After a most exciting photo session and interview with the cameraman who was also apparently one of the producers for the show, a reality survival show featuring an exotic location, I received my letter being accepted as a contestant. Since this apparently was going to be a male-only cast of rough and buff guys willing to tough it out in the wild, I figured that this should be a pretty exciting adventure.

So it is now a week later. I dealt with my bills and utilities and told a friendly neighbor to keep an eye on things for a month or two. I was told to pack a suitcase and a small carry on bag of essentials. We were not allowed to bring any electronics like cel phones or computers. So here I am sitting in business class of an Air Nui Tahiti jumbo jet to Papeete, capital of Tahiti. Looking around the plane, I'm enjoying the upscale treatment. There are eight seats across in each row. Two on each side and three in the middle. I lucked out with a window seat and an empty seat next to me. It's a nine hour overnight flight and I'm excited for such a fun adventure.

Bob, my cameraman buddy walked by and stopped to say hello. Did I mention that he has a full head of curly dark red hair. Same for down below, if you catch my drift, as I have first hand experience.

"Hey Nick! You all settled in?" Bob asked.

I returned his warm smile. "I'm doing great, and thanks again for everything by the way!" I said with a knowing look.

"Hey, for what its worth, you were always a top contender; you're smart, articulate, and a hell of a rocking hard body!" Bob said.

I thanked him again anyway and we talked a bit about the flight. He also told me about some of the other contestants scattered around the plane.

Bob motioned to the other window seat at the far end of my row. "That guy there is named Scott. He's like 20 and a student. A bit nervous for the long flight but he's way cute, looks really good on camera," Bob offered.

I leaned forward in my seat to try to see who this guy was. I could barely see him but with short black hair and a Mediterranean complexion, he seemed cute enough. "So just how good was he to photograph?" I asked with a dirty grin, knowing just how far my own photo session went with Bob.

Bob leaned in closer, for the record, you Nick were the only applicant who had "extra" treatment," he said with a wink.

"Anyway, he's super straight, so we are out of luck!" Bob determined. I just looked at Scott and wondered.

Bob soon returned to his seat. A short time later, Denzel walked by and noticed me. Seeing the empty seat next to me, he plopped down.

"Hey man!" Denzel said excitedly, grabbing my hand and shaking it. "We both made it, isn't that sweet!" he added.

We chatted for a while and he went into his anti female rant again due to his long time girlfriend dumping him. Then he started asking again about my sex life, as I had previously mentioned that I was gay.

"The truth is this, Denzel," I began, "a guy's physique is what gets me going, and a guy can give me anything a girl can. Period! And to be honest, guys know how to pleasure another guy better because we all have the same parts!" I explained.

"I just don't know if I can give up pussy Nick. And hanging on to them titties! Mmm mmm!" he said, almost blushing as he explained his preferences.

We chatted and teased a bit longer until they dimmed the cabin lights, allowing other passengers to sleep.

Here's my chance I thought, to get this guy and start building an alliance for the game that I would need.

I leaned in my head closer to Denzel and began to talk in a low voice.

"Denzel, I know how we are all brought up to think what is right, but I would bet you anything that a guy could give you a better hand job or blow job then any girlfriend of yours could offer!" I said with my eyebrows raised, watching him in the dim cabin light.

"A bet?" he asked, taking my bait. "You offering? Like right here, right now?"

"Yeah, why not? Don't you deserve a good thrill? Besides, who knows when you'll be able to get off again on a remote island filled with only guys," I said, making my cock twitch thinking of a remote island filled with only guys!

"And I don't have to do anything?" he asked, as I began to reel him in. "And the bet?" he added.

I thought for a minute. "First off, we'll switch seats so you're near the window and I'm blocking you. You don't have to do anything at all. Once you cum, I'll trust you to tell me if it was better then any female who did you," I explained. "If I'm right, you owe me a vote on the island when we have to eliminate someone. You would vote for whoever I tell you to. If I'm wrong, you control one of my votes. Gentlemen's agreement. Cool?'

I watched Denzel's face. He was quite torn but I could tell he was slowly biting down on the hook. He soon looked back at me with a grin.

He's mine, I thought, as I stood up and grabbed a blanket and my jacket from the overhead bin and he slid over into my window seat. I looked around and saw that almost everyone nearby was asleep or into a movie while wearing those thick padded headphones. At the far end of the aisle the flight attendants area was dimly lit, their curtain closed snuggly.

I sat down next to Denzel and opened the blanket across our laps and we both reclined out chairs. Before I could say anything, Denzel slipped his hands under the blanket and I could see he was undoing his pants. Damn, talk about an eager victim! I thought.

Looking around my seat, I saw a button that allowed me to lower the middle arm rest that separated our seats. With the armrest lowered, I scooted closer to Denzel until our hips touched. I looked over at him and could see his face showing a bit of worry.

"At any point you want me to stop, I promise I will, okay buddy?" I asked.

Denzel offered me a smiling, but concerned face. "Okay, thanks," he responded.

I slipped my hand under the blanket and rested it on his lower belly, just to get him more relaxed to ease into this. I rubbed his belly gently and eased up his loosened shirt to explore his bare skin. His abs were awesome. Firm and smooth and defined. I think I was about to enjoy this as much as him! Rubbing slowly, I could hear him take in a deep breath or two. When he seemed to relax a bit, after he looked around once or twice, I moved my hand lower, feeling his tightly curled pubic hairs. There didn't seem to be too many.

"You must trim?" I asked, looking over to him. "Yeah, I do. You?" he asked.

"Always!" I answered. Curious about me too, a good sign, I thought.

My hand slid lower under the blanket and I was soon grasping his soft, but growing cock. It felt long and cut. And warm!"

I leaned in a bit closer and sensed his breath quickening. With his cock getting warmer and harder by the second, I knew I was doing well. I leaned in closer. "You doing okay buddy?" I asked

Denzel leaned in closer to my head. "Oh man, this is hot, you are awesome! Feels so good!" he offered.

I kept pumping. His cock leaking precum allowed me to jack him more aggressively, and my mouth was starting to salivate. I looked up at him with an evil grin and leaned down, getting onto my knees on the floor and going under the blanket between his legs. I leaned in closer, my face butting up against his stroking hand and heard Denzel gasp, as he figured out what I was up to! I pushed his hand out of my way and planted my mouth on his now rock hard cock. I heard a soft "Oh fuck!" escape his lips as I took over for his hands.

With on of my hands, I caressed and cupped his balls. My other hand was free to grasp the base of his nine inch cock while my mouth furiously moved up and down, my lips gripping tighter around my target. Denzel's hips began to buck in his seat as my clenching fist began its assault on his cock base as my mouth worked the top half his throbbing cock. Sensing him getting close, I began to tug on his balls and move my hand just under them, pressing firmly against his bare skin.. In a short time, I heard him take in a deep breath. His butt pushed hard deep into his seat as his cock quaked in my mouth. I felt his first wave of cum shoot out against the back of my throat. I sucked hungrily and urged out two more streams of his cream. I lapped up the sides of his cock to make sure I captured all of his juices as his body's shaking seemed to slow. Feeling around his deflating cock with my tongue, I sensed the right moment to remove my mouth and put his cock back in his pants, zipping him back up and snapping his pants closed.

With all in order, I eased out from beneath the blanket and scooted back into my seat. I looked around quickly and could tell that all those who had been sleeping remained asleep. Once back in my seat, I leaned over to face Denzel.

"So?" I asked in a bare whisper.

"All I will say is that you sure as hell have my vote man! Who knows, I may need to sell you some more votes if I last long enough on that island Nick!"

"Always open for business pal," I offered with a grin. After a few minutes, Denzel leaned back over towards me.

"You don't mind if I head back over to my seat do you Nick?" Denzel asked.

"Not a problem bud, go grab a nap. I probably will too," I said with a grin.

Denzel patted me on the shoulder as he got up to walk back to his seat. "Later man," I called out in a whisper, not wanting to wake any of the nearby passengers.

I sat back in my seat and took a deep breath. After a little time and not being able to sleep, I grabbed my toiletry bag and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. I took a very long pee and then washed. I also took my tooth brush and tooth paste to clean my now foul smelling mouth. Washing my face and feeling refreshed, I turned towards my seat but then froze in place. I walked toward the other aisle and walked slowly in the near dark, seeking a new intended destination. I was in luck. That other contestant, Scott, was sitting by the widow and the seat next to him was vacant. I watched for a moment and could tell that he was not asleep. In fact, he seemed very restless.

As I walked slowly, as if I was passing his seat, he suddenly looked up and over at me and grinned. By the expression on his face, I knew he was not enjoying an otherwise calm smooth flight, so I took my opening.

"Hey, how are you doing?" I offered.

"Not so hot. I hate flying!" he answered.

I grabbed the empty seat and stuck out my hand. "Hey, I'm Nick, also on the survival reality show!"

"Cool," was all he could muster.

"It's not so bad," I began. "it's a good airplane and this airline has a great safety record," I said.

"Really?" he said. "I'm Scott by the way. And I must be nuts for going on this show!"

"Hey, that's exactly what I was thinking the other day!" I said.

"Well, at least there's a chance for a big payout!" he said.

"Anyway, for the record, I'm an attorney, and I'm 30, and I'm gay!" I explained. "Just so its all out of the way!"

"That's cool. I'm 20, a political science major hoping to go to law school," Scott answered. "And I think I'm bi!" he added.

"You only think so?" I asked.

"Well, I've tried both and not sure!" he said.

"No big deal man, you have plenty of time to experiment and see what works for you!" I suggested. He smiled back at me.

"You know, you need to get to sleep," I said. "Want me to stay here for a few until you fall asleep?" I offered.

"Man, that would be awesome," he said with a widening grin.

I pulled out a pillow over to put behind my head as I reclined my seat, patting his leg to reassure him. I loosened the top of my pants a little to get more comfortable.

Once my eyes were closed, I was soon dozing along to the low steady hum of the smooth flying jumbo jet. While no question the grand prize win would be life altering, I figured at the least I'd have some good sex filled days on a tropical location. Certainly a good way to clear my mind between jobs!

My mind drifted back to my fun little suck off of Denzel. My mind floated as I could feel each suck on my own cock as I remembered each suck I gave Denzel. And the feelings grew more and more pleasurable in my dream. Then they got even stronger! I must be having my own wet dream triggered by this very recent memory. Or was I? I soon began to wake, definitely feeling a mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes slowly, realizing that I was still in the darkened airplane. A blanket was spread across my lap and there was definitely someone under that blanket as well! Holy Fuck!

I instinctively looked over to the seat next to me to find it empty. Scott was sucking me off! And doing a damn good job at it! My hips bucked and I started to thrust them forward to the mouth working my cock so well. I looked around, everyone else still asleep as I felt my orgasm approach. I gripped the arm rests of my chair and stifled a groan as I felt my balls erupt forth. The mouth below hungrily sucked and took my load when I came. My heart pounded. My body soon eased as I relaxed into that post cumming calm.

My hand reached out to caress the highest bump of the blanket, figuring that's where Scott's head was. Soon I heard my pants zip back up, indicating that I was being serviced by someone very considerate!

Slowly, a hand lowered the blanket to reveal Scott's face, his expression looking up at me with one of caution. I could tell he wasn't sure of my reaction. He glided back into his seat, his gaze still fixed on my face. I smiled and patted his hand, releasing him from his worry.

"You're not mad?" he asked, his voice deceiving him with a slight stutter.

"Why would I be, thanks for the wake up surprise," I said.

"You just looked so hot sleeping there next to me. I just couldn't resist!" he explained.

I leaned my head in closer to him. "But promise me that I will get to return the favor. Agreed?" I asked.

He nodded his head eagerly up and down, assuring me that I just made another friend and added a member to my alliance.

I leaned in one more time. "I guess I can go back to my seat, seems your not so tense flying anymore!" I said with a grin as I stood up and patted my clothes back in some sort of orderly appearance. I walked quietly down the aisle heading back to my seat. Sitting back down and buckling in, I had no problem falling asleep instantly, and enjoyed the last few hours f the flight quite calmly and contently.

Sun was soon streaming into the cabin of the aircraft. I looked around as window shades were being lifted and the passengers were stirring, getting themselves organized and put back together. Breakfast was served and most people, including myself, made their last trips to the bathrooms to brush teeth and hair and wash up and otherwise get ready for landing.

After a good flight and a smooth landing, we left the plane and could immediately feel the warm and humid tropical air. After walking a few yards into the terminal, I saw Bob, my photographer pal holding a sign with the name of the Survival show. I stood next to him as other players for the show circled around us. Denzel gave me a thumbs up, his face still bleary from the long nine hour flight. Scott sided up to me with a wink and the eager face of a typical 20 year old. Clearly Scott was still young enough to stand the test of a long overnight flight. I looked around the group of guys standing next to me. I counted nine of us, including Bob.

Soon, a tenth guy, with cell phone in hand and deep in conversation, came up to stand next to us, Bob looked around and grinned.

"Okay, gentlemen, looks like we're all here. The guy on the phone is the show's host. You may recognize Dick Summers from previous shows. Say hi to the guys Dick!" Bob directed. The guy on the phone waved his hand with a quick grin and got back into his conversation.

"I'm Bob, one of the cameramen and associate producer. You'll see me and a couple other cameramen around but after today we will not talk again. Rules you know!" Bob continued explaining.

"We're headed for the Le Meridien Tahiti Hotel in Papeete where you can freshen up. Later today we will have our meeting explaining the game and how it will all go down. Your afternoon is free to crash or explore or whatever you want!" Bob added. "So now its off to customs and baggage and our hotel. "Lets do it," he further directed.

After a short drive we made it to our hotel. All of us were stoked, having caught several glimpses of the bright blue tropical Pacific Ocean. It was hard to believe that we were now in the legendary south seas! I was really excited. We drove maybe twenty minutes in a long van and soon arrived at the hotel. In the lobby, we went towards the front desk and Bob and our show host Dick were checking us in.

Dick turned to face us.

"Good morning gentlemen! Welcome and thanks for participating on our reality survival show! " he began. , "Okay, its now 10:30 am. I'll give you some time to settle in and shower or do whatever you want. We're here for one night only. Tomorrow after breakfast we have a quick flight to our island where the game will begin! Dick explained

"So, lets say at 2:00pm, I need all of you down here in the lobby. We will have our orientation meeting which should last for about three or four hours." Dick said.

We were all given room keys and told that our bags would be right up after us. From what I could tell, the rooms of us contestants seemed to be scattered through out the hotel. I had room 969. How appropriate I thought! Denzel walked by me and we each flashed our room numbers. It looked like he was on the fourth floor. I picked up my small carry on bag and headed towards the elevator. Just as the doors were closing , Scott jumped through the closing doors. A couple of other contestants were in the elevator with us so I kept quiet for the ride. I hit the ninth floor button and Scoot intentionally pushed past me to hit the 12th floor button, making sure he saw which button he pushed

I got to my room and opened the door. It was a nice sized room with a king bed and a large window with a balcony facing the azure blue Pacific Ocean. I looked down from the window and saw two magnificent large swimming pools and grass covered huts scattered about. Too bad we couldn't spend our entire time at this hotel.

A knock on my door alerted me to the arrival of my large suitcase. I plopped the bag on a large chair and opened it up, taking out a pair of green board shorts, a pair of dark blue briefs, and a light blue polo shirt. I really wasn't tired enough for a nap. I was way too revved up being here and thinking about what was waiting for me. But boy oh boy, did I need a shower!

I walked to the bathroom and was wowed by the size of it. It could have been the bathroom for a small gym. I tossed my assorted toiletries on the long sink counter and stripped off my clothes. I caught a view of myself in the mirror and couldn't help but grin. Still catching the eyes of 20 year olds, huh? I thought to myself. I gave my cock a couple of quick pulls and turned to admire my still firm plump ass cheeks. I gave them a pat and turned on the shower, quickly getting under the fancy "rain fall" shower head. The warm water felt good on my body as it flowed over my skin. I was tempted to have a nice slow wank but decided that I had enough activity on the flight coming over. Besides, the area immediately surrounding the hotel looked interesting enough to deserve some exploration

With the thought of discovering a new place, I hurriedly dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist, leaving the bathroom to go find my clothes. I walked over to the window and opened it up. I stepped out onto the small balcony and enjoyed the warm tropical air flowing over my body. It felt so good. I gazed out at the beautiful ocean and enjoyed the tropical tranquility. A quick knock on the door brought me back to reality.

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