Colin Grant isn't a typical college professor. He worked his ass off to earn his PhD by the age of 22, all the while playing Dad to his three little siblings - two sisters and a brother - after their parents passed away.

Now, 10 years later, he's the youngest professor on staff. He's also crazy-busy, so even though he's really cute as fuck, his dating life flatlined.

Then, when Colin's youngest sister gets engaged and expects him to help her plan a quickie wedding in Vancouver, everything started to change. It's a long way from New York, and the only flight Colin can find involves an inconvenient layover in Los Angeles.

"Look, I already told you. I made a promise. And if I said I'll be there, I will be there," he said as he spoke through the phone. "Erin, you know I'm really excited about you and Tommy, so just count on it, okay? Trust me! My super or-gay-nized skills would bring you the most spectacular wedding you'll ever see! Okay? Bye."

And as he ended the call, he bumped onto something very hard . . . and realizes that it was a man. The guy, who was lifting his baggage for the storage, lost hold of it at the impact and all of his things fell all over the floor.

"Oh, shit. I'm so sorry," Colin exclaimed as he helped the guy put his clothes back in. "Shit! I'm so sorry, man!"

"Nah. It's nothing," a deep, sexy, husky voice replied.

Upon hearing the voice, Colin's cock instantly filled up with warm, sticky blood and he finally looked up. To say that the guy was the meaning and ultimate example of 'masculinity' is a bit of an understatement. He was beyond perfect! He was nothing but a freaking god!

After gaping and helping the man out, Colin apologized again, then walked further into the plane and sat on his designated seat and took a deep breath to relax his testosterone-induced highness. He was basically shaking with lust.

FUCK! That was the hottest guy he'd ever laid eyes on. He guessed he was about thirty-five or something, not much older than him. He was in a tight, white, body-hugging t-shirt and knee-length, dark blue shorts. He had neatly and sharply clipped military hair, which was jet-black.

Colin discreetly brushed the bulge in his pants. 'OH, GOD' he thought, 'He has never been this hard before!'

Surely, it had nothing to do with the European, probably Italian, accent he heard as the man spoke . . . nothing to do with the to-die-for good looks and the extensively sizable torso wrapped-up in clean and white material.

His hardness surely had nothing to do with those drilling green eyes . . . or that rugged and darkly tanned face. It had nothing to do with the chest that was distending the shirt he was wearing . . . or with those shoulders and biceps stretching its sleeves . . . or the size of those thick, manly hands that would've made a dinner plate look like a bread and butter plate.

And surely, it should have had nothing to do with the fact that this enormous man stood at least six foot five and had a smile that would have melted the heart and tamed the wildness out of a lion.

He saw the guy enter his compartment, and upon seeing Colin, he approached him.

"Hi. I'm Mark Tancock," the guy said as he sat beside him. "And you're stuck with me till the end of the flight!" And he smiled.

'Oh, God!' Colin thought, "I might have fainted right there and then. He is sitting beside me! Oh, sweet fucking mother of Jesus! What did I ever do to get this much luck? FUCK!'

"I'm Colin Grant!" he breathlessly replied, watching his hand as it vanished within Mark's handshake. "Nice to eat you - I mean - meet you."

Mark chuckled, "My pleasure." He said as he released Colin's shaking hand.

Right then, Colin was determined to get to know the man better. Whatever it takes!

Come hell or high water!


Colin turned to Mark and lowered his voice. "I want to ask you something," he said.

Mark leaned in towards him, his green eyes intense. "What?"

"Why did you suddenly lose interest in the flight attendant?" A certain flight attendant has been flirting with Mark for a while now, and Colin was getting extremely jealous and ultimately pissed with her! He'd been wanting to ask Mark that question for hours and now, he'd finally worked up the nerve.

"She's hot and all, but she's just yapping nonsense," Mark gave him the sexiest smile imaginable. "And, besides, I like you better."

'FUCK! Is he gay, too? Could I get any luckier?'

Colin's heart sped up as Mark's words seeped in. Coyly, he asked, "And why's that, Mark?"

Mark winked. "I just felt pulled towards you. And since we've been talking nonstop for the past few hours, it's clear we have some kind of . . . connection."

It was true, but before Colin could respond, an announcement over the speakers informed them that the cabin lights would be dimmed.

'OH, MY GOD!' he thought.

Mark moved even closer to Colin in the dark - their arms and shoulders touching - causing Colin's cock to harden even more, if that was even possible.

"We could really get into trouble now," Mark murmured.

He was so close that Colin could feel his soft, warm breath against his cheek. "How would we do that?" he whispered back, his heart hammering against his chest.

He felt Mark's fingers grazing his chin. He glanced around nervously.

"No one can see us," Mark said, his fingers beneath Colin's chin pulled gently so that they were face-to-face. Their lips brushed ever so slightly, and Colin felt a tremor go through his entire body.

"I want you right now," Mark groaned against his lips.

"I do too," Colin moaned softly as he felt Mark's stubble grazing his cheek.

"It could happen," Mark said.

It took Colin a moment to understand what Mark meant. Then he exclaimed, "Oh, God, we can't!"

Mark turned in his seat to look around him. "Everyone is asleep," he said.

"Really?" Colin couldn't believe he was considering this. He was not the type to join mile-high club.

"Are you up for it?" Mark stared intensely into Colin's eyes.

A few hours ago, Colin never could've imagined himself in a situation like this. But something about the way Mark looked at him made him feel bold, sexy, hot.

Taking a deep breath, he asked, "How should we do it?"


Mark grinned. "We have to be sneaky. I'll go in first and leave the door open a crack. Then you'll come in after me."

He stood up and walked down the aisle. Colin waited a moment then headed to the bathroom. No one stirred as he opened the door. Mark shifted to let him in. The bathroom was so tiny that they were touching.

Mark reached out and cupped his hands around Colin's face, leaning in to kiss him.

Their lips touched and they experienced the most passionate kiss that two men could possibly have together. Drowned in lust, their bodies writhed like snakes both fighting for dominance and submission.

Mark's fingers trailed down Colin's curvaceous body, stopping at the hem of his top. He started to pull it off, but Colin stopped him.

"Let's try to keep some clothes on," he whispered.

"It would be awkward if the fasten seat belt sign came on and we weren't decent," Mark agreed. He pulled Colin close again and slipped his hands up the front of his shirt. His fingers grazed the turgid nipples hidden by the fabric and Colin stifled a moan. He suddenly felt an urgent need to touch Mark, too, and he reached for his jeans, undoing them and shoving them down his legs along with his boxer briefs.

When his gaze took in Mark's full, rigid length, he gasped.

"Oh, God! How big is that thing?"

"Not telling. I don't want you to run out of this bathroom, screaming." Mark chuckled, "But, you'll find out soon enough, won't you?"

Colin just moaned with lust and anticipation. He knelt and reached for Mark's rigid tool and hungrily lapped up the precum leaking from Mark's dilated slit - eliciting a groan of approval from Mark.

"Yeah, suck me, baby." He moaned as he grabbed Colin's head and repeatedly punched his cock through Colin's inexperienced throat. Colin fought the urge to gag and concentrated on the heavenly sounds that Mark was making - his own rigid tool was weeping with excitement.

"Ohhhh, yeah! Suck my cock, Colin! You're making me so hard, baby! OHHHH. . ."

Colin just moaned his replies around the cock that pummeled in and out of his overstretched mouth. He reached for Mark's muscular pecs, squeezing the muscles under. Then he found what he was looking for. Mark's turgid nipples stood up, big and hard as pencil erasers. He grabbed the nipples and twisted them brutally.

"Ohhh, baby! Yeah twist them damn nipples! Oh, God, that feels so fucking good, Colin! Make it hurt, baby!" It took all of his concentration to pull out of Colin's mouth before he explodes.

Reaching toward Colin, he helped him with his jeans and pushed his briefs down his legs and out of the way.

His gaze lingered on Colin for a moment. Then he wrapped his arms around his waist. "Come here."

Colin stepped forward, trying to figure out how to straddle him. Mark shook his head. "Try this," he said and grasped Colin's hips, turning him around so his back was to him.

"Oh," he gasped as Mark pressed a kiss into the nape of his highly sensitive neck.

"Bend over the sink," Mark instructed.

Colin was bewildered by this request, but because of the raw lust coursing throughout his heated body, he repressed all thoughts and gave in to his partner's demands.

Seconds later, Mark dragged his tongue along the crevice between Colin's exposed buns and Colin instinctively relaxed his muscles. He pulled them apart and buried his face between them.

"Awwwhhhh," Colin moaned softly as Mark lashed at his asshole with his meaty tongue. "Oh, fuck, that feels good!"

Encouraged by this, Mark pulled Colin's butt wider apart, digging his fingers between the buns to stretch the hole open. He could see the velvety-soft inner lining palpitating anxiously. He flicked the hole and Colin bended over more and he drove his tongue inside him.

"Aaaaahhhh! Ohhh . . . OH, GOD . . . HOLY SHIT, Mark, what're you fucking doing?! OOOOOHHHHHH, JESUS CHRIST!"

Colin was thrashing his butt around - moaning and choking and squealing with pleasure and Mark was delighted in watching Colin's muscles bulge and ripple. Colin begged to get Mark's tongue in deeper and Mark more than happily obliged.

After long minutes of tongue-fucking, Mark moved on to the next level. He gave two of his thick, meaty fingers for Colin to suck and Colin sucked them like his life depended on it.

"Yeah, Colin! Suck my fingers, baby . . . make 'em wet for your hot pussy . . . 'cause I'm gonna fuck that tight pussy of yours like how a man should fuck his fucking bitch!"

This excited Colin even more and he sucked even harder, salivating all over Mark's manly fingers.

Then, without warning, Mark pulled out of Colin's mouth and plunged his lubricated fingers inside Colin's gaping asshole. Colin was so high in his pleasure that the pain didn't even register. Mark thrusts his finger inside Colin, and he cries out as Mark does it again and again. Mark pushes inside him harder and harder. Colin just moaned and groaned and slammed his butt back onto Mark, fucking himself onto Mark's meaty fingers.

Mark gave him a run for his money, fucking him with two . . . then three . . . then finally four of his thick, meaty digits. Non-stop. Till Colin was nothing but a blithering idiot.

"Awwhhh, you gotta stop!' Colin gasped. "Ohhh, Mark, you gotta stop before I come, man . . . Oh, shit . . . Ohhhhh, stop! Stop . . . It's too good . . . MARK . . ."

"I'm going to fuck you now, Mr. Grant," Mark murmured as he abruptly pulled out his fingers, positioned his erection at the entrance, and slammed into Colin's ravaged asshole up to the hilt.

"AAAAAAWWWWHHHHH, GOD!!!" Colin cried out as he felt a pinching sensation deep inside him as Mark ripped through his guts.

"OHHHH, YEAHHHH!" was Mark's triumphant declaration.

Colin just muttered incomprehensible words of pain and agony for a minute or two.

"Oh, Colin. You're so tight, man!" Mark groaned, caressing Colin's back, showering kisses on his ears and neck and shoulders. "You all right, baby?"

With great concentration, he looked back at Mark's concerned face and replied, "God, yes! Oh, Mark. How did you ever put a telephone pole up my ass?" He felt full as he replied breathlessly.

Mark chuckled at Colin's poor attempt at a joke - making his cock move inside him, rearranging his gut.

Mark then stays still, letting Colin acclimatize to the intrusive, overwhelming feeling of Mark's titanic cock inside him.

'Oh, God! I got all of him in me! I can feel his balls!' he thought, 'I can't believe it!'

Moments later, he started feeling the pleasure overlapping the pain. Colin moved himself to and fro Mark's engorged manhood, feeling the friction of Mark's cock inside him. Mark's hands held his hips, helping him balance. Mark eases with exquisite slowness. And he closes his eyes and groans, and thrusts into Colin again.

Colin cried out a second time, and Mark stills.

"More?" he whispers, his voice raw.

"Yes," Colin breathed. Mark does it once more, and stills again.

Colin groaned, his body accepting Mark . . . Oh, how he wanted this. He needed this. Badly.

"Again?" Mark breathes.

"Yes." It was now a plea.

And so, Mark moves, but this time he doesn't stop. He moves slowly at first, easing himself in and out of Colin's tightness. And as Colin grew accustomed to the alien feeling, his hips moved tentatively to meet Mark's.

Mark speeds up. Colin moans, and Mark pounds on, picking up speed, merciless, a relentless rhythm, and Colin keeps up, meeting his partner's thrusts. Colin went faster, riding Mark's full length again and again into the hot, tight confines of his ass.

"Awww, fuck me. . ." Colin moaned.

"So, you like this thirteen and a half inch telephone pole pounding your pussy, huh?" Mark hissed as he started to go faster.

"Oh, God! Thirteen and a half?! OHHH, I love your cock!" Colin replied. "Fuck me, you big stud! Breed my pussy-ass! OHHH. . ."

Colin gripped the sink for leverage. He looked at himself on the mirror. His head was tossing everywhere as he tried to hang on to his sanity. Mark was going to places no man has ever been before - deeper than any man has ever ventured. His cock was stretching Colin's ass to the limit and he feels like he was a virgin once more.

"Oh, fucking God! HARDER, MARK, HARDER! Make it hurt, baby! RAPE ME!"

Mark abruptly stopped. "What did you say, baby?" He teased.

"Oh, Mark! Please, don't stop!" Colin groaned with disappointment as he rode himself onto Mark's cock. "COME ON, FUCK ME, YOU MOTHERFUCKER! PUT THAT MONSTER COCK OF YOURS IN GOOD USE!"

Mark was fucking turned on by Colin's eagerness. So, he started ravaging Colin's hungry ass once again.

"So, you want to be fucked, huh?" he slammed hard into Colin's fully stretched asshole.

"YES!" Colin growled.

"You want to be raped by a real man?" another harder slam to compare to the first.




Mark was now giving it his all. Pulling his cock almost all the way out and plunging it to the hilt in a fast, hard, and synchronized manner. He was like a finely-tuned machine - making Colin howl and grunt like a wild animal deep in the jungle. Sweat glistened all over their skin, accentuating, especially, Mark's muscular torso.

"Oh, God, you're so beautiful," Mark exclaimed, pushing himself closer to the edge. Mark felt Colin tense and he knew he was as close to orgasm as he was.


Mark hammered his cock into overdrive. "YEAH, COME FOR ME, BABY! SHOOT IT FOR ME. . . NOW!"

And then it hit. Both men cried out as they exploded at the exact same time. Mark buried his face in Colin's shoulder and groaned as he released torrents and torrents of his cum into Colin's palpitating ass, milking Mark's cock as he splattered his own seed onto the sink, onto the mirror, and onto the bathroom walls.

Mark collapsed onto Colin's back, his cock still inside Colin's tight confines. He pulled Colin up and his arms circled him.

Colin was still panting, trying to slow his breathing. His thumping heart and his thoughts are in riotous disarray. 'Wow . . . that was fucking amazing!' he thought. Colin turned his head to look at his lover. His eyes were closed, his breathing ragged. Mark's eyes flickered open and he gazed down at Colin. Leaning down, Mark gently presses a kiss against Colin's forehead then slowly pulls out of him.

Then he heard Colin say, "If that's what it's like in a bathroom, I can't imagine what it would be like in bed."

"Want to find out?" Mark asked, breathing heavily. Colin gingerly turned around to look at him, thinking he was testing. But his handsome face was serious. "Colin, stay with me in L.A."

Colin paused. His siblings would be furious that he would be a day late to plan the wedding.

But, on the other hand, could he say no to a very tempting offer given by someone like Mark?

Of course not!

So, finally, he said, "Okay . . . One night."

Mark's face broke into a smile gorgeous enough to quell the nagging thoughts of how out of character this was for him.

Only a single worry remained in Colin's mind: Could he really limit himself to just one night with someone as irresistible as Mark Tancock?



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