I walk down the customers to find some catches. And see one right away. Sitting like a prince, wearing a black suit, deep blue tie. He isas looking down so I couldn't see much of his face. That's why I approach him. I swing my little cock and smile at other men. And then he looks at me.
"Hi. I haven't seen you here. Are you new?"
I say as I touch his hair. He doesn't look away or back off. And then I notice something. His eyes are blue. Like ocean . I am surprised but after working 4 years in this shop, I have the ability to snap out of it. I smile again as I touche his chest.
"Would you like to have a taste of me? Hmmm?"
I rub his leg and tight. And rub my side to his. Then I stare at his lovely lips and try to kiss them.
"Waite whore."
His deep voice make me cum. Well NEARLY. Wow wow wow. Did he call me whore right now? I think, yes and I loved it.
"Why not?"
I rub my nipples a bit.
"Tell me slut, how many years have you worked here as a bitch?"
I am aroused. And I AM hot for him. I widen my legs to show off my man pussy to other horny men there , then answer him.
"Four years. I have been working here as a bitch slut since I was 18."
I rub his dick through his trousers.
"Now, don't you have the intention to fuck me?"
I look at him and bring my face to his again.
"Whore, not today."
And he just rises  and leave me there.
I watche his board shoulders as he walked out.
"Ummm so he didn't like it now?"
I look at my reflex on the mirror in front of me. Lean, beautiful, white. My light brown hair has reached my waist. Black long lashes along with honey eyes. Red swollen lips that scream to be bitten. Pink sensitive nipples that has bite marks on them. White small cock. Long hot legs.
And finally, a pink pussy that is better than women's pussy. I circle my man pussy.
"You are the best boy pussy ever Lu."
I turn to the voice and see my every night customer.
"Mr.Johnson. Pleasure to see you today."
He grabs my right nipple and squeeze it.
"Oh baby, there are bite marks on your sexy nipples. Can't wait to eat them. I am hungry sexy . Feed me."
I moan softly.
"Yes.... where do you like me to feed you?"
I rub his bulge.
"Tell me... where do you want me to feed you on my pink nipples? Or maybe you want to eat that pink pussy?"
He pinches my nipple gard. I moan harder.
"Lu.... the food private room"
The shop is a paradise to all the fantasies. That's why we have so many different rooms with different qualities. Food room is where your baby pussy becomes your plate, or glass.
I lead Harry Johnson to the most perfect food private room. He is reach as hell. And I make him spend well.
As I enter the room I explain about the room.
"It contains all the plugs to save the food in my man pussy. And ..."
I show him the toys collection on the right.
"We have these lovely toys to ourselves too."
Harry smiles. His cock has risen and has made quite a show. I rub it and press it.
"What is more Lu?"
I rub his tights then move.
"And.... will chocolate pussy make you full?"
I show him the big bottle that contains sweet chocolate. He nods and hug me tightly.
"Now, take my clothes off Lu."
I rub his chest and then take his coat off. My cock press on his, I smile and take his tie.
"Such a small cock you have Lu.... I can't wait to eat it"
He kisses my lips as I take off his tie. Then I start unbuttoning his white blouse. I take that off too and run my hands on his bare chest and torso. He doesn't like hair that's why his body is hairless. And so smooth. I break the kiss and kiss his neck. He rubs my back and I suck on his skin.
I smile at him. Then run my hands on his zipper.
"Take it off now."
He orders and I accept.
His black boxer show his manly cock. I kneel and kiss his cock through the boxer. I suck on it and sometimes lick it. He just waits there and press my face harder to his cock.
"Enough of it"
He says as he make me stand. He make me lay on the wooden table."Now, pussy, what will you serve as the appetizer?hm?"

He rubs my balls. I moan and lick my lips.

"Ah.... chocolate cock is served for appetizer."

"Then serve it."

I grab the chocolate bottle, take its shell off then start pouring it on my cock.

"Nice sight."

I rub it on my cock slowly and pour more. After a while I announce that it's ready.

"Lu, fuck that is awesome."

He bends and take my cock in his mouth. He sucks hard and wash out the chocolate. I moan slowly and softly as I touch his black hair.

He continues sucking. It takes him some time to eat it all.

"Now, what else baby?"

I touch my nipples as I stare at him. And then he attacks my nipples. He suck them both, hard and long. Then he starts chewing on my right nipple.

I moan loud as he does. My cock is up and ready to shot. He bites my right nipple hard, very hard. And I scream in pleasure.

"Yessss . Yesss. Eat eat it please! .... bite me..... ohhh yes. Ah fuck...."

He does the same to the left one and when he is done, my nipples are red. And sexy.

"They are tasty Lu. I can eat them forever"

I tap his cock with my knee.

"If you eat them forever, what it will do?"

He grabs my knees and take them apart.

"It can wait a bit."

Then he buries his face in my ass, and start eating my asshole.

I whimper and bite my lower lip in pleasure.

"Hey, what you tell about having chocolate in your pussy?"


He grabs the bottle and press it to my pussy. It goes in. Then he take my waist and pull it upper . And the chocolate flaws to my pussy. I moan in pleasure as it fills me. I feel it when it comes out of my pussy. Harry lowers his head and kisses me on the mouth. I kiss back and hug him.

I track his hand on my body, and then he puts his cock at the entrance.

"You see, I want to eat chocolate and white cream together."

And then he pushes in and fill me with his manhood. The chocolate goes off, well some of it. He pumps into me hard and fast. It makes a naughty sound with the chocolate in me. Very naughty.

"God.... you are........ such a good tight pussy."

He sucks on my nipple as he slows down. I arch my back and meet every thrust he gives. And after some time, he stops. He take it in and out very slowly while looking into my eyes.

"Ah......please..... harder.......please."

He smiles, then lean to kiss me . And he starts again.

He thrusts powerful. His balls crash into my man pussy and his cock hit the very end of me.

I moan loud and hard and call his name.

"Fuck.... do u like it?.... tell me... "

He thrusts harder, the table shakes and I scream in pleasure.

"I love it.....ahhhhh....yesssss.... oh fuck.....ahhhhhhh.......more. give me more........ oh god..."

I cum hard , and paralyzed for some time.

But he doesn't stop. He pumps me like a beast and ride me. And then he moans Loud and cum hard in me.

"Ah.....Lu, you are....the best fuck boy ever."

He lays on top of me as his cock cums in my pussy.

(Hope you liked it! :-))



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