The thick hard meat rod was thrusting hard into him. Wild moans..Wild Wild moans. He closes his eyes and feels the flesh inside his ass. The hot hunk was riding it hard. One deep breath, and thick hot cream went splashing insi...."TRRRRRRRNNNN", the blaring alarm sound broke of the dream.

Kevin Hymann, a tall, slightly built, brown eyed blond, woke up with a jolt and felt about for his shirt. It was another mundane Wednesday morning. He got ready in a flash and headed downstairs, where breakfast awaited him. He had his V-necked T shirt on which occasionally turned him on. It almost revealed half his chest and with even a slight wave of wind, his round nipples could be seen, that is of course if he had left his top part unbuttoned.

He got into his car, and thought about the upcoming events. He had history and physics before lunch and he had forgotten to get his physics assignment again. Hoping he would be excused again, he took a left at the crossroad.

National High, one of the most extraordinary institutes in the city was nothing more than ordinary for Kevin. The school reminded him how normal he was. He was the most random person in class. Not the best in studies, not bad in sports and did make the news once in a year. He parked his car and headed towards history class.

The classes went in a blur, except of course the nervous physics class and to everyone's surprise, he was again excused for another day. Smiling to himself, he went for lunch.

The lunch room was across the building. The cool air, the sunshine, and other elements of day seemed perfect until his heart saw black clouds ahead. A senior was sitting on a car and grinning at him. It was Cassius, the college hero. At this moment Kevin's villain. When a senior was on your car it either meant he would use it until evening or he was about to settle a dispute and the victim wouldn't be let off without a broken jaw.

Taking a long breath, he walked towards his destiny. His heart grew heavy. His limbs defined panic. He was about to apologize, just when Cassius put on his half smile. The smile which had made all the girls in the college go crazy. "I need the car till home, bro", he said. Kevin's heart almost puffed out steams of relief. One because he wouldn;t have to meet the therapist and second Cassius lived just down his own lane.

Kevin stood thinking. He was amused with the kindness with which he was being treated. "How am I to go if he takes the car",he thought. He thougt for a second and asked,"Can you drop me off at my house then?"

Cassius nodded in approval. "Get your bag", he ordered. Kevin ran in and was soon in the passenger's seat. They both set off. There was an eerie silence between the two. Cassius was much more at ease. He has plugged in his earphones and swinging with the music.

Kevin suddenly noticed how beautiful Cassius was. He has never understood why his class girls had secret posters of him. His long brown hair, swaying with the wind. His perfect lips spelling the lyrics. His strong biceps piercing from the sleeves added to the enchantment. He was like heaven next to an corn field in overcast weather.

Suddenly, a Porsche came straight at them. Cassius totally involved in music had lost track of the road. Kevin screamed. The Porsche made the move and came to a sudden halt. Cassius did the same. The effect had almost been nil except that the Porsche had managed to push the car right into the puddle splashing mud all over Cassius's shirt. Cassius rose to fight but the Porsche dissappeared round the corner.

"Shit",he shouted. "You alright?", he asked Kevin. Kevin nodded. Cassius was digging into his back pack. He pulled out a T-shirt. "Don't mind do you?", he asked. Kevin almost lost his breath as he manged to say okay. He stood on a side and started unbuttoning his shirt.Kevin could feel the bulge growing in his jeans. His body was sooo perfect. He had stunning abs and chiseled chest. His pink nipples twitched now and then. Kevin felt the sudden urge to lick him as he watched his sexy meat man's ripped muscles stretch as he washed his face. With a torso like that, Kevin could worship it for years. After what seemed like a while in heaven, Cassius pulled his T-shirt on.

They resumed their journey. Kevin had a cheeky grin and hard hot stuff in his pants. He was just hoping Sparks would fly for him as he put his head up and stared at the Silver lining.





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