Hi my name is Bryan, I am 23yrs old and I work as a bank teller for a highly prestigious bank in New York City

Friday morning:

I awaken to the sound of the train that goes by my apartment building. I look at my clock sitting on my night stand, it reads 4:30am. "Wow, why did I even buy a alarm clock if I don't need the alarm!" I got out of bed and take a piss noting that my 6.5 in cock is fully alert. I start rubbing it and thinking about how long its been since I've had sex, which was far too long. Pre-cum starts linking out of my slit. I tickle my balls which makes more pre-cum escape my dick. I start to rub fast til finally I cum in the toilet.

Friday night: Tired from working with numbers and pissed off people all day I go home and think to myself I'm bored as fuck. So I decided to go to a club downtown. So I tried to find something to wear. I found my dark red button up shirt and black pants with black suede shoes. I looked for my watch everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. Anyway, I headed out the door feeling like I was being watched. I looked above me, but there was no one there. I dismissed the feeling and continued on my way to the club. Arriving at the club I could tell that this place is going 2 be awesome. I walked inside and started dancing. I saw this guy weave in and out of the crowd of dancers. He had blonde hair that went past his ears and he wore a black tank top and black pant and shoes. I gazed at him for what seemed like hours but in reality it was just seconds. I noticed he was chasing after someone. I started towards the guy but he disappeared through a door. I made my way through the crowd and was at the door what happens next surprises the Hell out of me... I opened the door and saw the dude stabing the other guy in the heart with a weird looking knife. I started to yell but he looked at me in a really pissed off way, making me not won't to make a sound. He says " how did you see the demon?" I replied "demon?" And then passed out.

Sometime later that night:

I woke up with a killer headach and a boner. The guy was sitting next me on the bed. "Where am I" I asked. He answers saying " you are at our safe house." "Our?" I ask. He answers saying "the other shadow hunters like me and you". Wondering what the Hell this really cute guy was talking about I asked " so I can kill demons and shit as well?" He answers " yes" I longed to kiss his perfect lips from the first moment I laid eyes on him. He told me that he gave me a bath while I was unconscious and I thanked him and he left the room. I walked into the hall and saw a door that had the name " Jordan" engraved onto it so I knocked. The cute guy answered the door in his boxers. I noticed the tent he was pitching and faded designs all over his body. He asked me what I needed and I said I needed someone to talk too. He opened the door the rest of the way and said come in. He told me to lay on the bed. I did as told. Out of no where he tales off his boxers and his massive cock is hard as fuck and is thick as Hell I got hard right away. He asked me if it bothered me and I said " nope I kinda like being naked to". He told me I could if I wanted to so I got naked. He looked at my ass and said " Damn boy!" I wanted him to be inside me so bad... All of a sudden he kissed me. I was shocked but I still kissed him back. I started kissing his neck then his nipples then his sexy absurd then finally I got to his cock. I put the head in my mouth as he moaned loudly. He started face fucking me as he found my hole with his fingers. He stuck one finger in first and played with my prostate and then two and eventually three fingers were in my tight hole. He then gravest a bottle of lube from his night stand and lived up my hole. I stopped sucking his cock long enough for him to lube it up. He moved me to where I was on my back and then he got between my legs and told me not to scream cuz the others were trying to sleep. I nodded. I felt his cock at my back door then it popped through and I was in best feeling pain I have ever felt. He went half way in me the pulled out and I was loving every moment of it. Then he went all the way in and I was in heaven! He fucked me for a hour without cumming. My hole was leaking precum and sweat then I felt his body jump and felt his seed burst out in to me it felt so good that I cummed on my chest and face. We laid there like this for a while then he asked if I wanted to take a shower with him and of course I said yes! After the shower we slept like babies tangled up in eachother in love and totally naked

To be continued...

Btw this was my first story on here


Du Vakaless

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