Hi ,My name is Shahid . Im currently a student of Management in The University Of Delhi.

    The following story is a work of fiction . It is meant for entertainment purposes . It is not meant to defame , humiliate or mock any person , place , faith , community whatsoever . If that happens , its completely coincidental .

    This is one of my wildest fantasies .

    It had been six months since I had shifted into a small one bedroom apartment with a attached kitchen and bathroom .Working as a assistant consultant in a small firm in Delhi, I wanted a house closer to my workplace ,so that traveling did not require much time or money and this apartment worked well for me .After paying 10 thousand rupees for it for the past 6 months, I realised that the rent was too much for my 40000 salary and my savings were almost null even when I kept my expenditure to the minimum. So I started searching for a roommate so that we could share the rent and it would be easier for me to save some money (or spend more !) .Many guys turned up but they were too weird or too broke to pay 5 thousand rupees.

    Then one Sunday morning, there was a knock on the door .I was still in my briefs in which I slept every night with a mug of coffee in my hand. I put on a T-shirt before opening the door .

    "Hey , I saw your ad in the newspaper. My name is Akash . "

    "Come on in .My name is Shahid .Sorry this place is a mess .Its a small place. There's a kitchen with all the paraphernalia and a bathroom right there . Would you like to take a tour straightaway ?"

    "cool with me"

    Then realisation struck . I was still in my briefs . But then we were both guys here and he did not seem to mind .I started showing him the apartment.

    Akash was in his earliest 20s (19 .he told me later) wearing a blue polo and khaki trousers .He had perfectly styled jet black hair which were combed back , brown eyes and a chiseled face . the buttons of his polo were open and there was no sign of chest hair . He kept smiling as he told me about himself . He was a arts student in Deshbandhu college that was a half an hour metro ride away .

    "Wont it be too far from your college .You willll have to take the metro all the way ?" ,I asked him as we were standing in the kitchen which had a small window which gave a good view of the marketplace below.

    "Don't worry about that .I have a bike .I was living with a friend till now.But I wanted to get away from that place for some time now . So here I am"

    As I showed him the bathroom,he started looking in the mirror and brushing his hair with his hands .He looked so cute .He had just a stubble for facial hair. As much as I had examined him till now,he looked like a perfect example of a guy who was transitioning from a young boy to a young man .

    "So,this is pretty much it . There are two closets in the room there ill clean up one for you. Anything else you'd like to ask ? " ,I asked getting him out of his trance . I noticed his bubble butt in his tight khakis . He was a piece of work . His chest tapered to a narrow waist and his arms were strong with prominent biceps which were perhaps a result of working out .

    "Frankly, I like this place . the rents 5000 right ? ill take it. Can I shift by Wednesday?"

    "Wednesday sounds good to me." , I said shaking hands with him.

    "I can have friends over right?"

    "Dude, its your apartment too. Suit yourself . " I said which made him smile. I think at that time ,he thought the age difference (which was not much, I was 26) made us obliged to behave formally to each other.

"One more thing .I smoke . Is that ok ?" He asked , smiling uncomfortably.

"No problem . Though it's a bad habit .You should try quitting. I used to smoke in my college days too." I said , making him feel at ease.

"Ok then, Ill be back with my stuff day after tomorrow" He said , as he went outside and I waved him farewell shutting the door behind him.

I finally had a roommate .In three days , Ill be sharing this apartment with a hot college stud . No that I had any feelings for him or for any guy at that time .

I had grown up in a small town with no siblings or cousins . My father was a government school teacher . I went to a boys only school and then to a boys only college . From childhood through puberty , there was no medium through which I could express my sexuality . Just like everyone else I started being a heterosexual and I liked it (or I thought I did). My dad was strict and did not let me hangout with friends too much .Believe me I got to know about how babies came into this world when I was in the 11th standard .I started masturbating when I was in 12th standard(when I first watched porn) and had my first girlfriend in college. So there I was , a straight guy in his mid 20s when I came to Delhi .

At 5 feet 10 , I had a well developed body(I started working out in Delhi) and a 7 inch circumcised dick .Not to boast about myself, but I was a good looking guy .I had had a few girlfriends since I came to Delhi with whom I had gotten lucky many times . In all these years ,homosexuality had been a extraterrestrial thing for me .

On Tuesday , I got an extra key made for him and cleaned up the spare closet . I was excited to finally get a roommate . I cleaned up the room , threw away my spunk socks(old socks which I used .. u got it right !). I had different thoughts in mind . Would we get along ? He seems cool . He is still in college . He must've got a different life .

From the day that I had met him ,glimpses of his face ,his voice , his body kept coming into mind . I kept thinking about him on and off .Along with the workload, I had got no time to jerk off . Neither did horniness struck me . my thoughts for him were totally platonic at that time . Exhausted with all the cleaning up ,no sooner did my head hit the pillow than I fell asleep.

In the morning as I was just getting ready for a shower before going off for work, my doorbell rang .Wrapping myself in a towel, I opened the door and Akash waved to me with a hand that was preoccupied with holding a suitcase

"I took the morning classes off today .Thought I would get over with the shifting as quickly as possible .I don't have much luggage anyways .Sorry did I interrupt" , he said giggling , the last sentence staring at my morning wood which was at half mast. I covered it with my hand , blushing a little.

"Come in .Ive got to take a shower." , I said walking towards the bathroom as he entered dropping his suitcase on the floor," make yourself at home" I said with a smirk and closed the door behind me .

As I soaped up my body , I could hear him open the closet . Then I heard the door open and close .I rinsed off the soap thinking about Akash and his giggle on noticing my bulge . Did he notice it that day too when he first came to the apartment ?? I brushed away all the thoughts . turned off the shower and came out to get a new pair of undies from closet .Call it habit, I did not think twice about walking around naked .It had been almost forever since I had been living alone.


Before I could realie (and a get some briefs on), Akash had walked in. Startled , I covered myself with a t-shirt lying in my closet.

"Dude , i'm changing . could you at least knock."

"The main door was open. And i'm making myself at home .why knock then !" , he said giggling as he stepped out.

When I had got briefs and a shirt on , he came in with a heavy looking cardboard box.

"Sorry about that dude ,I did not know"

"Its alright . Its my fault . Call it habit or anything . "

He smiled and started taking out stuff from his cardboard box.

After giving him the new key, I went off for work .But God it was so difficult concentrating that day, The image of him standing in front of a naked me was too hard to forget .I kept getting boners the whole day . Its been a while since I've jerked off .It'll be tough to jerk off now with another guy in the apartment . I Thought to myself , too horny to realise that I was starting to drool for this guy .

When I reached the apartment, Akash had left a note .. "Going for the evening class . Will be back after 7."

I changed and started working on my laptop . I noticed that Akash had got quite a lot of things in the apartment . His dumbbells rested near his closet on which he had kept his suitcase and two trophies which I supposed he had got for swimming because of the small golden trophy guys which were assumably swimming . On his bedside table , there was his photo with another guy in a frame which was sitting on a novel . A Khaled Hosseini I deciphered. His side of the bed had a small pile of clothes on top of which were lying his underwear. Welcome to being a roommate . I smiled to myself and continued my work .

When he finally let himself in , he was all sweaty and panting as if he had come back running.

"Went to the gym straightaway , how are you ? I got all the things set up . its ok rightt ? i'm not a guy who likes to cook except for the occasional noodles so the kitchens all yours "

"As I said . suit yourself . Im gonna order mughlai tonight . u in ?"

" Sounds great" , he said and removed his t-shirt . As expected he was all smooth inside , small pink nipples were perked up with the workout and two almost perfect abs were clearly visible . Then the trousers came off . He was wearing the shortest blue calvin klein briefs which showed his bulge quite a lot . 6 inch max . I thought to myself giving my 7 inch cock a mental hi-five .

"Ill have what you will have" , He said and went into the bathroom . I ordered the food and till the time he came out of the shower , the nearby mughlai food joint had delivered the food . He was wrapped in his towel and he got a new pair of undies from his closet , came and sat on the bed facing the other side , removed the towel so that only his dick was covered and started wearing it . Now I was not gay at that time , but I could not help but notice the small part of his big bubble ass that was in clear view , his ass crack and as he lifted his leg , one after the other , I could bet on mother earth I got a glimpse of his nutsack . After getting the briefs on (now red calvin klein) , he put on a t-shirt and came and sat on the bed rubbing his hands . cross legged

"Lets eat . Im starving "

Now I repeat I was not gay at that time , but seeing such a hot stud almost naked in front of you got my juices flowing , and my dick was almost half filled with blood . tenting my pajamas . I guess he noticed but started slowly opening the wrapped food .

We ate and chatted about how I got my job . what my work actually was and other stuff . He told me his parents lived in a town nearby and he was the only child just like me . All this while , I was a bit uncomfortable . the chain of events that had happened today made me feel irritated or rather curious . Was it normal ? Was I turned on by this guy ? Here he was sitting right in front of me . just in his briefs . I can see his cock-head . is he cut ? Even his legs are smooth . what was I thinking !!

I brushed away all the thoughts . After dinner , Akash lit up a cigarette turned his back towards me as he lied down on the bed and started texting perhaps . His ass was now in clear view and it did not help at all in finishing the work that was still left over . Horny . I switched off the lights and kept working . Afterwards I removed my t-shirt and my pajamas just like always and lied down . But somehow I couldn't sleep . I kept getting boners . My mind kept flashing images of him walking in on me naked . His sexy butt . His bulge . I couldn't help myself . I went into the bathroom to rub one out . It did not take much time that too without a porno . As I felt the same tingling sensation in my groin rising , with my nuts ready to be emptied , the images of Akash's ass kept flashing in my mind . one two three . 7 ropes of white thick cum came out of my dick making my heartbeat rise and my muscles twitch . Exhausted , I cleaned up the mess and went back to bed.

What was wrong with me ! . I had never thought like this about a guy . What was so special in Akash that made me lust for me . I had no idea . of course he was good looking . But a good looking guy never got me boned up . With these thoughts I went to bed .

Next morning I woke up at 6 just like always . Akash was still sleeping . he had his back to me . Oh what a pleasant view I had to wake up to. I thought to myself and then felt disgusted for feeling that way . I had not yet got comfortable with the new feelings that were erupting in my mind .

Last nights jerk off had not made me any less horny . In fact , the idea of jerking off with Akash in the apartment somehow felt very erotic to me .

After working out in the gym, I came back all sweaty .Akash was still sleeping . Before hitting the shower today , I made sure I had my new underwear in the bathroom beforehand along with a towel so that yesterdays incident never repeated itself . Now all cleaned up , I dried myself , wore my briefs before coming out of the bathroom and made myself a cup of coffee .

Akash was now lying on his back with his hands under his head . his t-shirt was pulled up and the bulge from his morning wood made quite a tent in his tight briefs . As I sipped my coffee , I couldn't help but imagine this hot young guy without these tight briefs . Maybe I was wrong about his dick size . it seemed quite big now that he was hard . If his briefs slid down even a inch , his cock-head could easily be visible .

"Good morning roomie", He said groggily breaking my chain of thoughts . I quickly stopped staring at his crotch and went back to sipping my coffee hoping he did not notice .

"Good morning dude . Don't you have college today ?"

"Oh fuck yes " , he said , getting up and stretching himself a bit . Now if his bulge seemed big when he was sleeping , it looked bigger now . The tent stretched the fabric . I was wrong . its definitely bigger than a 6 . 8 probably . I thought to myself as he ran towards the bathroom to get ready .

10 minutes later I heard him call my name .

"Yes Akash , what happened ?"

"I left my towel outside . could you grab it for me " , he shouted and I saw the bathroom door open and out came his wet hand

I picked up his towel . it smelled of him . As I reached the door , I got a whiff of his shampoo mixed up with his own man scent . It was very erotic . My dick was half hard now coz admit it there was too much happening around me to turn me on . My half hard dick tented against the briefs . I gave him the towel . This guy turned me on . By now , I had got to a silent agreement with myself . And this scared me . If he found out , he'd definitely freak . I thought to myself .

But for now . I had more important things to deal with . Before Akash came out of the bathroom just in his towel , I had changed into my office clothes so that my bulge was not so prominent now . Akash's bulge on the other hand was very much prominent in his towel . One could easily see the margin of his hard dick , going all the way down to end in a big cock-head .

"Im leaving . See you in the evening" , I said and stormed out . I could not bear being in the same room with that guy . I couldn't get the image of his bulge out of my mind . His bubble butt . His perky nipples . My dick did not go down throughout the day . Akash had become one of my wildest fantasies . And I had no idea what I would do about it . I tried concentrating on my work , and decided I wont go home early that night .

It was my own way of handling the situation . I was trying to stay away from him as much as possible .

At about 11 , when I reached the apartment , Akash was sitting on the bed wearing a tank-top and briefs studying . He had his spectacles on which added to the cuteness . And all my plans to stay away from this guy went down the drain .Once again , my mind was filled with his images . I couldn't help staring at him.

"I have a Exam tomorrow . Do you mind if I keep the lights on tonight"

"No problem " , I said and starting removing my office clothes into a tank-top of my own and pajamas . I planned on sleeping early so that I had to interact less with him . After working on laptop for some time , I switched it off and removed all my clothes except my underwear (boxer briefs that day) . Akash was trying to study very seriously that day . He had his back to the wall and his legs pulled into his body which made his small (extra large when hard) package prominent in his briefs . He looked damn sexy with his flexed biceps and the full rimmed spectacles . I lied down with his thoughts in my mind and fell asleep . I had a wet-dream that night . My legs were pulled up exposing my asshole and I was being rimmed by a guy whose face was hard to identify . My dick was at full mast and the movements of his tongue made me moan . It felt like his tongue was deep in my gut . there was no specific point at which the dream ended .

What I remember is when I woke up in the morning , my briefs were filled with jizz that had now dried . Akash was lying on his chest with his head resting on his books . The waistband of his underwear was stretched and his ass crack was once again very clearly visible .It was 8 . I was going to be late for work . I thought . No gym today . I went straight into the bathroom . removed my briefs and started brushing my teeth . When I was taking a shower . Akash called from outside .

"Shahid , I really have to pee . And I'm getting late for my exam . "

Scared . Anxious . Horny . Curious . All at the same time . I shouted , "Im taking a shower bro . It'll take time"

"No no no . No time . let me in . Ill pee and brush till the time you take a shower" , he said sounding worried . This exam really was an important one .

Now that I had come to terms with my new feelings , I did not give a second thought to letting him in . But not like that . It had to sound genuine .

"Are you mad ? . Wait for some time"

"Dude try to understand . Its eight twenty now . I have to reach by eight forty five .This exams really important." , he said knocking the door a little.

I unlocked the door . My heart pumping fast . Dick now at its full 7 inches . I continued taking my shower . He entered . The tank top was gone now and he was just in his briefs . He started peeing . I had my back to him . But if he looked in the mirror , he could get a good view of my ass . As he peed , I caught the first glimpse of his dick . It was uncut . His foreskin was pulled back to expose a pink cock-head . He had a little morning wood but his dick was still small . I wondered how it got so big when he was hard .

He started brushing his teeth now looking in the mirror . And I kept looking back from time to time . I was taking my time in the shower . soaping up my body . Giving more attention to my dick which was hidden from Akash . It was obvious that he was in a hurry but I could swear on anything that he kept staring at me through the mirror on and off . It was god damn hot for me . And it did not take long that my dick exploded . In just two strokes. 8 ...9..10.. ropes of cum splattered on the floor . It was one of the most awesome orgasms I'd ever had . I had to suppress my moans . After I got back to my senses , I started rinsing away the soap slowly so as to give my roommate a good show .

"Are you done ? I have to take a shower too ." , he said impatiently looking the other away as if he had not once looked towards me the whole time .

Completely rinsed , I walked towards the towel which was hanging beside the mirror as he walked towards the shower . He got full view of my dick which was half hard now . I wrapped my towel and went out to get ready . What had just happened made me feel dizzy . It was a little unexpected . Not the incident but my reaction to the whole incident . I was attracted to this guy . Sexually . I wanted him . I wanted his dick deep in my throat . I wanted to pound his ass and cum inside him . I had never felt like that for a guy before . But he was different . This was different.

As I was wearing my tie . Akash got out in the same underwear he had worn to sleep, Changed hastily and we both left the apartment at the same time .

If what had happened in the past two days had got me preoccupied during office hours , that days incident made me totally incapable of concentrating on work. There was a meeting to attend and papers to be reviewed but all I had in mind was a clear yellow fluid flowing out a pink cock-head , perky nipples and a smooth bubble butt .

I had to do something about it . I thought to myself . I'm going to get mad . If I have to stay around Akash one more day , Im gonna get mad .I have to tell him what I feel . But he'll freak out and leave the apartment and I cant afford that . But why not !!! it'd been less than a week that I had met the guy but I already felt a bond form between us . The day went by . I even checked his Facebook account where he had posted his pictures . Bare-chested on the beach with his friends . I wondered what was so special in this guy which made me yearn for him so much .

Still trying to get comfortable with my feelings, I went to my apartment . But the door was locked from the inside . This was odd . Akash had never locked it from inside till now . I knocked . After almost a minute , Akash opened the door .He was wearing a pair of pajamas and a tank-top . His hair were unkempt which was unlikely .

"I have company . I hope you don't mind." , he said in a hushed voice as I entered .

A guy in his mid 20's was sitting on a chair next to Akash's side table . He wore a wrinkled shirt which looked like it had been tucked in a hurry and

"Rishi , meet my roommate Shahid" , said Akash and I went towards Rishi to shake his hand and I noticed that Rishi was barefoot and his shoes were lying on the floor .

"Akash has told me a lot about you." , said Rishi , giving me a gap-toothed smile.

"Rishi is an old friend of mine " , said Akash as he climbed up on the bed and lit up a cigarette . His pajamas were tight and he was apparently free-balling that day .

"Look at the time ... I must leave now . Thank you for the dinner Akash . And nice to meet you too Shahid" , said Rishi and started getting his shoes on . There was a look of haste and fear on his face . And in no time , he was gone .

I changed into my pajamas and got onto the bed . Akash had lit up another cigarette and he was busy in his mobile phone messaging perhaps.

"So , how was your test?" , I asked

"It was ok . Thank God I reached on time .Sorry for troubling you in the morning . You see I'm not a morning person ." , he said and the mornings incident flashed in my mind .

"It ok . Don't worry about that Man . I take time getting ready in the morning and u have to get ready too . I totally get it"

"Sorry for making you feel uncomfortable . I mean . that day . I walked on you changing and then today"

"That day", I laughed ," anyone would've freaked out . And today was no big deal . we are both guys . There's nothing to hide . " , I said which made him smile . He felt comfortable now I guess .

"I am going to hit the sack early tonight " , he said and removed his tank-top , turned off his bedside lamp and lied down , closing his eyes .

I took out the file that needed some work . As I turned the pages , I saw a "Akash" scribbled inside a dick by me today in the office .I had been in a trance and it was nothing but Akash's fuck-stick that I had had in mind.

Smiling , I took out the page , crushed it and threw it into the trashcan.

"Shit" , I exclaimed a minute after doing so .There was some important data printed on the same page which I had thrown away and it needed to be retyped and reprinted. Frustrated now , I started searching for the paper in the trashcan .

"Holy Shit !!" , I almost screamed . On top of the used wrapping foils (Akash had ordered food) , there was lying a used condom . The open end was tied into a knot . Hands now shaking , I picked it up and went to the bathroom . My dick now rock hard and pulsating , I untied the knot and held the condom to my nose . The cum in it was still warm . I took out my dick and started jerking off to the smell of cum . And as I reached a climax , and my legs started twitching , everything started getting clear in my head. I shot rope after rope of hot cum onto the bathroom wall.

"They had sex" , I whispered , panting . It all started playing again and again in my mind . the uncombed hair , wrinkled shirt , the look of discomfort on Rishi's face . But whose cum was it . I thought , getting my tongue deep into the latex opening . What I tasted was sweet and warm and salty . Excited and with a million thoughts running in my mind now , I tied the condom up again , threw it back into the trash , picked up the crushed paper I was actually looking for and went back to work . My heart was beating fast as I continued turning the pages of the file . The taste of that sweet man milk lingered on my tongue . I kept looking at the now asleep Akash from time to time . He was lying on his back now and his pajamas showed a massive bulge . His navel was of the cutest shape with no traces of a treasure trail . He had fucked or had been fucked on this very bed . I thought and a shiver went down my spine . This was not the way I thought things were going to turn out . After completing my work , I removed my pajamas and went to sleep .

In the morning , I woke up to a raging morning wood and utmost horniness . Akash had a morning wood too . His pajamas made his hard dick slide all the down his thigh and it appeared like a third leg . I kept looking at him for sometime , pressing my morning wood against my briefs . Reluctantly , I gave up the idea of jerking off . Changing into my jockstrap in the room itself so that if Akash woke up he could easily get a view and I could look very innocent about it , I wore my gym shorts after brushing my teeth getting a little freshened up and went to the gym . My dick was not in any mood to go down and I had to adjust it all the time . Akash had raised the level of my sexual appetite I guess . Guys in the gym noticed my bulge and it made me uncomfortable (and a bit more hard) . Returning to my apartment , I felt hungry . Akash had woken up and was nowhere to be seen .It was still 0730 and I had enough time before going to work . Famished , I went out to get some breakfast . Once back, I removed my gym shorts and t shirt which was all sweaty , went into the bathroom to take a shower and I saw Akash standing in front of the mirror trimming his stubble.

"Shit , you scared me" , he exclaimed .He was just wearing his briefs and he looked like the sexiest thing anyone would want to run into in a bathroom. I realised I was just in my jockstrap and my dick was half-hard .

"Sorry , the door was half open . I didn't know ."

"I left it open on purpose . We talked about it last night . didn't we ! Its cool . If you want to take a shower , go ahead . Saturdays a day off from college so I went to the gym in the morning . ", he said , as he checked if the trim was all even .

"No its cool . I still have time before I head for work ." , I said and walked out and cursed myself for doing so later . I could not go in again now . I thought to myself and made myself a cup of coffee . Horny to the extreme , I started thinking of ways to go in while he was showering . So that at least I could get a glimpse of that ass . My cock hurt in the confines of my jockstrap . I tried to get my erection down as much as I could . I could hear the shower running now .

    Heart beating rapidly , I walked in and there he was looking like a Greek God . His broad back tapered to a bubble butt , which looked just the way I had imagined it . Hairless and voluptuous . He looked indifferent by the fact that I had walked in . Acting very normal , I started brushing my teeth (again) . My eyes were stuck on his ass .Water was running down his ripped body and as it reached his buttocks , it streamed down in between the two perfect orbs that he had for buttocks , all the way down to his perineum. Akash kept turning his head sideways . He himself was getting a good view of my bare buttocks . My hands were shaking and it felt like my heart will jump out of my bosom . I took my time brushing my teeth and got an eyeful of my roommate as he lathered up his body . It felt like the hottest , sexiest scene watching him shower but if I stayed any longer , he could start getting suspicious . But hardly had I closed the bathroom door behind me when I heard his voice .

    "Shahid . Can you come in for a second ?" , he exclaimed and my heart almost skipped a beat.

    My face flushed as I went inside once again and saw him standing with his front to the wall .

    "My arms are very sore with all the working out . I cant reach my back . Do you mind ?" , he said to the wall waving the soap at me .

    Here I was , standing in my jockstrap and the guy who had turned me gay , who was the sexiest guy I had ever seen ,who could get my dick hard with just a move of that ass , standing in front of me , au naturel .

    "Oo . ok " , I said trying my level best to sound cool . He had not turned his face towards me even once or he could have easily seen my raging boner trying to tear away my jockstrap . I took the soap from him and with shivering hands , touched his body for the very first time . He stood like a baby who was being bathed by his mother . This was my chance . I thought . The horny me speaking in my head . As I soaped his back , I started going down towards his buttocks and moved closer to him. Oh how I wanted to lick that butt-hole which was hidden between those orbs . My dick was inches from his body . My horniness had overcome my fear . I started soaping his buttocks .

    "Fuck" , he said in a sexy voice followed by a moan . He was liking it . I smiled and pulled him closer to me . It was as if he had started to melt inside my arms . I saw that his dick was hard . A fucking 8 inches with low hanging big balls . I ran my hands on his soap covered body pinching his perky nipples . He moaned again and this time rubbed his ass against my rock hard dick . I grabbed his ass and turned him so that he could face me now and our lips meet . His hands had started exploring my body , one on my ass and the other pushing my head deep into his . Our tongues started exploring each others mouths as the kiss went on for what seemed like eternity . I started stroking his dick which made him moan . I opened the shower and water started falling on our bodies , washing the soap off . Akash pulled my jockstrap down and it fell to the floor . The next thing I knew , his hands were all over my dick , stroking it and rubbing my balls all the way down the perineum . His touch made me lose control and I pulled his mouth deeper into mine . When we finally broke our kiss , I saw his dick for the very first time (without the soap) . It was a piece of art . He had a small silky bush for pubic hair and his balls hung low .

    "You're so fucking hot" , I exclaimed and pushed him closer to me nibbling at his neck as pinched my nipples and ran his hands on my ass .

    With water flowing down our body , Akash pushed me against the wall and kneeled down . I closed my eyes and I felt warmth around my dick . I got hold of Akash's hair and slowly pushed his head all the way down . He was used to this I guess cause he didn't gag and I got balls deep into his mouth . The warmth was overwhelming .

    "Oh fuck ,this is awesome" , I exclaimed looking at him , as our eyes met . He started his magic and the room was filled with my moans . His tongue licked the whole length of my fuck stick as he sucked it up and down . In between Akash would take it out and lick it like a dog licks a bone , with his eyes looking at me trying to figure out which of his moves particularly made my eyeballs roll back . I was in total bliss as I pushed my dick deeper into his tight throat . Each time my cock head came out of his throat , it pushed me one step towards the climax and my toes curled up . My balls started tightening and I arched my back with a familiar tingling feeling building up in my dick as it swelled up more in the confines of Akash's mouth . His hands were holding to my buttocks pushing me into his mouth .One of his fingers found my asshole and he poked it . This sent me over the edge and I held on to his hair , balls deep in his mouth and I shivered each time my muscles contracted . Akash like a faithful servant looked into my eyes , as if satisfied by seeing the pleasure in my eyes . I emptied what felt like buckets of cum in his throat . The orgasm was so powerful that my legs felt very weak . When I took out my dick , Akash climbed up holding me by the waist and we started kissing again . This time my hands were searching for his butt-hole as my tongue explored his mouth which now tasted of cum . My own cum .

    Ting Ding!!! Bang Bang!!

Someone was at the door . We broke our kiss reluctantly .

    "Just a sec" , I shouted as I came out of the bathroom . I put on the gym shorts and T-shirt that was still lying on the bed hastily and opened the door .

    "Hey , You must be Shahid . Hi , My name is Aryaman . I'm Akash's friend . Do you have any idea where he is ? We had plans . He asked me to come outside his building at quarter to nine . Its nine now and he's not even picking up his phone " , said Aryaman , looking over my shoulder inside the apartment .

    "He's taking a shower . Why don't you wait downstairs . It wont take long now ", I said sounding normal . He seemed convinced and nodded . I closed the door and sighed in relief . Akash came out of the bathroom , looking exhausted . He must have heard our conversation . Hastily , he changed into a new pair of briefs , (As he raised his leg to wear it , his balls and dick dangled like gems ) put on a T-shirt and a blue jeans . His still looked exhausted but his eyes had a different twinkle when he looked at me . No words were exchanged . With a loud thud , he closed the door behind him and was gone .

    A little late . I reached my office and reclined on my chair . My mouth had a taste of his kiss . I did not take another shower after that so my cock was still covered in his spit . It had dried now but it felt different . Just the way I liked it .

    Part 2 coming soon . Hope you liked it . Email me your reviews at [email protected]



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