I was due to get out of the Marines having served six honorable years in the military police, even though I was a gay male. Only two of my fellow marines knew about me and I them.

I didn't know what I was going to do. I had considered applying to several police agencies when someone said that with my background and experience that I should apply to the Secret Service.

I did and was accepted and since I had been a sniper in the middle east as well as a guard, After my training I was assigned to the White House as part of the President's security detail.

The president was a widower. His wife had died of cancer at the end of the second year of his first term. Many people said he was re-elected by the sympathy vote. Regardless, I thought he was a good President.

I began my assignment and was assigned to work a while with each of the other agents to gain experience in every aspect of our work.

Afterward, I was assigned to work closely with Brad Buchanan, a five year member of the service.

Brad was twenty-nine years old compared to my twenty-seven years. We were with the president for sixteen hours a day. Another team handled the other eight hours. He was jovial with us in private and knew us by our first names.

During our first few months working together, Brad and I became good friends, finding we had a lot in common. The president was a big sports fan and on some Sunday afternoons if he wasn't in meetings, he would invite Brad and I into his private quarters to watch the game with him.

As Brad and I got to know each other better, my 'gaydar' told me he was gay also and I wondered how to find out.

We lived in quarters there in the White House, which few people knew. There were several small one bedroom apartments hidden in there, with two men sharing each one. Brad and I roomed together, spending our spare time relaxing, watching sports, or practicing on the firing range. When you guarded the President or First Family, you didn't have a social life.

After getting more comfortable together, I decided to see his reaction on seeing me nude.

When I showered one night, I intentionally did not take clean underwear into the bath. After my shower, I returned to the main room totally nude, saying, "Sorry. I forgot to take my things with me."

I saw him looking me over, and especially my crotch area. In his briefs, I noticed the bulge of his own cock twitch slightly.

"Hey, no problem. You're not the first guy I've ever seen nude. It's no big deal. When I decide to retire, I'm going to buy some property out where I can go nude inside and out."

"Fuck, man, I could go for that. It sounds awesome."

"You enjoy nudity also?" he asked.

"Sure do," I replied.

"Nice, but let's keep that just between us. Others might not understand."

"Hey, as far as I'm concerned, everything we talk about or do in this room is just between us.'

"Great! I'll go along with that,but that could cover a lot of unacceptable things to others."

"They will never know about it," I said with a smile, wondering what he might be referring to.

Later when he went to shower, he stripped there in the sleeping area in front of me before going into the bath. That became normal for each of us and after our showers, we took our time putting on underwear, often relaxing on our beds before doing so.

Then, a few night later, after we had turned out the lights, I heard a familiar sound. Reaching over and turning on the lamp between our beds, I saw Brad with the covers back, stroking hos cock rapidly.

Smiling, I said, "I thought I heard a familiar sound. I wondered if i was the only one around that still did that."

"Hell no," he panted, never slowing down. "I do it as often as I can," he managed to say.

Slipping off my briefs, I released my hard cock and joined him. As I began stroking, he looked over toward me and as he watched he said, "Yea, do it stud."

He soon climaxed and I was only a moment behind him. We lay there, our stomachs coated in hot cum, when he said, "I'll get us a warm rag to clean up with."

He returned with two warm wash cloths, tossing one to me. As we both whipped up he smiled and said, "More secrets."

"More secrets," I agreed.

After that night, we jerked whenever we felt like it, and always in front of the other who would usually join in.

A few weeks later, the president was having a dinner party so in the middle of our shift we had to quickly shower and freshen up and go back on duty. When there were parties, everyone was on duty.

We arrived at our apartment, if you could really call it that, and began undressing.

"We need to hurry," he said.

"Yea, I know," I replied, heading for the shower.

I set the water temperature and stepped in. As I began showering, Brad pulled the curtain back and as he stepped in said, "Move over."

I did and we showered together then as we began to step out, we both started at the same time, running into each other face to face. we had to grab each other to keep from falling.

Our faces were no more that three inches apart as we looked into each others eyes. We froze for a second before he started moving his face closer to mine. I began responding by leaning slowly to him, when he suddenly pulled back saying, "We need to get dressed and get back up stairs."

We quickly shaved and dressed and almost ran back to the staging area. Everything went as planned, but our eyes made contact numerous times during the evening, holding our gaze for several seconds.

We were released shortly after one, and hurried to our quarters. We had to be up at five to dress and eat and be back on duty at seven. Back in quarters, neither of us said anything but you could feel the tension in the air.

Our shift ended the next day and we returned to our quarters. Conversation was minimal as we undressed and got comfortable. As normal,I stripped but Brad kept on his briefs for a while, eventually removing them. He as in the small kitchen area getting a soda out of the fridge, when I went to the bathroom. He started in just as I was coming out.

We didn't run into each other but our bodies were again inches apart. We froze again looking into each others eyes. After a second, as if on cue, we leaned in and began a hot wet tongue kiss, lasting for a couple of minutes.

When we separated, he placed his chin on my shoulder saying, "It been so long for me."

"Me too," I said, "but it can end now."

"I hope so," he said.

After returning to our beds, we sat on each one facing each other and talked.

Like myself, Brad had been gay since his teens, keeping it secret. His last experience with another man had been the night before he started with the agency. I said mine had been also.

We continued talking, finding we both enjoyed it all with another guy, both oral and anal.

Then he moved over and sat next to me. Turning to face each other, we kissed again and slowly lay back on the bed, groping and fondling as we kissed. Before long, we were enjoying our first sixty-nine, each hungrily swallowing the rewards of our actions. Later, Brad kissed me again, then began working my body over with his lips and tongue from head to toes, front and back, including rimming my hot eager ass. After getting me off a second time, I did the same to him. That night, we shared my single bed.

The next evening after finishing our shift, we practically ran to our quarters, kissing passionately as we undressed each other.

Before long, I had Brad's beautiful hard cock up my ass and was loving it. He soon filled me with his thick cream. Afterward, I began mounting him.

As I did, I asked, "How long has it been since you were last fucked?"

"Hell, years."

"I'll be gentle,"I said.

"No!" he snapped. "Once up gain entry go in balls deep. I want it too bad for you to take it slow."

I did as he had instructed and heard him gasp loudly before biting his lower lip in pain. I began pistoning in his ass and he relaxed and began saying how good it felt and how much he had missed it.

"You don't have to miss it any longer," I said seconds before I climaxed deep in him.

Brad and I had sex nightly. We became even closer than we had been before. About five months after we started having sex, Brad asked me to be his lover. I gladly accepted.

It was about six months later, that we ere watching a football game with the president, when the president suddenly said, "In the last few months, I've noticed you two really seem to enjoy working together and aren't as 'up tight' as the others. Is there a particular reason?"

"No sir, other than we have the same interest and seem to almost read each others mind," Brad replied.

"Gentlemen, I think it's more than that," the president said. "I know that look you give each other."

Brad and I were scared shit-less and just glanced each other before looking back at the president. Brad simply said, "Sir?"

"I'm not blind. I can see an emotional connection between you two. I'm about to ask a question but rest assured your jobs are not in jeopardy in any way. How long have you to been having sex together?"

We remained silent as the president just looked at us and eventually smiled.

"Your silence answers my question," he said, then totally shocked us saying, "I don't mind in the least."

Seeing the shock on our face he said, "I'm going to tell you something I've never told another person. You both have 'top secret' clearance so consider what I say as such."

"Yes,sir," we both replied.

"My senior year of high school two of my best friends and I discovered male sex. We considered ourselves bisexual because e all still enjoyed he pleasure of a woman. However, we'd all three share the same woman and do each other as we fucked her. That continued throughout our college years and even after graduation the three of us would get together for sex. I met my wife and we married and I was elected to the senate. My lifestyle had to change since I was a public figure. I haven't experienced the pleasure of another man since before I married. And to be honest, I miss it."

We both sat there stunned but noticed a bulge in his slacks. The president was only forty-nine and still damn nice looking and in great shape.

"So you see, I have no problem if your gay. Are you lovers."

"Yes, Mr. President, we are," Brad said nervously.

"I think that's great. Congratulations."

We thanked him and after a moment he asked, "Gentlemen, may I be so bold to impose on you and ask a favor?"

"Yes, sir," we said.

Hesitating a moment he finally said, "May I have the pleasure of performing oral on both of you?Right here, right now."

"Sir, you're our boss. You can do what ever you want."

He smiled and made a call to his staff saying he didn't' want to be disturbed. He stepped over to us and knelt on the floor asking, "Who's first?"

We looked at each other before Brad stood and opened his pants. I watched as the president quickly swallowed Brad's cock and sucked him to a climax, swallowing his reward. I was next and he was a pro at sucking. He quickly brought me to my climax. When he stood he said with a smile, "Thanks, you don't know how much I enjoyed that, and I promise it won't happen again."

"Mr. President, feel free to do it anytime you wish," Brad told him. "But I'm sure you need some relief also."

As the president stood, Brad reached out and groped the president's hard cock, then quickly unzipped his pants. Seconds later, Brad was sucking the executive cock then let me suck it a while. I gave it back to Brad who soon took the president's load.

"oh fuck!" he exclaimed. "Damn did I ever need that. Thanks."

"Anything to serve you, Sir," Brad said.

Throughout the remainder of his second term in office, Brad and I serviced the president both giving our loads to him and receiving his.

When he left office he specifically asked that we be assigned to his security team. Back at his personal estate, Brad and I were the only ones allowed inside the house. The other two were assigned to the yard and monitoring the security cameras. We continued having sex with him about once a week. Brad and I had our own private bedroom connected to his.

One night about four years after leaving office, we heard the panic alarm go off. We rushed to his side and immediately called 9-1-1. He died on the way to the hospital of a massive heart attack.

Brad and I and the other two agents were immediately reassigned. A week after the funeral, we were called to the directors office. we wondered if our lifestyle or activities with the president had been discovered.

We entered and were greeted by the director. he then introduced us to David Turner, the president's personal lawyer.

"Gentlemen," the lawyer began, "we're here for the reading of the president's will. It's pretty cut and dried. He had no living relatives and in his will he has left his entire estate in equal shares to you two."

We gasped and asked just what that included. We were informed that it included his palatial estate where he lived his last few years, vacation property in Colorado, plus all bank accounts and investments.

"Gentlemen, you both are now very wealthy," he said. "He left a note for you two," he added, handing us a sealed note.

We opened it and it simply said, "Thanks!"

It took a while to file all the papers and get everything transferred to our names. We remained with the service about six more months before we 'retired' to the home we had been left.

That was five years ago and we live strictly off the interest of the investments and a very little off the cash he left us.

When we left, everyone simply considered us best friends and never dreamed we were lovers. If they did, nothing was said. No one wanted to ruin the president and his reputation.




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