The last thing I remember is trying to go to sleep when the coach puts his arm around me and pokes me butt cheek with his semi-hard dick. I desperately need to get some sleep before the championship game but sleeping with the coach in one bed and my fuck buddy and another guy are sleeping in the next bed and we all are naked as the day we were born. I guess I was so exhausted I fell asleep not caring what I may feel or what the coach my feel.

Even though I tried to stay on my side of the bed facing away from coach, I awoke spooning him with my arm lying across his waist down to his uplifted leg. My eyes pooped open as I gasped. It was still dark outside since no light was coming in through the crack of the curtains, but what time was it? I stayed still thinking my gasp may have stirred the coach. The feel of his hairy leg under my hand had my dick getting harder than it already was. I wasn't positive, but it felt like I was leaving a puddle of precum on the coach's ass. How the fuck would I explain that if he woke up? I didn't move an inch and concentrated on my breathing. I had began to pant and wanted to calm down. Then he moved.

My hand fell and touched his rock hard dick and my dick was pointing right into his ass. He squirmed just a little and backed up towards me. Now my hairy chest was pressed to his back and my mouth was next to his ear. I had to calm down. But what do I do with my dick leaking precum against his ass? As he squirmed a little more, I felt my well lubed head pop into his ass. Coach let out a little moan. Then he moved his ass forward like he was trying to get it out of a place where it should not be. As soon as he moved forward, he backed up. Holy Fuck! Coach liked the head of my dick in his ass! For the next few minutes he slowly rocked forward and back just allowing the head of my dick to penetrate him. Then he takes my hand and makes me jack his dick. He is producing as much precum and I am. All of our movements are very minimal as to not alert the other two guys. We don't want them to know what we are doing. After a couple more minutes, I cannot take it anymore. I start blasting my load into his ass. My breathing is labored and right in his ear. The feeling of me unloading my seed into his ass along with the tickling of my breath on his neck and ear had coach pumping out his load onto the sheets as I finished filling his ass. Thoroughly exhausted, we both lied there motionless. Relieved, I fell back asleep.

The next thing I remember was daylight coming through the curtains as coach got out of bed. I could see the outline of his furry ass as he got out of bed. As he turned, he was rubbing is balls with one hand and caressing his chest with the other. He quietly gathered his clothes from the chair and got dressed. I watched intently as he pulled on his coach's shorts without any underwear or a jock. Coach chewed us out royally if he caught us freeballing and he violated his own rule. He struggled as he pulled his shirt on. His shirts were like a second skin on his muscular chest and he never buttoned them up enough - if they had buttons - so you could see the fluff of hair exploding from the opening. This was a collared shirt with 2 or 3 buttons but it would still expose enough of his fur to keep me looking at him on the sideline. He finished by putting on his socks and shoes while sitting in the chair.

"Get up girls. Time to rise and shine for the big game. Bus is leaving in 30 minutes." He barked.

Greg and Daniel sort of sat up in their bed. Neither one of them were moving too fast so I assume they slept through what happened. Coach shut the door behind him as Greg threw his feet to the floor and stood up.

"Damn. Would you look at this? I think someone needs breakfast in bed." Greg was standing there with is 6-7 inch dick pointing straight out. He was stroking it lightly. Daniel didn't say a word but crawled across the bed and started sucking his dick feverishly while on his hands and knees. His ass was pointing at me and what a sight it was. The morning light highlighted every hair on his ass especially those close to his twitching hole. His balls were hanging low and his dick was growing. He didn't touch it. Instead he was concentrating on getting his protein shake. Greg started giving commands.

"Take all of it. I know you can. Come on man; bury your nose in my bush. That's it. Take it. You fuckin' love this cock don't you? You can do better than that. If you don't suck it right, I may have to fuck you instead. Oh, that's it. Now you mean business. Work that tongue on my head. You are such a good cock sucker aren't you?" Between his talking and the sounds of Daniel salivating and slurping, my dick sprang to attention. I shifted my attention from his ass to his mouth. Daniel was bobbing up and down like a starved man eating his first meal in months. Greg didn't move. His hips stayed motionless and Daniel did all the work. Greg didn't even grad hold of Daniel's head. His arms were by his side with his head tilted just a little so he could watch his slimy cock get the sucking of a lifetime.

Greg looked over at me. "You gonna fuck him or what?"

"I think I'm gonna have what you're having for breakfast." I said.

By now I am stroking my cock under the sheets. If Greg didn't hurry up and finish, I may finish before him!

"You ready man? You ready for my load. I know you are gonna take it. Get ready, here is cums. Oh, fuck. That's it. Take it. Don't spill a drop." I've never heard Daniel struggle to take a load before, but this time he was. It was all he could do to keep up swallowing what was given to him. It had only been a few hours since Greg unleashed his last load, but here he was feed Daniel almost more than he could handle. Then Daniel coughed. Cum flew from his mouth landing on Greg's bush and stomach.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Greg asked. "I don't want that shit all over me. Clean that shit up."

Daniel let Greg's dick loose from the suction of his mouth and started licking up the mess he made. He started with a big glob on his bush. Daniel devoured his lips around his bush and started sucking everything in. You could see from his throat his tongue was going crazy. He slowly backed up to make sure he had everything and went in for a second helping. Greg's pubes were sticking straight out. This time, Daniel just licked them over and over before moving to the next spot.

He stretched his neck up and began licking Greg's hairless stomach. The sunlight made it easy to find each splattering of cum. Spot by spot, Daniel licked the cum away. This was truly one of the most erotic moments of my life - even to this day. Eventually, Daniel cleaned up the mess he made and relaxed back on his ankles.

"Nice and clean. Make sure nothing is coming out of my dick."

Daniel leaned forward and swallowed his half hard dick. He moved his right hand up and began squeezing it at the base and pulling on it towards the head while licking the piss slit of any leftover cum. After several attempts, Daniel buried his nose in Greg's still wet pubes and began swallowing. Surely Greg's dick had to be dried out by now. Maybe it was for show, but Daniel was doing exactly what he was told to do.

By now, my dick was slick with precum. I flung off the sheets and headed over to where Greg was standing.

"Your turn. I'm gonna take a quick shower." Greg said as he moved towards the bathroom.

As I stood where Greg stood, I heard the shower start running. Daniel was stroking my dick and about to impale his mouth on it. He was very close to it - almost rubbing it with all of its juices on his lips when he said, "Your dick smells like ass. Did you fuck the coach?'

I couldn't answer him. Instead, I grabbed his head and forced his to take my dick. In one motion, I was balls deep in his mouth. Both my hands were on his head forcing him to take by cock. Even though Daniel was willing, it was cool to force him. This really got me going. I started slamming my cock as rough as I could into him mouth and throat. I could feel my balls fly upwards and smack the underside up his chin. It didn't take me long to get to that point of no return. Daniel was about to get his second protein shake of the morning.

"Get ready for number two. You better not spill this one either. "I pulled my cock out of his throat and grabbed the shaft. All Daniel had in his mouth was my head. I was stroking as fast as I could and Daniel's tongue was going wild. "Open wide. I want to see it shoot in your mouth." Daniel obeyed. He released the suction on my dick and opened wide. Just a couple more strokes was all it took. I started blasting my load in his mouth. Blast number three was miss aimed and hit him on the side of his mouth. He didn't close his mouth until I told him to. "Work my head. Get every last drop of it. This protein is gonna help you play like a winner today."

Greg resumed doing what he does best - sucking cock. Even though I blew my load, my dick wasn't going down with all the attention it was getting from Daniel. He was sucking on it like he was trying to get another load out of it. Since it wasn't getting soft, I may have been able to shoot again, but we needed to get ready to catch the bus. I pulled my dick out and with its head, I pushed that cum on the side of his mouth back into his mouth. Daniel lapped it up and gave me a big "Mmmmmmm". I knew he loved the taste of my cum.

Greg had gotten off, I had gotten off, but Daniel hadn't. As Daniel was still sucking my cock, I asked him if he was going to cum.

He didn't say a word. Otherwise, he would have had to take the cock out of his mouth to speak. Instead, he shifted his weight to one side to free up a hand and began jerking himself off while still savoring my cock.

The shower stopped but Daniel didn't. He was still bobbing up on down on my half hard cock and jerking his cock like there was no tomorrow. I decided to help him out just a little. I took both hands and pulled his head down on my cock and held him there.

"You like that don't you. If you want to keep sucking my cock, you better shoot your load. If you don't hurry up and shoot your load, I'm gonna take my cock out of your mouth. Come on man. Don't make me wait. Shoot it! Shoot your load!" This was my first attempt and dominating Daniel but it must have worked.

Daniel made a "puff" sound as he blew out a breath of air with my dick still down his throat. He was gasping while trying to inhale through his mouth with my dick blocking him. I didn't let go. I was determined to keep my dick down his throat. Then I heard him whimper a little and noticed the change of his jerking. He was shooting his load all over the sheet.

"That's it. Shoot that load. Don't you take your mouth off my cock until I tell you to. Understand? Ah, yeh. Empty those balls."

"Damn. Maybe I should have stayed to watch that one - that was fuckin hot! I didn't know Daniel like to be dominated. I'll have to try that next time." That was all Greg said.

Daniel asked me again, "Why does your dick taste like ass? Did you fuck the coach?"

"Well, I had planned on sleeping with you in my bed so I didn't wear anything. Then coach came in and I couldn't get up to put on shorts or anything and..."

"You fucked the coach you little fucker you." Daniel said.

"Well, not really but yeh, sorta."

"You fucked him with us in the room? How did I miss that? Damn!" Greg said.

"It just sorta happened. I was spooning him and then, well, you know. He wouldn't let me put it all the way in but it was enough to fell awesome. And I did shoot in his ass. He was jerking off and shot on the sheets." I walked over to show them the wet spot on the sheets. Daniel leaped from his bed to the other bed and flipped the covers back. There was the wet spot.

Daniel couldn't help himself. He started licking the wet spot trying to get a tasted of the coach's cum. He was only making the spot worse. Now the small wet spot was getting bigger.

"I think it's safe to say that Daniel likes cum, huh?" Greg said.

"Come on guys, we need to get going." I replied.

We had to get ready. Coach told us the bus was leaving in 30 minutes and that was a while ago. No time for Daniel or myself to shower and clean up. All we could do was get dressed and throw our stuff back into our bags. One final check of the room and the three of us were outside headed for the bus.

We arrived at the stadium pumped like never before. The entire bus had so much energy, we were going to slaughter the other team. Our fans lined the way from the bus to the stadium with banners, signs and cheers. This was every seniors dream. We unloaded our gear and headed towards the lockerroom. Two other teams were still playing so each lockerroom was shared. Guys were hooting and hollering, dancing, singing and cheering in a very close space. Once everyone was ready, coach came in for our pep talk. Heck, this was one time we didn't need a pep talk. We were truly fired up to win.

Coach stood up on a bench and began. I cannot remember a single word he said. All I remember was staring at the bulge in his shorts, his hairy legs and the chest hair exploding from his shirt. I was starting to get a boner when all the guys stood up and formed a circle around the coach. I was almost trampled by everyone rushing in. When coach said, "Everyone put your hand in..." I reached out and brushed his hairy leg. My jock was strained like never before. Now it was time to take the field.

We played well, but not good enough. Runner Up was all we achieved. Once back in the lockerroom, guys were crying and no one said a word. An assistant coach came in and told up to pack up and load the buses. Daniel and I took our seats at the back of the bus. All the way home, neither of us felt like doing anything.

After the two and a half hour ride, we were finally home. A few loyal fans were there but it didn't matter. We were not the champions. We were the runner ups. Guys were talking a little as we unloaded our stuff and put away our gear. The sun was beginning to set on what turned out to be a real bummer of a day.

Guys were leaving and only a few of us remained when I heard my name called by one of the assistant coaches.

"Yes sir."

"Coach wants to see you in his office. Now."

Holy shit. I'm about to get busted and kicked out of school. What am I gonna tell me parents.

I made my way through the empty lockerroom back to coach's office and knocked on the door.

"Come in and close the door behind you." Coach was sitting at this desk with his back towards me.

I walked in and stood there with my head down.

"Something happened this morning we need to discuss. I think you know what I'm talking about don't you?"

"Yes sir."

"Get undressed."

What did he just say? I was scared out of my head and clueless of what was going to happen next. I've been paddled by coach before but I then I just had to drop my pants. Not get totally naked. Nevertheless, I took off all my clothes and stood there naked. I still kept my head down.

Coach backed up from his desk and spun around. His pants were undone and he was stroking his cock.

"I liked what happened this morning but didn't let you really do it so we didn't wake up the other guys. Now I want you to really fuck me."

My arms were still by my side but the sight of coach stroking his cock made my cock spring to life. Coach stood up, removed his hat, peeled off his shirt, kicked his shoes off and dropped his shorts. He was naked like me except for his socks.

"If you are going to fuck me, you have to get that thing harder" he said while looking at my semi-hard cock. He walked towards me and went to his knees. One hand went to my balls and the other started stroking my cock. He encircled his fist around my balls and began pulling on them. It was just hard enough to give me a rush without hurting. Then he began sucking my dick. While he was not the expert cock sucker Daniel was, he was still good. He also drooled more than Daniel. He was bobbing up and down and spit was everywhere. There was so much, that he had a hard time keeping a firm grip on my balls. He removed his right hand from my cock and just used his mouth. He was going back and forth. This was a sight to behold. A hot, hairy jock sucking my dick to get it hard so I could fuck him. I was enjoying the scenery when he started moving his right hand from his mouth to his ass. He was using the excess spit to lube his ass. It was hard to tell from my angle, but he seemed to be enjoying both the cock sucking and ass playing. I was enjoying my part as well as the smell of musky old lockerroom.

He pulled off my slippery dick and looked up at me. "You ready to fuck me?" While he was sucking my dick anymore, he couldn't stop stroking it.

"Yes sir"

Coach got off his knees and went to his desk. He threw his right knee on the desk and bent over. I have seen furry asses before, but coach had a forest. His sandy blonde/brown hair was incredibly thick and covered his entire ass. Nothing crept up his back. He was either very lucky or shaved his lower back. Besides having the hairiest ass I've ever seen, he also had a weird tan line. It took me a few seconds to process it, but then it hit me. It's the tan line of a jockstrap. Coach either lays out or goes to a tanning bed and wears nothing but a jockstrap. He always told us the best way to protect our balls was to keep them strapped. I guess he kept his strapped.

"Are you going to fuck me or what?"

"Yes sir."

I eased up behind him and aimed my cock right at his hairy hole. I saw it twitch as I got closer and figured he was trying to relax so I could get it in. I placed my head on his asshole and pushed. Without much effort, he had devoured 5 inches of my cock. I paused thinking he needed to get used to it.

"Put it in. All of it."

"Yes sir."

I did as I was told and gave him the rest of my cock. It was hard to tell where my pubes ended and his ass hair started. I pulled almost all the way out so I could see the rim of my cockhead and pushed in back in. I thought I hit bottom that time.

"That's it. Do it again."

"Yes sir"

I pulled it out again but this time I pulled it all the way out. I watch as his asshole close up. Not as tight as it was before, but still closed. I aimed my cock and pushed it all the way in until I DID hit bottom. He seemed to like this so I did this a few more time pulling all the way out then ramming it all the way in. If I kept this up, I would not last very long and I wanted this to last forever.

I started a slower paced fucking. I still pulled it almost all the way out but I slowly pushed it all the way it. I could tell he liked it just as much since I saw him throw his head back and moan in his throat. Now that I was not at the brink of busting a quick nut, I picked up the pace. I began speed fucking him. As quickly as I could, I was ramming my cock in his ass. I loved watching his ass ripple as my hips smacked it. Sweat was beginning to drop from my face onto his back and my chest hair was getting matted. I held onto his hips and proceeded to drill as fast as I could. He responded by reaching under himself and started jerking his own cock.

I like the view but knew it was time for a different play. I lifted my right foot up to his desk and sort of at an angle began fucking at a slower pace. This allowed me to get an extra inch into his ass. He was twitching every time I went all the way in and I could feel that I was bottoming out. He didn't say to stop so I kept going and picked up the pace just a little.

"God Damn. How big is that cock?"

"Big enough sir"

"Hold on. I gotta turn over."

I slowly eased by cock out of his ass. Now his asshole was gaping open. Not even a small chance it was going to close. I backed up; he stood up and turned around. I thought he was going to kiss me and I puckered my lips. Instead, he went for my nipples. His started off licking my left nipple. This made it hard as a rock. Then he changed to a gentle biting. While not painful, it was sending messages straight to my dick. Then he really bit it and clamped down. I wanted to pull away but thought that will make it worse. I stood there and didn't move. By now his left hand was pinching my right nipple. I had no idea my nipples were connected to my dick! He released the bite on my nipple and blew on it. The tingling would not stop. One more quick suck and he was on his back on the desk.

He lifted his legs and grabbed behind his knees. His asshole was still open and awaiting my cock. He released one leg, spit into his hand and then messaged it into his asshole. I spit into my hand and lathered up my cock.

Gripping both of his ankles, I squatted down a little and aimed my cock at his waiting asshole. I had a nice slow pace of sliding in and out. Not all the way out, but far enough for him to get the full effect of my dick. Since his hands were free, he began jerking his own cock. I was enjoying this view too. Here was my football coach, naked, on his back, jerking his dick with my dick up his ass and he was enjoying it. His eyes were closed but mine weren't. I wanted to savor every minute of this.

I was picking up the pace a little and saw his left hand move to his right nipple. His nipple had to be almost an inch tall. My little things failed in comparison to his. He was twisting and pulling all while jerking his cock. This sight of this hairy jock taking my cock, the sound of him jerking his spit covered dick and my dick sliding in and out of sloppy hole with the smell of the lockerroom was taking its toll on me. I couldn't hold off much longer.

I really picked up the pace. I was slamming his hole with everything I had. My balls had been hitting the desk and his ass but not anymore. Sweat was pouring off me and coach had worked up a sweat too. The pace of his jerking his dick matched my pace of pounding his ass. He also knew it wouldn't take much longer for me to blow.

With my balls tight around the base of my cock, I gave him one more slam and held it deep inside his ass. My cock starting firing blast after blast deep in his ass. I didn't move. I stayed as deep as I could.

"I'm cumming too." His pace never changed. He was beating his dick and never slowed down. His balls had also moved up to the base of his cock and then he started exploding. His first shot landed on his right cheek. Still pounding away on his dick, the second blast landed close to his right nipple next to his hand. The rest were splattered on his furry, flat stomach. He still hadn't slowed down. He was jerking away. With each blast, I could feel his ass contracting on my cock. It felt like he was trying to milk every last drop of cum from my dick. Once the contractions stopped, I started moving very slowly in and out. Even though I just came, my dick didn't feel like it was deflating.

Coach finally let go of his dick and moved his hand up to his mouth. He licked the cum that dribbled down his finger. Once that was cleaned, he started scooping the cum off his stomach and lapped it from his hand. He finished by getting the pile next to his nipple. I released his ankles and bent down towards his face. His eyes had been open but now closed. His lips were perched together. He thinks I'm going to kiss him. Instead, I lapped up the splattering of cum off his cheek. His eyes opened. I didn't swallow it. Instead, I opened my mouth over his and let his cum drip into his mouth.

I eased my cock from his ass as his legs fell down. He quickly sat up and reached for his clothes. I turned around and reached from mine. As we dressed, neither one said a word. Once I was finished, I reached for the door knob and said, "See you at school on Monday, coach."

"You better not be late. I would hate to punish you."



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