I felt the bed move so I knew Donald was tired of watching and had climbed on. I continued to lay on my back with her on top of me, eating her Pussy, while she sucked my cock fingered my hole. I felt the bed go down near my head so I opened my eyes and titled my head back to see what was going on.

He was on his knees right behind her, and there in front of my face was a huge massive cock. I had only seen something like that in a porno movie. It must have been 9-10" long and just as big around. An immediate intimidation feeling came over me and my own cock now felt so small. What would it feel like to have a cock like that I thought. Everywoman would want you, and throw themselves at you.

He grabbed it at the huge base and lifted it up to line it up with her pussy. And moved forward until the head touched the lips. I immediately stopped and dropped my head to the bed, thinking I would be in the way. From that view I could really see what a truly hugecock this was and wanted to watch it work her over.

He saw me do this but didn't like it and quickly let me know what he wanted.

" I didn't say stop licking her boy. Get back up there and suck her clit"

I immediately did what I was told and leaned back up and started licking her again. After a minute he then began working his cock into her. It was literally inches from my face. I couldn't believe I was this close to another cock. I had never been before. It was making me very nervous but also giving me a strange feeling of excitement. I felt like I had a close up view to watch a real man with real cock give a woman what she wants.

Slowly he worked the head in, then slowly moved in and out, pushing a little bit more in with each thrust. I could tell she was in pure pleasure by her moans and her body tensing up. Finally he got to the last of the massive shaft in and his big balls slid across my forhead resting on my face. And he held it there for a minute.

I lay there frozen. My mind raced as I sit there, spinning with anxiety. Another mans balls wereon me. I had never touched another man nor had they touched me. Should I move I thought? I did before and he told me not too. Maybe this was what he wanted, to rub them on me. I felt so confused and scared, but so turned on. Was I enjoying this? Did I like feeling his balls slide across me? Should I touch or grab it? Now I couldn't believe what I was thinking. That I liked it. My head continued to spin, and I was turned on more than ever.

Finally he started to move it in and out of her. Right in front of my face I watched it slide in and out. Each thrust in caused a moan from her, and each time his balls slapped against my forehead.. I stared in amazement at the site and tried to remember to keep licking. Then suddenly to my amazement his cock fell out landing on my face. I froze, not knowing what to do, and he continued to thrust forward pushing it down my cheek between me and her. Then just as quickly grabbed it and stuck it back in her.

Should I have moved I thought? Did he mean to do that? I froze and didn't move as I lay there. I continued to lick on her, and thought it must have been an accident, just ignore it. But moments later he did it again. And again I didn't move. What am I doing I thiught. I am laying here letting another man rub his cock on my face. I was so confused with my emotions. Did I like his cock on me? Should I lick on it? I couldn't believe I was laying there thinking of licking on a mans cock.

Several more times his cocked came out and he thrust it a cross my face. Each time I lay there and took it. Each time I thiught about putting my mouth on it. But I was too scared to ever do that. What if I'm reading this all wrong and it's an accident and he beats the shit out of me when I touch it I thought.

Finally after a good long fucking she came. It was a huge orgasm, and I could feel it drip down and land on my face. I finally got to drop my head down on the bed to get a break. Again I looked up and stared in amazement at the huge cock above me. He slid it out, and stood out in front of him, gleasening from her juices.

That's when I heard her say something, which I really couldn't hear, and she got off of me and rolled off the bed and walked away. I just lay there, with my eyes closed, thinking what had just happened, tying to get my mind around it. Wondering what I should do next. Was it over, should I get my clothes on?

When I opened my eyes Donald was still on his knees above me, looking down at me. His huge cock still hard, hanging above. I tried not to stare at it, but I was so amazed. Apparently it was noticed, and he began to speak to me. I don't know if it was just talking or the beginning of his mind control, but once he started it didn't stop:

"I see you staring at it boy"

"You've never seen a real man cock before have you"

"I bet you want to taste it don't you boy"

"Huh, you like the look of that cock don't you"

"I'll bet you were wanting to suck on it the whole time I fucked her didn't you"

I couldn't believe I was laying there and he was saying these things to me. I was froze with terror. Did he really mean it or was he joking with me? Should I just get up and leave? Or did I like looking at his cock, feeling it on me earlier? My head was spinning thinking of everything, and listening to him.

"I think you are really a little cock sucker aren't you boy"

"I bet you have been wanting to suck on a big cock your whole life haven't you"

"Huh, talk to me boy, you keep starring at it. I can see by the look in your eye you want to taste it don't you"

I just stayed frozen on the bed, not moving an inch. I didn't know what to do. My mind continued to race with thoughts. Was everything he was saying true? Did I want to suck cock? Why am I feeling turned on by this? Why do I feel so submissive underneath this big man? While I was thinking, and he was talking, he finally reached down with his left hand and put it underneath my neck and pulled my head up off the bed. I instantly felt like I should do what he wanted so I raised up with his hand and rested up on my elbows with my head tilted back in his hand.

His cock was now inches in front of me again. And he grabbed it with his right hand and began rubbing the head of his cock on my lips, and continued his verbalbrainwash assault.

"Come here boy and touch this cock"

"Touch it with those pretty lips"

"That feels good doesn't it"

"I bet you have been wanting to do that all night haven't you boy"

"I know you have boy, I knew you were a cock sucker the moment I saw you"

"I knew you wanted to taste cock immediately, you couldn't hide that from me could you boy"

"Why don't you open up that little mouth and get a taste of daddy's cock"

I heard him say it, but I wasn't sure what to do. I was scared yet turned on. I think I did want to suck his cock. It was big and beautiful, and I wanted to know what a woman felt like to suck such a massive tool.

"Open it up boy"

"Open it up and taste this cock"

"You know you need it"

"You know that little sissy mouth of yours is fucking craving it"

He continued his verbal assault and began pushing the cock head harder against my lips. So finally I opened my mouth and took his cock head in. It was so huge I could barely fit my mouth around it. I immediately began sucking and moving my tongue on it.

My mind was swirling as I tasted my first cock. I was never a cock sucker so why am I doing this? But with those thoughts came others. Why did this feel so right? Why did it feel so good to be underneath this big man with my lips around his cock? I felt so slutty, so submissive to this man. He was forcing his cock in my mouth, and I loved it. I liked being forced to do this. Did he really know who I was all along? Could he see that I should be a cock sucker? I began to suck on his cock like I was hungry, like I wanted it.

"There you go boy"

"Mmmm suck that fucking cock good"

"Run that tongue down it boy I want you to get the taste of cock you have been craving"

"Does that taste boy"

"Does that fat cock tase fuckin good"

By now I was answering his questions with a nod, or a "mmmm hmmm" while I kept my lips wrapped around his cock head. This only fueled the fire of the verbal assault.

"I knew boy"

"I knew this is what you were craving"

"Little cock suckers like you can't get enough can you"

"Little cock suckers like you crave it"

"Are you my little sissy cock sucker now boy"

"Are you gonna wrap that little sissy mouth around my cock whenever I want"

Each time I nodded my head with a yes. My head spinning on all these thiughts. I am offering myself to him as a cocksucker. Why am I doing this? Why am I wanting his cock so much? I couldn't understand the power he seemed to have over me, and how much I was now craving his cock. Am I really gay? I must be to enjoy and want a cock this much. My whole body was in a euphoric state as I lay under him worshipping his cock with my mouth.

To be continued.......



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