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This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any character , place or scenario , is unintentional and purely coincidental.If gay erotica or homosexuality as a whole makes you uncomfortable, you have come to the wrong place.

I was in deep contemplation that day. My body neck deep in water, as I lay in the bathtub . The day had been pretty boring, with the luncheon and all the formal conversation. Though the morning had started pretty damn amazingly. The bathtub had a comfortable headrest. The soap bubbles popping, incensed the room. The hot water bath soothed every muscle of my body. Akash would have fit easily into this along with me , his back resting on my chest. I thought. it had been a mere week that I had met that guy and he rarely got out of my mind . I would have massaged his dick, both of us in water, and we would have kissed in that position. I thought, my dick twitching in the water as it started to fill up. I smiled to myself as I pinched my nipple in the water. The temperature adding to the effect. The water felt amazing around my cock and balls, and I got goosebumps as my dick inflated. I imagined Akash lying on the bed, back in the apartment. One leg spread out on the bed, his bulge protruding out of his briefs. Just yesterday, he had been in my arms, his heartbeat raised. And now we were far away. And my heart ached for his presence, for his touch. I pondered how drastically my life had changed. How almost a month ago, I was trying to get laid with this girl from work, trying to get to second base with her somehow, and now my heart ached to be loved by this guy who happened to be my roommate.. My dick was at its full mast now, invisible to me because of all the bubbles. I looked at the ceiling as my hands ran on my chest , gently grazing my nipples underwater. I hoped in my heart that Akash thought the same about me. Because with hi , it was never a one time thing , it had always meant something more, something that was just not a one time thing itself .

What had happened with Vishal that morning ,made me doubt myself. It was so much unlike me, doing it with a complete stranger. Yet it did not feel wrong. Maybe all these new feelings had changed my way of thinking about things, of making decisions. I had kept the door to my room unlocked. Even the door to my bathroom was wide open. He will come back. I had thought to myself. I closed my eyes, the traffic outside the only source of sound , and laid back , arms resting on the sides of the bathtub, my cock now limp resting on my stomach. Still at the end, it did not matter if Vishal did not come back. He was just a way of getting off. I recalled how his thin hands were rubbing his crotch as he had bobbed up and down on my dick. I was horny and he was a young hot boy. It just happened. I tried to explain it to myself in my mind. It was complicated. Mentally agitated, I closed my eyes and let the hot water do its work.

"You kept the door unlocked ", said Vishal, standing at the bathroom door, leaning against the wall, grinning diabolically. He was wearing normal clothes this time, a faded blue shirt and skinny jeans, which made his physique conspicuous. He had the same boyish look on his face and with his slim body, he looked like the chocolate boys every girl has a crush on in high school.

"Shit. You startled me", I said turning my head towards him, smiling back ,"Come on in. Lets get you cleaned up " He started to disrobe ,bending down with his ass towards me, as he removed his jeans, giving me a good view of his teen butt. He grinned as he removed his shirt and his small brown nipples came into view, perked up. He stood in front of me, in his extra large boxer briefs, his dick tenting the fabric. A few wet spots had formed on his underwear. I stroked my dick in the water as he stripped down, throwing his clothes on the floor.

"You are one sexy kid", I said as he climbed into the bathtub, sitting in between my legs, our naked bodies touching each other. He turned his head back and we started kissing. Our hands were exploring each other's naked bodies. I started kneading his ass as he turned his whole body around, lying on top, our cocks touching each other, his hands rubbing my chest, as he pushed himself into me. Our breaths started deepening ,as I felt his heartbeat knocking at his chest, in synchrony with my own.

Ring Ring Ring. I heard my phone ring in the bedroom.

Who the fucks calling right now. I thought to myself as Vishal chewed on my lips, his hands grabbing at my hair. And I decided to let it ring. Vishal pinched my nipples softly and waves of pleasure went through my whole body, making me moan. It was obvious that the guy knew what he was doing. I massaged his buttocks as one of my fingers played with his asshole, moving in circles which made him shiver. I slowly started pushing it inside . Our dicks were poking into each other as Vishal pushed himself into me in a rhythm.

Ring Ring Ring. I heard my phone again. Boy, This better be good. I thought to myself as we broke our kiss, panting a little.

"This wont take long I promise", I whispered as Vishal got off me. His eyes were half closed and his breath heavy.

"Is it really important?"

"Ill just be back. Wait! " , I said as I got out of the bathtub, drying my hands with a towel as I tiptoed into the bedroom, water dripping from my body, my hard dick bobbing up and down.


"Hi." I could recognise that voice even from a million miles away. My eyes widened

"Akash, Hey hi how are you? ", I said, sounding casual.

"Fine. ", He said adding a sigh at the end. That was wierd.

"Every things fine right? "

"Yes it is I guess. So when will you be back?"

"Sunday. Hmm."

"Cool . Ok then ! Take care" , he said. The air conditioned room gave me goosebumps as I stood there wet and naked .Or was it the conversation !

"Akash? You ok right?"

"Yes of course. What will happen to me!" he said in a deep serious tone and hung up.

What the hell is wrong with him. I thought as his voice echoed in my mind. Talking with him had freshened up all my memories of him. I did not want to have sex with him at that moment. I wanted to cuddle up beside him on our bed, and talk to him, ask him what was wrong. I wanted to be with him. His last words irked my inner being. What was this all about! Was he missing me?

"Hey what happened! " I heard Vishal's voice from the bathroom. My hair started to rise as a cold breeze swept through the window and touched my wet body.

"Hey. That took long. Now where were we!"  said Vishal as I entered the bathroom, rubbing dripping water off my face.

"Vishal, I think this is not a good time." , I said as wrapped a towel around my waist, my dick now limp.

"What? What happened?"

"Just go. Dry yourself. Wear your clothes and just GO!" I shouted which made Vishal wince. I stormed out of the bathroom and lied face down on the bed. Five minutes later I heard Vishal's footsteps as he banged the door shut behind him. My eyes were closed and my mind blank except for Akash's voice which kept reverberating in my mind. Should I call him back? Or is this just in my head? Is he planning to invite someone over and called just to make sure I wont be back by Sunday? Or is he missing me? The odds of the former happening was likely high according to me. He is a young guy with urges and promiscuity is a part of being a guy his age. I'm just troubling myself. I pondered. But the truth was the mere thought of him being with another guy burned my insides. Maybe its Rishi, or Aryaman, or someone else. Who knows! I had got to a conclusion as to why he had called me and acted so unusually. It was a logical conclusion. I thought. And yes it made me go crazy. I accepted and pushed my face deep into my pillow as if wanting to cut out off the air to my lungs. Then rolled over to the side, staring out of the window. I was feeling restless and there was only one way I could get some relief. Picking up my phone, I dialled his number.

"Hello! Akash"

"Yes. Shahid. Its me. What happened? " he said, his voice groggy but still it sounded sexy. I imagined him lying on the bed in those short briefs.

"You did not tell me why you called?"

"Its nothing. I just wanted to check on you. Just like that" he said, and it sounded true to me "and talk to you cause it has been two days and I , I just wanted to check on you."

"I? What? OK"

"I kind of miss you. Its been lonely in the apartment. And we did not even get to talk about the thing" he said, pausing before saying the last word. The room suddenly felt warm as I felt a hot flush surging through my body.

"So, you want to talk about that?" I said, trying to continue our conversation.

"Yes, I would like to. But not on the phone. Lets talk next week when you get back. And you know its not like there is much to talk about. Just talk. Casually. I mean its not all serious and stuff. "

"I get it. And now that we are talking. Ive been thinking about that too." I said, a little scared as to what would be the reaction.

"Oh. Me too. Hmmm."


There was a long pause. As if we both were thinking of the correct words. Words which would be the most appropriate at this moment. But it was damn tough.

"Ok then. Talk to you later. Good night." he said. This was awkward.

"Ok. Good night." I replied and hung up the phone. This was real awkward. But at least it got me to a conclusion. He missed me. He was feeling lonely in the apartment. Lonely cause he did not invite anyone over. He was waiting for me. And then realisation struck. I was not missing any opportunity of shacking up with guys. This was bad. Akash did not deserve this. I felt disgusted. No matter how platonic Akash made it sound, the fact that it was not at all platonic was easily conspicuous.

My wet body had started to dry up now. And I felt the soapy remains precipitate on my body. In the wake of Akash's phone call, I had lost all sense of it. I unwrapped my towel and threw it on the floor, drained the bathtub and took a quick shower. And Akash never left my mind. He was there when I dried myself up. He was there when I got into the bed. And he was still there till I fell asleep. That tapering body and that sexy voice. That bulge and the feeling of him wrapped in my arms. Melting away as my cock massaged his back.

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