I sucked his cock and licked it up and down to no end. I was realizing deep down how much I was enjoying it. Every part of my being was devoted to satisfying this man. No other thought came through my mind. But he was about to take me further.

"That mouth feels so good on my cock boy. But you have more holes to please me with don't you"

Even being caught in the moment of sucking his large cock, I felt shivers run through me when I heard those words.

"i wanna see that other little sissy hole on you. Do you wanna show me that sissy hole boy?"

Even being turned on beyond belief, hearing it again made terrified beyond belief. I felt frozen, not knowing how to respond. With a million thoughts running through my head, I managed to nod my head slightly in a yes as a continued sucking his cock, thinking maybe he didn't notice. But I should have realized that it didn't really matter what I said, he was taking what he wanted.

"Thats right, you do have another hole that you wanna show me. Get on you hands and knees"

I immediately got on my hands and knees facing him. His cock right in my face, with him towering over me. My head was now spinning from all the drugs, and the nervousness running through my body. I almost felt like I could pass out.

"I know you loved every minute of sucking my cock didn't you. I knew you would. Now its time for you to show me your other little hole that I might want. And you know what hole I'm talking about don't you. That little sissy hole you have up in the air behind you. Do you want to show it to me"

Even with the fear running through me, I knew what I had to do. Maybe the drugs were helping with my courage, or maybe I wanted this. Why didn't I get up and run, I thought. On my hands and knees in front if him, I looked up and nodded my head, yes.

"Good. Turn around then, and show me that hole"

I spun my body around, staying on my hands and knees, and faced my ass towards him. Now along with the feelings of fear, I felt a shot of pure arrousel and adrenaline run through me. I could feel my self being turned on sitting in this position in front of this man. And immediately I felt his grab on my hips with a hand on each side and squeeze.

"This is what I really want boy. I love my cock sucked but what I really want is that little sissy hole. I want to show you what it was made for. I want you to understand what this is"

As he said this to me I felt his finger move to my hole. My body quivered as i felt it. It was so sensitive and and as he began moving his finger slowly around the hole, it sent a feeling of sexual excitement through my body. It felt good, and I knew it.

"Mmmm, that little hole looks so nice and so tight. I like watching it pucker while I rub it. You like that don't you boy. Does that little hole feel good now. I can see you twitching and tell you like it. You can't even hide it can you. This little sissy hole wants more doesn't it"

I felt something cool hit my hole and realizes quickly it was lube. I felt his finger rub it around the outside then slowly he slid a finger in. The excitement rushed through my body, and my hole was tingling like it never had. He moved it in and out slowly, and side to side. I didn't even try to hide my emotions anymore, and let out the moans I had been keeping in.

He worked one finger, then slowly a second in. The feeling through my body was euphoric as he fingerd me. I had never felt such sexual excitement through my entire body like that before. I didn't care about trying to hide anything anymore. I was in the moment. I could feel myself pushing back on his fingers, and I moaned in delight.

"That's it, slide that sissy hole on my fingers. Show me how that hole likes to slide up and down. Look at you, you love it. You love me fingering you don't you. That's right. I'm gonna show you what this sissy hole really needs. I'm gonna show you what it was really made for"

I knew what he wanted from me, and I knew in the back of my mind I wanted it too. His fingers felt so good inside my ass. I had never felt like this before. I had plenty of orgasms in my life. But I had never had a feeling through my body like this. The excitement of this man using me was incredible and I knew deep down I wanted to submit to his will.

"It's time now. It's time for you to let go of everything in the past. It's time for you to understand the truth. To understand what we are, and what are purpose is. I'm going to take this hole boy. You will have my cock inside you. Do you understand?"

I knodded yes, I did hear him, but his fingers were still working my hole, and my thoughts were really there. It was when his fingers came out that I really came to, and started to realize what was about to happen. And I had no time to dwell, because I immediately felt something pushing against my hole.

"I want this hole bad boy. I haven't had a nice tight young sissy hole in a long time. I love feeling it stretched tight around my cock. This is gonna hurt for a minute boy. I'll be gentle, but it's gonns take a minute to adjust to me. But I think your gonna love it. I think you will like that pain, you have look in your eye of a true one"

I felt a huge push against my hole and a quick sharp pain, from trying to stretch around the head. I jumped forward out of instinct, and he grabbed me with both hands and forcefully pulled me back to him. Now I was slightly scared and my heart raced, but I didn't say a word, and stayed on my hands and knees in front of him.

"don't run away from me boy. I'm gonna take it, so relax it, and give it to me. You know this is what you want"

To be continued..............



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