Jhon, my black friend and cohort in our many sexual escapades seems to have an inate talent to seduce straight men within minutes of meeting them. Here are a few instances of his talent at work. Jhon, being a black Colombian has many attributes which he employs to attain his male targets. First, he is very good looking with a nice nine inch cock which guys like to suck and get fucked by. Second, he has an ass that begs to be fucked. Third, he has the talent as a male succubus which makes the male species forget they are straight. I have seen this personally many  times and no doubt when he is on the hunt alone.

   One recently occurred when we were in bed and he was ready to fuck my ass. I had got his cock real hard by deep throating his cock to the  point he was ready to unload his cum filled balls into my ass. Jhon´s cock was  laden with my saliva and I guided the head of his cock to its target. As he entered I had to get used to his size since his cock has a huge head and thick shaft. After a bit, I was getting more pleasure than pain which made me start to jack off my cock in unison to his thrusts into my ass. I had done a good job of coaxing his cum from his balls when I was giving him head so I knew it would be a quick fuck.

   Just as he was ready to fill my ass, the doorbell rang. Jhon said to forget about it and continued to pummel my ass. The doorbell rang again so I thought it might be important plus it was interrupting my concentration and his. I quickly put on my boxers and shorts and went downstairs to answer the door. It was Jorge Franco, a friend of mine who recently I had the pleasure of servicing his 12 inch cock. Jorge would always show up unannounced wanting his cock sucked and his big balls emptied. As I approached the gate to let him in ,I noticed the thick outline of his cock just begging me to employ my talented mouth. Jhon knew I had been sucking him off  now and then, we are very open about our sexual encounters. I had even introduced Jorge to the gloryhole that Jhon and I employed to suck off many Colombian cocks. Jhon had even savored  Jorge´s great cock in his mouth and in his ass without Jorge being the wiser. Jhon had begun to suck his cock through the gloryhole  and ended up letting Jorge penetrate his eager ass until he was filled with Jorge´s jism.

   Jorge followed me to the living room and  we sat and talked I was hoping he would take his cock out so I could suck him off quick. Just as he was unzipping his zipper to unleash his monster, I heard Jhon come down the stairs. Jhon had his boxers on and it was obvious he wanted to continue the fucking of my ass since his boxers were tented out with a huge hard on. I tried to ignore what I saw and what Jorge was staring at. I asked Jorge if he wanted a cup of coffee. He said sure so I went to the kitchen to prepare him and I a cup. As I entered the living with the coffee, I noticed Jhon´s cock had softened in stature and now was showing at least two inches snaking out of the leg of his boxers. Jhon was sitting opposite to Jhon and I knew Jorge had seen it . I also noticed Jorge´s reaction to this sight. I could see Jorge´s 12 incher straining the fabric near his crotch. I asked him if he wanted someting to eat with his coffee and he said yes.. I went to the kitchen again and cut a pece of cake for him. As I came back into the room, I heard Jhon moaning and a sucking noise. Jorge was on his knees between Jhon´s legs sucking him off through the opening of his boxers. I knew Jorge was straight as an arrow but Jhon´s talent at seduction was unsurpassed. Jhon was feeding his black cock into Jorge´s mouth with  animalistic thrusts, holding Jorge´s head so he couldn´t escape. As I set down the plate. Jhon smiled and said he has a nice mouth. Jorge ´was so into sucking Jhon´s cock that he was oblivious to the fact I had entered the room. Jhon abuptly let go of jorge´s head  letting him regain his composure. Jorge was little embarassed as he turned to face me. Jorge said he had never sucked a man´s cock in his life but was always curious how it would taste and feel within his lips. I told him to forget about about being embarassed and continue. At that point Jhon hooked his fingers in the waist band of his boxers and pulled then down. Jorge was still kneeling between Jhon´s legs and I watched intently as he went back to sucking off my friend. I told Jorge to watch out when he came since Jhon always had a big load of cum. Jorge said he would never eat a guy´s load.

   Jhon had started to fuck Jorge´s mouth like a stallion thrusting his member within the lips of this novice. Jorge had tugged his cock out and was fisting his member at the same time as he consumed Jhon´s cock. I got behind Jorge, eased his jeans down over his ass. I proceeded to peruse the object before me and i had a good view of Jorge sucking Jhon´s cock through his legs. As Jorge continued to suck Jhon´s cock I positioned my head between Jorge´s legs and was able to capture his cock within my lips, which he gladly fed to me. Jorge´s cock tasted fresh from his morning shower. I continued to watch the scene above me watching as Jhon ´s cock disappeared within Jorge´s lips. I heard Jhon grunt and knew Jorge had achieved his first attempt at cocksucking. I could see the first pulse underneath the shaft of Jhon´s cock begin followed by another one and another. Jorge was busy trying to swallow Jhon´s load but it was too much and he released the spurting head to shout the onslought of his  own orgasm. The final spurts of Jhon´s cum had covered my face and nose  with its stringy remnants. I tasted the flood of Jorge´s cum splash the back of my throat. I managed to deep throat his cock until he had filled my stomach to its fullest with his thick load. It was over so fast that I hadn´t had time to take my own cock out. As jorge withdrew his softening cock from my throat he regained his composure enough to say that he was sorry it had happened. I told him not to worry that Jhon and I sucked off straight guys and even received blow jobs from them too. I asked whether he enjoyed it and he said yes. I looked at his cock which was semi hard and lengthing as we spoke.

   I told him whether he wanted to fuck Jhon´s ass and he jumped at the chance. As we went upstairs to undress, Jhon readied his ass for Jorge´s big dick. First jhon sucked the still cum smeared head til he was at full erection. I told Jorge to eat Jhon´s ass and that I wanted to see him bareback Jhon with such a big cock. I had taken out my cock and got behind Jhon´s head so he could suck my balls. As jorge started to fuck John´s ass I even offered jorge and Jhon to share  my cock. It ws great watching them take turns with my cock. I wanted to give Jorge a second load of cum so he could taste the difference. Mine had a much stronger salty taste than what he had experienced from Jhon´s. When he was fucking my friend´s ass, I unloaded my load within Jorge´s eager lips. This time he didn´t miss a drop. He continued to fuck Jhon´s ass til Jhon shot off again while receiving Jorge´s ball juice. It was a great encounter which I continue to reminisce and jack off to what happened.

   The next was a friend of mine, julian , a judge in Medellin. He was very good looking but a ladie´s man through and through. I introduced him to Jhon one night when Julian was visiting with his wife and children. I invited Julian and his family to dinner and told them to come at 8:00  p.m. that night. They arrived and I was showing Julian´s wife my talents in the kitchen. Jhon and Julian went upstairs, I figured he wanted to show him the house. After they didn´t return within minutes, i went upstairs to find them. I got to the third floor and there was no sign of them. The bathroom door was closed and I knocked No answer but I could hear Jhon moan and there were distinct fucking noises.I could hear someone´s ass getting smacked by the balls of the person. I listened and Julian was saying whether he liked his big cock up his ass. Jhon was saying fuck his ass and that he wanted his load. I went back down to stay with Julian´s wife so she wouldn´t get suspicious. After about tem minutes they both came downstairs. dinner was ready so we all sat down and ate. After coffee and cake, Julian and his family left. 

   When I had Jhon alone, I asked how was the fuck from Julian. He said he  was a great fuck and that his ass still hurt. I asked him how he managed to get into his pants and he said he was showing Julian my cd collection  and noticed Julian showed a big basket. Jhon said he touched Julian ´s thigh  and asked whether he liked his cock sucked. Julian said he was straight but Jhon being a person who gets what he wants continued to seduce him. Jhon asked whether he had ever been sucked off by a guy and Julian said never. Jhon said you should try it as he knealt in front of Julian. Jhon proceeded to unzip and took out Julian´s ever growing cock. Jhon said he had a big thick cock that was dripping precum profusely. Jhon said once the cock was in his mouth, Julian was his. Jhon said he got Julian so hot from the blow job that he told Julian to fuck his ass. They went into the bathroom  and soon Julian was filling his ass with his Colombian  nine inch cock.

   Later that night, I took a shower and noticed a used rubber in the waste basket. I couldn´t resist wanting to taste Julian´s cum. I emptied the contents into my mouth and swallowed the contents  savoring Julian´s thick load of cream. Hopefully in the future I would be able to taste his load as it immediately left his balls. After about two weeks Julian had come to Medellin for a seminar without his wife. Jhon was away on business. I sat at the open air cafe with Julian drinking a few shots of guaro. He abruptly told me that Jhon said I had a great mouth for sucking cock. Julian said why don´t we take advantage since he was alone and Jhon was away. We walked across the street to my house. As I closed the door Julian started to dry hump me grinding his hard cock against my ass. I turned around and got on my knees and let him yank  his jeans down to just above his knees. I edged closer as he pulled his boxers down to show me what he had to offer. It was huge uncut with veins  swollen with pent up desire. I took his cock between my lips and he started to face fuck me baning his heavy balls against my chin. In no time I tasted a heavy thick bullet of cum splashing within my mouth. I swallowed all he had to offer and hthen some. 






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