Nick was so hot, his muscles bulging out of his tight shirts that he wore. A big bulge standing out when he walked. He had eyes you could die for a beautiful tan and blond hair. He was the person of my dreams. As we shared a room together in college and were on the football team together we knew each other fairly well, he didn't know I was gay and I always thought he straight but that was until I learned his secret...

Every week I would hook up with some guy from the college, go to a motel fuck and leave. That week it was John. John was tall with a tight ass and a bulge that stuck out of his pants we rented a motel room.

We lay on the bed and began to kiss, our hands exploring our bodies and taking off each other's clothes until we lay there in our briefs. I started kissing down his neck over his chest and down to his bulging underpants. I peeled them off and got hit by John's seven incher. It was dripping pre-cum and was almost fully erect. I licked the head and John gasped quietly.

'Suck it, go all the way down on it.'

I then covered the head and began to slowly work up and down the shaft. John started moaning and placed his hands behind my head. I slid all the way down to his trimmed pubes and deep throated his dick. John began to face fuck me as I slid up and down his cock. He started groaning and moaning and his breath began to quicken and pressed down on my head harder. I knew he was about to cum so went down on him as hard as I could. He shot two huge loads of cum in my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed it all and licked up the rest left on his dick.

John was still shaking with an orgasm when I lifted up his legs and put them over my shoulders and used spit to lube up his hole. I started by sliding in two fingers and felt John shudder. I then removed my fingers and slowly slipped in my cock. He groaned as I slowly pushed in stoping for a couple of seconds for him to get used to it until I was all the way in and then slowly began to pump into his ass. I started off slow trying to work around any obstacles and began to pick up speed. John began to moan harder and harder so I fucked him harder.

'Keep going, get in there!' John shouted at me.

I fucked him hard, giving him all I could. John began to beat him self off as ploughed his arse.

'I'm cumming!' John shouted as he shot off all over his chest and his face. Watching that had me reaching my point of no return. I shouted as a shot load after load into John's ass. When I finished we laid there, with my cock still inside John, I began to like off the cum on his chest.

When all the cum was licked up, I slipped out of John and got up off the bed and began to dress, John also stood up and put his clothes back on. We didn't speak to each other when we left not until we were back at the college.

'That was great' John said. 'We should do that again. Your blowjob was awesome.'

'Yea,' I said. 'I'll give you a call.'

We departed and returned to our dorms. As soon as I walked into my room the smell of sex wafted out the door. I poked my head in to see if Nick had a girl with him. Nick was lying on his bed; half of his naked body sticking out form his sheets. There was no girl in the bed with him she must have been in the shower. His upper body had me going hard instantly. Sweat glistened off his hairless chest. His six-pack was clearly visible through the sheets, and his blond hair was messy and damp. I walked and Nick instantly sat up.

'Oh, hi Matt. Why home so early? Didn't you have a date?'

'Yeah, finished quick actually.' I said trying not to look at his pecs. 'Who was it tonight?'

'No-one,' he said anxiously, as the shower turned off. 'Um, Matt could you grab something from my car?'


'Just some books?' he said looking at the bathroom door. 'Here.' He said as he chucked me his keys. 'Quickly!'

Before I was out of the apartment the bathroom door opened and Jordan from the football team walked out wrapped in a bath towel. Jordan, in the eyes of the girls, was the hottest guy here. He had dark chestnut hair that matched his eyes. A nice round butt that swayed perfectly when he walked and a nice skin tone that made anyone swoon over him. All the girls barely wore any clothes around him trying to tempt him. I had always thought he was gay but never followed up on it. My mouth dropped when he began to walk to nick smiling, but when he noticed me he stopped.

'Hi Matt, wasn't expecting you here early.' Jordan said. Nick got up revealing him wearing a used condom still stuck to his dick. My erection got harder as I stared at it and the two of them standing together.

'Matt, please don't tell anyone about this.' Nick pleaded. Jordan was trying as fast as he could to put on his clothes. 'Please Matt, I'll do anything.'

Jordan was dressed and ran past me. I closed the door and walked over to my bed and took off my coat. I smiled as my back was turned, as I felt like I was luckiest person ever. I turned back to Nick, the smile dropping.

'Well, Nick, this is a big secret. Why didn't you tell me before?' I said moving closer to him.

'I didn't now how you would take it.' He said taking off the condom and chucking it in a bin. 'So would you keep it a secret? Seriously I'll do anything.'

'Anything?' I asked slyly. 'Well first answer this for me. How 'big' is Jordan?'

'What, wait, are you gay?'

I nodded, smiling.

'Then why didn't you tell me?' Nick asked.

'Because.' I said moving closer. 'You seemed like someone who'd through out a gay guy. So how big is he?'

'Pretty big, could barely get it all in my mouth.' He said smiling. 'So I've had a good supply of ass here the whole time and I never knew!'

'Well you know now.' I said then pulled him close and started kissing him everywhere. He had sexy musty scent and I felt his cock begin to grow had and press against me. I moved my hands around the body I had admired for nearly a year. He was built like a rock; I moved my hands down to his ass and gripped it firmly. I stopped kissing and started removing my clothes until I was only in my bulging briefs.

Before I could move Nick had my briefs down to my ankles and his mouth was covering my nine and a half cock. I groaned with pleasure and pushed him further down on it. His tongue drove me crazy as it whipped the underside of the head. I felt like I was about to explode when he stopped and stood up. Before he could do anything to me I had my mouth wrapped around his eight-inch dick he tried to push me off but I had him groaning with in seconds. I could taste the latex and cum that was left on his cock and it tasted good to be going down on the guy of my dreams right then and there.

I moved us to my bed where Nick laid down. I lay on top of him and we began to 69 each other. It felt great and I could hear Nick's and my groans of joy. I felt Nick's cock throb as you was about to cum. I licked the head to get him off faster and was rewarded by what felt like gallons and gallons of hot cum. I sucked his cock dry and slipped off it. Before Nick could make me cum I pulled out and had Nick on all four within seconds.

'No, Matt, I never bottom.' He protested, but I ignored him I opened up his ass cheeks and licked his hole. For a guy who didn't bottom he was smooth as a baby. I twirled my tongue trying to open his hole. When I managed that I moved my tongue al the way in and began to probe his ass. I heard Nick groan and moan as I continued to rim him. When I had him breathing heavily I stopped and without hesitation stuck two fingers into his well-lubed hole. I moved it around till I found his prostate. When I touched it Nick gasped and I saw his cock jump and begin to harden.

'What is that?' Nick asked.

'Your prostate' I replied and removed my fingers and replaced it with the head of my cock. It slid it in with a little sucking sound and I slowly pushed in the rest of my. Nick squirmed so I stopped waiting for him to adjust to the feel.

'So have never taken it before?' I asked, beginning to insert the rest of my dick inside of him.

'No,' he said gasping. 'As soon as they see my cock and my body, they put their legs up in the air.'

I laughed and then began pumping into his ass nice and slow only beginning to pick up pace when his winces of pain left to be replace with groans of pleasure.

'So this why they moan?' he asked. 'I thought I was so good that they didn't think about the pain.'

'Well,' I said. 'I want to see that cock inaction after this.'

Nick smiled and I began to pump harder and faster. I had Nick begging me to go deeper so I pulled out and he lay on his back with his legs over my shoulders. I then pushed my whole cock inside Nick not waiting for him to adjust and started fucking his brains out. I watched as his cock bounced up and down on his abbs and imagined that thing shooting loads of cum all over Nick's beautiful body.

When I got tired with the position we were in sat on the bed with my legs wide open and told Nick to slowly slide down on my cock. It was great watching my cock slowly be enveloped by Nick's ass. Nick then began to move up and down I began to moan as he rode it.

'Come on Nick take it up your arrssee.' I groaned. Nick smiled at me and began to slide up and down faster. I tried to push Nick off so I could change to a different position but he kept going faster and faster.

'Oh, Nick! I'm gonna cum! Nick, oh Nick! NICK!' I came inside Nick's tight ass, what I had dreamed of since I had met him. After I had shot loads of cum inside of him I slipped out of him. And lay still for a second, Nick then crawled up to me and smiled.

'My turn.' He smiled. Before I could protest Nick already had the head of his cock inside of me.

'Nick, that feels so good, give it all to me!'

He began to slide the rest of it inside me until I felt his balls hit my ass.

'Just do it Nick!' I shouted. He started to pump hard to begin with and didn't slow down; it seemed that his cock had got harder. He had me moaning and groaning as he pumped into my ass.

'You are tight Matt, tight and hot!' he shouted, pumping harder.

It felt like I had a baseball bat stuck up in my ass but it felt good.

'Nick! What did you stick up there? It feels huge!'

'That's why,' Nick said breathlessly. 'Why I thought the others moaned when I fucked them.'

'It's part of the reason.' I moaned.

He continued to fuck me through the night as he could last for hours, we changed from position to position till I was being fucked standing up. Nick moaned as he pushed his cock through my tight cheeks.

'I'm gonna cum Matt, bend over.'

Instead of bending over, I pulled Nick out and began to suck his cock. I reached around and played with his hole and pushed into it, rubbing the prostate. Heat rushed up his dick and suddenly I was drowning in bucket loads of cum. He screamed as he shot it, and I was drowning him of everything he had. We both collapsed on the bed breathless.

'See what secrets do. We could have been going like that for months.' I said as I wrapped Nick In my arms.

'Bloody secrets.' He said, and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning I woke up with my arms still wrapped around Nick. His ass was pressed against my morning wood. Nick who must've felt me move woke up and smiled at me.

'Ready for more?'



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