The quality I the coke and crank were talking their toll on me, and I had been the subject of a few jokes an laughs with Debbie and her husband Donald. I had a good sense of humor, so it didn't bother me, and I did a little carry the jokes going. It was a party after all and I was there to have a good time and let loose.

I watched Donald load a glass pipe, not sure which pile of dope he filled it with, and he walked around the bar and stood beside me , and handed it to me and said "smoke". I wasn't about to say no, so I took the pipe and he stuck a lighter under the end and melted it down until it started to smoke while I began to suck it down. The taste was wonderful and I was really spinning now.

I did several puffs while he worked the flame. This is when I finally started to take notice of his stature. He really was a very large man, probably 6'4, and at least 250, and it wasn't fat. He shoulders were very wide and well built. Not the type of man you would want to piss off at a bar. And his almost shaved head and goat tee made him look even more intimidating. And he kept insisting on me taking hit after hit, and didn't have the courage to say no.

When he determined I had had enough we finally stopped. I couldn't believe how hard I was spinning, or speeding. My heart and head were going 90 to nothing. And everything on my body was tingling, especially my cock and asshole, like it always did on the meth. This is when he finally made his move and put his hand on the back of my neck while he was standing there beside me. He squeezed just enough, it didn't hurt, but it immediately made me think he was in charge.

He began asking me if I thought she was sexy, and would I like to fuck her. I felt very ackward hearing these questions outloud, in front of her, but I had to answer, and I did with a yes. The questions began to get more graphic, "would you like to taste her pussy", and "would you like to lick that sweet ass". Every question was followed with a "yes" from me. More questions came, and more "yes" came from my mouth. The whole experience almost seemed surreal, and my body was in a drugged euphoria.

Finally, he said we should take this up stairs, and get this party started. So I followed her through the house, up to the main floor, then up to the second floor to the bed room. He walked beside me the whole time with his had on the back of my neck, talking to me the entire time about how fun this is about to be, and how lucky I was to be in on this. I only heard bits and pieces, since my head was going so fast I couldn't really concentrate.

When we made it to the bed room, he instructed me to get undressed and sit on the edge of the bed, and he turned and walked to a chair and sit down. This was the first time I really got nervous. I was actually proud of my body, and cock, but its always strange to just strip in front of people. Luckily she started to undress me, looking at me in my eyes , with an evil grin on her face.

After my shirt was off, and the pants and underwear hit the floor, she pushes me down, and got down on her knees in front of me. I could feel him staring at us from the side, but I wasn't about to look over in that direction. I watched as she took my cock in her hand and slowly squeezed and stroked it, as it got hard. As it stiffened up nicely she leaned down and began running her tongue up and down the shaft, stopping at the tip of the head to work the tip of her tongue into the slit. Working the slit like you would work a clit. It felt really good as she worked the hole then moved up and down the shaft. I could tell it was all to tease and get me worked up.

Finally she went down, fully taking all of it and sucking hard all the way back up, stoping at the head to suck and work the slit. It felt really good, probaly the best blow job I had ever had in my short young life. She worked it like that for a while it seemed and when she finally got some precum she raised up and stuck her tongue in my mouth telling me to suck it before she put it in. Making a point to tell me how she thought I would like the taste of cum. Which is when I finally heard Donald speak saying "yes he is a little cum eater isn't he".

She then stood up and removed her clothes, showing the incredible body that I knew she had. Once her pants hit the floor, she lifted her right leg up and placed her foot on the edge of the bed right beside me. She was showing off her beautiful body a little, immediately began rubbing her clit with one hand and her breast with another. That's when Donald said "I think she needs that pussy licked boy". Then she out her hand around the back of my head and pulled me forward until my face was up against her pussy.

I immediately stuck my tongue out to try to attempt to lick on her clit, but she kept pulling my head hard against her, grinding and moving her pussy against my face. I knew to just sit there and take whatever was dished out. So I did, and kept trying to stick my tongue out and hit whatever came close. I could hear Donald from his chair saying "that's right, lick her pussy boy, I want to wet". I heard it several times over and over.

When she apparently was tired of this position she shoved me back on the bed onto my back and immediately climbed on top of me and turned around into the 69 position. I heard "eat some more pussy boy" and raised my head off the bed and started in on the licking. Luckily she started in on my cock again, sucking it hard, and working the slit. Wow my head was spinning and my body tingling all over. Every sense seemed to be magnified making everything that much better.

As we lay there in the 69 position, I continued to eat and suck on her pussy, giving everything I had into it. She then grabbed each leg of mine, pulling then up and hooking her arms over them, almost like she was pinning me for a wrestling move. Now with my legs spread and my ass up in the air, she began to rub on my asshole while she sucked on me.

At first it was nice gentle rubs on the outside, then finally she began working a finger in. The feeling of her on top of me, with my cock in her mouth and her working my hole was unreal. The entire time seemed orgasmic, even though I never actually came.

To be continued .........



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