'No' I told the young man. I'm usually obeyed. 'We do it my way.' I pushed him back so the leg in plaster went against the divan and he fell into the cushions.

I think Mickey's expression caused me decide during the first moments of our first meeting, seeing him hobble unsteadily yet eagerly across the road towards my daughter. His leg was encased in plaster from a basketball accident. Strange to suddenly find my daughter's new friend so attractive when I never touched any man than my husband all our married life. My daughter, Avril, had told me how sexy he was, masculine and thrusting yet when she asserted herself, how he submitted to her. He 27, she 18. As he shook my hand respectfully, shy yet eager, broad-shouldered and well set up, my pussy spasmed.

April had met him a week or so earlier just coming from the hospital with his new cast, noticing him pause uncertainly, crutches under each arm, wobbling precariously above the long steep flight of steps down to University subway station. Comically she'd asked 'Can I help you?' Imagine him, a well-muscled 180lb, 6' 2', turning to look at her skinny 5' 6', 110lbs. She told me that unlike many men who pretended not to look, he stared appraisingly at her firm new breasts pushing her white sweater out taut. I say new breasts rather than young because they were very new, implanted only 16 days before.

She'd carried the crutches while he, holding the chrome handrail, hopped one-legged down the numerous steps. Anyone but he would have taken a taxi but, poor and stubborn, he was determined to make it by subway. Turned out he and my daughter lived in adjacent streets not 300 yards apart. My daughter had become so difficult in the house, fighting with me over everything, that I'd persuaded her father to rent her an apartment near the private school for high intelligence difficult adolescents we'd put her in. Avril was urgent in her needs and she and Mickey swiftly became lovers. It was no accident I met him on that beautiful winter's. My daughter's account of his words, deeds and looks had created irresistible desire to meet him. I'm afraid I may've even been unconsciously competing with her, or maybe a mother feels she has some rights over her daughter's boyfriend.

That winter's day was glorious. Sunlight made the air sparkle under clear, luminous pale blue sky, perfect excuse to drive down to the school, meet her and suggest a walk around the neighborhood. Warm within my fur coat, I easily guided our steps past his house. Avril's swift birdlike glances spotted him at the window, possibly drawn there by my intentionally raised voice. He'd already seen us and in moments was out, hopping with one crutch across the street. As he shook my hand the crutch slipped off the kerb and he was overbalancing into the gutter before a passing car and I reached out, seized his arm. I'd undone my fur coat and in pulling him up his arm touched my breast inside my coat and I saw instant desire light his eyes. Reclaiming his hand he caressed the grey fur of my sleeve sensuously. I decided right then I'd have him.

I invited him to visit my small business. A few days later he came around one mid-afternoon. I took him into my office to get my coat so we could go find an elegant cafe. As I slipped into the fur he stroked it again.

'Do you find fur erotic?' I asked.


'Have you ever made love to a woman wearing a fur coat?

'Once I made love to an Cree Indian girl who smelt like a bear, I don't suppose that counts?'

When I let him know my daughter had told me he and she were lovers and how she had made him kneel down for her and what she'd done to him then he looked embarrassed and aroused.

'Do you accept that women are intended to be dominant over men?' I said moving my coat aside and turning so my breasts thrust into his gaze.

'Of course not' he said, and I vowed he'd pay for that.

The telephone rang, Avril wanting talk about her week at the new school. She had a lot to say and it was important to her so I sat down. Mickey stood beside the desk his eyes admiring the fur while at the level I now was my eyes were drawn to the bulge in his crotch and as my daughter talked I reached out and cupped a hand under his balls. His eyes widened. He seemed about to step away, then stopped and as I listened to my daughter and made intelligent remarks I stroked the front of his pants and saw the bulge grow. His breathing became heavy panting. I signalled with a finger to my lips to be quieter and he stepped away so putting my hand over the receiver I told him 'Stay. It's alright.'

'Are you with someone? Are you listening to me' complained my daughter so I explained Mickey had dropped by and I was just about to go for coffee. 'Take your time though, darling, finish what you're telling me.'

She had lots to say and while she said it I began easing her young man's zipper down, very slowly and gently so it would not be heard. Entirely down...slid my fingers inside and eased his trapped, throbbing cock out. It was fascinating. Young, fresh, vibrating, veins bulging. I eased my hand inside his underpants and cupped his balls. His breath began coming too hard and looking up into his face I put a finger to my lips, warning him be quieter.

He remained passive while I undid his belt and his fashionably loose pleated pants dropped to the floor. The cut of his briefs was extremely cute and I got my hand in the back of the waistband, still listening and responding efficiently to my daughter, and eased the panties down, running my palm over his buttocks as I did so and seeing from his response he loved his butt played with - as I already knew from my daughter.

I had him fully exposed. Erect and throbbing in my hand. In my office where anyone could walk in.

His head was turned aside so his breathing might not sound into the phone and his cock was making uncontrollable leaps in front of my face. I couldn't resist taking it into my mouth. Just for a moment. I took it in and the heat of my cheeks and tongue made him involuntarily thrust and then, without warning, he ejaculated, came in my mouth while I sat holding the phone with my daughter on the end. I never felt so deliciously wicked before. I swallowed lots. There was so much it spilled over my lips and onto my cheek.

'Mummy! Are you listening?' Avril demanded.

I choked slightly and coughed. 'Something's come up, darling' I told her, fetching a tissue from my drawer and wiping my mouth and cheek with poise.

'Oh well, if you're too busy I'll speak to you this evening' she said crossly and hung up.

Right then came a knock on the door. It began opening before I could say anything. I looked around ready to panic but thank goodness Mickey already had his trousers zipped up and had moved to the filing cabinet where he'd picked up a book. My assistant put just her head around the door, looked at him curiously, said she'd return when I wasn't engaged and left.

In the cafe he seemed in post-orgasmic catatonia, probably stunned and confused. I found him delightful: sexually aroused by me yet almost overcome by respect and regarding me as untouchable, his girlfriend's mother. I kept him in the cafe till I felt sure all students and staff would be gone then took him back to the school.

In the bathroom I removed all my clothing, checked myself in the mirror. Still looking good, especially the breasts, 100% natural, too. Sensuous hips and belly, bush elegantly clipped, legs sheer in black stockings and suspender belt, black high-heel shoes. Fur coat over my nakedness I returned to my office.

Thus it was that when I tripped him against the divan and he fell I opened my fur coat wide, naked beneath but for black stockings and suspenders. Falling full length upon him I pressed my boobs into his face, took his wrists and spread his arms wide against the cushions. 'You aren't to touch me. Understand?'

I stripped him naked, got his cock in my hands and stroked it to hardness, ran a finger lightly across his balls, stroking up across his belly, chest, nipples, up the softness of his neck, across his chin, lingering upon his lips. I knew nothing like this had ever happened to him. I touched him in ways men did young girls, arousing as I dominated. Kneeling astride his body I worked my way up till I sat astride his face, fur coat caressing his bare skin. 'Use your tongue. Find my clitoris.'

He tried to reach down and stroke his cock and I slapped his cheek lightly. 'You don't touch yourself without permission.' I put a knee on either arm to prevent him and rode his face with my pussy. Power is aphrodisiac, I came quickly. My feeling of calm satisfaction was as wonderful as any I ever felt and I could happily have dressed and gone home right then, but took pity on him and sank onto his cock, closing my fur coat around his body, the silky fox hair stroking all along his sides and thighs.

'You're mine now' I told him. 'You can continue your affair with my daughter but no-one else.'

'You mustn't tell her.'

I contracted my cunt making him gasp and rode his cock up and down hard. I felt it swell, he was near ejaculating. 'Look at me, Mickey, look into my eyes as you come.' His eyes closed as his orgasm began so I lightly slapped his cheek. 'Open your eyes, look at me.' He obeyed and waves of semen spurted into my insides all the more fiercely, each accompanied by hip-raised mouth-open gasps.



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