I hopped out of bed leaving Nick asleep in the bed. Nick had been riding me like a cowboy ever since I discovered him with Jordan, only two weeks ago. The only time I get to my self since then was when Nick was too tired to move and was a sleep. I got dressed, and walked out of the room. I walked through the halls and out of the building. Fresh air hit me head on and it felt good. Not smelling sex every second was fantastic. Nick had worn me out so much it felt like if I tried to cum nothing would come out. I thought having Nick all to myself would make me happy and it did, but he wouldn't stop fucking, he was like a rabbit.

I began to jog around the campus, trying to clear my head. Every stride hurt as my ass felt a little raw; no matter how many times I took Nick in my ass he always found a different way to fuck me. He was good at it but it still hurt. I can't help but wonder how he got any sex without me knowing.

It was early morning, so not many people were roaming the grounds when I began to walk back to my room. I passed the fraternities, some of the pledges doing tasks. I laughed at them thinking of that they think what they are doing now is hard, wait till the last pledge task.

I walked into my room to find Nick fully dressed talking to a blond boy whose back was facing me.

Nick saw me walk in and waved me over. When I saw whom he was talking to my cock and ass twitched. H had the same blond hair and blue eyes as Nick, he had lighter tan to Nick and had less muscles.

'Matt, this is my brother, Alex.' Nick introduced us. 'Alex, this is Matt, my roommate. Matt, Alex will be staying with us for a while as he is checking out the campus.'

'And the campus ass.' Alex added. Nick and Alex laughed. 'You getting much bro?'

Nick nodded. 'Oh yeah Alex, and trust me it's really good.' He said, giving me a quick look. I didn't know if Alex saw that, but he gave me a good long look over.

'Do you mind if I take a look around Nick? I didn't get a good look coming here.'

Nick nodded and Alex walked out. I couldn't help but stare at his butt as he walked out; it was a little smaller to Nick's, but looked just as tight.

'Matt, where'd you go this morning? I thought we could have had a quickie before Alex showed up.' He grabbed me and bought me closer. 'What'd you think about him? Cute isn't he?'

I nodded staring at the door.

'He has a nice ass too.'

'As nice as mine?' he asked pouting.

'Yours is more musclier. Is he gay?' I asked.

'I don't know, probably not.'

'Does he know you're gay?'

'I think he does, did you see the look he gave you after I mentioned nice ass?'

'Yeah I did. Where is he sleeping, there is only two beds and there isn't much room on the floor.'

'He has to share a bed with one of us, or I can sleep with you, every night.'

'He can share my bed.' I said laughing at Nick's reaction. I kissed him lightly, but it began to grow more passionate. Nick began to rub up against me and I felt his cock strain against his pants. It took me all of my will power to move away from him.

'Not right now Nick, not while your brother's here.'

'I have to wait a week till I can have that tight ass and huge cock?'

I nodded.

'I need to take a shower.' I said and began to walk to the bathroom.

'Can I join?' he asked.

'I wish,' I said, lying. 'You have to wait for Alex to get back.'

I walked to the bathroom and locked the door, just in case Nick tried to get in. I stripped out of my clothes and turned the shower on. The feel of the warm water over my body made me feel fantastic. After I washed my hair and washed my body, I felt my ass. It didn't feel as raw as it did the other day I checked it. I hoped Nick had the same problem. After all the fucking we did it would surprise me if he didn't.

I turned off the shower and dried myself off. I wrapped the towel around my waist and unlocked the door. I hoped Alex was back so Nick wouldn't try anything, or even better, had gone out. When I opened the door and walked put I found Alex laying on my bed, his erect cock in one hand and a magazine in the other. Before I could clearly see what I was seeing my cock was hard and poking through the towel. I thought he might have noticed me but he had earphones in. I first looked at the magazine he was holding to see that he had it open to a guy blowing his load. I then looked at his cock. It looked bigger than Nicks and it was a lot thicker. My mouth dropped open and I rushed back into the bathroom.

I sat down and listened waiting for him to finish. So he was gay and was bigger to Nick by at least two inches making him 12 inches long. I heard him gasp and the bed move a little. I heard him zip up his zipper and stand up. I waited for my hard on to go down and then went into the room. Alex was now laying on Nick's bed, right leg cocked up, iPod in reading a gossip magazine. I looked up at me as I entered but didn't say anything. He looked away as I began to get changed but as soon as I turned away, I felt his eyes stare at me. So I decided to give a show.

I threw off my towel and chucked it on my bed. I then bent over, showing off my ass to Alex, to pick up my briefs. I then grabbed my towel to dry off my hair, as I did I flexed my muscles. When I dried my hair I threw my towel on my bed. I turned around to face Alex to pick up my shorts. I did a big show of 'trying' to fit my bulge inside them. I then picked up my smallest shirt that I had and put it on to make my muscles stand out.

When I was done I did some stretches and then walked out of the room. AS I closed the door I saw Alex's eyes glued to my body. I smiled and closed the door fully.

The Day passed quickly, I grabbed a few things from the shop, went for a drink. By the time I returned to the room, it was nine forty and when I walked in I found Nick, in a towel after a shower walking out of the bathroom, and Alex walking in with a towel over his arm completely naked. My cock jumped as I saw his dick bounce between his legs.

When I heard the bathroom door lock and the shower turn on I went to talk to Nick.

'Hey Matt, you look so fucking hot. We can do one quick fuck right now while Alex is in the shower.'

'Nick,' I said shaking my head. 'Wait, when Alex leaves I'm all yours. Anyway, I think Alex is gay.'

'What?' he said barely listening.

'Alex. Gay. I saw him jacking off when I came out of the shower.'

'So, I jack off when I'm in the shower.'

'He was using a gay magazine with hot studs fucking.'

'So my brother is gay?' I nodded. 'Cool, wanna have a three way?'

I was about to say something else but I heard the shower turn off and I walked back to my bed. Nick continued to get ready to go to bed putting on his favourite pair of red briefs that I always loved as it showed off every muscle in his ass, and every curve in his cock. I heard the door unlock and Alex walked in wearing a towel over his waist and hair-dripping wet.

'Good shower?' Nick asked as he hopped into bed.

'Yeah fine.' I noticed that a slight bulge had appeared in the towel as he stared at his brother's ass.

'Well Alex you're sleeping in Matt's bed, hands off though he's mine.' He said jokingly.

'Oh man,' Alex said smiling.

'Turn the light off Alex!' Nick called

As Alex turned off the light I striped down to my tight briefs and jumped into bed. I watched as Alex dried himself off leaving me to stare at his bouncing cock. It was at least six inches soft and his balls looked as firm and big as baseballs.

I lay back down and pretended to be a sleep as I watch Alex through my eyelashes. He finished drying himself off and hung his towel on a hook in the bathroom. When I walked in I hoped to get a view of his hole as I bent over to pick some briefs but he didn't. I lifted the covers to the bed and jumped in completely naked.

Alex thinking I was a sleep moved right up close to me pressing his cock against mine and moved them around. My cock responded instantly by going hard fast. He slowly pulled down my underpants trying to not wake me. When my briefs where down to my knees my cock flew up to hit Alex's. It sounded like a splat as our heads hit together. Alex let out a moan as I 'accidently' rubbed my cock against his. Alex began to tug on both of our cocks. It felt good having it done slowly compared to having to do it fast to get off at the same time as Nick. He tugged and pulled on them for what felt like forever until I heard Alex's breath catch. He stopped tugging on me and went to himself

His hand occasionally hit mine as jacked off faster and faster. The bed moved slightly as he thrusted his hips. Warm cum splattered my cock and my abs about four times. Alex let out a small moan as released it. Alex rolled over with his back facing me and I heard his breathing slow till he was asleep.

I scooped some of his cum with m finger and licked it off. It was saltier to Nicks and tasted like lemon. I scooped it all off and when it was all gone I turned around and faced the wall and fell asleep.

I woke early the next morning, while it was still dark out, to fell a slight pushing against my ass. I looked through the mirror that hung above m bed to see Alex awake with his eyes slightly closed trying to work his dick into my crack. I could here Nick breathing so he wasn't going to help. I moved away a little bit with out realising I gave him a perfect view of my hole. I couldn't move as I felt Alex's head of his uncut cock press into my hole. He continued to put more pressure against me until my hole finally gave. The head of his cock popped through and I let out a gasp. Alex, thinking I had woke up pulled quickly out of me and jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

I heard the shower turn on and knew Alex was jacking off again. I hopped out of bed and walked over to Nick's bed. I rocked him awake.

'Wha...what is it Matt?' he asked yawning. I suddenly sat up smiling. You wanna ride the stallion?' he asked grabbing himself.

'Later,' I promised him. 'Alex just tried to fuck me.'

Nick's smile faded and then lit up again.

'Obviously he approves of you and wants to see what I experience.' He said slapping my ass.

'Your not upset?'

'Upset, I couldn't be happier or harder. I no my bro's hot and what gay guy wouldn't fuck him?'

'So you were serious about doing a three way?'

'Of course I am.'

'We'll try and get him tonight ok?'

'That's a long time to wait though.' Nick whined.

'Hold on.' I said kissing him. 'You will cum so hard tonight, hold on to that.'

He kissed me back. 'Fine.'

The shower turned off and I hurried back to bed. It was still too early to do anything but fall back to sleep. I felt the bed tilt when Alex slid back under the covers and then I was asleep again. I woke about ten to find me wrapped in Alex's arms. His cock was still hard and pressing against my leg. How horny was this guy. I looked in the mirror and saw that he was asleep. I wriggled out of his grip and jumped out of bed. Nick had gone out and left me alone. I went to the bathroom to take a shower.

When the hot water started the first thing I did was wash off all traces of his cum of me. The water was so loud that I didn't hear the door opening, Alex walking in and then locking the door. I closed my eyes and let the water run over me. While I washed my hair Alex was sneaking up behind. I felt something hard push against my ass and new I was in trouble. I didn't move knowing who was standing there.

'I can get rid of the redness that Nick's been giving you. He has never used lube has he?' Alex asked grabbing my ass and moving one finger between the crack finding my hole. He began to message it and I let out a moan.

'He hasn't treated you right has he, just used you as his sex slave.'

I nodded without realising I did. Alex tsked.

'Poor Matt, I could show you a good time it you want. I would treat you right; give you the best orgasm you will ever have. What do you say?' While he spoke I was using one hand to play with my ass while the other played with my nipples, ran over my abs and down to my nine-incher. He began to tug on me like he did last night too slow. I began to pound my cock into his grasp without realising what I was doing. Alex laughed.

'Follow me.'

He turned off the shower and made me follow him by keeping a hold on my cock. He unlocked the door and led me over to Nick's bed. He told me to bend over the bed and went to get some lube from his bag. I stood there shocked at what was happening and wished that Nick would show up.

When Alex walked back he pushed me on to the bed and forced me on to all fours. He started working in some lube into my hole. With every bit of lube applied to my ass, the soreness lessened till it didn't hurt.

'That feel better?' he asked me. I nodded.

'Good because I don't want you to be hurt when I fuck you.'

I felt his cock press against my fully lubed up hole and he slowly began to enter. When the head finally popped through I let out the same gasp as did that morning. Alex chuckled and began to push in harder. It felt like he was putting in a baseball bat as he stretched my ass past what I was used to with Nick's cock.

'Is it all in yet?' I managed to get out.

'No, just over half.' I began to push in harder till I felt the press of his hairless body press against my ass. I groaned and moaned as I let my body adjust to Alex. Without warning Alex pulled out and then slammed back in. Whined and moaned as he continued to do this. He began to take more and more out till all I had left in me was the head before he slammed back into me.

'You got a tight ass,' Alex grunted. 'Hot too.'

HE began to fuck me faster and faster and then would just stop and go slow again and work up speed. He wasn't as good as Nick at fucking me but his cock made up for him. It explored place that Nick couldn't reach and nearly had me cumming a couple of times by just pushing into a place I didn't know existed.

Alex was moaning now, louder and louder with each thrust. He began to go faster and faster till I was seeing stars as he fucked me.

'I'm cumming Matt,' I groaned. 'I'm cumming in this tight, hot ass of yours.'

I felt him cum, six loads of it filled up my insides and more came as it leaked out on to Nick's bed. Alex slumped against me back as twitched the rest of the orgasm out. When Alex pulled out, felt a little empty after having this studs cock inside of me. Alex grabbed the lube and began to work it in to his hole.

'Jump up and show me what you do to Nick every night.' I stood up and walked over to my bed. I put some clothes on and began to walk to the door.

'What are you doing Matt?'

'Going out.' I said opening the door. 'I only fuck Nick.'

I walked out and shut the door. I needed to think. I was becoming more attracted to Alex than Nick.

I went to a bathroom in the foyer of the building and locked myself in a cubicle.I unzipped my pants and started to jack off.

I thought about Nick's hot, tight ass that he let me fuck when ever, I then thought about his ten inch cock that he fucked me with every night making me want more. He thought about Nick to try and get me off. I was about o cum when an image of Alex fucking my ass filled my mind. Cum spurted out of me over and over again all over the cubicle walls. I slumped into the toilet seat and just sat there waiting for the orgasm to finish.

While I didi compared the two brothers to each other:

-Both blond

-Both blue eyed

-Both have a beautiful tan

-Nick has a muscles

-Alex doesn't

-Nick has an ass full of muscles

-Alex has a cute ass

-Nick can make me cum with one push into me

-Alex is gentle

-Nick has a Ten Inch Cock

-Alex has a Twelve Inch Cock

I cleaned up the stall and walked out. I had fell in love with Nick when I first met him, i had done the same with Alex.



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