Out on the lake, everything looked more beautiful. I could see the people on the shore, the houses in the background. I saw the reflection of the sun on the waters surface. It also shone off of the well oiled contours of Aiden's stomach. I leaned over and kissed his navel. I worked my way up to his lips. He'd gotten so comfortable with our new summer love, over the past three weeks. I wondered if he had the slightest idea that I was in love with him. This was the thought that ran threw my head as I looked past his sensual eyes and saw black.

The smoke billowed into the sky, almost high enough to black out the sun. Ashes filled the air. I spotted the source of the fire. " My boathouse!". I turned my boat towards the fire. Aiden called the fire department and before long we could hear the sirens in the neighbourhood. We stood back as the firefighters put out the raging inferno, me on the verge of tears. 

 Aiden took my hand and squeezed, silently comforting me. A fireman came over to me. " Are you the young man who uses this boathouse?" he ask me. " yeah, do you know how the fire started yet?" I asked. He shook his head, " we haven't found anything yet, but we will keep looking." he said patting me on the shoulder. " Hey, it's okay. You still have a few of your cameras in my room, and the ones at your house." Aiden said wrapping his arms around my neck. He said it with such certainty that I couldn't help but smile. I kissed him freely, ignoring the eyes of the people around us. " I think we need to get something to eat, I'm starving." he said. We walked hand-in-hand to my car. 

When we got there a note was under the wiper blade. " you deserve this, you chose him over me." it said. " Do you know who wrote this?" Aiden asked me looking at the note. " actually, no, I don't. " I said crumpling the paper and throwing it in the back seat. " Let's just get something to eat. " I said getting into the driver seat. We drove in silence to his house. A familiar car was parked in the driveway. " My parents!" I said in shock. " Shit, I forgot my mom and dad invited them over for dinner." he said slapping his forehead with his palm. " Why did they do that?" I asked. 

" They said something about wanting to meet your parents so they would have something to talk to." he said shrugging. Even though Aiden and I don't really hide the fact that we are together in public, our families don't know. Neither of our families knows that we are gay. " why didn't you tell them no?" I screamed at him. " oh, yeah that would work ' don't hang out with them because I'm boning their son and that would make it awkward!' " he yelled at me. " I think I'm the one who will be doing the boning." I said trying to ease the mode. 

" it's fine we can make it through this." I said taking his hand. I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss before jumping out of the car. " Straight face on." he said winking at me. We walked in and our parents were sitting in the living room, an open bottle of wine between them. " And then when he was, five he would run around the house thinking he was invisible." my mom snickered, drunkenly. They all burst into a fit of laughter. 

Aiden and I walked quickly up the stairs to his room. " I really hope that isn't what they've been talking about the whole time." he said pulling me close to him. " Aiden our parents are right downstairs." I said as he kissed my lips. " lock the door, turn the radio up and the tv on. " he said grabbing my dick through my board shorts. I did as I was told and walked over to him. 

 " You know your getting pretty bold, with this whole relationship thing. " I said picking him up. " Kissing me in front of the firefighters, blowjobs with our parents down stairs, I like it." I said. After what seems like hours of making out, we move into 69. He dives down to the balls on my cock. A loud moan escapes my mouth. " your getting really good at that." I said causing a laugh to vibrate his throat around my cock. " keep doing that and I'm gonna bust in your throat. He laughs deeply, purposely. I feel think unmistakeable pressure, telling me that " I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!!!!" I said pulling his head completely down on my balls. " ahhhhhh, SHIT!!!!! I'M CUMMING!!" I said. I felt his suction increase as he sucked me dry. " That was worth the risk." I said kissing him. Tasting my cum as his tongue probed inside my mouth. 

" You should really do that more often." I said pulling him close and turning the radio off. " Do you think your parents are gone yet?" he asked me. I got out of bed and walked to the door. I opened it, I could still hear our parents laughing hysterically. I looked down and there was a note. I picked it up. It read, " Get ready to be famous. " 

I couldn't help but think that it was the same person who burnt down my boathouse earlier. It couldn't have been one of our parents, or siblings. I really couldn't think of anyone against us. So I went back and cuddled with Aiden. " looks like we are gonna be famous. " I said. He looked at me confused. " never mind." I said smiling and kissing him. 

I not going to be freaked out by this. I'm not. 


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