I left the store and decided to head home and shower and get cleaned up. My mind continued to race around her last statement. I knew deep down what she meant, and it turned me on but also left me incredibly nervous and scared. I had often fantasized about bi or gay sex. Often times questioning my own sexuality. But I had always been speeding and doing meth when I had the thoughts, so I always blamed them on the drugs. I never really thought something like that would ever really happen. And the entire ride home I just kept telling my self I was just thinking way too hard and fast and putting too much into it.

I got home, crushed out a nice long line, and snorted it down. And did the usual of sitting there and enjoying the heavy burn through my nose. And it didn't take long before my heart and mind were racing again. God I always loved that feeling. After a few minutes I would feel it drain down my throat and the feeling get more intense. It never took long before every my cock and ass would start tingling, and I would be aching and obsessing over sex.

I had to get my mind to the task at hand and I got in the shower to clean up and get ready. It wasn't the usual shower that afternoon. I stood there forever thinking of what was in store that night. This would be my first threesome. I had watched it so many times in porno movies and now it might really be getting ready to happen. My cock was so sensitive and I was fighting every urge I had to jack off, I wanted to save it for the party. Of course being 22, busting a nut several times a day was never an issue, but I had to wait.

After a thorough scrubbing, doubling up on the usual areas, I got dressed, packed up my goodies, and headed out the door. I was extremely nervous, but the drugs were definately giving me an inner confidence. And since I was always a cocky jock growing up, I was having good success telling myself I was gonna rock this little party. I never had a long porno cock, but I was always told how nice and thick it was, and how wonderful the big mushroom head always hit the G spot. I was young, I would give this older woman a good long all night fucking she hadn't had in years.

The address she gave me confirmed what I had heard, she had money. I felt strange heading into the neiborhood, even getting nervous thinking someone might call the cops and I have drugs on me. But I found it rather easily, and drove down the drive and marveled and how huge and nice it was. I grew up in a smaller town in a normal working class family. Something like this was only a dream. Something told me to follow the drive way since it lead around the house, and it turned out to be a good idea since the garage was around there and my truck could not be seen from the road.

I had one last thought that I could back out now, but said to myself, what the hell. So I got out, and headed up the walkway to the door. I was actually feeling more confident with each step, very happy that I didn't chicken out, and actually showed up. I did notice a slight tremble in my hand when I went to ring the doorbell, but I thought, it much too late now, I know they heard me drive up.

When she answered the door, she looked wonderful like always. She was wearing a tight spandex work out type outfit. It looked comfortable, and actually made me feel a little bit better. I kept having this thought that she would answer the door I'm some sexy nighty or garter belt, so this was much more relaxed. I was welcomed in with her telling me how happy she was that I came, and to follow her to the game room where they were hanging out.

The house was amazing, and I admired everything in amazement as we walked through. This was a 1/2 mil dollar dream home that I knew I would never own, but could always be a dream. I followed her across the house, and down some stairs, trying to listen to what she was saying but staring at her wonderful ass as it moved so rhythmically. Some people are just born with great genetics and she was one of them, everything in the perfect shape.

Down stairs was something like a basement but was now a man cave. A full bar, pool table, a few other games, bar lights, nice tv on the wall. The type of man cave you can dream of if you had an unlimited budget. It was perfect and I wouldn't have done it up any different I thought to my self.

Behind the bar, stood her husband, looking up at the TV, with a drink in his hand. She lead me over there and introduced me. He shook my hand and introduced himself, saying his name was Donald. He gave the power grip hand shake, the kind that feels like your hand is breaking, and I tried to squeeze hard, and act like it was nothing.

He told me to have a seat and asked what I wanted to drink. I'm a bourbon and coke guy, which he said he was to, so he grabbed a glass and fixed a good stout Crown and Coke. He seemed very nice, and started asking me about my life and what I was studying in college. I sucked down the first glass pretty quick, and he immediately gave me a refill as we continued to talk. The three of us chatted and drank for a good hour. It was a good start to the night, and really helped to calm my nerves.

Finally he pulled a mirrored tray out from behind the bar and places in front of us. It had two huge piles of white powder on it, more than I had ever seen in my life. He said one was meth and one was coke, and asked which one i liked better. I told him I hadn't done much coke, that I liked the speed better, so he said why don't we just have both then.

He spread out three lines on the glass and we each took turns snorting our lines. The first was the crank. I could tell it was pure, because it smelled really good and burned nice and hard as it went up my nose. I started tearing up bad, and it was hitting me really quickly. They chucked at me as I continued to let the drain go down, and I made comments how good it was. I'm sure they knew I was at the bottom of the food chain and what I could afford was much lower quality and contained a lot of cut.

We stayed at the bar for another hour maybe, now talking our heads off with the crank fully kicked in. He finally put out three lines of the coke and we all three took turns snorting that down. Wow, was all I could think. My entire nose and throat went numb, kicking in my gag reflex. I was trying very hard to act cool, but it was very hard to do. They were both amused and laughed at this as well.

To be continued.......



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