After the sexual interlude in the bathroom of the bus company, I knew I had to have more of his enormous chimbo or cock. I knew I had to go and work on his heating system at his house.It was a Friday,his wife and children had left on vacation while he stayed behind to paint the upstairs bedrooms.I had gotten my tools together and arrived at his house. I checked out the heating system and confirmed that it needed replacement.Robyn had agreed to work with me as my helper when I needed an extra hand.I spent the day with removing the boiler,it was in cast iron sections so when I needed help Robyn would come down from upstairs where he was painting and give me a hand.Robyn had said his friend,Lucho was coming over to help him paint.

I knew Lucho very well and had gone out to dinner with him and his wife in the city.I remember he was playing footsie with me the whole night while his wife was sitting next to him.I excused myself and went to the restaurant´s restroom to take a leak.After a minute ,Lucho showed up and stood next to me,taking a piss.While he was pissing , he blatantly asked if I was interested in getting fucked. I looked down at his cock which was around eight inches, it was fat and thick.A good size to suck.I started to get hard and he said Robyn had told him I had sucked him off and even took his enormous cock up my ass.Robyn couldn´t keep his mouth shut,bragging to his friends how I had serviced him.

This had happened once before when I took a group of students to a water park along with another Colombian who drove the other bus. We dropped off the students ,and parked our buses in the farthest corner of the parking lot where all the buses parked.Romero, the Colombian driving the other bus came to my bus to pass the time.We got talking about women and one thing led to another.Romero asked me whether it was true what I did with Robyn.I was taken aback with such a direct question.I asked where he had heard such as thing,Romero said Robyn had told him when they were drinking.Everyone knew Robyn had an enormous cock and after much egging by Romero I admitted it was true.During our conversation I swore I could see his cock growing in his jeans.He asked me if I wanted to see another enormous cock up close.I must admit I was curious, but cautioned this probably wasn´t the best place.Romero said we could go back to the rear of the bus and he would keep lookout for anyone.We pulled the door to the bus closed so no one could enter and catch us.I knew the seats were low enough and high off the ground so no one could see inside.

Romero pulled his jeans down and laid on the seat facing the aisle.I was sitting on the opposite seat facing him.I could tell he was real hung and could see the shadow of his black bush through his white cotton underwear. I leaned over his crotch and with nibble fingers reached inside the front opening and tugged his cock into view.It wasn´t as enormous as Robyn´s but it wasn´t anything to be ashamed of.Without asking I took his uncut cock into my warm mouth which he truly expected.I peeled back the foreskin to expose his angry mushroom head already leaking it´s slimy precum.I lapped it up greedily,and he pleading eyes said to continue.I wanted to see his balls which appeared enormous. And sure enough his huge balls were nestled amidst his black pubic hair.I touched his scrotum with my tongue and he absolutely went crazy.I massaged each ball within my mouth savoring its flavor salty and very masculine.

I went back to his now erect cock and started to service him,receiving his upward thrust each time.Romero said I was the best cocksucker that had ever sucked his cock.I was receiving enormous amounts of his precum and had to swallow often.He started to fuck my mouth with fierce stabs of his hairy cock.As I was sucking his member I was busy massaging his nuts,teasing the cum from his orbs.Romero started to breathe real heavy watching me intently swallowing his cock all the way to his balls.I told him to raise his legs up and directed my probing tongue on his rosebud and he gasped saying no one had ever done that ,not even his wife.Romero was making a lot of noise which concerned me since some of the bus´s windows were open.I took one of my saliva coated fingers and probed inside his ass.I could touch his prostate which made him squirm each time I touched it.Romero continued to groan and pant,especially went I went back to make true intent to make him empty his bull balls.I knew they contained an enormous amount of his leche.I kept my finger embedded within his ass while beginning to swallow his cock with more frenzy.

All of a sudden he let out a war hoop which I knew could be heard at a great distance.It was the loudest orgasm from a guy I had ever heard. I had to put one of my hands over his mouth while he was filling my greedy mouth with his seed of life.Romero´s lower torso was bucking against my mouth and my finger inside his ass. I could feel his ass muscles contracting on my finger each time he spurted inside my mouth.I managed to swallow his enormous load and when it was a over and his spent cock was softening within my lips he exclaimed he had never had such great head from a woman or for that matter a guy.I told him his cream tasted great. I told him he had the loudest orgasm that I had ever heard.He laughed and said we he came,he couldn´t control his vocal bursts of pleasure.It actually was a big turn on to me to see how each guy came.Some would remain silent,others would say they were coming,but Romero´s was indeed the best.

As I was thinking about Robyn not keeping his mouth shut, Lucho´s stiff cock was tempting me. The restaurant´s bathroom had double swinging doors I knew we could hear someone coming from the entering the first door giving us time to react.I went to the stall and sat down on the toilet,Lucho entered facing me with his cock in hand directing it to my open mouth.He had pulled back his foreskin which exposed his leaking mushroom purple head and entered my maw with earnest.I let him grab my head and face fuck with his Latin dick.I liked how his heavy sperm laden balls hit my chin each time he bottomed out his cock.Each time he grunted and I could hear the air being forced through his nostrils as he entered my mouth.Lucho began a staccato movement of his cock with rapid thrusts culminating in rapid spurts of semen.I heard the first double door opening and closing but Lucho had my head in a vice still filling my mouth with his cream.I heard the second door open and hoped whoever came in wouldn´t hear the grunts from Lucho.Luckily,Lucho came with a low grunt almost like a ummmm sound deep down in his chest.I was hoping whoever was taking a piss wouldn´t notice two pairs of legs within the stall.I guess he didn´t because he finished ,washed his hands and left.Lucho removed his spent cock still leaking drops of cum and said make sure you wipe your lips since they were smeared with his wad.I got myself together licking my lips ,still tasting his strong taste in my mouth. I went back to the table where they were sitting and at times Lucho would give me a grin and acknowledging I had done a great job.

I was in Robyn´s basement working when Lucho and another Colombian friend entered.I said hi to both and noticed that same grin on Lucho´s face as before in the restaurant.The friend that was with him had the same grin which got me thinking about what would happen later that night.Lucho and his friend started helping me in the basement letting Robyn continue painting in the upstairs rooms.At times Robyn would come down to see the progress,he was wearing cut offs and my eyes were glued to his obvious big package. Even soft this Colombian had an enormous dick which I hungered for each time I thought about it.I remember when I had let him fuck me I could hardly walk right for a week.Robyn would laugh and say wait til you come to my house to do the work your ass is mine at least for a week.




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