He squeezed me very hard pulling be back to him. I winced from the pain and I knew it was to show me his strength. I was now scared and nervous beyond belief. I knew there was no going back or getting out of this. What would happen if I ran? Would it make him mad beyond belief? He could beat me senseless if he wanted too, I wouldn't stand a chance. I really began to realize I was going to get fucked by this man and it was going to hurt and I had to take it.

I again felt something large pushing against my hole and knew it was his cock head.

"Your gonna give me that hole sooner or later. You can run all you want, but it will be mine and I don't wanna have to hold you down and make it hurt worse so you need to take like this understand boy?" I nodded my head yes, preparing my self to take his cock.

"Good boy, it will hurt a lot less on your knees where you can move around a little. It's gonna hurt bad if I gotta force it in on top of you.

But we both know you want it, you want to feel a cock in you, you've loved stuff in that hole forever. You've secretly dreamed of being fucked like a little girl and now you get to. Feel my cock head pushing? Now you get to feel a real cock go inside you."

I felt my hole stretch wide as he pushed his massive mushroom head inside me. A jolt of pain and excitement and fear shot through my entire body. I tried not to move and he held his cock still letting me relax and stretch around him. The pain was bearable and the longer I sit there thr better it felt. Feeling his hand squeezing on my shoulder and one on my hip turned me on. He felt so powerful behind me.

"Oh that hole is so fuckin tight. Let it stretch boy around it boy and relax. I want my cock inside you bad. That shit is gonna feel so fuckin hot and tight."

Finally he started pulling me towards him slowly pushing more of his cock into me. After an inch or two in he pulled it back out leaving the head in. He slowly worked it in and out inch by inch. I could feel my hole being stretched more and more as it took his thick cock that got thicker and thicker at the base. My entire body was in a state euphoria now. The slow rythmic feel his cock taking me for the first time was unreal, and as the last bit pushed in, he held me there in place. I was now completely filled by him, and could feel his cock head pressed against an inner wall deep inside.

"Look up boy. Pull your head up and open your eyes". He said this as he grabbed my hair liking up my head, and I looked in the morrow. The entire bed room wall was mirrored.

"Do you see that boy? Do you see yourself? I want you to watch this. Look at you on your hands and knees letting another man fuck you. Look at yourself with a cock inside you. Do you see what you are now? Does a real man let another man fuck him? No they don't, never. See you aren't a real man are you boy? Nope, I know exactly what you are, your a little sissy faggot. That's right boy, look at yourself. You are a little sissy faggot taking cock. You're gonna watch every single minute as I fuck you. You are gonna see what you are and what your good for."

I stared into the mirror looking at the sight in front if me. He looked so huge and powerful behind me holding me to him. I looked pathetic, on my hands and knees, knowing I was filed with his cock too. He was right and deep down I knew it. I Liked being like this, being underneath a real man. I wanted him to use me.

To be continued .........::::



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