One summer day when I was sitting in my room after smoking a joint and listening to music when the doorbell rang. My room was in the back of our large home off the service porch. My bed was in the middle of the room on the floor without a frame and I had a sofa opposite the bed under the windows with a big stuffed chair in the corner making for a perfect party room and seating arrangements when my buddies were over. As I went to get the door, I left out a tray of Pot that I had used to get high. When I looked through the front door, which had a stained glass window on the upper half, I saw a guy standing there. So I opened the door and said "hello". The guy looked like he was in his mid 30's with really long hair. He was thin and looked like a typical early 70's hippie. I had long hair too. We all did in the 70's. He said his name was Steve and announced that he was friends with the guy who lived with his mother across the street from us and asked me about my older brother's 1950's car that was always parked by their house. I answered his question and he asked another and then he asked if he could come in for just a minute to talk about the car. I thought it was a little odd but since he was friends with my neighbor I said ok. I took him into our dining room where he looked out the windows to the back of the house with our large tree filled yard and he made some comments about how lovely our house and yard were. He asked another question about the car and then asked if it was OK to sit down. Again I thought he was being a little friendly but said OK. We sat down and he asked me if it was true that I had just finished going to the same private boys boarding school nearby that my neighbor had also gone to several years before. I said yes. It was a small school of about 100 boys and we lived in open dormitories by age group: elementary, junior high and high school. The dorms had locker room type bathrooms and showers. He then smiled and mentioned that my neighbor had told him some stories about boys goofing around with other boys in the showers and asked me if that was true. At first I told him I wasn't sure what he meant. But I did know. Then he said he was talking about boys giving other boys "knob-jobs" in the shower and bathroom stalls and suddenly I realized where he might be going. I said I had never seen any activity like that, which was true and he acted surprised. He asked me if I was sure about that and I said "yes". Then he asked me if I had ever fantasized about the other boys in the school and I said "no". I was beginning to get nervous and he sensed it. Suddenly he asked me outright if I had ever had a knob job from another guy. He smiled. I said "knob job?" He said "yeah, you know, having another guy suck on your knob until you nutted. It's really cool" he said. I didn't know what that meant so I said "what do you mean nutted?" He said, "nutted, you know...cum". Now I was nervous, my hands were shaking a little and he could sense it. But interestingly, I was also slightly excited. I noticed my heart was beating fast. I had played with boys in elementary school but it never resulted in arousal or climax. I began to fidget and he asked me again about getting "nutted". My mind began to race, but I acted like it wasn't my thing. We were sitting next to each other but sort of facing one another. Then he asked me if we were alone in the house. I said "yes" and then he asked me "would you like to nut now?" He smiled when he said it and now it was clear he was there to seduce me. Part of me wanted to throw him out, the other part was super curious. I wasn't attracted to guys at all but he didn't look like the stereotypical gay guy. I started to make excuses, "like my mother might come home", or "I'm not sure, I really like girls" and he had an answer for each excuse. He told me we could be quick, he liked girls too and it was a simple situation of one guy helping another guy. Nothing queer or gay. I was so nervous I walked into the living room and looked out the front window, acting like I was looking for my mom to pull up but really I knew she wouldn't be home for a couple hours and was so nervous I didn't know what else to do. He followed me. I said "my mom could come home soon" but he smiled and said it would only take a few minutes and he guaranteed I would feel ecstasy like never before. He kept smiling at me and if I looked away he res-positioned himself to be in front of me and made eye contact. He went on to tell me he was very experienced and would make me feel great and no one would ever know and I'd never have to do it again. Now my mind was really racing and I was so nervous I lost track of what I was saying. I had actually gotten hard listening to him talk about how good it would feel, that it would be our secret and I actually asked him if he could really do it quickly and keep it quiet. He smiled again and said "absolutely, I can see you want to try it, it's ok it will be fantastic". He asked me to show him to my room. He took my hand and started walking towards the dining room again. He asked me where my room was and so I said "this way" and we went through the kitchen to the back porch area of the house where my room was located . It had previously been a servant's quarters. He closed the door and noticed it had a lock and locked it. Now I was really nervous, one part of me wanted to stop but the other part really wanted to nut. I figured I would sit on the sofa, pull my pants down to my knees and he would suck my cock. Then it would be over. I became frozen and didn't know what to do. My heart was racing now. So I said "how do we do this?" Then he said "it's ok, it's cool, let me take these off" and began to undress me. He lifted my t-shirt over my head, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. He pulled down my underwear and had me step out of my clothes and then smiled the biggest smile when he looked over my hard body and now erect cock. I could see how excited he was to have this hot 15 year old football and track athlete naked in front of him. He quickly pulled off his shirt, pants and underwear and I saw his long cock and very hairy crotch and balls. Then he put his arms around me, pulled me close and tried to kiss me. It just didn't feel right. I pushed back. I said "I don't know, I don't like that". So he said "sit down on the sofa" and sat next to me and started to kiss me again. I wasn't expecting to kiss a guy, I stiffened up and refused to open my mouth. After just a few seconds, including which he tried to put his tongue in my mouth again, I told him "stop!". I began to change my mind. I told him I wasn't sure about this. He then said "ok, just lay down on the bed" and so I moved to my bed, got on my back and he was quickly on top of me. He was taller and very skinny. He didn't smell pretty and certainly not like a girl. Very musky. I didn't like it. He became so excited that he was trembling and partially hyper-ventilating. He had hair past his shoulders and it kept falling onto my face. I remained somewhat frozen as he began to rub his body all over me, now kissing my neck and rubbing my body with his hands. I was rock hard and I could feel his rock hard cock rubbing against my body and cock. I'd never felt anything like that before. He spent a few seconds rubbing our cocks together with his hands and I noticed he was really breathing hard now and trembling too. He laid back on top of me and began rubbing his body furiously against mine and my cock and he hugged me tightly. He kept trying to kiss me but I resisted full tongue action. Suddenly he stiffened up, grunted a couple of times and now I could smell something very pungent. I realized he had cum all over my cock and pubic area. He kept grinding and breathing hard for a couple more seconds before he finally collapsed on top of me. He began to say things like, "I'm sorry, I can't believe that happened so fast, I didn't mean too", etc. It took him about a minute to regain his composure during which time I stared at the ceiling and began to think about what had I done, that this sucked, it wasn't what I expected. He reached for a box of Kleenex next to my bed and wiped his cock and cleaned up his cum which was all over my cock, pubic hair and stomach. He was smiling again and had this look like he had died and gone to heaven. I tried to get up as I was worrying about getting busted by my mom and then he said "oh no, your turn" and before I knew it he had my cock in his mouth and now my head was spinning. I had had a blow job from a girl before but the power of his male mouth and the action of his tongue was nothing like anything I had ever experienced with a girl. He worked my cock like it was his most prized possession. He licked the tip, swirled his tongue all over and around my head and shaft and used his hand to stroke my cock and balls while swirling the head of my cock with his tongue. He licked my balls and swallowed them, using his tongue in a way I had never experienced. I was in heaven, I couldn't believe how much better it felt versus a girls mouth, the power of his jaw, lips and tongue was incredible. He owned my cock. Quickly I realized I was going to cum and for a moment I felt guilty like I should stop him but that lasted only seconds. I closed my eyes, told myself to let go and enjoy the ride and suddenly I "nutted". He gulped and swallowed every drop. I finally had to pull him off my cock as it became too sensitive to have it in his mouth after my climax. He definitely didn't want to stop. We were both breathing hard and needed a few seconds to recover. Then, a wave of guilt overcame me and I pushed him off and jumped up. I was suddenly very paranoid about my mom coming home and dressed quickly and told him to do the same. I think I said "thank you" and then told him he had to go. He asked me for my phone number and asked if he could come over again. He saw my Pot tray and said he liked to get high too. I said no thanks and marshaled him to the front door. I told him "look, It was a onetime thing, thanks, but I'm not gay and you've got go now". He dragged his feet a little but finally made his way to the front door and I said "goodbye". I closed the door behind him and began to try to come to terms with what I had just allowed to happen. Was I gay? How awkward it felt to have him try to kiss me, but then why did I enjoy my climax so much. I kept thinking about that tongue just owning my cock. WOW! It was all I could think about the rest of the day and night.

I awoke the next day racked with guilt. My neighbors were on vacation and they were paying me to water their yard. So in the afternoon I went next door and began to water. I was wearing shorts and a cut t-shirt. While I was watering my neighbors plants I saw him come out of my other neighbors house and walk towards me. I was instantly worried that other neighbors would see me talking to him and think I'm gay. He told me how much fun he had had and asked me "want to do it again?". I said "no thanks, you better go, I have to go into the back yard now to water more plants and it might not be good for you to follow me there". He ignored me, followed me back and now I was worried about how I would get rid of him. I told him again I wasn't interested and he said "fine, but I brought a joint and wanted to share it with you". Before I could say anything he lit it up, took a hit and passed it to me. I thought what the hell, I'm definitely not going to let him seduce me again so I started smoking the joint. We had small talk for a few minutes while I finished my watering and the joint. It was good pot and I was buzzed. Then he asked me "do you like to snort coke?" That interested me so I said "Yeah, I do like it" and he says "I just bought some really good coke, why don't I come over to the house, there are few guys over, it's safe, no funny business, we'll do a couple of lines". The coke sounded like fun so I finished my job, walked over with him to the house and when I came inside there were two other guys there along with my neighbor. Steve introduced me and then one of the guys looked at Steve and said "So this is the kid who had his first time yesterday?". They all smiled and he nodded and then they winked at me and one guy said "Don't worry, we've all had first times too, it's cool, it's guys having fun". My neighbor offered me a beer while Steve opened up a paper bindle of cocaine and started chopping up lines on a mirror. One of the guys lit a joint and soon the mirror was passed around and I did two massive lines. My nose was on fire and the rush began! They started asking me questions about school, my girlfriend, and my neighbor asked me about our private school and told me some stories about his experience there and they all seemed very cool. The two guys were very buff and in shape and also much bigger than me. Then my neighbor grabbed a bottle of tequila that was on the table and started pouring shots. Pretty soon he turned to me and said want one? I initially said "no" but he suggested it would be a good way to balance the coke so I relented and had a shot. We continued to chat and another joint was lit. Then Steve made out some smaller lines and passed the mirror around again. I did two more smaller lines and really began to feel the effects of the pot, coke and alcohol. My neighbor asked if I wanted to check out the pool and house and I agreed and so he showed me around including going out back to see the pool area. He suggested I could swim later if I wanted to but I told him I didn't have trunks. He looked at me and said "who needs trunks? We're all guys, right?". That made me a little nervous so I said "let's see the rest of the house" and we went back inside and he took me down the hallway where the bedrooms were. It turned out he had the master bedroom and his mother lived in another bedroom. In his room he had a wall of mirrors on one side and a 4 poster wood frame opposite that wall in an area near the door. He asked me if I knew why he had a 4 poster and I said "no". He said "see those rings and clips at the top of the posts? Those are for my sling". I said "what's a sling?" I had no idea and he said "here, I'll show you". He opened his closet and pulled out what appeared to be combination of chains, leather straps, rings and clips. By now the other guys were standing in the door or just inside. Steve had another joint going and passed it to me. My neighbor laid out the sling on the floor, arranged it, slowly found the clips that hooked on to the 4 posts and suddenly there was a leather sort of hanging chair made out of chain and straps hanging from the posts. He explained that its used by couples who want to have sex with their partner suspended above the ground without having to hold them up. I was really high as he said that and began to get nervous again but my adrenaline was really pumping thanks to the coke and pot and when I looked around one of the guys by the door had his hand inside the other guys pants and it was clear he was stroking his cock. I realized they might be trying to seduce me again so I tried to keep the conversation going and blurted out "how do you sit in it?". My neighbor said "here I'll show you" and hopped on to it and then one of the guys from the door came over and helped him put his feet into the stirrups. I looked back at Steve and he handed me the mirror and said just a couple more lines. I was really enjoying the coke so I grabbed the mirror but my hands were shaking so much now I couldn't hold it still. Steve smiled and said "here I'll hold it" and I snorted 2 more lines. What a rush I had going now. When I looked up I saw that the guy who helped my neighbor had pulled down my neighbors gym shorts and was stroking his cock, it was huge. I started to say "maybe I should go now" but Steve stepped in front of me, reached his hand down to where my cock was in my pants, felt my raging hard on, smiled and said "you seem pretty happy". The next thing I know he falls to his knees, pulls down my gym shorts and underwear and has my cock in his mouth almost in one smooth move. Oh my god, there's that incredible mouth again on my cock. I thought the top my cock was going to explode. I said something about "no, I don't want to do this again" but Steve took his tongue, expertly swirled it around the head of my cock and I just melted. I could barely stand. The other guy took his shirt off and came around behind me. He pulled off his shorts and underwear, licked his finger tips, pulled me close and began to rub and pinch my nipples while he pressed his naked body against my back with his hard cock pushed right between the checks of my ass. I looked over at the sling, my neighbor was now getting a hard core blowjob from the other guy who was also naked and my neighbor was talking dirty like "Oh my god, suck my cock, oh tongue it baby, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh my god, eat it!" He seemed to be in heaven. I was too! As Steve was working over my cock, he pulled off my shoes and shorts and now the guy behind me who had been rubbing my body with his hand and pinching my nipples while kissing and licking my neck and ears from behind pulled off my shirt, used his left hand to grab my face, turned my head up and towards him and he suddenly kissed me and then stuck his massive tongue in my mouth. At first I didn't know what to do and sort of resisted but he was so forceful I soon relented and began to swallow his tongue allowing him to own my mouth. Our tongues were frantically dancing around inside my mouth. It was incredibly erotic the way his tongue took over my mouth. I was really breathing hard now and feeling ecstasy and sexual pleasure like I had never felt before. I was really turned on. I heard what sounded like my neighbor cum and his partner keep teasing his cock to drive him wild. I finally noticed him getting out of the sling. I asked for a breather and Steve and his friend backed off for a second so I could take a breath. I could barely stand up. My cock was rock hard, my legs were wobbly and I was really feeling the effects of all the drugs and alcohol. I said I felt light headed so the guy who was blowing my neighbor said "climb into the sling, relax on your back and take a breather". They showed me how to climb into it and one of the guys helped me get my feet into the stirrups. It was pretty cool actually and very relaxing laying on my back with my feet and legs up. The guys all did another line of coke and then came over where I was hanging. I could tell we were going to start up again and I think I said something like "maybe I should go" but before I could the guy who had been behind me got between my legs, started stroking my cock and then shoved it into his mouth. Wow, his mouth was even powerful than Steve's and his tongue just seemed to swallow my cock. I began to moan and I closed my eyes. Then I realized Steve was next to me and had started to pinch my nipples and was also rubbing my stomach and playing with my balls. He and the guy sucking my cock took turns licking the head of my cock and then one of them sucked my balls while the other would suck my cock. They took turns trading off. I noticed my neighbor moving around the room to the night stand and then the other guy came to the side of me and put his cock in front of my face. He told me to suck his cock but I said I didn't think I could. Just then, I realized my neighbor had put some kind of padlock on the stirrups and my feet were now locked into the sling. I said "wait a minute, why did you do that?" but then the guy literally shoved his gigantic cock into my mouth and it made me gag. He had seamen coming out the end and the fluid was salty and kind of bitter. I struggled for a minute with the whole idea I was now sucking some guys cock and the whole flavor thing that was so strong and forgot about the pad locks. Next thing I know my neighbor starts to finger and probe around my hole. His finger is slippery and again I said "no!" and tried to wiggle away from his finger. He came around to my face and whispered in my ear to "just let go, it will be the best nutt ever!" My mind was really racing did I end up naked with 4 other guys, one who was blowing me, one who was making me suck his cock, another who was licking me and teasing my nipples and now my neighbor was trying to finger fuck me. I closed my eyes and said to myself something like "Ok dude, now you're gay whether you like it or not. This is what gay sex is all about, it feels good so just let go and see what happens". About that time my neighbor got his finger inside of me and it hurt at first and I said "oww!" He whispered "just relax". It was very slippery and the lube soon helped to quickly dilate my sphincter and the pain gave way to this incredible feeling of pleasure near my prostate as he thrust his finger in and out. The guy giving me the blow job got some lube on his hand and began to stroke my cock with his hand while swirling his tongue all around the top of my cock. Just when I thought I was going to explode the guy who was shoving his cock down my throat and who I could tell was enjoying the way I used my tongue to swirl the head of his cock exploded in my mouth and suddenly my mouth was filled with this super warm, salty thick liquid. I initially opened my mouth to let it flow out and it dripped down the sides of my mouth. He told me to swallow it and to keep sucking as he pumped his cock into and out of my mouth so I closed my eyes and swallowed some cum. His cock seemed to spurt like 5 times and finally I couldn't swallow anymore and I gagged and flushed it out of my mouth all over my face and down my neck. Simultaneously, the guy blowing me doubled down with his tongue and really began to perform long strokes on my cock. I began to squirm and moan and my neighbor pushed his finger in all the way and just like that I came into the guy's mouth. My neighbor began to twist his finger in my hole while he pushed it in and out and I seemed to come a second time or maybe it was just a super gushy nutt. I finally pushed the guys mouth off my cock because it was too sensitive to keep going and pulled Steve's finger out of my asshole. I noticed he had not swallowed all the cum. He tapped Steve on the shoulder and they kissed and then I realized he passed my cum into Steve's mouth. Steve seemed to swirl it around himself then leaned over and without warning kissed me and shoved his tongue into my mouth opening my lips then squirting my own cum into my mouth. This cum was also hot, salty and more sticky than the other and he told me to swallow it but I gagged and let it flow out my mouth. The guy who had come in my mouth leaned over to lick it off my face, neck and chest, then shared it with the guy who had made me cum. They were super hyped up talking dirty like "wow, hot, super cum job, fuck yeah, nasty dude, so fucking good, so fucking hot, tastes so good, wow". They all had cum all over their faces and they started kissing and licking each other's faces clean. Me, I was still locked into the stirrups, shivering, trembling, breathing hard, my heart still racing, finally relaxing into the sling and taking some deep breaths. My neighbor went to the bathroom, grabbed a towel and passed it around for all to use to wipe up the final cum. Then Steve came over and wiped my mouth, neck and face for me. He smiled at me, got very very close, kissed me and asked me what I thought. I told him it was incredible but I didn't want to be gay. I was starting to freak out about the whole thing and the guilt trip took over. He told me I wasn't gay, that I had only had gay sex. That I should enjoy the feeling of pleasure and not be hung up about it. I asked him to unlock the stirrups and he said he would. He left the room to find the others, and soon they were all back. They were smiling at me and whispering to each other. Steve suggested I do another line or two of coke to get my energy back and then they would release me. I did and then the next thing I know my neighbor goes between my legs and starts sucking my cock, Steve starts stroking his cock by my face while the other two guys take turns fingering me with their lubed up fingers. I cried out "stop, I've had enough, I want to go", but they just smiled and kept working me. Suddenly I realized my cock was hard again, the fingers that were going into and out of my hole felt fucking great so I looked over at Steve's cock, grabbed it and pulled it into my mouth. We did the whole thing all over again, I can't believe both I'm doing it again and just how fucking incredible it all feels. Steve gets hard quick, and he came very quickly in my mouth as he had before and this time I was ready for what was coming and I swallowed the first load and then gushed out the remaining cum for him to see. He quickly bent down, sucked his remaining cum out of my mouth and then traded it back and forth with my neighbor who was stroking my cock really hard and fast with both of his lubed up hands. I told him I was going to cum and one of the other guys put his mouth on my cock and took all my cum. He then traded half of it with his buddy and then started kissing me and told me to spit it back and forth between our mouths until it became just a bunch of sticky goo with no fluid around it. We did that at least 7 or 8 times. He called that a snowball. After about 5 minutes it was super sticky and stuck to my teeth. At that point I was totally exhausted and said I couldn't go on. They unlocked me from the sling and I collapsed to the floor on my stomach. Steve came over and laid down on my back and gave me a massage. He kept whispering in my ear how sexy I was and what a stud I was. He said one day you will thank me for today. I eventually got my strength back and Steve and I found the guys swimming naked in the pool. I jumped into to clean off and they came over to me to hold me and kiss me while were in the pool. One of the guys suggested I fuck him in the pool as the weightlessness of float fucking was really cool. But I was too done and not ready to stick my cock into some guys asshole. I got out, dressed and took off. When I got home the enormity of what had just happened hit me and I freaked out. Now I knew I was gay and I didn't want to be gay. I swore I would never do that again. And I didn't.

Until later when I was 21, in college and having difficulty getting laid in between girlfriends. I had never forgotten about those two days. I finally decided to do something about it and I found an ad for a male masseur in the newspaper and finally got up the guts to make an appointment. I wasn't sure when I arrived if it was going to be a sexual massage. He led me into the massage room and asked me if I would enjoy watching a movie during the massage. This was just before video players. He asked me if I'd like to see a movie with only guys and I said "ok". Now I knew what I was in for. He loaded a super 8mm reel into the projector, focused it on the wall at the end of the table, told me to undress and lie on my stomach. He also undressed down to a jockstrap. He turned on the projector and it was two kids about 13 and an older male. The older guy was directing the two young kids to touch and play with each other, finally getting them to suck each other cocks. Wow, child porn! Shocking, but also so ironic. As he massaged my back I noticed he was running his oiled up hands down my back, over my ass and down my crack and close to my hole. I wiggled a little to let him know I liked it, he asked me if I did and I said "yes". It had been 7 years since my last gay sex and before it was over he not only gave me a blow job but talked me into fucking him for my first gay anal sex. He promised me the feeling would be way better than vaginal sex and he was right. His hole was so tight I couldn't believe how much more pleasurable gay anal sex was with a man than vaginal sex was with a woman. I came super hard as he squeezed his hole to put pressure on my cock as I pumped it into and out of his hole. Ever since that day, I have remained bisexual and look for opportunities to find gay couples I can play with. One thing's for sure, I never told me wife about my little secret and never plan to. Every guy deserves his own thing that makes him happy. I'm not gay, but I love gay sex!


True Blue

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