As a salesperson I go into a lot of stores and deal with lots of folks. One in particular person that has attracted my attention though. Her name is Andrea. We have flirted back and forth for months. I finally got up the nerve to ask her for a discreet encounter. I told her to meet me up the road and we could do it in the back of my truck. I drove away and parked at the spot.

As she pulled up I was already hard just thinking about her cute big ass. As I led her on the truck and closed and locked the door behind her. I turned to her and kissed her passionately and deeply running my hands all up her body. Caressing her nipples softly. I pulled her shirt over her head and buried my head in her chest. She pulled my head close and let out a small moan. I unhooked her bra and sucked on her nipples. Hmmm she said.

She started massaging my cock through my pants as she helped me off with my shirt. Next thing I know she is running her one hand up my legs through my shorts massaging my throbbing cock. It felt so good that I knew I had to have my cock in her mouth. I quickly unsnapped and unzipped my shorts pulling down my boxers in one motion. She started by kissing the shaft and licking up and down. She then started slowly taking the whole 7 inches down her throat until my pubic hair touched her nose. Oh Andrea I said. I helped her up and down with her pants and panties. I started kissing and licking her already wet clit. Oh Aaron she said. I want you inside of me. I picked her up facing me and as she straddled my body I thrust in and out. Oh God it felt good. In and out I pounded harder and harder as she moved her body in unison.

We stopped for a moment so that she could spin around with her ass facing me. I bent her right over and once again pounded her wet pussy. I could feel a rush of orgasm coming. She was also coming at the same time. As I came I could feel her legs quiver and I filled her hole with juicy sperm. That was the first and last time I had that encounter.



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