Hey GayDemon readers! I would already like to say thank you for you guys that are about to read my story. Some events going on this story are completely fiction while some will be based on my experiences in real life. The names of people have been changed to keep their identity hidden. Hope you guys like my story and please give me some feedback after reading so I would know if I should continue or I should make a change in the story. Anything and everything will be appreciated and be helpful to me. Thank you again in advance!


The ride on the elevator up to the 58th floor seemed endless. It took about 10 minutes to get up to our floor (also because all the people from every floor used this elevator despite the condominium having four more plus the stairs). Finally, after that long wait, we reached our destination. By the time we reached the 58th floor, everyone in the elevator have already reached their destination and the crowd faded away one by one.

Being at the top floor did have some advantages. Although the ride using the elevator was intolerable, opening the doors to the gorgeous landscape of the beautiful and tall skyscrapers of Midtown Manhattan can really take your breath. Unlike the floors below us, there was only three units, four if ours were included. And not to mention, the right side of the hallway (where the elevator is) had the units that faced the other side that only had windows giving everyone who lived on this floor to have 180 degree view of Midtown.

I dropped my luggages, one from each hand, not caring whether anything fragile would break inside of the them and walked straight to the window. "Wow" I said while laying my hands on the window. "You should see this Brady! It is just amazing. You should really check this out! I know they're just buildings but you don't see this often in Idaho."

"I could already see it from here and remember, I used to live here before." Brady smiled. "Do you like the view?" Brady set his luggages right beside mine but in a much more neater and calmer way.

I looked at Brady in disbelief since anyone who wouldn't like this are crazy "Are you kidding? I love it! The view is so breath taking."

"You think this great? You should look at the view in our room! It will blow you away."

After sightseeing for a couple of minutes, I followed Brady who already took our luggages in our room. I grabbed the key for our unit in my back pocket and looked at the description on it:

Executive Suite #2

It was only a few paces until I reached the door with the same description on the key. The large door makes it feel like every time you enter the unit, you make a grand entrance. I turned the knob checking if it was already unlocked which it was. I entered the room and immediately, my jaw dropped. The center of the room was the living room with a 55 inch LED TV sitting on a TV storage bench complete with a home theater system and a black sectional sofa and white round couch beside it. To the left is a hallway heading to two bedrooms belonging to Brady and I and a bathroom for the both of us to share. The right side of our unit was the kitchen that had polished black granite countertops and white cabinets. A small table sat on the corner but it was enough space for four people to eat on.

"Thank you for the help Paul." I turned to my left and I saw Brady exiting the right bedroom. "Since you were too busy, I already decided to take this bedroom."

"Fair enough. So did you put my stuff in my room?"

"No I threw it out in the balcony." I saw the hint of sarcasm on his face but I am terrified of what really happened to my luggages. I entered my room and punched Brady lightly on the shoulder who was on the doorway to my bedroom.

"Damn! This whole thing is my room?

"Obviously. Those are your luggages sitting pretty on your bed."

I looked towards the queen sized bed beside my luggages that were on it. It was a good thing that our new place provided all the appliances so I only brought a couple of my clothes and personal belongings to New York.

Brady broke the silence "Come on. Let's check out the view." I followed him out my room and headed towards the sliding doors to my left. He slide the door and we both stepped on to the balcony.

The balcony sat on top of of the rooms below our floor which were extended a couple of yards to make our balcony more spacey. There was a short white fence and a gate around the back of our unit before joining to the rest of the balcony which is opened to the rest of the tenants that are residing on the 58th floor. After opening the white gate, I saw that each unit had a patio furniture set but had a different design on every one of them. Ours were black and white just like the furniture inside our unit. The unit to our left had a more modern choice in d├ęcor of patio set with exotic colors and patterns on the cushions and furnitures. To our right was probably more of a 'laid-back' type of person since the furniture was made out of dark brown wicker with green cushions surrounded by wooded sculptures of animals that made everything around it look peaceful. The very last unit only had two lounge chairs, a small table in between them, and a large umbrella providing shades for both chairs. Between each unit had a six inch concrete divider to indicate who owns which part of the balcony. To me, it is pretty useless since this part of the balcony is suppose to be public and the short white fence were enough already.

"So what do you think? Wait besides beautiful, amazing, and breath taking since you already used those words." Brady asked me while sitting on one of the chairs belonging to our unit.

"Well there's no words to describe it. It's awesome!" I looked down while holding firmly on the railing of the balcony. I saw the traffic of Midtown Manhattan and surveyed the place. It was very familiar to me seeing the Broadway Theater District, the Hard Rock Cafe New York, and one of the most famous landmark of New York, Time Square which I only see on TV. "It even has a VIP experience for when we watch the New Year's Eve ball drop at Times Square!"

Brady just nodded since I figured he is probably tired of seeing this. His parents are the owners of the Easton (their's last name) Condominiums so his summer vacations are always spent here in New York to be with his parents. During school time though, he lives with his grandparents back in Idaho since his parents think that going to school in the busy streets of New York would be too much for him and they couldn't take care of him 24/7 due to their busy work schedule. Which is fine by him but I think that they spend too much time on work and barely any time taking care of their only child. Even when he does visit them in New York, they would still be busy to even visit him here in this unit. It's hard to believe that someone rich living in a large condominium all alone with no one to talk to makes me feel unfortunate for him.

So when Brady and I graduated, he asked me if I wanted to live with him in New York since he wanted to move there permanently by the time he finished collefe. If it was any other person asking me that, it would be a definite 'no'. But Brady was different. He and I grew up with each other since were just next door neighbors and our family had a close relationship. We only attended a community college so none of us would move away and we wanted to be close to each other (also because Brady wanted to only get a two-year degree so he could finish college already). By the time we turned 20, we both graduated with a two-year degree. I received a degree in Nursing and Brady received a degree on Forensic Technology (although he didn't care too much about what course he wanted to take). My family believed I was independent enough and Brady is trustworthy and could take care of me. Well us.

It was still my final decision but it was a definite yes. Brady said that I could apply for a job as a nurse at a nearby hospital but I really did not need to because our unit was all paid for including the water bill, food storage, etc. courtesy of Brady's parents.

"Paul, you want me to give you a tour of the outside or what?" Brady asked me.

"I think I'll just stick around here. I'm pretty jet-lagged from our four and a half hour flight plus the thirty minute traffic on the way here."

"There's a bar near the lobby downstairs. We could head down after couple of hours to drink and meet girls" Brady faked a cough. "I mean guys for you."

It was probably hard enough for Brady to have roommate that's a guy but to have a gay roommate is a completely different issue. If he brought a girl home and learned that he had a gay roommate, he could be interrogated with ton of questions about his 'real' sexuality which I witnessed from his past girlfriends. As we were growing up, I experience major bullying and dragged Brady down to my level with me. He always told me that it didn't matter to him and he was willing to defend himself and I against them. But I know it must be hard for him to live with that kind of burden.

"I'll pass since I do not want to risk myself getting in trouble for drinking under 21. And besides, I am not going to fit in because everyone there is going to be straight."

"You pussy. I already taken care of that. I got someone to make us fake ID cards that indicate that we are already 21. And no you won't be alone. If everyone is straight, that does not mean you are not going to have someone to hang out with. I'm still here. Come on please for your buddy." There he made those puppy eyes and begged me to come.

"Clever that you pre-made those cards for us and adorable by the way. But it's still a no. You even said, you want to go to the bar for us to meet someone and if everyone there is straight, then I would totally be all alone. It's just like in high school, and college, and now this!"

"What is with your negativity? Fine if you don't want to, you don't have to tell me twice. We do not have to go if you don't want to."

"No it's not negativity, I am just saying what is going to happen. And you don't have to force yourself to not go because of me. We could just both go next time but today is all yours. Have fun, I just want to stay here and hang out okay?"

"Whatever Paul, if you say so but know let me just get a few hours of sleep and tonight, I am hitting the bar!" With that last line, he stood up and headed to his room to rest. I was left on the balcony all alone. Alone...that was the word that was always on my mind.


Six hours have passed and I woke after my very long nap. I turned to my nightstand and grabbed my phone to look at the time. It displayed that it was 9:37 at night....in Idaho. I really should have reseted my clock to match the time here which was 11:37 PM.

My body was feeling way much better after experiencing the plane ride here. I rose up from the bed and washed my face in the bathroom. Afterwards, I looked over in Brady's room to find that it was empty. I shouted his name a couple of time but no one answered meaning that he decided to go to the bar by himself. I went into the kitchen to brew myself some coffee to fully wake myself up because washing my face was not enough. I took a sip of the coffee and open my eyes as if I was suddenly struck by lightning and managed to live through it. I made my way to the table while holding my coffee when I noticed a piece of paper on the table with big capital letters saying:


I opened the letter from Brady and it said:


I closed the letter and sat it down with a huge smile on my face. I looked at the clock and saw it was only fifteen minutes before midnight. I grabbed my shirt and put it near my nose and I realized that I needed to change since it was covered with sweat from the summer heat and a strong scent of the inside of the taxi Brady and I rode to the condo.

I took off my shirt and and put it in the laundry hamper in the bathroom. My left hand slowly massaged my right shoulder since it was still tense from being jet-lagged. Gradually, the pain started to fade away and was replaced by pure pleasure. I decided continue this in the comforts of my bed and walked towards my room. I laid in bed with no shirt off as a slowly began caressing every muscle on my body. With my right hand, I slowly ran it over my pecs and to my nipples, gently squeezing them which caused chills to send through my body. I know it may be weird and not right for me to do this, but I just can't stop imagining Brady's body. He does not know that I do this so whenever he is out, it gives me time to fantasize about him.

Imagining him taking off his shirt in front of me was always the start of my scenarios about him. Next thing I knew he would pass his tongue over his hands and run it all over his tan body making it glisten in spit. I have seen his body before so I have a pretty realistic picture of that in my mind. In my imagination, he would do all of those things as I lay in bed watching him and doing the same things. Brady walked over to my side and grabbed my hand and put it on his stomach. He would lay on top of me while I brush my hands on his abs and pecs while he and I would share a kiss. The kiss led from my lips down to my neck and settled there for a few minutes. He stoop up on his knees spread apart with my body in the middle and rubbed his crotch on my stomach. His 7-inch (maybe more since I have only seen the outline of his dick with his tight boxers on) is clenched in his jeans that is just waiting for me to take them off. Just when I laid my hand on his waist and began to pull down his pants, the doorbell rang. It is so great when you get interrupted when the best part was about to come on!

I came back to reality and arise from bed. The doorbell rang again "Just a sec! I'll be right there Brady!" I got my phone and looked at the time. It read 12:01. He really does make it in time. I quickly opened my luggage (my clothes were not organized into my closet yet) and got a tank top, a clean boxer, and some athletic shorts. I changed into my new clothes and went to the door.

"Hey Brady...I was ju-"

There he stood, a man with only just a towel on. My first thought was whether this was really happening or is he just one of the male-to-order guys on the street of New York. His dark brown hair, damp from the water, just sat on his head. His tanned skin sparkled with dripping water combined with the light in the hallways. As if god made my wish come true.

His body had goosebumps everywhere and he was shivering. "Hey do you think I could come in for a bit? I accidentally left my key when I headed towards the pool and I think my roommate is not home so I have no way to get in...."

He had a hint of an accent from the west and it was adorable. But I just could not let some stranger in. "Umm I'm not sure if my roommate would like that. Why don't you ask the other tenants on this floor to see if they would let you in."

I slowly closed the door when he started to speak again. "Please I am freezing to death out here. I already asked the other tenants but they weren't in their unit. There is huge party downstairs at the bar which is where most of them went." Of course Brady wanted to go to the bar so badly. Maybe he knew about this. "Please could I just stay until my roommate comes back. She said she was at the party and would be back by 1 in the morning."

I signed and decided to let him in, not before asking him if he was a killer or a rapist. He shook his head. "So you want some coffee umm..."

"Yes please and my name is Kevin. Kevin Dallas."

"Well Kevin Dallas, it's nice to meet you." I poured him a cup of coffee. "And here is your coffee. My name is Paul by the way" I smiled and he did the same. I decided to pour myself another drink of coffee as well and I joined Kevin at the table. "So what happened to you?"

"Nice to meet you Paul 'By-The'Way'," He laughed and began talking again. My roommate, Tiffany, asked me if I wanted to go to the bar with her, but I told her that it was probably not a good idea because I do not have a good time in bars since I always end up being a loner." He took a sip of coffee.

"That is so funny because my roommate also asked me to go to the bar with him but I told him the same thing you told your roommate."

Kevin laughed a little and grin. "Well probably not the same reason. You see, I'm gay and I just didn't think that there will be any person that's gay and would go there too."

I almost choked on my coffee. "Are you serious?!"

"Umm...yeah. I am a full fledged, out-of-the-closet, gay man." He seemed to be a skeptical with saying it at first. "I am so sorry for making you uncomfortable. If you want me to leave I will just-" He stood up but I gestured my hand for him to sit back down.

"It's completely okay with me. And besides, I'm gay too." I sipped my cup of coffee trying to look confident and I just saw his eyes become wider and he smiled.

"Are you serious right now?! You don't know how glad I am to the only gay man in this building!"

"Well don't be too sure. There may be others that are still in the closet."

"At least I have you know." I sipped my coffee only to try and hide my smile. "So when did you came out?"

"Are you like an investigator or what?" His face turned serious. "I'm just joking. Uh I think I came out of the closet in 7th grade in middle school. It was terrifying at first but I got used to it. So what about you?"

"My first year of college."

"Wow so you're still pretty fresh in the gay world aren't you?"

"Fresh? I'm 24 and it's already been almost 6 years for me."

"24?! Holy shit. If you hadn't told me, I probably thought you we're 20 like me."

"For a 20 year old you still look good yourself." He smiled at me with his white, shiny teeth. I could not stop but blush and smile back at him. We both ate ramen while talking since it was probably the best food right now since he was still shivering a little. The conversation have started there and ranged from questions like how many boyfriends we've dated to how'd I lost my virginity, all the way to who we like and the fact that he was at the pool which is why he's wet and cold. And several more questions.

"I'm still a virgin." Kevin's jaw dropped. "and I haven't dated a single person. Neither guy or girl."

"Wow so you really wanna find that Mister Right and make no mistake huh?" I nodded and he noticed that both our bowls of ramen were empty and the coffee pot was empty as well. He looked at the clock and noticed it was 1:16. "Damn. It's already passed one o'clock and my roommate should be back right now. Time really passes by when you have great company right?" I again nodded. I led him to the door and he said. "Well we should definitely hang out again 'cus this has been great."

"Absolutely! How about tomorrow?" He nodded in agreement. Before I opened the door, we both shared a hug and Kevin laid his hand on my waist as I showed him out. When I opened the door, there in front of us was Brady with bags of groceries in both hands trying hard to not let anything fall.

"Oh hey Paul. I decided to buy some groceries for din-..." He saw Kevin's hand on my waist and immediately had a confused look on his face probably wondering what the hell was going on.



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