Skylar's Discovery

Chapter 1

Skylar Meets Lucas

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Skylar is a normal high school senior, for the most part. He's on the swim team, he's on the school's newspaper, and his grades are decent with some A's and B's. But Skylar has two secrets, He's gay and he's psychic. The only two people that know Skylar's secrets are his mother Katherine and his best friend Angel. Skylar has the same abilities as his mother, Telekinesis, Telepathy, and Hydro kinesis, and she has taught him everything she knows.

"Sky...Skylar!!!" Angel yelled while nudging his friend. "Wake up man, the bell rang it's time for lunch."

"Whaaaa? What? OH! Sorry man I didn't get much sleep last night. I kept having this strange dream that kept waking me up" Skylar said as he and Angel walked out the classroom.

"A dream or a nightmare?"

"Well more of a vision I guess... I dunno man I just feel like someone important is going to come into my life real soon. I'll just talk to my mom about it, she might have an explanation."

As Angel and Skylar sat down at their usual lunch table, Sky felt a strange pulsation and he sort of zoned out. Angel saw Sky's strange expression,

"Sky, are you ok?" Angel asked while helping Skylar to sit.

"I...I'm fine, lemme just run to the bathroom really fast."

"Okay I'll grab us some food."

"Thanks man." Skylar said as he walked towards the bathroom holding his head looking at the ground.

When Skylar turned the corner to go into the bathroom he ran into a guy.(This guy is Asian probably Japanese he has on a Black Leather jacket with slick black very stylish hair the jeans he was wearing fit him extremely well and Skylar was instantly attracted to him)BAMMM, Sky felt another pulsation as he looked at the guy he just bumped.

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to..." Sky tried to apologize but he was cut off by the stranger.

"Don't worry about it." Was all stranger said as he walked into the Café.

Skylar couldn't help but feel like he knew the guy from somewhere, (sky's thoughts) Of course I know him from somewhere... We're in school I probably saw the guy around here before. Skylar quickly used the bathroom washed his hands and threw some cold water on his face to wake himself up a bit. As Skylar returned to his seat and looked up, the guy who he had bumped into was sitting in the table across from him.

"Hey, Angel who is that guy"

Angel was busy talking to some of their other friends at the table.

(Sky in Angels Mind)

"Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Angel fell of his seat from the shock, and everyone at the table started to laugh and joke on Angel. Skylar just giggled quietly to himself.

Angel turned to group he was talking to while continuing to talk to Skylar in his mind.

"NOT COOL SKY! What do you want man" Angel said while laughing.

"Sorry man, but do you see that guy over there in the black leather jacket?"

"Ah yeah, that's the new guy. His name is Lucas Yoshida, he just moved here from Japan. Why?"

"I kind a bumped into him on way to the restroom, didn't even get to apologize. I also feel something weird when I look at him"

Angel giggled and patted Skylar's crotch and said "Calm down boy"

"NOT LIKE THAT MAN!" Skylar said while blushing a little.

With that said Skylar got up and walked over to Lucas' table (where he was sitting alone). Skylar was determined to find out more about this guy.

Skylar sat down and introduced himself,

"Hi, I'm Skylar but everyone calls me Sky" Skylar said while extending his hand.

Lucas Just sat there and stared at Skylar with a confused faced.

Skylar did one of those awkward nervous giggles "Hehehe, look man I'm really sorry for bumping into you over there."

"I told you not to worry about it, but yeah okay I accept your apology, and my name is Lucas" Lucas said while finally shaking Skylar's hand.

Skylar spends the rest of the lunch period with Lucas.


"Aw damn there's the bell, Umm what's your next class Lucas?"

Lucas pulls out his schedule

"Looks like I have English next, and you?"

"Damn I have AP Statistics, completely different floors. Alright man well here I'll give you my number and maybe we can get together and hang out sometime?"

"Uhh sure that sounds ok."

Skylar and Lucas exchanged numbers said bye and went their separate ways. Now it's the end of the day and Skylar is on his way to his locker.

"SKY! Wait up... "Angel yelled while running up to Skylar

"Soooo did you make a date or what?"

"Man I told you it's not like that, it has to do with my dreams from last night."

"Wait so you mean, you knew you were gonna meet Lucas before you actually met him? But u can't see into the future that's not one of your gifts."

"I know that's why I'm going to talk to my mom about it later tonight."

Skylar always takes a short cut through the Gym to get to his locker, When Skylar and Angel walked into the Gym they noticed a group of guys behind the bleachers, and he heard Lucas yell,


"Aww man Sky, it sounds like Lucas could use some help"


"Yeah it does but I sense some strong energy coming from over there."

"Then we better get over there fast"

"Yeah I agree, let's go!"

But Before Skylar and Angel can get to Lucas....

"I WARNED YOU!!!" Lucas yelled, Lightning was shooting off of Lucas while he slowly levitated into the air. Lucas reached out and waved his hand towards the jocks surrounding him and 3 of them went flying across the gym. He held out his other hand a shot a ball of lightning into 2 more of the guys. The last guy started running.

"Oh no you don't!" Lucas yelled while floating towards the 6th guy and catching up really fast, He zoomed right in front of the guy that was running reached out his hand the guy ran his neck right into Lucas' hand, Lucas slowly lifted the 6th guy off the ground by his neck. Skylar had to stop Lucas before this got too far.

"Lucas! STOP IT!" Skylar yelled as he flew towards Lucas using his telekinesis.

Lucas turned his head and Skylar stopped mid flight. Lucas' eyes were pure white as if he was possessed. Lucas dropped the guy he was holding, made a lightning ball in his left and flew to Skylar and tackled him down to the ground holding the lightning ball right in Skylar's face.

"Lucas! It's me! Skylar!" Skylar yelled trying to snap Lucas out of it....

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