"So how long have you liked Anton, Brandon?" Danny asked.

"I-I don't know... I've never felt this way towards a girl, never mind a guy! This is so fucking confusing and I.... I don't know what to do."

Danny watched who he thought was as straight as the come, struggle with his own sexuality. He can tell that it hurts and confuses him and he only wishes he could help. 'Maybe he could talk to Anton, maybe he can help?' Danny thought. "I'm sorry you are going through this dude. Hope you can work it out."

"You don't understand, Danny. This is hell. Sometimes I hate it, other times I just, I need him." Brandon said sitting on the edge of the bed. "Does he like me, Danny?"

Danny didn't know how to respond, he was sure that Anton was gay, but he didn't know if he liked Brandon or not.


"Well does he? Did he said anything to you?" Brandon said looking up at him.

"I don't know dude. I really don't." Danny shrugged.

Ban don hung his head a bit, and climbed to his feet. He spots the mini fridge and heads over to get a beer. "Want a drink?"

"Sure." Danny said taking the cold can from Brandon and sitting on his desk. Both took sips from their beers, and both were in deep thought; Brandon thinking about his Anton situation, and Danny thinking about Brandon's situation. They both sat in silence.

The air; thick as chowder and just as hot was not making Anton's walk home from work any easier. At 90 degrees Fahrenheit with a 70% humidity, it was like trying to walk through boiling water. Tuesday was the worst. Not only did Anton have football (soccer) practice before work, because it was so goddamn hot, it made the kitchen at work dreadful. His clothes by the end of the work day before changing were so damp, he didn't know what was sweat and what wasn't. He meandered his way up the creaky steps, grabbed ahold of the rickety banister and his feet hollered at him the whole way up. His legs feel like they are made of jelly, and his mind is half asleep already and he hasn't even gotten in his dorm yet. He made his way over to his door and found a sock on the handle. Anton took the Cotten tube sock and studied it; he tossed it aside, and unlocked the door. "Woah! Anton what the fuck?!" Jasper said as Anton looked at his roommate and the girl in his bed (who wasn't making that big of an effort to keep her tits covered, and Anton saw a glimmer in her eye) "I'm sorry..." Anton said as he searched his mind for the right words, and trying to sort out the situation. "Dude you can't come in here when there's a sock on the door!!"

"Jasper calm down its--"

"Come on Amanda," Jasper interrupted her. "Better finish up in the car 'cause Anton can't stay out of the room for five minutes!" Jasper said with hate in his voice.

Anton stood in the middle of the room and watched Jasper slam the door behind him as he left. Anton closed his eyes and flopped down on his bed; not even bothering to change clothes, Anton closed his eyes and started to drift off to sleep; his body was a little more than tired after today. Instead, it's broken. Anton practically melted into the bed, and a smile crept along his face.

"Fucking Anton.... Stupid French fuck..!" Jasper whispered as he marched back to his dorm. Amanda bailed after they made it outside and this made Jasper pissed. He hates not being able to cum when pushed so close to that point, and he was going to cum one way or another. He grabbed ahold of the door and swung it open and found Anton sleeping silently. He thought of a way to get back at Anton for barging in on him. He noticed the coffee table in the centre of the room. "Genius." He said as he smiled. He took everything off of it, tickled Anton so he would be lying on his back, and gently put the coffee table on top of the bed with Anton underneath. He took the air horn he got at the football game, and put it underneath the table. The giggling coming from Jasper was contagious. He lines it up with Anton's head and squeezes; a loud shriek fills the air as Anton rockets upwards and meets the table with insane force, completely knocking him unconscious. Jasper collapsed in laughter, he looked at the door and saw a couple people peering in.

"Dude he's not moving..."

"Is he alright...?" Another said.

Jasper looked towards Anton and saw blood trickling down his face. His smile vanished. 'SHIT!!' He thought as he pulled the table off of Anton and put it down. "Anton? Anton come on man! Dude this isn't funny wake up!" Jasper said as he shook his roommate who entered rag doll mode.

"What did you do to him?!" One yelled.

"I-I-I didn't mean to.. He came in while my girlfriend and I were fucking and I just wanted to get him back... I-I didn't mean to hurt him." Jasper said as he stopped the bleeding and someone called 911.

"Fucking asshole.." Another said coldly.

"Ugh... Come on Anton..! Wake up! Please Anton I'm sorry, just for the love of god, WAKE UP!!" Jasper said as feelings of guilt raged through his body. Anton started to come out of his haze, and his head hurt like a motherfucker. He opened his eyes to see Jaspers bright green eyes peering down at him. "Thank god!!" Jasper said hugging Anton. Anton knew what he did to him, and he wasn't amused. He presses his hands against Jasper's pecs and pushes him off of him. "No." He said getting up and checking his bruised face. Jasper looked at him while remaining right where he stood. He felt so guilty, he didn't even have the guts to look Anton in the eyes. Anton grabbed his gym bag and soccer ball and left.

"Anton!" He heard Jasper say behind him. He just kept walking on; ignoring Jasper. He pushed the door open, slung his bag over his shoulder, and headed to the stadium to get ready for the game tonight. By now, the welts on his forehead have gone away, but the bruise on the upper right of his forehead remained. All the glances from people started to frustrate Anton as he tugged and pressed on in the hot sun towards the stadium. Once he got there, he immediately walked into the locker room and started taking off his clothes. He heard the door open and he stopped for a bit, almost holding his breath. 'Nobody should be in here yet.' He thought. He slowly peeled off his shirt, and tossed it in the bag. Once done, he looked his body over, and was quite content with it; six pack defined but not overly prominent, his pecs were perfectly proportioned and complimented the natural structure of his body. But there was one problem, He felt inadequate; felt small and weak. That's how his father viewed him. He unbuttoned his pants, and took a hold of them and slowly slid them down his legs as he stepped out of them. He loved however how he looked in these briefs. It worked well with the curves of his ass and really made it stand out. He heard a gasp coming from behind him, he felt like he was being watched. "H-hello?" He said listening as the tension grew in the room.

He continued to watch Anton from behind the lockers as he got naked. His cock oh so hard was ready to just bury itself in his sweet looking ass. He followed the curve of it with his eyes as Anton slipped out of them as well. This made his cock grow even harder. He soon couldn't take it, and walked over to Anton and pushed him against the wall, and shoving his cock into him. A moan escaped Anton's mouth. "You know just what I want..." He whispered as he feverishly fucked Anton's ass raw. Another gasp, and Brandon found himself back behind the lockers, watching him dress for soccer. "How I wish that really happened." Brandon thought as he quietly left and went back to his dorm.


"Oh fuck yeah, Brandon! Fuck me!" Tatiana said as Brandon impaled her. His cock was leaking Precum as he thrusted In and out of her slick, warm cunt. All he could think about was Anton blowing him; his fantasy lifted his arousal to new heights he and fucked even harder. Tatiana was moaning and screaming, "AAAHH!! Oh god, Brandon! Fuck me, don't stop!!" Brandon's mind wandered back to the locker room, with Anton's curved and perfectly shaped ass, and body. How plump and fresh it was; so smooth and naturally hairless. This made Brandon wrap his arms around Tatiana as his fantasy got more intense. Brandon slid his cock into Anton and he felt this unbelievable wave of pleasure surge though his body."unnnngh... Oh yeah..." He whispered as he fucked faster. Tatiana was screaming and begging for more as Brandon continued to both sensually fuck her and take charge. She loved it.

"I'm gunna cum, Tatiana." He said, but his mind was warning Anton. He then erupted in her clit, and he pulled out. "oh Brandon..! That was amazing, baby." She said. "Yeah." Brandon replied thinking about Anton licking his lips as Brandon spewed cum up his perfect ass. "It sure was, Anton." As soon as he heard himself, he knew he just fucked up big time. "Who's Anton?! Are you fucking a GUY?! You're cheating on me with a fucking guy?!!" She hollered.

"No no I'm not fucking a guy... I'm just... I'm struggling..."

"You're a fucking fag aren't you? I fucking knew it!" She screamed.

"No I'm not a fag... I just--"

"Fuck off, Brandon. Have fun with your boy, I'm done!" She said getting dressed and leaving. "Goddamnit...." He said as she slammed the door. Brandon covered his face with his arm and sighed at his own disappointment. He soon remembered that he had some place to be. He cleaned himself up, got dressed and headed over to the stadium.

The game already started but that was ok. He grabbed a seat, and saw Anton come out in their red soccer uniforms. His heart grew, as did his dick when he saw Anton in those tight shirts. The uniform fit him good; it had a red overlay with a slightly darker shade of red striping down the jersey itself.

The collar itself was blue with a single white stripe. As were the sleeves. One single stripe went down the side of his jersey, and his shorts. He loved it. He wanted to whip out his cock and jack off right now but he chose not to. The game soon started, and the action began.


Anton stood on the left side. He watched as his teammates passed and passed in between themselves. He kept egging for it to be passed over to him, he knew he could put it in. "Hey!" He hollered. He saw Andre pass it to him, and he dribbled ahead, running as fast as he could the other way. Other guys following him, some teammates, some weren't. Some managed to get in front of him, but he kicked the football to the right, spun around them on the left, and regained control of it.

From the stands, the scouts from many football clubs like Tottenham, Manchester United, Arsenal and Real Madrid watched the match as Anton continued to turn their heads. Mr. Silvestri, a scout for Tottenham, watched Anton closely. Impressed by his moves, he wrote down on his list Anton's name; "Anton LáPeddite" and no other names. He soon left with confidence that Tottenham will be what Anton chooses. He heard the stadium cheer loudly as Anton scored the goal, just as Mr. Silvestri knew he would. Back on the field, Anton was trampled by his teammates in celebration of the goal.

Anton had a beaming smile on his face as he got up off the field. He looked towards the scouts and saw one missing. His heart sank. 'Fuck' he thought. They soon won the game, and Anton headed into the locker room with the rest of his team. "Good game, Anton!" Many of them said. "Great goal." Danny said slinging an arm over his shoulder. "Thank you Danny." Anton smiled. "Keep playing like that, you'll be playing for Real Madrid in no time!" Anton blushed "Real Madrid? I don't know... Im not so good." He blushed. "You will, Anton. Trust me." Danny said with a smile. They soon started showering and changing. Some left with friends, others left and went home. Danny, Anton and a few others stayed a big longer due to no hot water.

But, they remembered the football team was coming. Anton saw them come in. "Goddamnit the soccer fucks are still here!" One said as they answered. "Soccer? What's soccer?" Anton asked with his extremely heavy accent. Danny tried to hush Anton; "soccer is the sport you play, dumb ass." Another said. Anton looked to Danny quizzically. "I play football." Anton said. "Arréte, Anton!!" Danny said. Anton didn't understand what was going on. "Does this stupid fuck know he plays soccer?" Another football player asked. "Come on guys, leave Anton alone." Danny said trying to calm the situation. Anton didn't understand what was going on. "We need you soccer cunts to leave." "soccer? What is soccer?! We play football!" Anton yelled. "Anton, laisse rentre à la maison." Danny said pulling Anton out of the door. The two boys walked in the crisp, clear air in silence until Anton spoke up. "Comment Est-ce que soccer?" Anton asked. Danny wasn't extremely fluent in French, but he knew what Anton was asking. "Soccer is what Americans call football." "Oh ok." Anton understood now; and he laughed. "Funny name." He remarked.


Brandon was amazed at how good Anton was at soccer. He knew some soccer team in Europe will want him, then he'll never see him again. He couldn't handle that, he needed to fuck him before that happens. Just as luck would have it, Anton was walking only a few feet in front of him. "A-Anton!" He said. He watched as the beautiful French boy turned and looked in his direction. "Hello Brandon!" He said with a smile. "W-would you like to come back to my room and hang out together?" Brandon stuttered. "Hang out? What's hang out?" Anton asked. "Um.... Errr... It means to be with friends." He said. "Oh. Ok. Sure Brandon." He said. They both walked back to Brandon's room. Once they got there, Brandon's dick was so hard.

This was his chance to have sex with the boy of his many dreams. All he had to do was get him naked. "I like your room." He said with a very heavy French accent. "Thank you, Anton. Anton, I have a question." Brandon said as his dick swelled, getting ready to sink into Anton's ass. "Do you like me?" Brandon asked. Anton laughed. "Yes." He responded. "Do you want to have sex with me, Anton? Please say yes." Brandon said as his cock was itching for his ass. Brandon began to daydream, and saw himself tackle Anton and rip his pants down. "Um..." Anton said looking at his translator app on his phone. His eyes widened, and his jaw dropped. "I must go now." Anton said shyly. Brandon felt his heart sink. "Ok..." He said as he watched Anton leave. "Goddamnit you fucking moron!" He yelled at himself in the dimly lit room. 'Shoulda just grabbed him and fucked him while I had the chance.'


Aaron Heights



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