He's the cool kid in school. Everybody liked, even if you didn't know him. He was easy to get along with and if you were having a bad day he could make you laugh with one of the hilarious faces he makes. All around he was a really sweet guy, always putting others before himself. I was glad to call him my bestfriend.

Besides Shiloh being popular and sweet he's a really handsome guy. He has short brown hair that you just wanted run your fingers through. He has a killer smile and the cutest dimples on a guy I've ever seen. Soft bronze tanned skin. His eyes, a deep brown that you could gaze into and get lost in forever. They were sweet and innocent looking which reminded me of a puppy. A chiseled face with square jaw, Shiloh was so handsome to the point it hurt me knowing I couldn't have him. Standing at 6"3 with a athletically lean and muscular body he was every gay guys and girls wet dream.

I was average 5"9 green eyes black hair. I was considered cute to girls not strikingly handsome like Shiloh.

Shiloh and I were the best of friends. We did everything together from walking to school together as kids to joining the swim team when we got into high school freshman year. But he was a way better swimmer than me in freestyle. But, during the years Shiloh and me spent together I began to have feelings for him. I didn't know what they were I was just so attracted to him. I couldn't tell him I was gay and I had this huge crush on him. I didn't know how he'd take it and I knew I couldn't handle it if he didn't want to be my friend ever again.

It was lunchtime and I was walking with Paige a good friend of mine and her boyfriend Michael one of my teammates.

"Why don't you just tell him Jake? I mean if you two are as close as you say you are then he wouldn't care." Paige said

Paige was so adorable she had short butt length dirty blonde hair with brown eyes. She walked like a ballerina and with a confidence that I wished I had. She looked like a little fairy only being 5"4.

"It's not that easy, what if he freaks out completely and doesn't want to be my friend anymore?" I asked

"But what if you do and he doesn't care?" This time Michael spoke

Michael was a really cool guy when he found out I was gay he didn't care he made jokes about me looking at his ass when he is swimming but that's it. He was down to earth and funny as hell. He was way taller than Paige and had Dirty blonde hair with green eyes. He was the perfect match for Paige.

"Then I'd be really happy."

We continued to walk around the Quad. As I scanned the area of students eating lunch I saw Shiloh and his group of friends laughing. He noticed me and gave me his award-winning smile before he ran towards us.

"Hey there shorty. Hi Paige, hey Michael." He greeted us in his smooth sexy voice.

"Hahaha, very funny. What do you want?" though he was my bestfriend I wasn't going to allow him to make fun of my size.

He smiled at me. " Well I'm having a party Friday night before winter break and I was wondering if you guys would like to come. With permission from your mom, I don't want her to get mad at me." He asked with a nervous laugh.

Shiloh was terrified of my mom ever since she tried to run him over when she was pissed off at my dad. It was an accident of course she didn't hit him at all on purpose she didn't see him behind her car. But ever since then he always tried to get on her good side. I forgot how many times my mom tried to explain to him that it wasn't intentional, but I laughed every time.

"What time is it?"

"Around 9 but I was wondering if you could come a bit earlier to help set everything up."

"Okay, I'll go." I said


I nodded.

Shiloh wrapped his arms around me and lifted me off the ground and gave me a bear hug. Being this close to him was really turning me on and I hoped he didn't feel my pulsating cock poke into his belly button.

"OH THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" He set me back on the ground before giving me one more bone crushing hug. " My mom said I couldn't have this party unless you came, something about keeping me out of trouble." He said with the goofiest smile on his face

His mom was right he was bound to do something stupid if he got to drunk.

"What about you guys?" He addressed Paige and Michael.

"Sure why not we have nothing better to do." Michael said for the both of them. Paige just nodded in agreement.

"Awesome! I'm telling you this will be the best party of the year! Bye guys, bye Jake. See you later." Shiloh ran off towards his groupies. I watched him run the way his ass bounced around in his jeans.

"God you are so I love. Why don't you look at me like that Michael?" Paige asked in her loud voice.

"What?! I do. Wait look at you like what?"

I laughed at their old people bickering. "So what are guys going to wear?"

Friday came quicker than I thought. I was at Paige's house trying to help her pick something to wear. I was completely excited for what was in store at the party. This would be the best party of the century fuck the year. A perfect way to began winter break.

"Oh my god! I have nothing to wear! Dammit, it's always easy for guys to find something nice to wear. What the Fuck!" Paige yelled in frustration.

I laughed." Maybe because you're thinking too hard. You want to wear something that's comfortable and easy to get out of if you know what I mean." I pulled out a couple of outfit choices for her." Here why not wear a pair of nice jeans with flats and a that white shirt you have and make sure the shoulder is off so Michael could see your bra strap."

"Yes that's perfect!" She jumped up in glee. "But Michael wont be taking off these clothes."

"What you mean you haven't given it up yet?" I was a bit surprised I thought they already had sex.

"Hell no. I mean I want to, but I want to make sure that Michael is the one."

"We both know Michael has already proved he is the one and you know it." I saw right through her fa├žade.

"Okay I'm a virgin and I don't...I wouldn't know what to do." She asked shyly.

"Me neither I'm a virgin too. I wouldn't even know where to start."

We both started to laugh out loud before Paige went into the bathroom to get dressed and I pulled on the clothes I brought over. I wore a gray striped button-up shirt with a black tie and black jeans with my sneakers. I admired my self in the mirror when Paige came out of the bathroom. She wore I what I pulled out and had done her make-up and hair. It cascaded down her slim back to her butt. It was a bit wavy. She also had on red lipstick that made her look older and more sexier.

"Hot." We both said in unison. We laughed again.

We headed off to Shiloh's house. I thought that tonight I would tell Shiloh how I felt about him. If he didn't want to be my friend afterwards then he wasn't a true friend to begin with. Hopefully he accepts me for me.

After about fifteen minutes we pulled up to Shiloh's house. Not a house more like a mansion. It surprised me every time I came here. The beauty of the place like it was built in the late 1800's. It was a Victorian style house that made my house look like a shack. We came to a gate and Paige pressed the button and it buzzed before Shiloh's voice came on.

"Who is it?" he asked, even over an intercom he still sounded sexy.

"Open the gate loser." Paige said

"Whatever." The gate buzzed again before it opened. I swear I heard him call Paige a bitch.

"Did he just call me a bitch?" she asked in a pretty harsh voice. Apparently she heard him too.

Paige and Shiloh were friends but they always made fun of each other and got into fights but nothing serious it was all fun and games with them. One minute they'd be fighting the next they'd be talking about rainbows and ponies. I never got those two.

We pulled into the driveway, which was bigger than the street. Michael was already there leaning against his truck. When he saw us he pushed himself off then came to Paige's side of the car and opened the door for her.

"Hey babe." He said planting a kiss on her lips. He pulled back and gave Paige a twice over his mouth hanging open." You look so hot."

I gave myself a mental High five I knew he would like her outfit.

Shiloh greeted us as we opened his front door. He was putting out all kinds of food on tables by the spiraling staircase.

"Hey guys." He said.

Shiloh looked sexy as hell in his Plaid shirt with its sleeved rolled up to his elbows. The muscles in his forearms pulsing. The faded blue jeans hung low on his waist accenting to his butt, which I found to be delicious looking. His hair was sticking up in all kinds of directions like it always does when ever he towel dries his hair after a shower. He walked over to us gave Paige a somewhat of a one armed hug and gave Michael a full-on homeboy hug. He came to me and placed his hands on my shoulders before again giving me another bone-crushing hug.

"I wouldn't be having this party if it weren't for you." He whispered into my ear. I loved feeling his hot body on mine but his hugs were literally going to cause internal bruising if he didn't stop.

We talked for a bit before we got to work on setting everything up. After Paige and I were done with our part of just putting the liquor out I took her into the bathroom upstairs away from Shiloh and Michael who were talking about a football game or something.

We went inside the bathroom and I shut and lock the door behind us.

"I'm planning on telling Shiloh I'm gay." I said as quickly as possible.

Paige gave me a smile. "You sure?"

I just nodded.

Paige gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I'm so proud of you. I'm always here if you need support." She said

"I know you are."

We exited the bathroom and walked down the stairs where the boys were waiting for us by the bottom.

"What were you two talking about?" Michael asked.

"It was girl talk, top secret." Paige said

Shiloh gave me a quizzical look. I just shrugged.

We were done with everything by the time the mob of kids came bursting through the door. Everybody from the Football team to cheerleaders to even some kids considered nerds were here having fun dancing, drinking, making out, whatever. It was a blast the music was blaring some really good song I didn't know but I just began to dance in the mob of high schoolers. I let loose finally able to get the worry of school out of my mind. To have fun, something I needed to do before I told Shiloh my biggest secret ever.

Paige and Michael were sitting on the couch Paige on Michael's lap making out. They were having fun I could tell by the way the were making out.

Shiloh was in the kitchen with the football team and some of the kids from the swim team with other kids I didn't even know went to our school. They were taking body shots. Shiloh took his shirt off and swung it above his head then tossed it into the crowd. His torso was cut with nice large muscular pecs and the hardest washboard abs I've ever seen. I stared even harder as I saw the light hair on his chest go down in between the ridges of his abs to his bellybutton where the hair got thicker until it lead to his treasure that went down into the waistband of his briefs. Looking at his raging hot sexy body instantly turned me on. My cock ached in my jeans pulsing at the site of the shirtless man that I loved since childhood.

Shiloh laid down on his back on the island in the kitchen as some girl poured tequila into his bellybutton and slurped it out. I could hear Shiloh moan a little, as the girl didn't again two more times. I hated her, I wanted to be the one slurping tequila out of Shiloh's bellybutton, making him moan. I grabbed a beer and downed it in one gigantic gulp. The taste was terrible god I hated beer. Paige saw me drink the monstrosity and then looked at what I was looking at. My stomach turned into a knot and Paige came by and pulled my arm up the stairs into Shiloh's bedroom.

We walked in and there were people fucking on the bed.

"Oh hell no!" Paige smacked the guy's ass really hard that there was a giant smacking sound throughout the room.

"Fuck!" The guy wailed in agony. "Do it again I like that!" The guy yelled.

Paige looked at me with shock, surprise, and anger mixed together. She climbed on the bed behind the guy as he fucked the brains out of some girl. Paige grabbed him the shoulders and lurched him back hard enough for him to pull out of the girl and fall back on the floor.

"What the fuck man! I didn't even get off!" the guy yelled.

Paige climbed back off the bed and bent down and looked the guy straight in the eyes. "This is someone's room you dirty fuck." Then she looked down and did something that would break any man's pride. She laughed at him then stood back up and looked at the girl in the bed. "You are such a good faker. I know you weren't finding that little thing to be pleasurable."

I laughed out loud at the scene that was in front of me. A naked guy on the floor with a small penis and a girl who faked it. I couldn't help but laugh.

"You fucking bitch!" The guy stood up and began yelling in Paige's face.

"I could see the rage build in her eyes. " Motherfucker!!!" She screamed as she opened the door and pushed the guy out in all his naked glory, she went to the girl grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her out to. She picked up their clothes and threw them at the guy and girl, then shut the door.

A few seconds went by as we busted out laughing.

"That was so embarrassing!" Paige yelled in laughter. "Did you see that thing, it looked like my pinkie." She held out her pinkie, which was pretty small.

We kept laughing for a bit. Then there was a knock on the door.

"Hey you guys ok?" Shiloh said as he came in.

"Yeah were just fine we just saw something really fucking hilarious." I said

Then we started laughing again.

"Oh god! That was funny but I need to go back to the party. Michael is probably worried." Paige said as she left me and Shiloh alone.

I started walking around in his room trying to keep my distance from him as much as possible. I walked over to his desk and picked up the picture of both of us smiling when we both got gold in our swim match. Our arms round each other in the little skimpy speedos.

"I remember that, freshman year our first match." Shiloh's hand brushed against my arm and made me tingle as he grabbed the picture. "What's up Jake I saw you storm out of the party with Paige?"

I didn't know what to say, I hated keeping secrets and lying. But this was the time I would do both of those things.

"Nothing is wrong just needed some fresh air. Away from all that smoke and stuff." I said, my back facing Shiloh.

"You suck at lying, I've known you since forever. Get whatever you want to say off your chest." He said turning me around and looking at me in the eyes.

My head dropped down as I prepared to tell him. Suddenly my head was jerked back up by Shiloh's hand and his lips pressed hard and deep against my lips. It was amazing yet I was so surprised. I've wanted this since forever and it was better than I could have imagined. My lips parted as Shiloh's warm tongue entered my mouth, he licked everywhere in my mouth. I found myself moaning and grinding my rock hard cock against his body. My head was swirling around with so many questions, but I didn't care to answer them, as I was to deeply involved in having my first kiss with the man I've wanted forever. I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my tippy toes to get a better reach. The kiss went on for a few more minutes before Shiloh pulled back and placed his forehead on mine.

WOW! I screamed in my head. I couldn't believe it. I kissed Shiloh Delph my biggest crush.

"I love you..."



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