Seven innings into the game, I scolded myself for not using the bathroom beforehand. "I have a strong bladder," I told myself. "I don't need to go." Boy, was I wrong. By the bottom of the second, I'd started to feel a little tingle in my lower abdomen; nothing I couldn't handle. By the top of fifth, I'd started to squirm a little bit in my uniform. It was now the top of the seventh, and I was desperate.

"Just a little longer, Tony," I encouraged myself. "Just two more innings and you're home free." Standing by second base, my squirms of discomfort seemed only like I was ready to pounce on the opposing team. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like this inning would be ending any time soon. Nobody was scoring; nobody was getting out. The batters kept hitting foul balls, and when they finally hit the ball to the outfield, none of our guys were catching it. I was about to shout at them to get their heads in the game, but I really couldn't complain, seeing as my head was down my pants right now.

"Ohh, man," I groaned. I started to grip my crotch with my free hand, but moved it away quickly; I didn't want anyone to notice my desperation.

The other team was still hitting foul ball after foul ball (neither of our teams were entirely that great). It was about half an hour before they finally were on their second out. By this time, my bladder was really starting to spazz. I was afraid if I didn't get to the bathroom soon, I'd wet myself. I could not let that happen. I was 15 years old. I did not wet myself anymore. But, ohhh, the pressure in my bladder kept increasing.

Finally the last batter had struck out. Our team dragged ourselves to the dugout. I was finally about to dash to the restroom real quick when the coach called "Tony, you're up to bat!" Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I didn't think I'd be able to handle batting. I grabbed a bat and went up to home plate. My batting stance was a little different than usually; rather than standing in the position easiest for me to hit the ball, I stood in the position easiest on my bladder. The pitcher tossed a curve ball, and it's a swing and a miss! "Strike one!" the umpire called.

My bladder was begging for release. The strain was visible on my face. I swung at the ball again, and this time, when I did, I felt a jet of warm pee escape into my cup. "Nonononono," I muttered to myself. "Strike two!" the ump called.

I looked down to assess the damage. Only a small wet spot was visible; nobody would really be able to notice. But I don't think I could handle any more. But I couldn't just give up. If I got one more strike, I was out, and maybe I'd be able to dash to the restroom. The ball was pitched, and I swung one last time, feeling another jet escape from my crotch. It took me a fraction of a second to realize two things at once: I had hit the ball, and I was now wetting myself. Ignoring the second one, I dashed to first base, pee streaming violently out of my dick, spreading a warm wetness all over my uniform pants. Urine trickled out of the pant leg, spraying the dirt with a warm, wet, yellow liquid. I slid into first base, heard the ump shout, "SAFE!" and finally let the look of relief appear on my face as I stood up, and finished wetting myself.

The first baseman snickered at my predicament. "Hey," I turned and scolded him. "Let's see you drink 2 Monsters before the game and not have the same thing happen to you." He snorted again, but smiled at me. "It's okay," he said. "Sorry for laughing at you. Name's Ryan."

"Tony," I responded. It was then I noticed his cup bugle was a little larger than the rest of ours. My eyes widened. "Are you...hard?"

Ryan blushed and nodded. "I just saw a hot guy wet himself. How could I not be?"

Now my face was turning red. Hot? Well, that was a compliment, right? "Well, maybe we should hang out after the game?" I winked at him. What was I doing? I wasn't gay. But standing there in my piss-soaked baseball pants, I couldn't help but sport a hard-on of my own.

"Sure," Ryan beamed. Then the next batter hit the ball, and our conversation was cut short. "After game," I said quickly before running to the second base. "Behind the bathrooms." Ryan nodded before looking to the air to catch the ball.

Without the aching desperation of my bladder, the rest of the game went by smoothly and quickly. We lost, but it was still a fun game. My teammates taunted me to no end about pissing myself on the field, but I responded with, "Hey, I coulda left you guys at any moment and ran to the bathroom, but no! I decided to be a team player and stick it out on the field, even if it meant peeing myself." I ignored their snickering, and broke off from the mass of people to go meet Ryan behind the bathrooms.

There he was, standing about as tall as me (I was 5'10"), with short brown hair, matted down from the baseball cap. He looked pretty in shape, being a baseball player and all. And when he saw me, he beamed a giant grin. "Hey," I said.

"Hey," he said back shyly.

"So, uh...I've never really done anything with a guy before," I confessed. "What did you wanna do?"

Ryan shrugged. "I dunno. But first things first; I have to pee."

"Bathroom's right there," I gestured.

Ryan chuckled. "I'm not going to use the bathroom." He winked at me.

And then I stood by as Ryan pissed himself right in front of me.

It started as a small wet spot right at the spot where his cup bulge was formed. Then is spread further out through his pants, down his leg, a yelled stream trickling out his pant leg. I stood there, mouth agape, as my member stood up and pushed itself out of the cup. "Wow," I said. Ryan blushed. "That was hot," I said.

Ryan smiled. "Thanks."

We stood there for a second as I stared at his crotch, soaked thoroughly with pee. The next thing I need, Ryan's hands were around my waist and his tongue was in my mouth.

He wasn't so shy now.

I melted into the kiss. My first kiss ever, and it was with a guy I'd just met at a baseball game. Did I even like guys? Until now, I'd never really thought about it. I wrapped my arms around Ryan and collapsed onto the ground, with him on top of me.

It was starting to get dark, most of the spectators had gone home. The teams were still chit-chatting with each other and the parents. Soon mine would come looking for me.

Ryan tore off my pants, stripping off my cup, and my boner sprung straight up. He gently ran his hands down the shaft, still slightly damp from my accident. I shuddered. Bringing it out here brought a rush of cold to it, since it was still kind of wet. The cold died away, though, the moment Ryan put his mouth over it.

"Mmmm," he moaned. He bobbed his head a couple times and then released my dick. "I can still taste the pee." He put his head back on my dick and sucked it until I was about to cum. Feeling my climax building, Ryan pulled his head off my dick. He lay down next to me as we waited for my orgasm to recede. Then he pulled down his own pants, and his rock hard dick sprung straight out to perfect attention. It was bigger than mine by a couple inches, and uncut, which I wasn't used to. I had seen uncut before in the health videos they showed us in school and online, but never in real life. I really wanted to touch it for some reason.

I reached over and stroked it a couple of times, and the foreskin moved in a way I wasn't used to. I smiled. "This is cool," I giggled as I played with his foreskin. Ryan moaned.

Then Ryan pulled my hand away from his dick, and he kicked off his shoes, pulling his pants over his ankles. He climbed back on top of me and pulled me into a kiss. Our dicks rubbed together and it felt amazing, sending jolts of electricity through my entire body. Then Ryan turned around, and his ass cheeks rubbed my dick. With a look of shock, I asked, "You...want me to...?"

"Uh huh," Ryan said. Eyes widened, heart racing, throat dry, I slowly guided my cock into his ass. "Ohhh yesss!" He moaned, and screamed in pain right after. "Damn, Tony! You're so huge! Bigger than anyone I've ever taken before!"

Suddenly I was a bit scared. How many people had he taken before? What if he'd caught something. "Don't worry," he said, as if reading my thoughts. "I'm clean. You're the first time I haven't used a condom."

That made me feel a little bit better. I eventually just melted into the ecstasy. Ryan was riding my dick, so I didn't even need to bother thrusting. I just lay back as thousands of jolts of pleasure were sent rippling through my body, each stronger than the last until...

"Ryan," I moaned, "I'm gonna..."

Ryan hopped of my ass just as I blew my load, with a loud grunt, as my cum flew up in the air and landed on my shirt. Ryan pulled back his foreskin and jerked off over me until his blew his load as well.

Ryan lay down next to, both of us breathing heavily. He kissed me on the cheek and I blushed. "I gotta pee again."


Aaron Grant

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