turn 18 next month. I am the middle child of 3 my younger sister is Rin and my older brother is Riku. We live with our parents here in Hawaii."

"What are you parents names?" Sky asked, he sincerely wanted to know.

"My mother is Yukiko and my father is Katsumi."

Skylar and Lucas walked up to a clearing and they decided to sit down and take a break. Lucas placed a blanket they had packed in front of a tree and sat with his back to the tree, Sky just sat between his legs and leaned against his chest. Skylar continued asking his questions and Lucas was more than glad to answer anything.

"Have you lived here your entire life?"

"Um, no. We, well I was kind of kicked out of Japan."

Sky turned and stared at his boyfriend in disbelief.

"What do you mean kicked out? Did you do something bad?

"Well, you know how I can lose control of my abilities. Well that had been going on my entire life but luckily my father is close friends with Emperor Akihito."

"Your father is friends with the emperor of Japan?"

Lucas chuckled.

"Yes and thankfully he looked out for me my entire life but It began to get too much even for him to handle."

"How so?"

"My episodes as my dad calls them began to become more frequent and there's only so much Akihito could do to protect me."

"So he just kicked you out after all of those years?"

"Not exactly like that Sky, he hated the fact that he had to ask us to leave. But he made sure we were set here."

"But it's been a week and you haven't had an episode and the only episode you did have, was when you were being provoked by those jocks."

"Honestly ever since I've met you I've been so much more stable. I can't explain it but you have some sort of calming effect on me."

Sky smiled to himself. He quickly became serious sat up and turned to Lucas.

"Have you... Have you ever been in a relationship?"


"Was it serious?"

"For me yes for him not so much." Lucas clears his throat and continues.

"He wanted one thing and once he got it he was done with me."

Skylar could see the pain in Lucas' eyes. He reached over and hugged Lucas. Sky wanted to change the subject but he just decided that he had asked enough and they should do something to take their minds off of everything,

"Hey, let's pack up and finish this trail. I think I can hear some water." Sky stopped and listened and so did Lucas.

"You know what, I can hear it too, and it sounds really close. I say we leave everything here and race to it!" Lucas was up and down the trail in no time flat. Skylar was still lying on the ground where Lucas had left him when he heard Lucas yell.

"You coming or not slow poke!"

"Oh you are so dead, I'm coming alright" And with that Skylar began to race towards Lucas. He caught up rather quickly with him. Lucas must have slowed down he thought, and then Lucas disappeared behind a bush. When Skylar got to the other side of the bush he couldn't believe his eyes, they were standing in front of the most beautiful waterfall he has ever seen.

"Lucas this is so beautiful." Sky looked around but didn't see Lucas anywhere, but he did catch some movement on top of the waterfall. When he focused his vision on what he saw moving he realized it was Lucas. Lucas had removed all of his clothes he was just wearing his black boxer briefs; he obviously wanted to jump into the pool of water. Sky couldn't help but take in the image he was seeing to even care what was about to happen next. Lucas looked amazing naked, well partially naked. Lucas is about 5'9 athletically built; he definitely kept up with his body. He was built but not huge, you can definitely see the definition in his pecs, biceps and abs. His body is so smooth except for some hair here and there but it's so fine you can barely notice unless you're close up. Sky snapped out of his day dream when he noticed Lucas getting extremely close to the edge.

"The hell are you doing up there?!"

"Well I was going to jump but I don't want to do it alone. Join me." Lucas smirked and raised his hand in Sky's direction.

"You're insane, that's way too high."

"Oh come on Sky we'll be fine, it will be fun." Lucas look was serious and comforting; Sky couldn't help but believe every word that came out of Luke's mouth.

"Ok ok I'm coming." Skylar began to climb the side of the waterfall, he could have flew up, but where's the excitement in that?

Once he got to the top Lucas surprised Skylar and pulled him close, he slowly leaned his face closer to Sky's, so close that they were almost kissing. They stared into each other eyes for what seemed like hours; no words were needed when they did this they both knew exactly what the other was feeling. Sky waited for the kiss but instead of a kiss Sky felt Luke beginning to pull his shirt off so he helped him. Once his shirt was off the two of them return to their deep gaze into each other's eyes, Sky couldn't stand it anymore

"You're such a tease."

Was all Sky said before he assaulted Luke with his mouth. Even though the kiss was aggressive it was still filled with passion. Sky wrapped his arms around Luke's neck and Luke grabbed onto Sky's waist. They broke their kiss so they could take off Sky's pants but as soon as they were off they quickly began kissing again. This time Sky could feel Luke's tongue practically begging for entry so he opened his mouth to let it in. Sky broke the kiss again.

"I've wanted to do that ever since I first saw you in the bathroom at school." Sky said and then gave Luke one final kiss.

Lucas just smirked and kissed him back.

"Shall we jump now?" Lucas asked while looking over the edge.

"Let's jump at the same time, don't let me go ok?" Skylar had a little fear in his eyes and Lucas could sense that.

"Never." Shivers flew up Sky's spine.

"Why does he have this effect on me?" Sky thought to himself.

And with that they both jumped into the plunge pool. Under the water they swam around each other still holding hands. Sky swam closer to Luke and kissed him under water and they floated to the surface while kissing.

"Wow this water feels amazing." Sky said as he began to swim around the entire pool. Sky is an amazing swimmer and Lucas noticed.

"You really love the water don't you?"

"Well I guess that's the hydrokinetic in me."

"You still haven't showed me why hydro kinesis is different from telekinesis. I mean you can just control water with telekinesis like this."

Lucas lifted a pillar of water out of the pool then merged into a ball of water above the pool and released it.

"Yes but can you do this?" Skylar created a pillar just like Lucas had; only instead of making a ball of water he froze the pillar.

"No, no I can't." Lucas said while laughing, he swam over and dunked Sky into the water. After swimming for about an hour they both got out of the water, but couldn't dry themselves because they didn't bring towels not expecting to have swum. So they just rolled out the blanket and lie down next to each other and let the sun dry them off. The mixture of heat from the sun and heat from each other was so relaxing that they both drifted off to sleep.

Sky was the first one to wake, Lucas was spooning him and had his arm wrapped on him. He opened his eyes but he still couldn't see. He rubbed his eyes and all he saw was darkness, Sky reached for his phone and it said 8:34PM.

"Oh shit!" Sky yelled as he jumped out of Lucas' arms.

"Luke wake up we passed out! Its 8:30 at night"

Luke quickly sat up and looked around; he was not looking forward to walking the trial at night. Sky grabbed their clothes and threw Lucas his clothes which snapped him out of his daydream.

"You okay Luke?"

"Yeah, It's just I didn't pack a flashlight. Did you?"

Sky smirked and grabbed his pack.

"Here I always back a couple of flashlights, you can use my spare." Sky walked over and handed the flashlight to Lucas. Luke reached up and pulled Sky into a kiss.

"Thank you." Sky blushed; Lucas' politeness always makes him blush.

Once everything was packed they headed back towards the trail through the bushes. Before going through the bush that led to the trail Sky turned to look at the waterfall one last time. Luke noticed him stopped he turned and pointed the light at Sky.

"You okay babe?" Sky blushed and smiled to himself.

"He called me babe." Sky thought to himself.

"Yeah I'm fine I was just taking one last look at the falls" Lucas walked over behind Sky, wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed his neck.

"We'll come back again." Lucas whispered into Sky's ear as he kissed it.

"This is our spot now."

Sky turned around and hugged Lucas so hard. On their way back down the trail Sky kept hearing twigs cracking as if someone was following them but he dismissed his thoughts deciding it had to be animals running around. But then Sky felt something fly by his head he yelled and ran forward crashing right into Lucas. Both of their flashlights went flying into the bushes as they both fell to the ground.

"Little jumpy there?" Lucas laughed as he got up and helped Sky up.

"I'm sorry but I thought someone was following us and that bird scared the crap out of me."

"Haha, it's ok. But we lost our flashlights the batteries must have fell out because I don't see them on out there."

"I don't think we're far from the car anyway, we can make it without them." Sky said as he grabbed onto Lucas' hand and walked forward.

Lucas let go of Sky's hand

"Or I can do this." Lucas stuck out his right hand palm up and closed his eyes. A few seconds later a tiny fireball appeared on his palm and when Lucas opened his eyes the marble sized fireball turned into the size of a softball.

"My own personal lantern." Sky smiled as he grabbed Lucas' free hand. They walked hand in hand until they finally found the car. A dark figure stood in the bushes and watched the two boys get in the car and drive off.

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