With the thought of exploring somewhere new and exotic, Nick hurriedly dried off from his shower and wrapped the towel around his waist, leaving the bathroom to go find some clothes. Nick walked over to the window and opened it up. He took a step out on to the small balcony and enjoyed the warm tropical air flowing over his body. A quick knock on the door brought Nick back to reality.

Still in my towel, I walked to the door and opened it, surprised to see Denzel giving me a nervous grin as he pushed past me to enter my room.

"I didn't want anyone to see me here. I'm not sure if the contestants are supposed to talk to each other," he nervously explained.

Meanwhile, I was taking him all in. He was wearing a tight white polo shirt and a pair of tan shorts. His light brown skin was highlighted by the clothes he wore. His legs and butt were muscular and really filled out his shorts nicely. His chest was also nicely developed. His pecs pushed against his shirt to the point of poking his nipples right into the fabric. His arms, especially his biceps, stretched the shirt sleeve material to its limits. He looked even better then when I first met him in Los Angeles. After he looked around the room, he suddenly realized I was wearing only a towel.

"Oh man, did I catch you at a bad time?" he asked.

"Nah, just hopped out of the shower and was going to go get dressed. Then I may wander about outside. It looks interesting," I explained.

I watched Denzel looking over my chest and arms. "You're kind of ripped for a gay guy, you know Nick?" he said.

"Thanks Denny, can I call you Denny?" I asked.

"Sure man," he replied with a grin. "Some of my best buddies call me Denny."

"So gay guys can't be muscular or masculine?" I asked, teasing him with a grin.

"Just never thought of it that way," he answered.

I walked towards my bed, where my clothes were laid out . I could feel Denzel's eyes watching me and decided to have some fun. So with my back still towards him, I dropped my towel, exposing my firm, rounded and smooth ass. I think I heard him take in a breath. Yes!

"You um uh, uh, um, want me to wait outside?" he stammered.

I picked my shirt up and turned to face him, letting him have full view of my semi hard 8 inch cut cock hanging over a decent sized pair of balls.

"Why? You embarrassed? Besides, " I asked, as I looked down over my naked body, "there's nothing left for me to expose huh?" I added with a giggle.

Despite him being a grown black man, I swear I detected a faint blush in his face. I slipped on my red polo shirt and took a step towards him.

"Besides, considering the blow job I gave you last night, I think I can consider you a close enough friend for me to be comfortable around you, yeah?" I asked.

Denzel's and my eyes locked for a minute. I couldn't tell if he felt like a caged animal or an animal ready to attack and pounce on me.

"Relax Denny, any red blooded male or female from time to time will admire any other red blooded male or female," I explained.

"Its only natural," I added with a grin.

I let him continue to look me over as I slipped on a pair of red and blue plaid boxers and then some blue shorts. Once finished, I slipped on a pair of sandals. I then walked up to him and planted a quick kiss on his cheek, leaving him wide eyed and clearly unable to speak.

"But thanks for looking me over Denny. I appreciate the compliment," I said. "Makes me think I still got it! Anyway, you should probably leave the room first. We can always meet up down the street and wander around together."

As I slipped my wallet into my pocket and grabbed my watch to put on, I noticed Denny still just standing there, but now rubbing the front of his tenting shorts.

I stopped and turned to face him, standing near him. "You want some, don't you big guy?" I asked slowly, feeling my own cock start to come to life by this turn of events.

"I just don't know what exactly to ask for," Denny responded slowly, weighing each word as he spoke.

I stepped closer to him and put my hand on his chest, feeling his firm muscles beneath the fabric of his shirt. He immediately took a deep breath at my touch. I moved closer, leaving us only inches apart as my hand, suddenly with a mind of its own, eagerly explored across his pecs, finding his nipples, and caressing and squeezing them, before moving on to his abs and belly.

"You trying to sell me another vote?" I asked with a grin.

Denny stood there with an embarrassed grin, occasionally taking in a deep breath or shaking when my fingers hit one particular place or another.

"Price for a second vote just went up," Denny said, his eyebrows rising in excitement.

I turned to face him, my hands now holding him as the hips, my mouth only inches next to his. "A higher price?" I responded in a low, almost whispering voice. I leaned in for a quick kiss on his mouth, seeing how this otherwise straight guy would respond. But he held his ground, returning the kiss with his soft wet lips. A grin soon appeared on his face.

"Tell me your price and I'll see if I'm interested!" I said, teasing him.

"I want to fuck that sweet plump ass of yours," he said, his grin growing dirty.

"Hmmmmm. I really don't know Denny. Not sure if I'm buying!" I said, leaving him dumfounded.

"And you did say you're an attorney right? So this a counteroffer?" Denzel observed.

I grinned back. I moved my arms over to him and tugged at his shirt, grabbing it at the bottom and slowly raising it, pulling it up over his head and off his body. I tossed it to a nearby chair. And then turned back to him, my hands slowly caressing his bare muscular chest up and down.

"Here's the new offer buddy," I began slowly. "My ass and your second vote on the game will be mine, but we're going to do this slowly and I have to be hard enough that I get off also by the time we're finished. And I promise you wont have to do very much at all! I just want to enjoy your hot hard smooth muscled body in the daylight. Last time I got to touch, but I saw nothing in the dark!" I smiled once I was finished with my conditions.

I looked into Denzel's eyes, which remained pretty wide throughout my explanation. Still standing close before him, I removed my hands from his chest and pulled off my own shirt, exposing my muscled chest. His eyes dropped from my face to my chest as he took it all in. Without taking my eyes off him, I pulled at my shorts and let them drop to my feet. Where I quickly stepped out of them and kicked them aside, leaving me only in my boxers. Before Denzel could react, I pulled at his shorts and dropped them, surprised that he was going commando and now stood before me totally naked. I brought my hand forward to cup his beautiful full sized balls. His eyes went wide as he took in another deep breath. I stepped even closer, our faces barely touching, his growing cock now pushing up against my boxers, and again I asked: "Deal Denny?"

Denzel started to grin and I pulled down my boxers, our hardening cocks now pushing against each other. I resumed my holding of his balls, caressing them gently. I soon felt his hand on my balls. I knew we had a deal. Leaning in, I kissed his neck and jaw. I watched him close his eyes as he fell under my spell. My hands reached around him and I leaned into him, our cocks grinding into each other until they were so hard they had no room to grow and they pushed upwards against our bellies. I smelled his skin, breathing deeply and could smell citrus. Clearly he had also taken a good hot shower once he got into his own room after our arrival. I reached down to his cock and felt his sticky liquid on the tip, revealing the beginnings of his leaking precum. After a few moments, I pulled back and stepped away and his eyes opened with the distraught look of losing his favorite puppy! I smiled reassuringly and stepped over to my bag and rummaged through it, finally withdrawing my hand which had found its treasure, a small bottle of lube.

I stepped over to the bed and motioned for him to come over to me. I squirted some lube onto my fingers and putting my hand behind me, evenly lubed up my asshole, pushing in as much as I could. Taking a bit more lube onto my fingers, I reached over and grabbed Denny's cock, stroking it evenly over his hard rod, back and forth a few times for good coverage. His hips bucked and he let out a low moan with each stroke I gave him.

"Ready big guy?" I asked.

Denzel looked at me with a surprised look. "That's all you wanted of me?" he asked.

"You want to do something else to me?" I responded. But Denzel just shrugged as he stepped behind me. I got on all fours on the bed, facing away from him, my ass positioned right in front of him. Like an old pro, he moved forward, rubbing his cock a bit and then positioning it up against my rose bud. With his hands now on my bare hips, he slowly eased his hips forward, his cock head teasingly puncturing my rosebud and slowly going in. I let out a guttural groan of pleasure as he pushed his beautiful brown cock straight on home. At the half way mark, it was Denzel's turn to moan as he began pulling out, initiating his back and forth fucking. Slow at first, he picked up speed. With each thrust, he applied more force and more pressure. After a few more passes, I was feeling no pain. He was hitting my prostate love button with each thrust, making my cock, which hung long and hard between my legs, start to leak onto the sheets below. And the feeling was amazing. He sure knew how to fuck. All I could think about was his stupid girlfriend who didn't know how good a fucker she had dumped.

"Ooh yeah, take it, take my cock, ooh yeah, take it," Denzel moaned as he fucked me.

I moaned in response, enjoying too much pleasure to even respond back. This was good. This was really good. Mmmmm yeah, give me that cock was all I could repeat in my head. Fuck me. Fuck me!

I clenched down my ass muscles and Denzel moaned even louder, his body thrashing hard into me now, the bed rocking as he went. And then he slammed me really hard and just froze in his forward position and I could feel wave after wave of his cream shoot deep into me. How he had that much spunk still in his sweet balls after I had drained him last night at 30,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean just amazed me. He pulled out and fell onto his back next to me, panting like he just ran a marathon. I flipped over onto my back next to him and grabbed my leaking cock in my hand and began to jack to finish myself off. I knew it wouldn't take much as my entire lower body was completely turned on and ready. With five strokes I erupted. My own cream shot out high onto my shoulder and then my chest and then my lower belly. I giggled to my self, I guess I had an extra load after Scott drained me mid flight as well.

"You were awesome Denny!" I said, my face turned towards him with a smile.

"You too!" he replied. After a few moments to recuperate, we both sat up. I grabbed him by the hand and dragged him to the bathroom. I knew that large shower would be a benefit after all. I turned on the shower which had two shower heads and we stepped in. We began soaping up and cleaning off any cum that was either clinging to our bodies or leaking out of my ass. At one point, Denny was facing away form me and I took some soap in my hands and began to soap him up. From his muscled shoulders to his strong back, I rubbed and soaped and explored. I went lower to caress those beautiful bubble ass cheeks and was pleased that he let me play. He flinched once or twice when my fingers "accidentally" touched his ass crack or "mistakenly" poked his hole. But I didn't need to push that issue at this time. He had "come" far enough to my satisfaction. We finished up and I tossed him a towel when I grabbed one and we both dried off. I openly admired his amazing physique and could see him catching glances at me as well.

"So much for exploring the area around the neighborhood. Its almost two o'clock and we have that meeting downstairs," I observed.

"You're right," Denzel said. "But I'm sure not complaining," he offered with a grin.

I winked back and instructed him to leave now and I would follow in a few minutes, meeting him down in the lobby.

A short time later I emerged from the elevator in the lobby and walked to our meeting room. There was a table with some coffee and tea and cans of soda with glasses of ice. Once everyone was there, the meeting began. I saw eight of us seated facing forward where there was a table with Dick and Bob and two other guys seated at the front. As things were explained, I learned that the two new guys were also cameramen, like Bob, and that all three cameramen were also assistant producers who would help Dick orchestrate the show. We were not to communicate with the cameramen and we would find notes at our campsite from Dick telling us when and where to meet him or what tasks or challenge we had been assigned.

Then the survival reality game was fully explained. After the meeting, we were free to go into town and find some dinner. Later we could lounge at the hotel pools or just relax in our rooms. In the morning we would take a short flight to Makatea Island which was located 130 miles north of Tahiti. The small plane we would take was a sea plane and would land just off the beach. Tonight we would find a small nylon duffle bag and whatever we could fit into it was what we could take to the island. The final two players would go head to head on some challenge and the entire game would last about five weeks on the island.

The island itself, which was 5 miles long and 3 miles wide where some natives lived, was not uninhabited right now. The 100 or so islanders were moved and paid handsomely for their month long vacation away from their homes. Once on the island, we had to work together to set up camp. We would find some wood and rope and bags of rice and beans. But the rest was up to us and how well we got along. We also learned like other similar shows, we would be given tasks or contests. The winner had immunity for the next day only when the rest of the contestants would vote off one member. The last two remaining contestants would then face a final challenge and that final winner would receive the five million dollar prize.

We were asked if we had questions and the usual ones about the important stuff, you know, like food and taking a shit, were asked. And yes, food was on our own, but for the rice and beans. And yes, pooping was on our own too, although young palm leaves were suggested for a good wipe!

After the meeting ended and we stood up, we chatted a bit with each other, making introductions with those that hadn't spoken together yet.

I gave a warm greeting to Scott and then walked over to another guy. I introduced myself and this guy, a bit older, responded.

"I'm Mark. I'm 40 and an accountant," he said. He seemed to be about my height, maybe a bit stockier. While I offered him a friendly smile, he seemed to look at me with hesitation.

"Nice to meet you Mark. I guess we'll have an interesting month, huh?" I said, trying to make conversation with this pickle faced guy.

He stared at me for a second, his eyebrows furrowed. "You're the gay one?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, yes I am," I answered.

"You do know that all fags go to hell when they die? Don't you?" he asked, with that asshole face scowling at me now.

"You don't say? I wasn't aware of that!" I replied without skipping a beat. "However, I suppose I'll be there then with adulterers, murderers, and tax cheats and other pencil pushers like you?" I said, remembering that he was an accountant. He just sneered at me. I just grinned at him because I had only one thought in my head at that very moment: My suck sessions with Denny and Scott would pay off nicely and I already knew which muthah fucker I would vote off the island!

With a satisfied grin feeling that I was about to have one helluva good time, I turned to leave the room. Not wanting to appear to "know" Denny or Scott too well, I waited until they were talking to some other guys and then stepped into their conversation.

One of the other guys, who introduced himself as Virgil, indicated that they were looking for some sort of barbecue place. That sounded good to me. So Denny, Scott, Virgil, and some other guy headed out of the front door of the hotel and into the tropical evening air.

I looked back over my shoulder to see asshole Mark and the two other contestants heading off in another direction.

We found a nice outdoor bar/restaurant that seemed to offer something on the menu for all of us. The other guy with us was Mario, a nice laid back guy who told us that he was a cook and 25 years old. He had a warm friendly manner about him. At maybe 5 foot 9 inches in height, and maybe 160 pounds, his straight black hair and brown eyes made him attractive in his own way. He didn't talk about any significant others so I assumed him to be single. I also read him to be straight, just for the record. I think the five of us hung out for a couple of hours, chatting comfortably, but each of us knew that once on the island, we would all become the competition and the obstacles to get to that big five million dollar prize.

The sun went down and the breezes picked up. We walked back to the hotel and said our good nights, needing to get ready for the competitive nature that each of us would now need . Back in my room, I found my small nylon duffle bag and went to work figuring out how to get everything I would need for the next several weeks of reality game show battles. I took most of my shirts and shorts and about half of my toiletries. I had a couple of disposable razors which I knew could each last a week. Fortunately my smooth skin didn't need much shaving, and my goal was to maintain a smooth face as much as possible. I also brought along some soap and moisturizer, knowing that the salty ocean and the sun could really mess me up. Although I don't consider myself very vain, I knew that we had a television audience watching, and the producers always kept two kinds of people at least halfway through a show. There was always the trouble maker, who was good for ratings, and then the clean cut cute guy who played the underdog. That's the role I was shooting for, hence the clean face and nice shirts. I also packed two thongs, a bikini bathing suit, as I knew that would help me in my planned seductions. Amidst the face and hand lotions, I also packed my three small bottles of lube. Most definitely! Sandals were added to complete my bag which I could barely close. But I eventually was able to zip it closed.

I looked at the clock and it was late enough. I washed up in the bathroom and then stripped naked before hopping into bed. Before shutting the light I set the alarm clock for the time they suggested and had no problem falling asleep. Tomorrow was going to be the beginning of a most unusual and exciting experience. I feel asleep and dreamed of being on the island, gathering materials from a jungle and trying to build a hut. I dreamed I was in the middle of a busy construction site, with guys calling out orders and bringing materials and hammering nails and sawing wood. And more hammering, and pounding and that banging again. And more banging. The apparent commotion forced me to open my eyes. I still heard the hammering. No, it was banging. Banging? Shit! Someone was at the door. I jumped up and turned on the light. I had been asleep for maybe only half an hour.

I got out of bed and walked to the door. I was about to open it when I looked down at myself. Damn, I'm naked. I unlocked the door and opened it only part way, craning my neck around the door to see who was out there. On the other side of the door was Scott, standing there in a yellow t shirt and what looked like blue boxers.

"Hey Scott!" I said groggily. "What's up?" I asked.

Scott offered me a weak smile. "I can't sleep Nick," he said. "But I can!" I responded with a snap in my voice.

"Not use to being alone in a hotel in a strange place," he added.

"And you signed up for a month on a remote island?" I asked with a smirk.

"You going to let me in Nick," he asked with almost a pleading voice.

"Um, un, I'm um...... not dressed Scott!"

At admitting I was naked, Scott's face suddenly beamed like the kid was just given the biggest bag of candy.

"Good!" he declared, and suddenly found the strength to push the door open against me and barged in.

"Sex will help me sleep Nick," he said as he pulled of his t shirt and shorts, dropping them on the floor, before jumping into my bed.

Well, I was thinking, I just cant kick this cute hot little cock and balls attached to this kid out of my bed, now could I? Remember, I'm going for the audience's favorite nice guy. The things some of us attorneys will do for the benefit of the public!

I shut the lights and crawled in bed.

"My lube's already packed and buried in my bag for tomorrow Scott, so we may have to figure something else out," I informed Scott.

"Lube on the island! How thoughtful Nick!" he exclaimed as I felt his warm naked body crawl on top of me, kissing and caressing my face and neck. As tired as I was, my cock needed no further urging. It was erect and throbbing, already in place crawling up my belly under Scott's body. In no time, I felt Scott's smooth buff body crawling down, his mouth working lower and lower to its intended target - my cock.

"Hey, I'm the one who owes you a suck off, remember?" I reminded him.

"No problem hot stuff, we'll just flip over after I get you off!" he explained.

On his knees, Scott was expertly working over my cock. He tongued at my pubes and played with my balls. He pulled and tugged on my sac as his mouth tightened over my cock. I was convinced that this tropical air was definitely making my cock get hard faster and stay harder longer. Yeah right! Or was it just all these hot and horny studs around me? This buffet of man meat was just too good. I closed my eyes as I was guided into a greater and greater feeling of bliss. There was no way I had any cum left in my balls. But I was wrong! My hips began to grind into the sheets of the bed as Scott took more and more of me down his throat. I was caressing the hair on his head, keeping him in place over my throbbing hard on, until I felt my own cumming. My hips bucked and finally thrust up to meet his amazing mouth as I shot my load. I definitely felt less of a load but hey, an orgasm is an orgasm right? No complaints here.

Scott continued to lick me clean and then I felt him get off my body. He moved up to face me and planted a deep hot kiss on my mouth. Hip lips parted and mine followed his lead. Our tongues met and played noisily and I could taste the remnants of my pungent cream still in his mouth. After a brief tongue battle, Scott pulled off me and flipped onto his back.

"Okay Nick, ready when you are!" Scott announced. I looked over to him and smiled. And this guy doesn't know for sure if he's gay bi or straight, I thought. Ha! Well, I have a headline for him. If he's this hungry to suck and be sucked, well, I'll just let him figure this one out!

I leaned over him, seeing his smooth firm body in the moonlight streaming in the window, and knew this was a true delicacy. His nicely filled in chest muscles had a nice divide down the middle. His small dark nipples on each pec just stared at me. He almost had a six pack of abs, but the skin was so smooth they showed off the young muscles beneath. At 20 years of age, he was already a hottie. I bet at 30, with some good gym time, this guy would be smoking hot. I looked further down and could see his trimmed pubes just over his cock, which was already hard.

With my target in sight, I dove in, my mouth open eager to catch this young piece of hard hot meat. My lips tightened and went to work and I knew I hit the right nerve. Scott began to claw at me and squirm underneath, his strong young legs thrashing as I sucked his cock tighter and faster. Hs moaning grew as well and his arms seemed to pulse like the rest of his body. I soon had to hold onto his arms to keep them still as I continued my attack on his cock. My own hands his muscular shoulders and biceps and I was turned on even more by their firmness and impressive definition. After stroking and squeezing his arms, he did the same to me. Since I was now propping myself up with my arms, my muscles were bulging. Another soulful moan from him soon ended with his orgasm. His hips bucked up towards me but I held on, my lips locked tight and forcing him to a higher ecstasy. His body bucked and quaked as his balls drained into my mouth. We both moaned in delight for several more moments.

I soon rolled off him. "Nice huh?" I asked.

"Awesome!" he sighed, rolling onto me again and planting another kiss, again with a brief tongue battle.

"Not so bad!" he announced. "What is?" I asked. "Tasting my own cum after another guy sucked me off!" he answered.

I turned on my side to face him in the moonlight. "You haven't had much oral sex have you?"

"Yesterday and today with you was my first. Thank you. You were awesome," he exclaimed.

A few moments later, Scott was out of bed, looking around my room in the dark while naked, looking for his shirt and boxers. He found them and dressed, walking back to the bed and leaning over to kiss me yet again.

"I bet I can sleep really well now Nick!" Scott said. He walked to the door and opened it, peeking around the doorway down the hall to make sure he wasn't seen, and out he went, before calling back in a whisper "Good night, and thanks Nick!:

This time I did fall asleep and stayed asleep until my alarm went off in the morning. Tomorrow was going to be a big day, a very big day.



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