'You're OK you know Nicky!'

I had to say something as he had come out of the shower with a small towel which he had just managed to knot around his waist. It was the first time I had seen him bare from the waist up. I was similarly clad and he had come to sit next to me on the settee as we settled to watch a film.

'What the hell do you mean by that? I've heard nothing but comments about me all day from the guys in the workshop.' Nicky's unbroken voice got to an even higher pitch if he was upset. At seventeen years old the reason for it was a question on everyone's lips. He had come to us as a student on placement and made to join the workshop team as his subject was engineering. As it was a truck company in a rural area some of the work was done outside. The other staff were all seasoned mechanics and drivers. If the weather was hot they would strip off their tops and even down to shorts.

Not so for Nicky; no one had seen more than his bare arm. But his shyness only made the guys wonder more about his sexuality. Now he seemed to be allowing himself some intimate contact, at least he was allowing his bare arm to touch mine.

'Look I'm not criticising you' I said putting my arm over his shoulder to console him. I fully expected him to be irritated and push it away but he didn't. 'You don't understand, we all love you Nicky but you seem so innocent!'

'What do you mean innocent! Innocent about what? Do you mean innocent about why I've got a voice like a girl or, -- Oh I don't know just look at me I'm so bloody weak and feckless compared with them. I can't lift things like truck tyres even that small engine part this morning, they all came rushing over to help me. It was nothing!'

The poor lad started sobbing in my arms as he lay his head on my shoulder.

He had been told to move in with me only a couple of days previously as the manager thought it would be most appropriate'. This produced a lot of comments at work but I had not protested. It would have made no difference anyway. The truth was I secretly fancied Nickie.

'But look at me; I'm no strong man either, am I?' I said. 'Honestly I'm no more manly than you are physically. It's my big bum they are always making jokes about. You see my chest I have no hairs, and my legs they are just as smooth as yours. And look no knobbly knees on either of us!' I joked as I touched his. But he neither smiled nor attempted to remove my hand.

To be honest his body was having a big effect on me. He was well grown and very handsome with long straight hair slightly brown from blond. For work he would often tie it back with a band but now it lay over his smooth rounded shoulders. Nicky was well filled out without being fat but with no hint of boniness. To put it simply he was bloody sexy!!

'After it happened they told me I would be normal in three months time. The other one would drop and I would be a real man at last.' He sobbed even more against my chest now but I resisted a growing temptation to move my hand up his thigh under the towel.

'What are you trying to tell me Nicky? Come on lets hear the whole story'

'OK, as you all must have probably guessed it's a problem with my testicles, my balls right?' he said as if making a clean breast of things. 'Of hell sometimes I just wish I was gay or maybe I don't, but then perhaps I am. I don't know what to think!' he said cuddling against me further.

'I think I had better take a look at you' I said moving my hand up the smooth part of his inner thigh.

'It's too public here, someone might look in' he protested.

'Come on up to my room then' I said firmly brushing aside any resistance.

'But what about that movie. You said it was really good'

'Believe me you are a lot more exciting than that' I said as he walked up the stairs in front of me. The knot was coming loose by his left hip. The towel didn't quite reach round anyway showing a lovely smooth firm thigh. As he stopped to try to retie it I took hold of his hand.

'You won't be needing that now Nicky just let it drop' His bare bottom was now on a level with my lips and I started licking and kissing his beautiful smooth buttocks as he stood on the top step. Then I pushed my hand between his legs and grabbed his genitals while burying my face deep into the slit between his buttocks. He bent forward allowing them to part slightly. He had no pubic hairs at all and I stretched the tip of my tongue deep into his cleft. I couldn't quite reach his anus but the soft smoothness of his inner buttocks was making me madly excited. He kept advancing forwards as I pushed my lips into his bottom until he fell on to the bed.

I told him to wait while I got some cream from the bathroom. I grabbed some dildos and anal plugs then stripped off naked in front of him.

He seemed mesmorised by my cock which was really hard and throbbed as I looked down on his young nude body and the dark recess of his bum crack.

'Turn over and lets have a good look at your genitals. Don't worry I'll come back to your bum, I know you like it' I said trying to get him to talk to me while I examined his balls.

His scrotum was small and very firm but I could only feel one small testicle inside. Quite different from the loose scrotum and big firm balls I remembered from my old boyfriend. Nicky's cock was bigger than you might expect but seemed incapable of firming up properly. But it felt nice and full as if it was about to go erect and I must admit it was a lot bigger than mine. As I squeezed it in my hand it was lovely and smooth and pliable then I took it in my mouth and started sucking him. He never put up any resistance to what I was doing but just lay there quietly letting me get on with it.

'Are you OK Nicky? Say if you don't like what I'm doing. You are still quite young and I don't want to give you a bad experience.'

'What the cream for?' he asked. I noticed he was smiling now.

'That's to lubricate you silly! You may be tight and I don't want to hurt you.'

'What's tight?' he was still smiling and he knew perfectly well as he turned on his side and drew his legs forward.

His buttocks were beautifully smooth unlike a normal late teenager who would have some spots. I wanted to get at his anus so much I was shaking with excitement as I pulled his buttocks and I got my first glimpse of his little pink rose. I hadn't been so close to someone's anus since when I was ten and played doctors' at the house of a school friend. The tight creases all came to a point which I began to lick very gently at first. Nicky was groaning with pleasure and soon I felt his asshole relaxing as I managed to get my tongue a little way inside. Then as I drew back I could see he had opened a little to reveal the darker shades of his inner sphincter. I licked him more deeply now and he opened up more and more.

'This is what was tight' I said unnecessarily working a creamy finger gently inside him. I was sweating with excitement as I felt my heart racing as I pushed my finger in deeper. He was groaning even more as I located his gland.

This time I took his whole balls sack in my mouth and started sucking as I massaged his prostate with my finger tip.

'Are you OK Nicky?' I said once again.

'Yea! Ah oh! I love what you are doing to me' This was nice because I planned to do more than just prepare him for fucking. I hoped I could force his other ball to drop while fucking his ass. I had read about this somewhere and it seemed such a sexy thing to try. For an effeminate guy like me it seemed like a chance to do something manly!

But I wanted to give Nicky a really good time so I went back to sucking his semi limp cock while probing his prostate then I managed to get a slim dildo in a lot further and I could feel his cock reacting in my mouth. But it still wasn't getting much firmer.

'Do you masturbate much Nicky, I mean do you get to jack off much?' I said taking brief respite from sucking him. We had got into a 69 position by now and I could feel him gently investigating my genitals and my bottom. But it was threatening to make me loose control so I had to restrain him. That only made him bolder and he started doing the same things to me as I was doing to him. It was years since anyone had been intimate with my ass and all the comments in garage had reawakened my desires.

'I don't know really quite know what ....you mean I'm afraid.' Nicky began in answer to my question. He was faltering in his speech because of what was happening up his ass. 'It's embarrassing really because ....I hear guys talking about ..... orgasms..... but I don't really know, if you .....see what I mean. You must think I'm ....the weirdest guy you've ....ever met.' His voice quivered a lot as I probed some places with the dildo which were deeper in his rectum.

'Does that hurt?' I asked as I pushed the dildo right in so that his pink sphincter almost closed over it and tried to draw it out of sight into his lovely juicy hole. I was exploring him and trying to find his missing testicle. But his hole was dilating nicely now and I was soon able to get a larger dildo up him and probe him further up inside.

'No it's fine, it nice, it's OK. Ah! it sort of feels a bit like when my other ball dropped'

'Did that just happen or was it helped'

'No I was on the toilet and I got this bowel action because I had to pass something big. Hey! I'm sorry if that sounds dirty! Oh hell I hope you don't mind doing this to me: do you!?' he sat right up and looked very earnest all of a sudden.

It was obvious that he really needed his ass fucking. He was now breathing heavily.

'Nicky I love you!!' I found myself saying. 'You make me feel so fucking sexy!! I just can't wait to fuck that lovely ass of yours. I want to spunk up you Nicky!! I want to fertilize your lovely firm bottom. Do you understand? I want to force my fuck right up your rectum!!'

By now I had a larger dildo up him and he was starting to get very close to something I guess he had never experienced before. I was feeling so sexy I started thinking how I would love to open him up with a speculum and get a really good look up inside his ass. Suddenly I felt his cock tighten in my mouth and I tasted something sweet but salty oozing from his tip. This was my cue and I decided to go for it.

I got up from having my face buried in his genitals and ass crack and without saying anything more to him I turned him roughly on his back, grabbed his ankles and pushed his legs right back so his knees were beside his shoulders. It was all I could do to control myself as I positioned my raging cock on his lovely inviting hole. I wanted to ram it into that smooth firm bum more than anything in the world.

'This'll put some manhood in you Nicky. I'm gonna fuck your balls out of your ass and fill you up with cum!' His eyes gazed at me wide with expectation as I pushed my knock firmly against his anus. Suddenly I felt his sphincter clasping my shaft as his tight hole yielded before the unrelenting pressure of my probing penis. Then I felt his hot ass enveloping my shaft as I drove my dick deep into his young bottom.

His cock was lovely and full but still not quite hard as I took it in one hand. He was looking up into my eyes and I was thrusting in and out of him rapidly now, I knew I was only seconds from blast off! But Nicky started crying out first and I could feel the convulsions inside his rectum. We both went wild with orgasms. Suddenly Nicky's cock went really hard at last and throbbed and jerked in my hand. I felt my semen rushing through my prick as I ejaculated all my pent up spunk deep into his rectum. The sight of his puny arms and biceps pressed down under my body drove my wild as I squirted the last few drops up his asshole. For a few seconds he lay passively as I felt a wave of satisfaction at having fucked his lovely young body.

I had been hoping to dislodge his other testicle and make it drop but it was only when I pushed my cock in him right up to the hilt that I made contact with something which made him wince. Now I know that I was nowhere near big enough to make sufficient impact on his rectum to free it.

Nicky was soon taken over by a sort wave of fear as he later described it. He resumed his sobbing and saying things like: 'What the hell have I done? What's happened to me. Hey what did you do to me just now?!' For a moment I felt a bit embarrassed but I knew perfectly well he would soon be back for more. I carried him over and put him in his own bed and pulled the bedclothes over and promised to bring him a cup of coffee. By the time I returned he was fast asleep.

End of Part 1 Next time Nicky gets hungry and the big men at the workshop get involved. Who finally sees to Nicky's balls and my bum?

[End of Part1 If this made you cum please mail me and read the rest later]

The events earlier hadn't taken long. Whatever virginity Nicky may have had was well and truly over as he lay asleep with his beautiful ass just fertilised with my hot fuck.

Just after he had shown typical signs of post-orgasm reaction but I knew that would soon pass and a cup of coffee would put him right. Even though I had left him to sleep for an hour it was still before 10pm.

'Hey what is it? Oh hell I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, you're not angry with me?? please!'

'Nicky you beauty you've done nothing wrong at all, except give me the best fuck I've ever had in my life! Here there's a cup of coffee.'

'I expect that movie would have been a waste of time.' he mused. 'do you promise me you're not fed up with me? I really don't know what I was thinking of but I seemed to loose my head when you did things to me.'

'Are you saying you regret what happened?' I asked hoping he would say no.

'Oh no, you see I felt really sort of ashamed just after but I don't know really because I can't deny I was swept away by what we did.'

Suddenly he sat up in bed, still naked, and threw his arms around me.

'Oh thank you Carl! Thank you I just can't believe it's real!'

'Nicky I've wanted to make love to you ever since I first saw you. I'll admit I have had a boyfriend before but this is the first time I've ever been on top if you know what I mean.'

'Are you seeing anyone else now?' he asked urgently. 'Rodney was some time ago. It was when we were at

college.' This made me a bit uncomfortable for reasons explained later but I could see by the look in Nicky's eyes that he was in love with me and I was not sure if I was ready for it.

The next few days saw Nicky and I having sex just about every two or three hours and getting little sleep. In bed we were either locked in a 69 anal/oral sex or with me pounding his ass trying to release his second testicle. Perhaps Nicky didn't realise that to me this was part of the satisfaction I was getting from having sex with him. I really wanted to do something to him which would having a lasting effect on him sexually. It occurred to me that if I succeeded he might not want me fucking his ass any more, or he might even want to fuck mine. He had a nice thick cock which seldom got really hard but I reckoned that could be rectified if I could just get his balls sorted out and the idea of getting his cock up me really gave me an excited feeling.

As you may imagine during the daytime this meant all sorts of encounters in and around the workshops with the big guys everywhere so it was hard to find anywhere private and it was always risky we would get caught. These big guys' were the regular drivers, mechanics and engineers about the workshop. In addition to these eight there would often be extra drivers and guys from other depots.

Teasing Nicky and Carl about their sexuality was very much part of every day banter. I liked it but Nicky was not so keen. He didn't like being effeminate with an unbroken voice at eighteen and resented being teased about it.

They were convinced we were having sex as we were living together and I made no effort to deny it. There was a lot of discussion about the presence or otherwise of Nicky's balls and everyone got excited thinking about it. Also Nicky's refusal to show any bare skin got them even more excited. They tried everything to get him in the shower room with excuses like he had brake fluid spilt on his back and he needed help getting it off in the shower. I felt quite jealous of these offers as I would willingly accept such help' from any of these big muscular guys. But Nicky was getting more and more demanding of me. The more I poked his bum and spunked up his ass the more he liked it although my cock was very small compared with what he would experience from any of the others. Anyway this particular day we were in the back of the store room in among shelves holding spare parts. Nicky was bending over an open packing case with his pants down and I was just getting ready to fuck his lovely smooth ass when Gary and Andy sprung out from behind shelving where they had been hiding. 'What a fucking lovely bum!! Oh fuck!! you're not getting that all to yourself anymore Carl! Now Nicky lets have a feel of your balls'

'Ah yes quite a revelation aye?' the secret was really out now both Gary and Andy gave Nicky's scrotum a good groping.

'Now your going to get it from a real man!' Gary said as he pulled off his shoes and jeans to reveal a huge bulge in his Y fronts.

There was nothing I could do. I felt completely overtaken by them although they weren't the biggest guys I was no beginning of a match for them.

They grabbed Nicky and held him down still bending over the case with his bum bare and with some old bubble wrap to protect him from the sharp edges. Gary had his pants down in a flash and was sporting a fabulous erection. He guided his beautiful thick firm straight cock with his hand directing it straight at Nicky's asshole. He struggled a bit at first but soon his resistance was all over.

'Hey you can't .....' began Nicky but this huge cock was already penetrating his ass and Nicky was quickly overcome as Gary entered him and seemed to take over his whole body. I couldn't take my eyes off the sight of this big purposeful penis plunging into Nicky's smooth boyish bottom. Gary had his shirt on still but I had a good view of his big muscular thighs and his strong hairy bum as he drove his dick relentlessly in and out of Nicky's asshole. It made a sexy juicy sound as he pumped his creamy sphincter. Gary's muscles were flexing more and more as he quickened the pace and his biceps bulged almost as if to tear his shirt sleeves as he drew Nicky towards him in a last thrust. Then he let out a gasp with the main part of his dick buried deep into Nicky's hole I could see its base and his balls jerking into spasms as he pumped his spunk right up and deep into Nicky's rectum.

Nicky didn't need holding now, he was completely tamed but I took over from Andy. He let me help him take his pants down and I held his very stiff cock and directed into Nicky's bum-hole. I remember it seemed incredibly hot to the touch. Nicky took it easily. I put my hand up behind Andy's balls in the hairy arch between his powerful legs as he started pounding his ass and in seconds I could feel the thumps in Andy's groin as pumped his cum up Nicky's bum.

After they had both fucked him they seemed to realise I felt a bit left out.

'Don't worry you're next. That ass of your looks very much in need of attention' Gary said to me as he pulled on his pants.

If things had been different we might easily have been fucked by the entire staff there except that on that particular morning most of the guys were out on calls. But this event had lit a time fuse and as word soon spread I had a feeling that a very big gang bang was inevitable but that I would not be claiming the prize for dropping Nicky's balls.

But there is one bit of this story I have left out! I never let on that some time before Nicky arrived I had succumbed to the 'Brake fluid on your back' ploy with another guy called Colin. Now Colin really was the biggest guy on the place being one of the Tyre Boys' he was in charge of changing large truck tyres and needed to be really strong. Colin was not only ringleader of most of the teasing but had taken a shine' to me from day one. Again it was a day when everyone else was out.

Sure I had gone into the showers with him knowing full well that I would get fucked but after giving me a very intimate wash all around my genitals and asshole, (he forgot the brake fluid problem!) he took me back still naked into the workshop; lay me on my back on a big inflated inner tube; put some soapy stuff on my anus then pushed my legs back as he stuffed his massive cock up my ass. I tell you his cock was gross, it was huge, lovely and supremely firm. He drove it straight up me with such determination I loved him from that moment. Colin's physique is just about perfect; his big muscular hairy chest; his massive biceps and hairy forearms; his beautiful powerful legs and muscular buttocks. He got straight up into my prostate and all my feelings were driven by the probing of his huge dick. But above all Colin was vigorous! Man when he fucks you he is like wild animal! He drove his dick like a piston as he rammed me harder and harder. It hurt at times but I loved it. It seemed like almost an hour before he eventually climaxed to a massive ejaculation up my bottom which felt like a hot tide as he sent his spunk flooding up inside me.

Colin was quite jealous of me and had not allowed a hint of what had happened to be apparent to the others. So he had tried to act as before and continue teasing me but with the odd wink. He didn't do me all that often because, as he said, he had duties to his girl friends, of which he had quite few, and he maintained he was not gay and only fucked me because my ass was 'more like a chick'.

The next few evenings Nicky was trying to maintain that it was all very disgraceful and they wouldn't do anything more but he kept bringing the conversation back to the events in the store room. He was saying things like 'They wouldn't have done it if I wasn't bending down like that' and 'it's you they're really interested in, I'm just a curiosity' It was Nicky's way of trying to relive the experience.

'Come off it Nicky, you loved every minute of it and I can tell you that I only have to give the nod and they will be round here in minutes.'

'I'm not saying that! I just came here as a student! I can't help being the way I am. If only they would leave me alone'

'Rubbish Nicky!! if they ignored you you'd be devastated! Come on admit it' I said holding him close against me. 'What you really need is to get those balls sorted out'

'Yea well they haven't done any good have they? I'm still the same and all this talk about making a man of me is a con. I think you want to keep me as I am.'

'Right we'll see about that. I am going to give Colin ring, right?'

'No!! No fucking way! I want a say in who fucks me for once. Hey give me that!!' he said as I keyed Colin's number into my mobile. He was wrestling with me trying to stop me but Colin answered at once.

'Hi Colin! I've got Nicky here and he...' Nicky was getting frantic now and shouting at me:

'Leave me alone all of you!' but a calm and a deep manly voice came back:

'Got the message. We'll be over'

It was as well they did not take long because I had a hell of a job to restrain Nicky in his final minutes of semi-manhood. He did not like me taking the situation in hand but there was no alternative. He could not be expected to ask precisely for what really needed doing to him.

I would have liked to prepare him a bit but it was a lot easier when the others arrived. This time there were all eight guys including Colin.

I said I wanted to give Nicky an enema but he was resisting. Immediately several of them grabbed him while was still putting up a fight but he was quickly overpowered and stripped naked. This all happened in front of us all in the living before he was taken into the bathroom to get the syringe and tubing put up his rectum. The bathroom was too small for everyone so there was quite a scrum as they all wanted to see Nicky naked and especially to get a good view of him taking it up his asshole. So by general acclamation Nicky was brought back into the living room and bent down so that we could all see the red rubber tube being pushed up his hole and fed deep into his lily-white bum. The most sexy part was when Daren, one of the guys already totally nude, slowly pushed in the plunger and you could see the enema fluid being forced up Nicky's rectum. The syringe was refilled several times and then after he had taken about 300mls Daren drove a big dildo up him worked it around inside his bottom and Nicky had to be rushed to the toilet. They did this three times, then I gave him a rinse out with the shower hose which we used before our oral/anal 69 sessions.

Everyone was feeling mad with excitement as Colin stripped off formally in front of everyone and exposed his Olympic physique no to mention the most gorgeous erection you can imagine. Somehow Colin's cock bore all the same determination as his rugged face when he was ready for action.

'I'm gonna do my best for you Nicky! This might hurt a bit my boy you're gonna be a man after it!'

No one wanted to hesitate a second and Nicky was positioned by several guys holding his legs and rest of his body so that despite his continued protests Colin could get a clear run up inside him and get things sorted out in his rectum.

I find more than a pang of jealousy as I saw Colin's big pink penis start to penetrate Nicky's anus. It was definitely thicker than anything Nicky's sphincter had had to accommodate before. I could see his pink rose depressing inwards as Colin pushed his mighty knob aganist Nicky's hole. We had applied plenty of cream so he was well lubed but his inner sphincter still needed to stretch a bit to allow the full thickness of Colin's cock to get right inside.

I watched fascinated by Colin's power and patience as he gently applied increasing pressure until Nicky's ass-hole yielded and allowed the full main body of his massive cock to dive down into his asshole and deep into his rectum. I knew where his retained ball was roughly but I could never get to it properly as my cock just isn't big enough and I can't get a proper feel of it using a dildo.

Colin was shafting him steadily now, not too violently yet but you could see he was on target as Nicky's head turned from side to side in a mixture of agony and ecstasy while Colin massaged his prostate and teased his internal genitals so much Nicky was ready to be propelled into the required rectal orgasm.

As I watched I thought of our conversations of how to sort out his sexuality and how meaningless they all were. All Nicky ever needed was real muscular man to take charge of him and do what had to be done. The pace was quickening and Nicky was crying out as Colin gradually hardened the action. At first I thought it was pain then I realised the whole of Nicky's body seemed to be in spasm.

'That's the way boy, you're doing nicely now' Said Colin calmly as he felt down to Nicky's scrotum smiled with satisfaction then as he withdrew his still raging cock he looked over to me and told me to get my legs up.

I was not ready for it. I was expecting some of the others to come up me but Colin was determined to give me all the spunk he had been holding up while inside Nicky. Oh boy it was seconds after he unceremoniously burst into my bottom with his cum-pump that I felt that unmistakeable tidal wave of virile spunk flooding my bottom as Colin pumped me full of everything he had.

'Oh Colin I love you!' I said loudly in front of everyone as he withdrew.

'How are you Nicky?' I asked.

'He's done it!! He's done it!!! I've got two balls! Wow I'm a man!'

'You can fuck me anytime' I said as we held each other in a naked embrace.

The were cheers all round and Colin was certainly the hero of the day.

I bent over an armchair and got fucked by everyone else in the room and even Nicky managed to dick me with his half rigid cock although it would be a few weeks before his balls would be in full production!

Finally while the last guy was doing me Nicky sucked my cock off beautifully and I got the most fantastic orgasm just as Gus the chief mechanic was spurting his spunk up my cum oozing asshole.



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