Hi guys my name is shaikh farhan and my age is 24. I am going too tell you a my real sex story. We where three roommate. Its myself, paul and rick. I am the student and they both where doing jobs. So thats why i just get return within 8'o clock. but of both they have shipment job. Thats why they come alternative or we three where together. One day rick was in a room and then i come at the time of 7:30 at night. Then i saw rick he is doing something in his laptop. Then i get fresh and sit for watching movie in my laptop. Then i told rick that what r u doing and he replay me nothing. Then after hour it was 10:30 at night paul came into the room. When rick gone for something in kitchen then i saw his laptop. What i saw is that he was watching porn video. I said nothing to him. Then paul came too me and said in front of me. Then i told him about the rick that he is watching porn video. Then when rick come then we told him about the porn video. He was just silence. Then paul told that let us watch together only one time. i just ignore him. Then they just bring in front of me a play video of sex. Then i said ok. Then we three of them sit on one bed and watching porn movie. Then i just become very hot and unconcious. Then i saw that rick go too bathroom. then we just tease him that going for a cum. When he came what we saw is that rick was totally nude, as he was nothing in his body and said at my side. We both where just laughing at him. Rick was just rubbing his cock and make some erotic voice. Then after seeing him me too remove my pant, shirt and become nude. Then after few minute paul also become nude. We three of them just rubbing the cock. Then i just become too hot then i try too tuch the cock of rick. Then i take his cock into my hand and rubb it. Then i look at him and go too his mouth and kiss for a second . Paul just screem at me that what r u doing. I told nothing to him i just gone to his mouth and try too kiss he suddenly take his face back. Then i suddenly hold his face and started kissing to paul. Then he also shows his felling and again i kiss to rick for a minute then i kiss too his lips then his chest and then kiss his cock at the top. Then paul also bring is cock towards my lips then i kiss his cock too. Then i suck the cock of there both for a lone period of time. Then we where nude then i told rick too put his cock into my ass that is too fuck me then he put his cock into my ass and fuck me. First i sreame them it was too good experience. Then paul give his cock into my mouth and rick was fucking me. After fucking of rick then paul do the same thing that is he fuck me for a long period of time. Then Paul told him too fuck then i try too put into his ass but it can't go. As u know that i have fuck befor thats why the cock goes easily into my ass. Then i sit and they give their cock in too my mouth. Then After sucking the cock they cum into my mouth. Then i rubb my cock and take out my cum and put it into my mouth and then drink it.

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Farhan Shaikh

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