Before starting the second part , I would like to thank all those who mailed me their reviews for the first part . You all have no idea how your emails encouraged me to write the sequel to my story with more zeal .

For all those who have no read the first part , My name is Shahid and this story is one of my wildest fantasies . For further details , read the first part "Shower with my Roommate" .

The following story is a work of fiction . It is solely meant for entertainment purposes . If anyone feels offended by homoerotic literature or homosexuality as a whole , you have come to the wrong place .

I could not believe how my life had turned upside down in the past week . Recalling the chain of events , I couldn't help rubbing my dick over my trousers ,moaning silently ,trying to mentally fuck that hot stud I had for a roommate now. The hot bulge in those red Calvin Klein's , the used condom and the shower . Akash had made me realise that my sexuality had so much more in store for me . All I needed was to surrender to those new feelings which had started to take root in my mind . What I had read in the newspapers , or seen in movies was happening to me and going on with what was happening or what would happen seemed like the only right thing to do . But did Akash feel the same way ? Was he thinking about me right now ? I pondered , still reclined on my office chair . It was a monotonous day at work . Everyone was calm and composed , walking around sophisticatedly , chatting to one another in hushed voices . The atmosphere was calm , totally in contradiction to the state of turmoil in my mind . Trying to flush out all the thoughts in my mind , I opened my eyes and starting working on a few documents . Colleagues waved at me as they passed by and some even stopped to shake hands , exchanging pleasantries .

"Whats going on Shahid ?You haven't been yourself for the past couple of days !" , asked Utkarsh , as he came and sat on the chair next to me. Utkarsha was a cool guy . He worked in the firm as a assistant financial advisor and was the only one who could be called my friend in the whole office . We had a lot of things in common (Though things had changed drastically now ) , and it was always nice chatting with him during the lunch hour . At 5 feet 8 , he had a good physique and a nice bulge . Funny how I had not noticed that bulge before . Or for that matter , I had not noticed men's crotches ever before . My way of describing how a man looks had changed . I noticed he always wore tight fitted pants which made his bulge more conspicuous . I had always thought of him as a guy I could share everything with . But not this . What had happened in my life this time was to be kept to myself . Smiling , I offered him the sandwich I had got for myself from the canteen for lunch .

"What makes you say that man . Im perfectly normal " , i lied , as he looked in my eyes , as if trying to find out what i was hiding . He had put one of his legs on another chair that was lying there and it made his bulge protrude more .This guy is hung .I thought to myself .Akash's cock flashed in my mind . His smooth foreskin and the bulged out veins .

"Anyways . Screw that . Did you hear ? , he said breaking my mental imagery .

"What ? "

"Theres a meeting at the Mumbai main office .A big one .a representative from each branch has been asked to attend .Till yesterday , it was thought that Jairajpuri would be that representative as usual . But his wife' due anytime next week .So while he gets to see his child pop out from his wife's pussy , the firm needs another guy to go there . And rumour has it , the one who will get this opportunity , he might get Jairajpuri's post and Jairajpuri will get transferred " , he said , widening his eyes . Jairajpuri was the firm manager and an eyesore for everyone . The news did not excite me at all . I had other things in mind .Other important things.Things like fucking my roommate with my 7 inch meat balls deep in his ass. I just wanted the day to end so that I could go back to the apartment and make that happen. Utkarsh kept blabbering after that for sometime . When he realised i was in no mood to give a fuck about what he said , he went back to his desk .

"Shahid . My office . NOW !! " , shouted Jairajpuri , a middle aged , half bald son of a bitch . He walked past my desk in a hurry , heading towards his office . He wore a pinstriped suit and his paunch stretched his coat . I wondered if it was him or his wife who was pregnant .

"Aren't you happy ?" , he asked smirking as I entered his office . The room smelled of varnished furniture and cologne . Jairajpuri sat on his big armchair looking like a total douchebag .

"What , sir ?"

"I just got a call from Mumbai . They want you to be the representative for the meeting . Whatever you did . It worked . Had it been my call , I would have sent Ramachandaran . Always thought he was way more professional than you .", he said giving me a stern look . Had it been any other day , I would have done a mental victory dance at that moment . But , it did not matter much that day . Lust overpowered every other emotion . (Or was it just lust !)

"Your flight leaves in 5 hours . Reach the airport by 8 . " ,he continued , "Rest of the details have been mailed to you "

Disgusted , I went back to my desk . The director had thrown a party tomorrow for all the representatives . The meeting was on Monday , another convention on Tuesday and then a couple of days of work there itself . My flight back was on Friday . This meant I had to be away for a week . Away from Akash . I wanted to finish what we had started in the morning that day . But the fucking meeting . I thought to myself . I felt frustrated . Office hours ended at six .I left as soon as possible , hoping to spend some time with Akash before I went .

When I entered the apartment , Akash was not there . The room looked the way I had left it in the morning . Akash had still not returned . I started packing my bag for the "official trip" (as people called it at work) . What was taking Akash so long ? Is Aryaman gay too ? Is it another one of Akash's hookups just like Rishi ? I thought to myself as i threw my clothes into the bag , one after another . All I wanted at that moment was to meet Akash , even if it was just for a short time . I wanted to taste those lips . I wanted to feel his tongue inside my mouth . When I went to fetch my toothbrush from the bathroom , I saw my jockstrap lying on the floor . Akash had pulled it down as we were making out right there . I recalled how he had started to melt in my arms . His moans as I explored his body . The bathroom still smelled sexy and it made me horny just standing there . On the side of the washbasin , I saw Akash's hamper in which kept his dirty clothes . I took out his underwear from it . The one he was wearing in the morning . My dick was hard in my trousers . I brought the underwear close to my nose as i unzipped my trousers , taking my cock out . His underwear smelled of him . I licked the fabric which would have touched his dick as it rested in his underwear . It tasted heavenly . His taste made my breaths deepen and I stroked myself to a climax .When my heartbeat came back to normal , I packed his underwear along with my luggage .

Akash was on mind throughout my journey to Mumbai . I couldn't help thinking what could have happened tonight . But it all had to wait . Oh ! It was a hell of a long wait. When i reached my hotel , it was about two in the morning . I had left a note back in the apartment telling Akash about my whereabouts . Was he craving for my touch too ? just like i was . I thought to myself . He must have read the note till now . Was he upset about me not being there ? Just like I was . I pondered myself to sleep .Next morning , I woke up with a raging hard on . For some time as I lied in the king sized bed , I pressed my dick against the mattress in a rhythm to my pulsating dick . It was about 9 . The Sunday morning in Mumbai was pleasant and sunlight fell on the floor through the large windows in my room .But I did not feel like getting up that day . It was Sunday after all . I imagined what the morning would have been like had I woken up in my apartment . We would have had sex last night . Maybe in the morning , as Akash slept , I would have given him a blowjob , something I had not done till now .I imagined our naked bodies lying curled in bed with my hard dick resting at his ass crack .We would have fucked again in the morning . I thought ,only to give another imagery to get hard about to my dick .I increased the pace with which I was rubbing my dick against the mattress . It felt good . The firm had set me up in a five star hotel . I did not complain . The windows gave me a wonderful view of Marine Drive and the Arabian Sea and the mattress was so spongy that it felt like melted butter .Horny , I removed my briefs and the tank top that I was wearing . Cool air caressed my bare skin as I continued my "dry humping" .

Ding Dong . I heard my room's doorbell .

"Room Service " , I heard someone yell from outside . Groggily , I wrapped myself in the white linen blanket lying at the foot of my bed . Dick still hard , I opened the door .

"Your breakfast ,sir " , said a young guy holding a tray with scrambled eggs , bread , butter and tea . He wore a black suit with a white shirt . His eyes were brown with a greenish tinge and his face was childlike , which made him look no more than 15 . I let him in . He seemed indifferent to what I was wearing . I spread out the blanket on my body to hide my boner . My mind filled with the morning horniness . I stared at the guys' ass as he bent over to place the tray on the coffee table .

"Can you help with something , Mr .... " , I blurted out . making it sound dirty . The increased morning testosterone made me do things which I otherwise would not have dared to do . Heartbeat starting to rise , I stretched the blanket on my crotch , making my boner tent up the blanket .

"My name is Vishal , Sir . " , he said , hesitating a little . I walked over to him and pressed my hands on his shoulders to make him kneel down . Realisation struck him and he kneeled down , staring at the floor . His face inches away from my cock . He was shivering a little . Lust filled my mind as I looked at him , kneeling in front of me , ready for his service .

"Make me very happy , Vishal" , I said as I removed the blanket and threw it on the bed . He looked up . I started rubbing my dick on his face , twisting my nipples with the other hand . He had started rubbing his crotch as well and I could see a bulge form in his pants . When he started licking my dick from the base to the head , I closed my eyes . Breaths deepening , I started caressing Vishal's hair . He had definitely done this before , I thought . His moves were not that of an amateur and he knew all the right places to pay attention to . He licked my balls , taking them in his mouth and sucking on them like a popsicle . Opening his mouth , he tried to take the whole length in , gagging a little . His tongue twisting inside his mouth caressing my dick . He took out his own dick from his pants , giving it long strokes , as it started to fill with blood . He had a long foreskin which hung a little from his cock-head . As he bobbed up and down on my dick , picking up a rhythm , saliva drooling from his mouth all the way down my balls , I started moaning , grabbing his hair tightly . I rubbed my chest , pinching my nipples . Vishal knew how to pleasure a man . My knees started to weaken . I got my dick out of his mouth , enveloped in thick saliva and made him lie down on my bed , positioning his mouth just at its edge . I got on top of him in a 69 position , and started sucking ,a good six inches with a big cock-head . His body shivered each time I came up and my lips touched his cock-head and his back arched . He started moaning . I rammed my dick straight into his throat , and started face fucking him . He gagged a little at first , but perhaps , pleasure was so overpowering than discomfort , that he managed deep-throating . I was on top which made me in charge , so i got into a rhythm . I kept nibbling on his foreskin and balls in between which made him shiver more . As I increased my pace , his toes started curling . as his breaths deepened . Soon enough , his back arched and he let go of my dick .

"Oh fuck , yes " , he moaned as hot jizz filled my mouth spurt after spurt . I kept licking on his cock-head , getting a good taste of his semen . Though he had cum , his dick was still hard . I kept licking it slowly , sucking on it a little .

"This was awesome " , he said and took my dick into his mouth , waiting for me to start fucking his hot mouth once again . I obliged to his demand and started ramming my dick into his mouth , balls deep as I felt tingling in my balls . Vishal started tightening his throat now that his full attention was on sucking my dick , which made me go crazy . I started moaning loudly , my balls striking Vishal's nose . His tightening throat pulled me over the edge a little later and I creamed in his mouth . I knew it was his mouth because , he kept his tongue on my cock-head and made a suction in his mouth . He knew how to play the game . We both lay exhausted on each other , our cocks still in each others mouth .

"Ive sucked many men in this hotel but no one has ever given me a blowjob in return " , he said when we finally got up . He started straightening his clothes as I lay on the bed , my head resting on my arms .

"Pleasure was all mine" , I smiled as our eyes met , "So , you are gay ?"

He smirked .

"It was for money , the first time . My sister needed a new bag for school " , he said , " The fat guy offered me a five thousand for a whole night with him . In this very hotel . I obliged . " . He smiled .

"And Now ? " , I asked . He was silent . My hand went to my wallet lying on the side table .

"I like it now . Even if I don't , It'll be a sin taking money from you , after what you did to me just now ." , he said rubbing his crotch .

"Can you come again tonight ? " , I asked , hesitating a little .

"I'll think about it " , he said in a evil tone as he walked out .

"I'll keep the door unlocked" , I shouted . He left me , naked and exhausted . My dick limp , resting on my leg . The day had only begun .



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