He couldn't help himself; the way some smelled, the way they differ in looks and complexion, their body types; if they were tall and skinny, or buff and broad. This was one of the many issues Brandon had with himself, but other times for Brandon, he wouldn't have it any other way. 

He secretly admired one boy at his college; his name was Anton. He was a bit on the short side; slim but lean, and Brandon couldn't help but sneak a glance at his perfectly shaped and rounded ass. He fantasizes about fucking his ass, to feel the sphincter contract to every thrust. It had got him off with his girlfriend on multiple occasions, but now, he was sick of pretending; he wanted Anton, and he wanted him now. Anton was so much more than a sex object to Brandon though. 

He found him eccentric, because he never spoke in school ever, and always had some sort of device he was listening to while taking notes. 'Maybe he's deaf? No, that couldn't be it... Maybe he can't hear as well and it amplifies what the professor was saying? What is it?' All of these questions seemed to rattle in his mind over and over again, and it was driving him insane. It seemed like every day Brandon asked himself: "why me? Why do I feel this way about Anton?" 


Anton on the other hand was your average 20 year old college kid with shit job at a local restaurant washing dishes. He, barely making enough money for any extravagant food, has top Raman virtually every night, and rarely goes out. Recently going through a rough breakup with his boyfriend back home, Anton found himself sexually frustrated, and having feelings of complete loneliness. He knew he didn't need someone to be there with him every five mins in order to survive, but he did miss having that companion; that one special person you wake up next to in the morning, the person you can't imagine your life without, the one person you share love and make love with. It was hurting Anton, but he knew he needed a change from his ex. But, It wasnt always this black and white for young Anton and he had been struggling with letting his ex go for a long time; even before actually ending it with him, and the worst thing is: he knew that he missed him. Many of his friends find that confusing, but it was too much for Anton to try to explain, and He didnt have the time for it either. 

He knew that it wouldnt be an easy path to love, but he knows deep in his heart that eventually, hopefully he'll find that special person. Brandon couldnt contain himself as he walked towards his chemistry class; the same class he has with Anton, the boy he was so interested in, the boy he was sexually interested in, it was hard for him to contain his feelings. Like any other day, his friend Matt alongside him asked him if he was alright. "Yes, I'm fine Matt.." He said as if getting pissed off at something. Matt rolled his eyes and thought: 'you're always fine, but you take me for an idiot even though I've known you since 2nd grade. I know when you aren't yourself.' As uncomfortable Brandon turned the corner to enter the brightly lit room, he saw him in his usual seat. 

His hair neatly kept, his light blue sweater clung tightly to his slender frame, he looked like a preppy kid, and Brandon liked that about him. He always made sure to dress appropriately for everything. 'I wonder if he ever just goes out and let that smoking hot body land himself a little fun. I wonder what he does in his spare time 'cause he seems really high strung.' The thought of Anton being naked got Brandon's cock hard so fast; so much so that he thinks about Anton naked to get him boned up to fuck Tatiana, his smoking hot centerfold of a girlfriend. He was so infatuated with Anton that he couldn't get him out of his troubled mind. The lump in his throat that he has come to expect grew in size as he swallowed nervously. 

he meandered his way over to the seat next to Anton, and he cautiously sat down; almost trying to sneak up on him. He sat back in the chair, trying to conceal his hardening 8 inch tool growing in his pants, and he looked over at Anton, and choked out a hello.Anton turned to him with a gorgeous smile, and Brandon nearly died. 'Ohh my gawd!' He thought. He was so close to just reaching over the aisle and kissing this kid it wasn't even funny. 

Anton though liked Brandon's overall look, just an average guy wearing average clothes: t-shirt and shorts with matching shoes. He liked the simplicity of Brandon; his care free attitude. He was almost jealous of Brandon because he's so care free all the time. Anton wondered how he did it. He could tell by his loose but perfectly fitting clothes that he had a pretty nice body underneath. He was curious about it; wanted to touch it, feel it, kiss it. There was one problem; he didn't speak very good English, and he was embarrassed by it. 

Anton grew up in a small village near Nice; a smaller city on the French Mediterranean coast, and came to the United States in 2009 right after his 18th birthday and Anton knew he would probably never go back to France, because he hated his father for disowning him when he came out as gay. All he wanted was a father to support him; just one fucking person and his own father wasn't one of them. As class started, he ripped himself away from those memories, and Anton took out his speech translator and started taking notes.

 Brandon looked over once again as Anton took out that device. His curiosity grew inside of him, and he decided to do a bold move, and try to get Anton's attention. He reached over, and gently touched his shoulder. He felt how warm his body was; he felt the muscles contract as Anton turned his head and took out his headphones. 

He looked at Brandon quizzically. "What is that you're listening to, Anton?" Brandon asked with a low voice. Anton had to think of the right words because his English sucks at the moment. "Um.... It's errr..." He responded. "What?" Brandon asked not understanding what Anton was trying to say. "It's... How you say 'translator' yes?" 

Anton said looking back and fourth between the translator and Brandon. 'What the fuck? It's almost like he has no fucking clue what I'm saying!' Brandon thought loudly as if he was screaming. The professor turned from his lecture with a pretty pissed off look on his face. 

"Brandon, be quiet. Anton, être tranquille se'il vous plaît." Anton went silent. It was a rough sentence for Anton to understand due to the professor's French fluency becoming rusty, but he got the gist of what the professor was saying. He looked back down at his notebook and started listening to the translation. 

'Well I'll be damned...' Brandon thought.'I mean Jesus Christ, Anton didn't speak English? How could I have missed that?' Brandon walked out of the class building once class ended still completely shocked. He noticed that Anton left much earlier than the rest of the class, but he didn't really think about it too much until he headed back to the dorms. As he walked down the shrub lined path, with the grass neatly kept and full of vibrant green pigments, he notices something on the soccer field. He stopped, and saw someone, a boy, playing soccer with himself. 

He watched the boy dribble the soccer ball between his feet. 'That's so cool...' He thought as a light smile appears. He watched with such intensity his eyes hurt as the boy kicked the ball just a bit forward of him, and watched again as he drew his foot back and kicked the ball towards the net; The ball tucked in the upper right corner of the net with such good accuracy, Brandon was shocked. Brandon sat down on the small embankment, and watched the boy play. He watched him dribble the ball once again he used his foot to kick the ball behind him, and his other foot grabbed the ball like Velcro. He kicked it with such force, it shook the net as it hit the crossbar. Brandon's cock grew in his pants because of how hot the boys ass looked in those tight soccer shorts, and grew even more once the boy looked over at him. It was Anton. 

He saw him wave to him which caused Brandon's heart to flutter and He gave a gentle wave back, got up, and headed back to his dorm. A smile never left his face. 'My god he is so perfect. Not only is he perfect, but he's fucking French!' Brandon was like a little schoolgirl and could not for the life of him stop giggling due to tv wave the cute French boy gave him out on the soccer fields. He walked up the stairs after swiping his card at the front door, and stepped inside his empty dorm room.

Anton liked Brandon's company, and he enjoyed putting on a show as well. He smiled for no reason, and retrieved his ball. He turned his back to the goal, and threw the ball into the air. He jumped with his toes and he'd begun spinning in the air, trying to kick the ball into the net like so many other footballers do back home. 

He soon lost his concentration, and landed wrong. He crashed into the ground on his side. "Merde!" He screamed as anger filled his heart. 'I'm never getting this right.' He thought. He climbed to his feet, grabbed his backpack and football, and went to his dorm to ice his shoulder. He winced as he lifted his backpack over his shoulder. 

 "Hey Anton!" He heard from behind him. "Tu Ça va mon ami?" His friend Danny said. He was glad Danny spoke some French, he could actually talk to him. "Oui, ça va, merci Danny." They walked for a bit, just talking about whatever they felt liked. Anton had a wicked soft spot for Danny. Danny was around his height at 5' 9 inches tall and has the cutest brown eyes ever. 

Anton loves how they grew darker during the night and brighter during the day, giving off different hues and colors was really cool to Anton. "voulez-vous parle anglais?" Danny asked. "Ok. I will try." Anton replied in English. Danny was teaching him English, and he's so happy he has such a good teacher. "How is your shoulder, Anton?" 

This was where Anton struggled; idioms. "Errr... I don't understand... You say how is your shoulder but how is shoulder a shoulder?" Anton said like his head was going to explode. 

"No, 'how is your shoulder?' Is like asking 'comment ça va?' Only 1 subject." Danny explained. 

"Oh... So if I say, how is your shoulder, I ask how shoulder is feeling?"

"Oui!" Danny said with his voice so joyful. Anton smiled brightly. "Très bien, Anton! Très bien fait!" 

Anton walked with Danny to their dorm, and Danny swiped his card. It was here they separated. "à bientôt" Anton said to Danny. 

They exchanged waves, and Anton went to his dorm, unlocking the door and walking in to see his roommate, Jasper hunched over a book. "Hey, Anton." He said looking up at him. "Hello Jasper." Anton said as he put his football down and crashed onto his bed. "Did you play football?" Jasper said. "Oui... Err yes, Jasper."Jasper returned to his book, and Anton put on the Olymique Lyon game on his computer. Like most roommates in college, they didn't even know the other even existed half the time.


Brandon couldn't handle it any more. As soon as he got home, he immediately locked the door, and peeled off his jeans. He was so horny due to the cute French boy, Anton and He needed to cum. He jumped on the bed, grabbed his lube, and began rubbing the top of his cock with his finger. 

His mind seeped to that place of fantasy, where he could do anything he wanted, and there was Anton at the base of his cock between his legs. He watches as Anton slowly kisses the base as he wrapped his warm, soft fingers around it. He licked the underside of Brandon's cock, sending shivers up his spine and through his dick. "Oh god Anton..." He said and Anton smiled, he soon reached the head, and slowly move his mouth down his cock. 

"ugh.... Oooooohhhh baby...!" Brandon whispered as Anton's mouth began to move up and down his 8 inch tool. Brandon began bucking his hips into Anton's mouth, trying to get more of his cock into Anton's eloquent mouth. His breathing intensified, his chest heaving in air as Anton continued sucking harder and harder. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuugghhh!!!! ANTON!!" he shot everywhere, cum covering Anton's face. Brandon looked at him and found his chest covered in cum and his roommate, and Anton's friend Danny standing over him. 'Fuck' he thought. 

"I won't tell Anton."


Aaron Heights

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