With a cold crash I woke up, struggling to breath, confused, wet, my skin stinging. I rolled over and choked up salt water. Suddenly it all came back, Mr Marshall (my sailing instructor) and I going out on his boat, the final part of the lesson, I was almost ready for my solo sail. He was the coach at our highschool, being a senior I was expected to take part in major sporting events; instead I opted for the sailing course, also offered by Mr Marshall. It was just the two of us (no one else bothered to sign up) we were going great, but then... a storm, it belt us across the currents as we held on for dear life, tossed about by the merciless sea.

'Are you alright?' Mr Marshall called for me, I held up my arm in response and he came running over.

We spent the next several days trying to recover anything of use from the ship, we figured the storm blew us far off from our little harbour town, but we still had hope of rescue. Mr Marshall discovered fruit trees and a way to collect water from the rains, so we were good, for a while.

After about two weeks we began to get restless, why hadn't anyone found us? Three weeks, four weeks, five weeks, we realised (though we never said) that we were probably never going to get rescued.

Our fruit supply seemed to be getting smaller and smaller so I said I'd go venture into the jungle and try and find us some more food. As I walked through the towering trees I felt how isolated we were, I took off my shirt and tied it around my waist. In the distance I spotted some food and gathered up the fruit in my arms. When I came back onto the beach Mr Marshall wasn't there, it took me a while to notice him swimming in the sea. I put the fruit down and went over to join him.

'Come in,' he yelled across the waves, 'It's great,'

I took off my pants and waded in, as I got closer I realised Mr Marshall was completely naked and for the first time I felt a twinge of attraction. He smiled, not noticing my growing erection. He was extremely ripped, abs, muscles, pecs, everything. But I liked girls, I didn't understand, I shut my eyes and tried to think of my girlfriend back home.


Later, at Mr Marshall's request, we sat naked by the fire, our clothes hanging nearby, drying ('It's been five weeks, we need to wash them!' he had said). Again I noticed Mr Marshall's strong physique, his shadowed pecs, the indentions of his muscles and his chiselled chest, and again I felt worried. Why was I noticing him like this? I tried to think of Jess back home, of when we made out and I felt her underneath her shirt. But then I saw Mr Marshall's cock, it was slightly aroused, not completely, just slightly stiff. With embarrassment I realised mine was too.

'Do you mind if I speak frankly?' he asked,

'No, I suppose not, I mean we might as well,' I gestured towards the vastness of the island, 'there's no one else to talk frankly to,'

He smiled a little and looked at the fire before letting out a loud sigh, 'It's been five weeks since I've jacked off,'

I was a little taken back by just how frank he was, but I was little glad he'd said it, it had been five weeks for me too, and man was I feeling it.

I nodded, 'I think I know what you mean,'

He smiled again and looked away, he was thinking of asking me something, but he didn't quite know how to say it.

'You've got a girlfriend?' He finally said,

'Yeah, Jess, she's a senior like me. You might've seen her around the school?'

He shook his head, 'Did you two... ever...?'

I raised my eyebrows, 'Well, um, not really. I mean we made out a whole lot, but she was nervous and I didn't want to push her.'

'So you've never had sex?'

I shook my head and bit my lip, averting his gaze.

Mr Marshall chuckled a little, 'Well you've missed out. I hope for your sake we get off this island,'

I just smiled and nodded,

'Man, just thinking about it gets me going,'

I couldn't help it, I looked down and saw his slowly stiffening cock, he saw me do this, I tried to look away, but he'd seen me, and he smiled.

'I mean, the touch of a woman, I mean a really, really beautiful woman, one you just notice, as soon as she enters the room. Her breasts in your hands, the touch of her lips, all across your body, her hair, her smell,'

He moved his hands down to his thighs, spreading his legs wide, almost touching his hard cock, he looked right at me and just grinned.

'I have an idea,' he said, 'You've never had sex, and God knows we both need to get off,'

I nodded, curious as to where this going, but he stumbled again, not knowing exactly how to phrase it,

'Did, Jess, did she ever give you a blow job?'

'Almost... once. I mean she was about to, we were all ready to, but then we heard her parents in the drive way, it was close... close,'

Mr Marshall nodded and smiled, 'Well, a blow job, a blow job is amazing, I mean it's fantastic.'

'Yeah... I can imagine,'

'Here,' he gestured for me to come over to his log and sit down next to him, I didn't really know why, but I did what he said. It was closer to the fire but the surge of warmth I felt came from the feel of his thigh against mine, without wanting to my dick got stiffer. I turned away, red with embarrassment.

'It's okay,' he said, 'I'm hard too, we've just both been without any for so long. Look, just close your eyes and think of Jess, I'll do the same, see I'm closing my eyes and thinking of my own girlfriend back home,'

I didn't quite get where this was going, but I closed my eyes and imagined Jess, I thought back to that time in her room, of my pants and underwear discarded on the floor, of her nervous smile. I jumped in shock as I felt Mr Marshall's hand grasp my cock.

'What are you doing?!' I yelped, opening my eyes, his were still closed,

'Just close your eyes, here,' he grabbed my hand and pulled it towards his own cock, I tried to resist but he pulled me hard, 'We both close our eyes and think of our girls, we'll both do each other,'

'Why can't we just do it... you know... ourselves?'

'It just... It just feels better this way, I mean, having another person's hand on your dick, don't tell me it doesn't feel good?'

'Well, yeah, but,'

'See, just close your eyes,'

I did, and he moved my hand onto his cock while he pulled on mine. I just held his for a while, feeling its weight, not really sure about what to do, but he was stroking mine so good I felt kind of bad, I starting mimicking him, pulling up and down on his shaft, and without intending to I thought back to when I saw him naked in the sea. I thought of his muscles, his dark chocolate hair, his hard abs, his firm shoulders, and slowly I opened my eyes and looked at him, sitting next to me with his eyes closed rubbing on my cock. An urge filtered through me and I held his dick hard and stroked it more forcefully.

'There you go,' he said (eyes still closed), 'God, that feels so good, keep doing it!' and he worked on mine harder too. He started moaning and so did I, I felt close, I felt near to bursting, and he stopped.

'Okay,' he opened his eyes and looked at me, 'now, that wasn't so bad, was it?'

'... No... No it wasn't that bad,' I gave a timid smile,

'Okay, now I want you to imagine that girlfriend of yours, of that night she almost gave you head, I want you to imagine what it would have felt like to have those lips around your cock, working your shaft, sucking the cum out of you. Can you imagine that?'

'... Yes.'

'How good would that feel?'

'So... Good.'

'Yes, it does, it really does. I wanted to ask you this before, but I was afraid you'd be put off, that you'd be too scared to, but I can see you enjoyed what we just did, and I felt the way you held me, you liked it, even if it was just a little bit? That's okay, it's okay. I mean, if you think about, we're both alone here, we're probably going to be alone here for a very long time and we're not hurting anyone by doing what we just did. I submit to you that whatever we do on this island, if it feels good, why not do it? When are we ever going to get another chance to, what would the repercussions even be?'

I nodded, 'Yeah, yeah I think I agree. If it feels good, we might as well do it, right?'

His smiled grew bigger, 'Yes! I mean why feel the guilt, especially here, why feel the guilt in a place of no society?'


'Okay, so I'm going to suggest something, I'm just going to warn you though, you don't need to react in a typical way, in a way you normally would, having agreed upon what we just agreed upon, it's just us here, just the two of us. We have to face the fact that there are no women, which is horribly unfortunate, but we still have each other. Imagine again, that blow job you could receive, well what if it didn't have to remain in your imagination?'

I think I knew where this was heading, and I couldn't help but react in a normal 'typical' way, 'What... What are you saying?' I asked,

'The both of us... We, well we give each other head,'

I started to move away, I wasn't sure of this, I wasn't ready.

'No, no, listen, just hear me out,' he said, 'We'll do it in turns. I know it sounds, well, it sounds bad, but you'll love it, trust me, this can just be a test, when you're receiving it, it will feel fantastic, and when you're giving it, just try and remember, try and conceptualize without society, it's just a cock, just think of it like sucking on a finger. Why don't we just try it?'

'I... I don't know, I mean, I don't know, I suppose everything you've been saying is right, it is... it is just dick, and I would... I would really like to feel what it's like to have a blow job...'

'So, you'll try it?'

'Have you ever done this before, I mean, given head?'

'No, I haven't, I mean I've been pretty drunk before and I've had guys give me head, but I've never given it to a guy. It will be a first for both of us,'

'Who would go first?'

'Well... Why don't you get the worse part over first, then when you cum it will all be over, you won't have to do anything more, does that sound alright to you?'

'I... guess...' I sighed, thinking everything over, 'Okay, okay, let's do this before I change my mind,'

Mr Marshall (or maybe I should call him Andy now that we were going to get pretty intimate) gave me a huge grin, 'Alright, let's give this a go,'

He stood up and turned towards me, his cock had fully inflated; it sprung out before his glorious body as his butt faced the fire.

'Just come closer, kneel, on your knees,'

I got off the log and walked on my knees closer towards him, I couldn't believe this was happening, I just kept thinking of how it would feel when he did it to me, I mean, I think I was a little bit attracted to him, he was... very attractive... but I didn't really want to do this. I closed my eyes, just keep thinking of how it will feel, I reminded myself, when he does it to me. I knelt before him and slowly looked up to see his huge cock very close to my face, he smiled down at me, I felt wobbly and braced myself my placing my hands on the sides of his hips. I felt kind of good, again, he was warm and soft to the touch.

I looked up at him, 'Should I... start?'

'Whenever you like,' and he placed his hands to the back of my neck, then through my hair, gripping it tightly, he was slowly pulling me closer. I bit my lip and moved towards his cock. Oh God... Oh God... I couldn't help but look up at his smiling face, I opened my mouth awkwardly and he took this as a sign, pushing the head of his cock across my lips followed by his thick long shaft down my throat, I almost gagged. Again I could feel the weight of it, sitting in my mouth, I curiously moved my tongue across it. He grabbed the sides my head and gently started pulling his cock out of my mouth until just the head was inside. Then, he slowly moved it back in, My lips forming a tight seal around his shaft.

'See,' he said, 'it's not so bad, I can see you're liking it,'

It was true, my hard on was full mast, and I have to admit, it felt kind of good. He pushed his shaft all the way in again and I moved my tongue across it, he moaned in response.

'Ohhhh... that's good...'

He held my head still and pushed his dick in and out in fast motions, his hips doing all the work, slowly he began fucking my face. It was so huge, so thick, some of his pre-cum spilled out, and I tasted it, it was sweater than I thought, I found myself liking it, hungry for more. He stopped humping my face, now it was my turn to do the work. I moved my head closer and started bobbing back and forth on his cock, just taking it in half way.


He moved his hips in circular motions, his cock swirling around my mouth; I braced myself then went all the way down to the base, my hands had moved around to his ass, clutching it for support. I pulled back slowly and licked the head of his cock. I still couldn't believe all this was happening. I went back, working his shaft, moving my head back and forth, stroking his balls with my right hand. He then grabbed the back of my head and pushed me all the way back down.


He shivered and suddenly his cock erupted. I tried to pull back, but he held me there, making me swallow every drop of his cum. It had a strange sweet taste, after a bit I didn't fight it and eagerly lapped all of it up.

I slowly took his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him, he smiled down at me, a feeling of ecstasy across his face.

'I should have made you blow me earlier,' he laughed, then sat back down on the log and laid back.

I moved back and lay next to him, my cock still fully erect.

'Is it...' I mumbled, 'is it my turn now?'

'Just a moment, I need to recuperate.'

He pulled me closer to him and we lay side by side, our naked bodies touching, I could still taste his cum in my mouth.

After a while he started to sit up again, I noticed his cock was becoming hard for a second time. I got excited, it was my turn, I stood up and he stood up facing me, he put out his arms and started rubbing my shoulders, holding me in front of him, I gave him an awkward smile. He walked around behind me, still massaging my shoulders, I closed my eyes, it felt great, but he didn't need to do all this. He pressed himself against my back; I could feel his fully erect cock pushed upwards along my crack. Slowly he moved his hands down from my shoulders and onto my chest, like he was giving me a bear hug from behind, it was gentle, but at the same time it had the effect of him trapping me, he was pinning my arms to my sides, while pulling me closer to his growing cock.

'What are you doing?' I asked

'You liked it, didn't you? You liked giving head?'

'I... don't know, maybe...'

He laughed, 'That's okay, that's very okay,'

His hands were around my belly button, just above my groin. He kept one hand there and slowly moved his other to the top of my back, he then pushed me over so my ass pressed straight to his cock.

'What are you doing??' I tried to wriggle away, but he held me tight, one hand on my back, keeping me bent over, the other holding me in place just above my dick. He started moving his erect cock in circular motions around my ass, teetering near my hole.

'Did you really think I was going to give you a blow job?' He whispered, he then shoved me onto the sand, my bare ass exposed upwards, he climbed on top of me, pinning me down. He continued the circular motions, almost humping my ass.

'Please! Please don't!'

'Sh-h, don't worry Riley, you know, you'll probably end up liking it. I thought you were gay the moment I first started giving you lessons,'

'But I'm not! We had a deal! Don't do this!'

He didn't listen; he moved upward, kneeling, with one knee digging into the sand in between my legs and the other on the other side of my left leg. He stretched out his right leg, essentially aiming his pelvis towards my ass. He let go of me (but I didn't dare move) and put his left arm onto the sand above his leg, balancing himself, with his other hand he directed his penis towards my hole.



He started pressing his dick into my hole, I couldn't help it, my hips raised upwards to meet his cock, I gripped into the sand as he pressed harder. I yelped out as it slid in, it hurt so much, but it began to become insanely pleasurable. Finally he was all the way in and I screamed out in pain, then he hit something, something inside me, and the pain mingled with intense pleasure.

'Ohhhh,' I moaned without meaning to,

'Yeah you like that, I knew you were gay, oh we're going to have so much fun,'

He rubbed his pelvis into my ass, grinding it in circular motions. His motions became faster and he pulled out, then pushed forcefully back in, faster and faster, he was fucking me. Both his arms were on either side of me, as if he were doing a push up on top of me, he arched his back and humped me furiously. With each rhythmic pounding we let out moans of pleasure, his thick cock filling me. It was such ecstasy that I didn't notice the snapping twigs behind us and the distinct sounds of people closing in.

'YEAH!' Mr Marshall yelled, 'OH GOD YEAH!'

I could hear his body slapping against my ass, he was going so fast, each time sending waves of immense pleasure through my entire body. Finally he squeezed his ass, plunging his cock deep inside.


He pulled out his dick, rubbed his hand along my back, then (with both hands gripping my sides) flipped me over. He manoeuvred himself so that he knelt on top of me, our cocks touching. He walked on his knees up across my body, his fully erect dick sliding across my stomach, he held it tentatively at my neck, then pushed forward, it flung upwards springing from my chin. He was now directly above my mouth, almost sitting on it. He anchored his knees in the sand so he was firmly kneeling above my face. I looked hungrily up at his dick. He stroked his shaft, roughly grabbed my head from behind and brought it up so that my lips lightly touched the head of his cock. He then vigorously jacked himself off, it didn't take long. Warm creamy cum flowed out of his cock, he pumped it across my face, it fell in heavy lumps on my mouth, nose and cheeks. He moaned loudly as his cum spilled out, I closed my eyes in intense bliss. He brought down his cock and smeared it across my lips, the cum still pumping out, he then pushed the head into my mouth, I opened up and swallowed the rest of his delicious cum, when he finished I kept sucking, getting every last drop.

At the same time (I couldn't help it) I burst my load without even touching my cock, I could feel the cum, everywhere.

'OHHH!' I moaned, his dick in my mouth.

For several moments he remained kneeling at my face, slowly pumping his cock in and out, he let out a loud sigh, pulled his penis from my mouth and let my head fall to the sand, huge amounts of cum were still all over my face. He fell to my side again, I could hear his heavy breathing, I looked to my right and saw his limp cock move back and forward with the motions.

I managed the strength to sit up, Mr Marshall just looked up at me slyly.

'I'm sorry,' he said, 'I shouldn't have tricked you, I just wanted you to see how much you'd like it. Cos now, now! Now we can do this all the time, we can both be fulfilled!'

I didn't know about that, I still felt betrayed, but I had enjoyed it, I think. Maybe I'm not gay; maybe I just like gay sex? I don't know, that still sounds pretty gay.

It was now that I heard the noises, someone was watching us. With a gasp I turned around to see not one, but several olive skinned tribesmen, dressed only in loincloths. Mr Marshall turned around too. I saw their spears and realised how exposed we were, lying on the sand completely naked. With a pang I also realised they must have been watching us; they must have been watching me get fucked!

'UP!' One of them yelled and we both immediately stood up.

A younger tribesman, about my age, hurried forth and tied our hands behind our backs. I motioned to our clothes, but the boy just shook his head.

'GO NOW!' the man yelled again, and they all turned to walk back into the jungle.

Mr Marshall and I looked at each other nervously, the head tribesman came forward, the boy behind us pushed us towards him.

'You come with us.'

Mr Marshall mumbled something, and the boy pushed him closer. The head tribesman looked us up and down (taking great interest in the cum smeared across my face) then turned around and walked off, following his people. The boy pushed both of us again and for the first time I noticed his spear.

Without any choice we stumbled naked through the jungle behind them.

To Be Continued...



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