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It took all of Ray's concentration and restraint to not jump at him and ravage his sexy body as he looked at him from across the counter.

Seeing him interacting with his customers, watching him scribble on Order Forms and Official Receipts, lusting over his biceps and muscled arms as they bulged and flexed while he carried the items to their designated buyers - the visuals made Ray drool with primeval lust.

Ray watched as he finished transaction after transaction, always starting it with a polite greeting and ending it with a genuine smile that could tent a man's pants out. 'Well, it sure did tent mine.' Ray thought darkly.

"Number 13?" He heard him rasp in his deep, husky voice.

"Here!" Ray answered ecstatically with a flourish of the hand, holding the laminated piece of card with the number 13 printed on it.

Ray watched as the guy acknowledged his presence and sauntered the few steps towards him. Ray's heart beat faster than it has ever had, pounding against his rib cage, as the guy neared.

Ray couldn't help but notice his body. If someone would ask him to describe the guy in one word, he knows he would be shouting 'pornographic' before that someone could even finish his question.

For Ray, the guy was the husband that almost everyone never had. He was the dream boat that took off long before one had a chance at it for a ride. He was the epitome of virility and masculinity. He was the man of everybody's dreams and fantasies.

The guy stepped before Ray and because they were separated by the counter, he can only gape at the guy's upper torso - which, by all means, was more than enough to make Ray's little dick shiver and throb with heated anticipation and his balls to work producing cock juice overtime.

"Good morning! I'm Jordan Rogers," the guy greeted Ray with a smile that melted his flexible gymnast's legs.

'His teeth are perfect. His lips are perfect. Hell, I even saw a glimpse of his tongue and it even looked perfect to me!' Ray thought excitedly.

"How may I help you, Sir?"

It took all of Ray's focus and concentration to utter a reply. "Um . . . I'm Ray Thornton. I, uh, need one of those resistor thingies that you got . . ." he managed to reply, then added, "It's for my television."

"And do you have the specific descriptions for one of those "resistor thingies" that you want?" Jordan replied playfully.

That made Ray laugh. Jordan grinned; flashing those pearly-whites at him again.

"Well, uh, Bobby – that's my repair man - referred me this," Ray said as he handed Jordan a piece of paper where the details, a combination of letters and numbers, about the resistor that should be bought was written. "He said I can get them here."

Jordan reached over the counter for the paper and, for a moment, their fingers touched. It brought tingles all over Ray's skin. That touch didn't seem to faze Jordan, though, but as for Ray, he was shaking with pure lust and ecstasy.

'GOD! What was Kellan fucking Lutz doing in a place like this!?' Ray thought, 'He should be at home, with me worshipping his body!'

Jordan looked at the words scribbled and said, "Oh, I need to check first if we have this type of resistor. They're one of the old types and we don't put them on display anymore. I need to visit the storage room and see if we still have some of 'em stocked somewhere. Do you mind? It'd take at least . . . ten minutes . . ."

"Oh, it's okay." Ray lied breathlessly. "I can wait. I'm in no rush." Actually, he was already fifteen minutes late for his dance class. But, he thought, 'I can definitely spare another thirty freaking minutes if gawking at this hunk of a man was the consequence.'

"Good," Jordan said, "Well, you can wait inside while I skip into the stock room and find one of those "resistor thingies" you were looking for."

"Oh, enough with the "resistor thingies" already!" Ray groaned with a blush and a chuckle.

"Okay," Jordan smiled and turned around, "then, follow me."

Ray followed him. He got out of the counter and turned to a door at the back part of the store. As Jordan's butt came into view, Ray could only think, 'Shit! I'm totally gay!' As they got through the door, Ray saw another door which had "Stock Room" plastered across its front.

"So . . . you can sit here," Jordan said, offering a not-so-comfortable-looking chair for him to sit on. "And I'll be out in ten."

Ray sat down and waited. As five minutes turned to ten, and as ten minutes turned to twenty, he became restless. "What's taking him?" He grumbled anxiously as he decided to get in the room and look for Jordan.

So, as you have guessed, he no longer waited and entered the Stock Room with so much as a knock.

Eerily, it was like a library inside. The stock room was lined with eight-foot high shelves but instead of books, it housed different types of devices used for electrical and mechanical purposes. The place was dimly lit by incandescent bulbs hanging here and there and the heat circulating the room was unbelievable. He was starting to perspire.

"Hello." he called out sheepishly.

But there was no reply. A thought suddenly passed through Ray's overactive brain. He thought that he was in a horror movie and he was in a scary-looking room looking for one of his friends when, suddenly, a monster comes and gets him.

A shiver ran down his spine. 'That's what you get for watching those thriller/suspense movies!' he internally scolded himself.

He just laughed at his over-fatigued brain and moved on to the next hallway.

"Jordan, are you in here?" He called again in a feeble voice.

His heart fluttered as he made his way through the shelves. And as he turned the last corner, an arm grabbed him by the waist and slammed him to the nearest wall, pushing his face against some pipelines. He could distinctly feel something sharp poking his ribs.

"Move a muscle and suffer the consequences, boy." he heard a low growl from his captor.

"Please. What are you doing?" he whimpered with fear, and turning his head as much as possible, he asked, "Jordan? Jordan, is that you?"

"You wanna know something, boy? I don't like thieves!" the man hissed as he slammed his weight and pushed Ray harder onto the wall. "And you're fucking one of them, aren't you?"

"No!" he pleaded, "I'm not a thief! I was just trying to find-"

"SILENCE!" He growled.

Ray whimpered like a dog as I heard the ferocity in the man's voice.

Jordan chuckled darkly.

"Thieves like you should be punished." His words brought chills down Ray's spine.

He whimpered once again.

"Yeah, that's right! Whimper like the thieving bitch that you really are!"

"Please, Jordan. I'm not a thief! You've got to let me go!" he pleaded once more, making his gymnast's frame overpower Jordan's wrestler's build, to no avail.

"SHUT UP, BITCH!" Jordan snapped and he slapped Ray's face with his mighty palm. Ray could feel the heat of the sting where Jordan's hand connected with his skin. Holding Ray's neck, he said, "Put your hands up above your head."

"What?" Ray mustered through teary eyes.

"You fucking heard me!" Jordan barked. "I said put your fucking hands up above your fucking head!"

Ray quickly complied, fearing Jordan would hit him again. With that, Jordan reached for Ray's shirt and easily ripped it off his body like it was just a piece of paper. Ray was now half naked; pinned to the wall by a hulk of a sexy guy.

'Shit! What have I gotten myself into? In other circumstances, I would've been ecstatic, but now all that I can feel is fear. Fear that Jordan would hurt me. His size compared to mine is scary. He could easily snap me into two if he wanted and no one would know.' Ray thought anxiously.

"Yeah, that's right, bitch! Show me those titties!" Jordan hissed.

Hmmm . . . Ray suddenly found Jordan's words odd.

"Yeah." Jordan hissed as he grabbed both of Ray's nipples from behind and twisted them hard.

"AAAARGGGHHH!!!!!" Ray screamed at the sudden torture.

"Yeah, scream like a bitch! That's right, scream!" Jordan chuckled at the pain that he was giving Ray.

Then the most unexpected thing happened. At first, Ray thought Jordan was just adjusting his stance behind him, but then Ray realized - Jordan was gyrating his hips in a measured tempo. 'He's humping me.' Ray thought. And now that he thought of it, he can definitely feel Jordan's concealed rock hard manhood pressing along his lower back. 'Shit! He liked what was happening.' That idea made Ray shiver, and caused his fear-induced cock to fill in with blood and come back to life.

Another twist of his thick, calloused hands on Ray's nipples and another rock hard hump on his butt crack made Ray involuntarily moan.

"Oh, yeah! Moan, bitch!" Jordan snarled, "You're liking this aren't you?"

Ray just moaned as he felt Jordan's lips travel from his naked shoulder to his exposed neck.

"Answer me, bitch!" Jordan growled at his ear. Ray felt Jordan's stubble grazing his skin, sending shivers along his spine.

"Uh-huh." Ray heard himself moan.

"I knew it." Jordan said. "As soon as I saw you looking at me with your little dick tent, I knew you were a bitch! Ain't that right, my dirty, little bitch?"

"Mmmm, yeah . . ." Ray replied as he laid his head onto one of Jordan's massive shoulders. Ray felt Jordan's tongue licking the contours of his neck again. "Mmmm, Jordan . . . Yeah . . ."

"You're a bitch, alright!" Jordan snapped as he ground his straining cock onto Ray's twitching inexperienced ass. "Now . . . it's time for your punishment."

With a snap of a button and a swipe with the zip, Ray's shorts fell to the ground with a thud. Ray heard him fumble with his belt buckle and soon he felt his jeans tumble at his feet. And then Jordan pressed his near-naked body onto Ray's equally naked one. Ray heard him moan as their skin collided. "You're so hot, you know that, Ray?"

Ray just moaned. He seems to be incapable of speech as he felt Jordan's muscles dancing across his back. 'Fuck! Jordan was hard and compact!' he thought.

Then, Ray felt Jordan's hands grasping the waistband of his briefs. He tugged it down and finally Ray was naked. Jordan backed away for a bit to shed his awfully tented boxers and he grabbed Ray's butt cheeks with his meaty palms and spread them apart.

"OH, shit! You've got a nice ass, baby! Good enough to fuck!" He chuckled as he kneaded the muscles. "You like to get fucked don't you?"

"No . . ." Ray shivered, "I'm not-"

"Gay?" Jordan cut in and he heaved with laughter, his abs rippling across Ray's back. "Of course, you are, bitch! Don't tell me you don't like this?!"

And with that, Jordan slammed one of his thick, meaty fingers into Ray's asshole. Ray shrieked with the pain. Jordan twisted his nipple as he brutally fingered Ray's hole.

"No, please! It hurts. OHHHH, GOD! Please! Jordan, it hurts!" Ray pleaded as Jordan rammed his mighty digit in and out of him.

"Oh, so you're not only a thief, you're also a fucking liar, too!" Jordan growled in his ear and continued to ravage his asshole. "Feel that, bitch? That's nothing compared to what's coming next!" And Jordan laughed at him. With his free hand, Jordan slapped Ray's ass cheeks with such force that his knees almost buckled up. He continued whimpering for release but his cries only charged Jordan's desires to degrade and humiliate him further. Jordan pushed his finger in Ray, as deep as he could, and Ray groaned with the painful pleasure surging throughout his rectal passage as the finger grazed his prostate repeatedly. Ray gripped the protruding pipes running along the damp wall before him. 'Fuck, he's got such a thick finger! Mine never felt as good as his!' Ray moaned involuntarily as Jordan released it from the tight confines of Ray's anus.

"God, Ray, you're fucking tight!" he groaned breathily on Ray's ear. Ray heard him spew thick globules of spit and he felt it slithering down his ass cheeks, down towards his raw, puckering ass hole, lubricating it. Massaging Ray's ass hole with his fingers, Jordan whispered in his ear. "You should've just left, Ray. You don't want me in you."

Ray's forehead knotted in confusion. 'What does he mean with that?' Ray didn't have the chance to ask him, though. Jordan was already pushing three of his calloused fingers in him, pushing against the resisting muscles lining his anal ring. Jordan pushed it in, then out again - all three of them - at the same time. Jordan held Ray's waist with his free arm and pushed him further into the wall.

"GOD!" Ray screamed through gritted teeth. He gripped the pipes tighter as his face rippled with pain and anguish. He took a heavy breath and resisted the urge to scream - to tell Jordan to stop - and to get out of there. He wanted the pain to stop. He wanted it badly to stop.

But, why wasn't his body following what his brain was commanding? 'Why am I not pushing this man away? Why am I letting him take away my innocence?' He thought confusedly. 'What the hell is happening to me?'

"Jordan, please," Ray gasped, his face flushed with blood, his hands ghostly-white from gripping the pipes too tightly. "I still haven't."

Those three words made Jordan stop, his fingers deep in Ray's anus. But, he didn't back away. He didn't take his lips from Ray's neck. Ray was sure that the sweat on his skin was thick, salty. But, Jordan continued kissing them anyway.

"Do you realize," Jordan rasped in a deep, sexy voice, "that you've just made me happier, Ray?"

Ray didn't reply, but he thought, 'I haven't. I said that and he was glad? FUCK!'

"Jordan." his name came out of Ray's mouth with too much emotion it brought Jordan back to his senses. His fingers came alive again. His kisses fluttered along Ray's skin. His muscles ground hardly against Ray's. And for the first time since Ray came into that room, he was alive. Ray turned around, so swiftly, that Jordan only had time to gasp before Ray was surrendering to his lust and was attacking him with his mouth. Jordan moaned against his lips as they kissed. Ray's hands were touching every inch of Jordan's muscular back, his thick neck, his ridged abs, his wide pectorals. Ray covered them with kisses, licked them, and sucked on them. Jordan moaned louder, Ray was worried that someone might hear, so, he returned to his mouth, muffling Jordan's moans of ecstasy.

While they kissed, Ray wrapped his legs around Jordan's sturdy hips and Jordan gripped them, balancing them, realizing what Ray had wanted - what Ray had longed for. Without looking, Ray groped for Jordan's manhood and guided it to his awaiting hole.

"Oh, shit!" They both gasped as Jordan's cockhead penetrated the shallower part of Ray's ass hole. "OH FUCK! OH SHIT!" Ray added loudly, for a moment forgetting his concern about the people that might be standing outside.

'Shit, he's big!' Ray's mind screamed. He was so buried in his lust he never even noticed and considered how Jordan's cock would affect him. It was fucking thick, jutting out ten or more inches from his pelvic region. Ray never felt a tool this big. 'And this would be your fucking first!' Ray's subconscious yelled at him.

To take his mind off the horrible pain, Ray wrapped his arms around Jordan's neck, gripping its muscles as Jordan continued his way inside of him. Jordan didn't even stop when Ray groaned for him to, ignoring his pleas.

"Remember that I didn't put it in there, Ray." Jordan remarked, toying, as he growled, Ray's anus gripping and releasing his cock.

Jordan pushed Ray's back against the wall as his last inches disappeared inside Ray and he paused as he caught his breath.

Ray stroked Jordan's sweat-soaked hair when Jordan muttered sweet words of pleasure into his ears. "Ray." he whispered, looking into Ray's eyes.

Momentarily, Ray nodded.

Jordan beamed as he pulled himself out of Ray - stopping only when his head was almost out. Ray gasped at the empty feeling overwhelming him. He wrapped his legs tighter around Jordan, afraid that he would go. Jordan noticed this and he smiled again as he pushed himself into him, filling him with the warmth that, seemingly, only Jordan could give. Ray moaned with ecstatic delight.

Ray pulled Jordan into him. Deeper and deeper.

Jordan pushed himself in. Harder and harder.

He moaned with the pleasure that Ray's tight, virgin passage was giving him.

With great concentration, Ray forced his anal walls to tighten up more.

Jordan gasped as he threw his head back, ecstasy pouring out of his mouth. "Oh shit! RAY!" he hissed Ray's name as he pounded him faster - faster than the beating of their hearts - faster and deeper and harder.

"Oh, Jordan! Yeah! JUST LIKE THAT!" Ray's fingers explored every part of Jordan's torso. He was gripping and scratching Jordan's body as he pummeled and punched his dick inside Ray. He was fucking him so hard it felt to Ray like the wall behind them would break down any second.

"Fuck me, Jordan!" Ray screamed while he was whimpering on Jordan's neck. "BREED ME, BABY!"

"Oh, yeah, Ray! I'm fucking your virgin asshole!" He spread Ray's butt farther and pushed himself further in emitting a long howl of pleasure from Ray. "I'm gonna fuck you two new more assholes, baby! And I'm gonna get you pregnant!"

"OH, YEAH!" Ray groaned loudly when Jordan concentrated on pounding his love nut.

Jordan accelerated his hip movements - moving his cock in different motions - touching and covering as much of Ray's asshole as possible.

"YEAH, JORDAN! FUCK ME LIKE A MAN, YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!" Ray screamed, pulling at Jordan's hair as his ass was brutally fucked.

"YOU WANNA GET FUCKED, YOU FUCKING BITCH?!" Jordan repeatedly slammed home as the words came harshly out of his mouth, "YOU WANNA GET FUCKED BY A MAN, HUH?"

"OH, YEAH!" Ray yelled with delirium.

"YOU WANNA GET FUCKED LIKE THIS!?" Jordan slammed harder, his balls banging the wall behind Ray.

"OH, GOD! YEAH! BREED ME, YOU FUCKING STUD!" Ray exclaimed, enjoying the exquisite feeling of Jordan's monster cock raping him.

Jordan kept fucking Ray for almost an hour, and they continued their act of passion until the inevitable came. As imminent as death, their orgasms finally arrived.

"OH, GOD! I'M CUMMING!" Jordan groaned as his thrust doubled in intensity, making Ray yell with pain.


Then, it hit. The two of them screamed at the intensity of their orgasms. With Jordan's thrusts moving against Ray's contracting anal walls, thick loads of cum erupted from his rock hard manhood, covering their slithering torsos with the sticky fluid. Likewise, with Ray's anal walls squeezing his highly sensitive manhood, Jordan's cock exploded deep within Ray's ravaged asshole, sending his hot, thick babymakers deep into his gut.

Ray sagged on Jordan's torso when their orgasms subsided, their breathing heavy and deep. Jordan was on his knees, with Ray sitting on his lap - his cock still lodged deeply in Ray's asshole. Sweat, the product of the hot surroundings and the result of their intense lovemaking, trickled down their sated torsos.

Jordan chuckled once and he cupped Ray's face and engaged him in a passionate kiss, his tongue sliding into the deepest parts of Ray's hungry mouth. Ray responded quickly, loving the way Jordan's soft lips moved against his. Their fingers explored each other's bodies once again, soothing the muscles underneath. They stopped kissing five minutes later.

"God, that felt amazing." Ray heard Jordan breathe against his ear.

"You bet it was!" he responded, stroking Jordan's spine. "I never expected to be this lucky, you know."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Jordan backed away to watch Ray's face, their foreheads touching.

"You know," Ray said sheepishly, "You're like . . . you're like a dream come true!"

Amusement crossed Jordan's handsome features, and he cupped Ray's face in his palms. He softly whispered, "I'm the one who's lucky, Ray. You're the sexiest guy I've ever met! And what we just did? I'm guessing that's what Heaven might feel like."

Ray tears up at that, but he didn't let them fall. Instead, he looked into Jordan's eyes and leaned and kissed him once more, pouring as much of his feelings into the kiss.

Ray broke the kiss, looking up with twinkling eyes. "So . . . have you found them yet?"

Jordan looked confused with the sudden change in topic, and then he remembered the thing that he was supposed to be looking for. "Oh. The resistors!" he exclaimed halfheartedly, then added. "There's nothing wrong with your TV, you know. It's already fixed."

Ray's forehead creased, "What are you talking about? My repair man said-"

"Oh . . . well . . . Bobby," Jordan started, this time uncertain if he should leave and forget about everything that just happened or stay and explain what the hell was happening. He decided to tell the truth and he went on, "Ray, listen to me very carefully. I'm really sorry but, Bobby - your repair man - made sure you would end up here to this store . . . to me."

"What!" Shock flowed all over Ray's body with this new information, his hands fell from Jordan's neck to his sweaty arms, and he gasped "You mean this was a . . . that this was a set-up?"

"Sorry." Jordan smiled guiltily, "Bobby's a neighbor of mine. And last week I asked him if he knew someone who'd be interested in me, you know. I told him I was getting lonely and I wanted . . . someone. He said he did. And he said he'd send him here bringing the code."

Then everything clicked into place. Bobby knew that Ray was a homosexual and that he was single and alone. He remembered the paper that Bobby handed to him – the one with the numbers and letters scribbled on them. And now, he was here. Wrapped in the arms of this Canadian god!

"And he sent me?" Ray gasped more to himself than to Jordan, and he found he wasn't angry. He was flattered, pleased. Thankful, even? 'Bobby chose me? For him? For this god! And Jordan took me?' "Oh, Bobby, you crazy, son of a bitch!"

"Please don't get mad at me," Jordan suddenly pleaded.

He raised his head and looked at Jordan's head. "I'm not mad, silly!" he punched Jordan's thick slabs of pectoral meat, and Jordan finally looked up, hopeful. Then he gazed into Jordan's deep, blue-green eyes and smiled. "God, Jordan, you don't know how happy I am right now."

Jordan's face lit up with relief. "Thank God!" he breathed happily. "That officially makes the two of us now."

"It sure does, baby." Ray whispered and their lips connected once again. Tears fell from both pair of eyes.

They've found Heaven in each other's arms.


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