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Lucas' Point of View

Lucas is 17 years old and is originally from Tokyo, Japan. He had to leave Japan because in his last school he lost control of his abilities on more than one occasion, and he was ultimately expelled from his high school. The emperor of Japan personally visited Lucas and requested that Lucas leave Japan with his family(His Mother Yukiko Yoshida, Father Katsumi Yoshida, Younger sister Rin Yoshida, and older brother Riku Yoshida.). The Emperor purchased a house of equal value of Lucas' current home in Maui, Hawaii. Lucas will be allowed to move back to Japan when he proves to the Emperor that he has full control over his abilities. Lucas has three abilities, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and electro kinesis. Unlike Skylar, Lucas didn't have a teacher so he learned everything he can do on his own. Yukiko(Lucas' mother) did however teach Lucas the martial art of the Northern Shaolin and Lucas just incorporated his kinetics to his martial arts.

Lucas was on his way out of school from the school swimming pool when 6 jocks from the Varsity football team approached him.

"Sup bro?" Says the team captain (Jacob Parker) while stepping in Lucas' way.

Lucas just ignores the Captain walks around him and continues toward the door.

"HEY! IM TALKING TO YOU QUEER!" Jacob yells while grabbing Lucas by his shoulders and throwing him back into the bleachers.

"Come on leave me alone, I'm just on my way home" Lucas pleads as he stands up and attempts to walk way again.

"No way man, I'm sick of you fucking gays coming into MY SCHOOL" Jacob yells and then punches Lucas in the Stomach.

Angel and Skylar have walked in and are watching the whole scene go down from this point on.


(In Lucas' mind)

Oh no! I can't lose control, not again....Why couldn't these guys just leave me alone. Please forgive what I am about to do.

"I WARNED YOU!!!" Lucas yelled, Lightning was shooting off of Lucas while he slowly levitated into the air. Lucas reached out and waved his hand towards the jocks surrounding him and 3 of them went flying across the gym. He held out his other hand a shot a ball of lightning into 2 more of the guys. The last guy started running.

"Oh no you don't!" Lucas yelled while floating towards the 6th guy and catching up really fast, He zoomed right in front of the guy that was running reached out his hand the guy ran his neck right into Lucas' hand, Lucas slowly lifted the 6th guy off the ground by his neck. Skylar had to stop Lucas before this got too far.

"Lucas! STOP IT!" Skylar yelled as he flew towards Lucas using his telekinesis.

Lucas turned his head and Skylar stopped mid flight. Lucas' eyes were pure white as if he was possessed. Lucas dropped the guy he was holding, made a lightning ball in his left and flew to Skylar and tackled him down to the ground holding the lightning ball right in Skylar's face.

"Lucas! It's me! Skylar! " Skylar yelled trying to snap Lucas out of it....

(In Lucas' mind)

"LUCAS! Lucas, are you there?" Sky asks frantically.

"S-s-sky? Is that you?"

"Yes Lucas it's me, what are you doing? Stop this now!"

"Sky I'm trying but I can't, RUN JUST RUN BEFORE I HURT YOU!"

"NO! I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to help you, I promise!"


Lucas is very touched that Sky is going to help him but he can't help but worry that he's going to hurt him.

(Back in the Gym)

Skylar telekinetically throws Lucas into the bleachers while getting up and running under the bleachers. He yells to Angel...

"Angel! I need you to distract Lucas for me! He's lost control of his abilities and I am going to try and help him gain back control telepathically."

"WHAT ARE YOU NUTS?! I have no powers Sky, what am I suppose to do?"


"Are you serious" Angel mumbles while walking over to the bleachers.


"OKAY FINE! HEY YOU COME SHOOT ME!" Angel yells at Lucas while running as fast he can.

Lucas see's Angel and zooms in his direction while shooting bolts of lightning towards him. Skylar takes this opportunity to look through Lucas' mind and try and stop whatever has taken control. Sky is going all through Lucas mind and doesn't see anything that could be causing this, but then Sky see's a dark area in the back of Lucas' mind. When Skylar enters this area he sees a vision of a man and it looks like he running some weird test on Lucas. Then the vision disappears and Sky sees some sort of insect in front of him.

"That has to be what's making Lucas lose control!"

(Back in the gym)

Angel is dodging every single one of Lucas' bolts.

"Aww man I can't believe he hasn't hit me"

As soon as angel said that, ZZZZAAAAPPP his right leg gets shot and he falls to the ground in pain. Angel yells while hugging his right leg. Lucas sees that he finally hit Angel and to make sure he doesn't get away he surrounds Angel in a circle of flames. He began to make the circle smaller and smaller. Angel passes out from the combination of smoke inhalation, heat from the fire, and pain coming from his right leg.

(Back in Lucas' mind)

The insect jumps towards Skylar he dodges the insect, grabs it with his telekinesis and slam's it against the wall over and over. He drops the insect and it shimmers away. Light fills the dark area in Lucas' mind and Skylar is thrown out of Lucas' mind by the force of the light.

(Back in the Gym)

Lucas falls from the air and lands near the pile of jocks he knocked out, Skylar slowly gathers himself until he sees angel surrounded by flames and Lucas passed out.

"ANGEL, WAKE UP!" Skylar yell's while flying towards his best friend.

Skylar gently lifts Angel up and away from the flames using his telekinesis and places him safely away from the fire. Sky is flying as fast as he can to the swimming pool pulls up a huge ball of water and brings it back to the gym where he drops the water on top of the fire putting it out. Skylar then flies over to Lucas to see if he's ok.

Lucas slowly opens his eyes and the first thing he see's is Skylar's face.

(In Lucas' mind)

Skylar...What an amazing guy. Other people would just run in fear while continued to run rapid on those bastards. But he stood and helped me gain control, but why? He barely knows me....

(Back in the gym)

"Hi" Lucas says while smiling.

"Hi there" Skylar says while sitting Lucas up.

"How are you feeling?"

"I feel... a little weak but yeah I'm fine, I hope I didn't hurt anyone too bad.

"OH! That reminds me...Wait right here" Skylar runs over to Angel and checks him for any injuries.

Angel wakes up to Skylar feeling his chest and arms and moving down to his legs.

"I pass out for five minutes and wake up to you feeling me up?! RAPE RAPE!" Angel chuckles while sitting up.

"Oh shut up, I'm checking to see if you're ok." Skylar says while checking a pretty bad burn Angel has on his right leg, as he touches Angel yells out in pain.

"Ah god dammit, That hurts!"

"I'm sorry I'm sorry, damn this burn is pretty bad we'll have to get my mom to check it out but other than that your fine."

"Do you think she can heal this with her healing waters?"

"Yeah man, you'll be fine"

"Very cool, and did you get Lucas under control?"

"Yep he's over there pulling himself together" Angel and Skylar looks over at Lucas, Lucas see's them and begins to walk over. He sits kneels next to Angel and bows.

"I am extremely sorry for the injury I have inflicted upon you, please accept my apology and forgive me."

Lucas begs Angel with overwhelming sincerity.

"Oh man stand up, all of that isn't necessary I understand completely its cool" Angel says while helping Lucas up.

"How about I introduce myself, my name is Angel nice to meet you."

"Hi Angel, and once again I am really sor.." Lucas began but Angel cut him off.

"I already told you man its cool!"

"Okay okay, thank you so much for your forgiveness"

(In Skylar's mind)

Wow Lucas is so polite, wouldn't have known from our first encounter when I bumped into him. I have got to get to know this guy more. What was that bug in his mind? Who was the man? Why was I expelled from his mind? So many questions but that doesn't matter right now. I need to get everyone out of here, we made quite a scene.

(Back in the Gym)

"Umm guys, what should we do about the unconscious jocks over there" Skylar says while pointing down.

"Good question" Lucas begins to walk towards the jocks.

"I say we leave the monkey's there, I doubt Jacob will tell anyone outside the football team about this" Angel explains as he walks towards the door.

"Yeah ok, I guess so. But to be safe let me just wipe the last 10 minutes out of their minds."

"Is that safe?" Angel asks.

"Yeah, it's only 10 minutes. We'd have a problem if I was doing this to somebody more than once. There would be certain psychological issues. I doubt 10 minutes would damage these idiots any more than they already are."

Once Sky finished with all the jocks he turns around to Lucas.

"Hey Lucas come with us, I want you to meet my mom. Ok?"

"Uhh, sure but why?" Lucas says as he follows Angel and Skylar to Skylar's car.

"Well my mom has the same abilities as me, but she's much stronger then I am so I want her to look through your mind and see what that insect was."

"Wait...What insect?" Lucas asked.

The three of them get into the car and while Sky began to drive he explained what he had saw in Lucas' mind.

"So do you know who that man might be?" Angel asks Lucas.

"No...I have no idea who he might be. But if he's the reason I am like this I want to find him and teach him lesson."

"Hahaha for sure I agree with you man." Skylar says as he pulls up to his mom's store.

"Where are we?" Lucas asks Skylar

"Oh, My mom owns a "Magic" shop. We aren't witches or anything but my mother is sort of a "protector" of that community so she wanted to make a safe haven for people like us to be able to escape to." Skylar explains

"What do you mean by escape?" Lucas asks.

"Well the first floor is where she keeps miscellaneous objects like candles, incents, herbs etc. The second floor is where the books are kept. And the third floor is sort of a lounge where we allow customers to relax and hangout.

"Very cool." -Divine Aura- Lucas reads the store front.

The 3 new friends walk into the store and up stairs to the book section.

"Mom? Are you up here? Mom?" Skylar yells out.

"Sky, you're home a bit early aren't you?"

"Yeah but we ran into a little trouble" Skylar says as he shows his mom Angels injury.

"Oh my, that looks painful."

"Well it doesn't feel good." Angel jokes, and Katherine pokes the wound.

"Ahhh!!! I I'm sorry Ms.Andrews"

"Hehe, and...Oh hi, who is this?" Kat asks while smiling towards Lucas

"Oh sorry mom this is Lucas, Lucas this is Katherine Andrews...My mom."

"Nice to meet you Ms.Andrews" Lucas says while shaking her hand.

"Please call me Kat, Angel here was just sucking up when he called me Ms., hehe"

"Well mom do you think you can heal it? Or do we need a hospital?"

"Nono, I can heal it but why didn't you?"

"My healing skills aren't that great mom you know that."

"Yes but it would have been great practice you lazy bum." Kat said while giving Sky a little glare.

Katherine led the boys to the back room where she gives healing sessions.

"Ok, Its time I asked where this wound came from."

Skylar explained all that had happened today, leaving out the dream and pulsations since Lucas was present. Katherine finished healing Angels small wound and took the boys to the 4th floor where she and Skylar lived.

"Aren't you going to lock up downstairs?" Lucas asks.

"I always keep an eye on my store." Kat says with a grin and a wink.

"So mom what do you think?"

"Well Sky to be honest I can't come up with a single explanation as to what that may be."

Lucas looked down and disappoint. Sky looked over at his new friend and couldn't help but feel for him, he reached over and patted Lucas' back. Lucas looked up and gave sky a disconsolate smile.

Lucas looked into Sky's eyes for the first time since they met. Sky hadn't noticed before but Lucas' eyes were the most beautiful shade of gray has ever seen. And he couldn't help but be mesmerized by them, and again those strange pulsations ran through Sky's entire body. Who is this kid? Why do I feel like I have to protect him?

"Although..." Kat said, snapping Sky and Lucas out of their trance.

Lucas quickly shrugged off Sky's hand and readjusted himself. This action stung Sky, but he tried to ignore it and began to listen to his mother.

"Well the insect you mention sounds like a mental barrier gone wrong."

"Mental barrier?" Angel asked.

Sky and Lucas both nodded agreeing with his question.

"Yes it sounds to me that a telepath may have tried to cover up some memories that they don't want Lucas to see. The bug you saw was telepathic protector for that barrier."

"Ok, but how does that explain Lucas losing control like he did? I mean mom, his eyes were pure white. He was not himself."

"That being said, this telepath was obviously inexperienced and he or she botched the barrier. Instead of just blocking his memory it's also blocking his ability to stay in control. Like I said that bug you saw is a manifestation from the barrier. You may have beaten the protector but you didn't destroy the barrier, the bug expelled you out before you could do that."

"So in order for me to gain full control of my abilities again, I have to... destroy the barrier?"

"Yes, doing so will also reveal the hidden memories."

"Skylar show me what you saw when you looked in Lucas' mind please."

Skylar held his mother's hand concentrated on exactly what he saw, and Kat was seeing what he saw as if she were there. When the vision was over Kat had a worried disappointed look on her face.

"So can you break the barrier? Can you help Lucas?" Skylar asked with a raised infuriated voice.

With a cold low voice Kat said

"The man... the man in that memory... Is your father, Sky."

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