For the next few days at work, I could not think about anything other then how incredible Levi's cock had felt up my ass as I waited to hear from Levi for a date with him and Jorge. A week passed with no word and then two weeks and nothing. Levi did not visit the bank.

I was totally disappointed and concluded that two weeks earlier Levi and Jorge had set me up for a one night stand with Levi. Fuck Levi and Jorge, I got ready to get it on with some of my former high school buddies that had fucked my ass many times before or even hit on some of the hot college jocks at the gay bar. I was horny as hell and in great need of a big fat cock up my ass. There were lots of hot blondes that loved my sexy ass who wanted to fuck me and dump a load of their cum milk in my pussy.

After 15 days of waiting, I decided on a Friday night to visit the local gay bar hoping to pick up a hot jock for a night of steamy sex and a volcanic orgasm. This particular bar was a hang out for many gay jocks that had satisfied my horny needs before.

As I entered the bar, fuck the first person I saw was big 22-year-old blonde hunk Jorge surrounded by several hot jocks that I was sure were after his big fat cock in their ass. I tried to pretend I did not see Jorge and I ordered a beer and took a seat on one of the bar stools.

Jorge spotted me and made a direct line to me.

"Hey Jett, how are you?"

"Fuck you Jorge, you must be like Levi, fuck a guy for one night and then move on to another slut's ass. I'm pissed off with you and Levi. You two were suppose to call me and come over for a three-way. I don't have anything to say to you."

"Hey cool it Jett. Fuck, first of all you are one to be talking about one night stands as you have fucked around ever since your senior year in high school. You are the one sleeping around as a slut. Second, Levi left college and the town after you two had wild sex that night. His Dad had a serious heart attack back East and Levi had to go take over his Dad's construction company as CEO. His life has been turned upside down. He is planning on calling you when things settle down. He loved the night with you. I've been busy with finishing the semester term papers, final exams and our rugby team just finsihed a week on tour. I was planning on calling you tonight if I did not see you here at the bar. I hope you understand and aren't mad at Levi and me."

"OH Jorge, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me for the outburst. I should have waited for your explanation."

"Oh no problem Jett. I would have done the same thing you did if I did not know the circumstance. I should have taken just a minute to call you. Sorry about that. You're such a nice guy and I should not have called you a slut. My temper got the best of me. Levi told me what a great lover you are and that you have the best ass he had ever stuck his cock in, man you turn me on. I hope you are not too disappointed  in me and Levi for the little trick we played on you. I wanted to help my buddy Levi as he begged me to help him find a way to get into your pants. You were driving him crazy ever time he came into the bank. I'm horny as hell to get in your pants myself as I hear your ass muscles are incredible as they milk a cock dry. Can we get out of here and go to your place. I need to get away from these dudes who are after my cock."

"OH Fuck Jorge yea. I've dreamed of this chance for a long time. Here again is my address. I'll meet you there."

When we got to my place, I prepared a vodka screwdriver for each of us. We sat at my kitchen bar and consumed a couple of drinks as we chatted about many things including Jorge's rugby team and really got hot as we began to share some of our sexual escapades and learned that Jorge had fucked four jocks that had fucked me that caused both our cocks to stiffen. We were as horny as a female dog in heat.

Jorge in his horny state took charge. He stood up revealing a monstrous tent in his pants, used his big hard rugby arms and  body to lift me up into his arms and carried me to my bed where Levi and I had fucked two weeks earlier. In his lust for me, he put me on the bed on my back and rapidly ripped my clothes off until I was butt naked. He then stood beside the bed and began to remove his shoes and socks, next he unzipped his pants and took them off, he pulled his polo shirt up and off his head and finally lowered his hot tight red cum stained briefs standing in front of me with his awesome naked body.

I'd never seen a more perfect specimen of a hot jock including Levi. He had the sexist curly blonde hair down to his shoulders; the most deep blue eyes; a beautiful face with prominent set jaws; stood six-feet tall; weighed a hard muscled laden laced 180 pounds; hard arms with melon sized biceps; flat ribbed smooth hairless chest, stomach and wash board looking abs; huge 10-inch cut cock that was vein covered light colored shaft with a purple big cock head; strong tanned legs, big cafs and thick muscled thighs; and the most beautiful feet and toes. When he turned around to show me his hairless pink puckering bubble ass, I almost shot my load.  He started bucking those as cheeks like a stripper. I felt dizzy and weak from the lust consuming me as I watched that Mr. World Champion hunk. I wanted his thick protruding red lips to kiss me, suck my tongue, suck my cock, eat my ass and yea have that champion cock deep in my ass making me feel pleasure like I had never felt before. As Jorge turned back around to face me with his iron hard cock, I was crazed with lust for him.

"OH FUCK HOLY SHIT, Jorge I've never been hornier for a man and his cock. Everything I've heard about your incredible body and that cock is greater than I had imagined. Please come here and make love to me before I past out from pure lust looking at you."

"Hey Jett, look at that big cock of yours bobbing up and down. You want me, don't you? You are sweating and shivering even before I touch you. Not yet Baby. I'm going to perform a club stripper's dance for you. I want to make you so horny and lustful for me that you will shoot several loads of that cum tonight."

Holy shit, Jorge began a stripper's dance as he twitched, slung his hips forward, bucked his crotch in my direction, played with his rock hard cock, fingered his awesome pink ass, put his fingers in his mouth to smell and taste those raunchy fingers until he got up on the bed with me. He knelt down putting his knees on each side of my head and lowered his bubble pulsating ass down on my face and ordered: "Fuck you slut, suck my ass, eat my ass and drive that sexy tongue of yours deep in my asshole. I know you want to rim my asshole, you dirty whore, don't you?"

As I began to lap on that warm leaking ass. I tasted and smelt his clean pussy. Soon my saliva had his ass wet and dripping. I went wild sucking and licking on that ass. Jorge began to buck as I face fucked his adorable ass. The rimming of his ass became even hotter as his hard dick began to bounce off the top of my head spewing his pre-cum in my hair. I could hardly get my breath but I never wanted to stop eating the most hot ass I'd ever tasted. The smell of cum and sweat had me so turned on. I could not believe that my dream had come true. I was having sex with the blonde jock I'd dreamed about for a long time. He was in my bed.

I ate his ass and had his cock bouncing off my head for some five minutes when Jorge got off, lowered his body down on top of my warm frame and pressed his sexy lips hard against my lips. Soon he parted my lips with his hot tongue and drove his tongue deep into my mouth. He began to violently kiss me and used his hard body to hump me at the same time. Holy shit, his hot body sent shivers up and down my spine, as I felt his huge cock pressing down hard on my cock. Our bodies were then entangled with a growing amount of pre-cum leaking from both cocks. He put his sexy feet on top of my feet and rubbed them hard . At that point, I could not tell where my body ended and where his awesome body began.

We moaned and thrashed around like two sweaty wrestlers. As we became more and more excited and in total lust, the kisses became more violent with our tongues battling each other. We took turns sucking each other's tongue. Our hot breaths and growing amounts of spit produced an incredible sloppy and noisy deep kissing.

The kissing, humping and thrusting cocks into each other put us over the edge. I felt our cocks stiffen more, our balls tightened, our breathing became rapid and holy shit at that moment our cocks shot huge loads of cum on our cocks and entangled stomachs. 

Although we had just shot our loads, we were still young horny studs that had more to give, as our raging hormones took charge. Hell yea, Jorge had been correct when he had said we would have a night of many orgasms.

Holy bejezuses, sex addict Jorge took my wrists, used silk cords and tied my wrists to the head board. It was a little kinky and turned me on. He spread my legs far apart, got between my legs and exposed ass, grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard causing my cock to grow. He took his awesome lips and tongue and began to give my hard cock a bath. He spit gobs of spit all over my stone hard cock and ran his hot tongue up and down each side of my blood filled wet cock over and over. As I moaned and begged for more, he clamped his lips down hard on my cock head and pressed hard for at least two minutes, as I spewed pre-cum on his tongue. Next he took my aching cock down his throat until he reached the base of my red-hot cock. I felt his nose putting out his warm air on my pubic hair. He sucked my cock for at least five minutes rotating between slow and rapid thrust. I bucked like a wild horse from the erotic blowjob as he sucked me harder and harder.

I felt weak and begin to tremble as I begged: "OH Baby, suck my cock. Yea Ahhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmm, YEEEEAAAAAA!! That feels so good. make me cum."

As I was about to come for the second time, he took two fingers and rammed them deep into my ass, found my prostate and went wild massaging that gee spot while he continued to ravage my cock with his wet mouth. I soon felt my warm spunk gather for a trip up my cock shaft as I yelled: "I'm about to come. If you don't want my seed, you better pull off."

Jorge so wanted my cum that he clamped his lips down hard on my cock head and began to suck as I busted my nuts that soon filled his mouth. He swallowed my first burst of cum and then he collected the remaining jizz in his mouth. When I was spent, he pulled off my wet cock and holy shit; he took his mouth down to my puckering ass and unloaded his mouth full of my cum on my asshole. He lifted my legs up on his broad shoulders and lordly lordly lordly he took his diamond hard cock and plunged it into that warm cum and drove his cock and my cum deep into my ass. Fuck he had used my cum as the lucubration to drive his cock deep into my pussy. I felt his now wet cum covered cock began to hammer my ass. I became even more aroused when he began to talk dirty to me: " This is what you wanted, isn't it, you slut, you whore, you fucking bitch? How does my cock feel compared to all those other fucking cocks that have fucked your slutty ass?"

He fucked me with more force than I'd ever experienced. He beagn to bring his sweaty body forward until his hands clasped onto my tied wrists. He used his entire body weight to drill my ass with his monstrous boner and crashed his body on top of me and began to wildly kiss me and at the same time fucked my pussy with no mercy. Wow, he was a man's man in using his hammer to wake ever inch of my ass into reality. The rumors were true that no stud fucked like Jorge. I think I was only semi-conscious as I took his cock for the fuck of my life.

He fucked the hell out of my ass and kissed me wildly for the longest time when I felt his big cock actually swell more in my ass, his balls drew up tight and he plunged his tongue deep in my throat as I felt a torrid of man seed wash my ass. When he was spent, he pulled out that snake and laid his body on top of me. He laid there for some 30 minutes as we embraced and enjoyed the smell of sex. The hot feel of his body humping on top of me caused me to blast my third load of cum on us for the evening.

Finally, Jorge reached up and untied my wrists. He kissed them as the feeling came back into my wrists. Then Jorge said: "Baby, you have an awesome ass. My cock has never felt better in an ass before. Your champion ass and my champion cock were made for each other. I think we should forget about other jocks and become sex buddies and partners. I think I'm falling in love with you. How do we tell Levi about this? Lets get a drink and rest and then we can fuck the rest of the night. I bet we can shoot at least three more loads."

"OH FUCK Jorge, I agree. This is the best cock I've ever had. Man you know how to make me see stars. Your cock is incredible and how you use it to put all my ass on fire. Man you have  huge loads of cum. Yea, I want to become your fuck buddy and partner. We will have to find a way to let Levi down easy. I'm in love with you. No more being a slut. Just your cock from now on."


Naughty Eric


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