I was working in Robyn´s basement with Lucho and his friend, Eduardo.I had no inkling of what they had planned for later that night.I had given Lucho head one time when I had gone out to dinner with him and his wife.Eduardo was a friend that had just come from Colombia for a visit.By the time we were finished working on the heating system demolition we were all covered with black soot.Robyn took one look at us and said we all had to clean up and take a shower.I went first,while I was taking my shower, I heard the door open to the bathroom.I drew back the shower curtain to see Eduardo peeling off his dirty clothes.When he was totally naked I could see he was well endowed like most Colombians.Eduardo had a ten inch uncut dick and hairy balls that made me drool.Eduardo said Robyn had told him to go upstairs and take a shower after me.Eduardo said whether i minded if he showered with me,seeing his hard cock I certainly had no objections.

Eduardo entered the shower stall and stood behind me, I gave him the bar of soap to share and he kept perusing my bubble butt.He asked me whether I would lather him up.I was getting a hard on just looking at his big uncut cock. I soaped up the front of his body,leaving he big cock and balls for last.I knelt on the shower mat in the tub and lathered up his member and his pendulous balls.After rinsing him, Eduardo asked me whether I wanted to suck his cock.He said ever since he had heard from Lucho how I was able to swallow Robyn´s fifteen inches,he said he had to experience this talented mouth for himself.I was still kneeling with his cock inches from my mouth.Eduardo´s cock was thick around 3 inches in diameter.I leaned forward and captured his straining cock within my lips.He shuddered and thrust his hips forward embedding his Latin pole until my lips touched his heavy balls.Eduardo grasped the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth,groaning every time I took him to its hilt,his hairy balls smacking against my chin.I had started work on the frenulum of his cock just below the bloated mushroom head.Each time I directed my tongue there he muttered ¨Asi,asi¨ which translated meant just like that.I wanted to taste his reward of cream but was also thinking I wanted this 10 inch cock inside my ass to get me ready for Robyn´s cock much later,remembering how my ass had hurt the first time I took his cock at the bus terminal.I got up and asked whether he wanted to fuck me and without a work he swung me around and lathered up my hole with the bar of soap.

I felt the head of his cock at my back door and he eased inside letting me get used to his size.Eduardo said ¨tienes un culo muy bueno¨He started to fuck me like a horny dog fucking a bitch.With every thrust, he was pounding my prostate causing me a mixture of pain and pleasure.After a few stabs, I shot my load hitting the tile wall in front of me. Eduardo was nearing an orgasm because I could feel his cock expand without my ass.He muttered whether I wanted him to cum in my ass or in my mouth. I told him I wanted to eat his load.He said ¨quieres mi leche en su boca¨I said yes. Eduardo abruptly withdrew and I knelt before to receive his seed.The first spurt scalding my throat,coating its interior with his hot leche.He held my head and made me swallow his whole length still spurting the contents of his balls until I had consumed his whole reward.Satiated he withdrew himself and exclaimed it was the best fuck and blow job anyone had ever given him in his young life.We finished showering and got dressed and went downstairs.

Upon entering the living room,Robyn and Lucho were drinking aguardiente with line wedges and water to chase the strong liquor down.Lucho went upstairs and took a shower and after finishing Robyn went up and took a shower,leaving us three drinking downstairs.Lucho asked whether I had enjoyed Eduardo´s big cock.I just smiled and took a shot of this burning liquid that Colombian´s always drank,biting into a lime wedge to cover up the taste.Eduardo and Lucho lit up a joint and passed it between us.Lucho asked Eduardo whether he got to fuck my ass.Eduardo said he got to try my ass and my mouth. Where upon, Lucho unzipped his jeans and unsnapped them and brought them to his ankles along with his underwear.Eduardo who was sitting next to Lucho leaned over and started to suck his hard cock.Lucho motioned me over to suck his balls while his nephew sucked him off.I was a little taken aback when he said ¨Mi primo¨ nephew in English.Lucho said Eduardo had sucked him off many times while he was in Colombia.

Lucho said it was normal for relatives to have sex together: He said the first time it had happened was when they were partying at a finca and they got real drunk and one thing led to another.Lucho said it would be great to get some head and asked whether Eduardo,his nephew wanted to suck him off.Eduardo said he had never had sex with a guy before and Lucho said since his was her Uncle,what better person to start out on.I was listening to this conversation as I was lathering Lucho´s heavy ball sack,watching his nephew expertly sucking off his Uncle´s cock.Eduardo invited me to join him and we were alternately sucking this flavorful cock.At times, we would kiss with the glandular cock head between our lips.Robyn had come down after showering and sat in the chair watching the two of us servicing Lucho.I looked over at Robyn´s cock which was still covered up by a towel.He motioned me over and told his friends whether they wanted to see something incredible.Robyn got up ,removing his towel and sat back down, his 15 inches already hard and drooling its precum. I knelt between his legs and lifted his member amazed by its weight,thickness, and length.Eduardo and Lucho were watching intently as I began to suck his huge cock.They were astonished how I was able to swallow like a talented sword swallower.I let the precum of Robyn´s cock lubricate the walls of my throat.After sucking Robyn´s cock in front of them, Robyn asked them whether they wanted to try his cock.Eduardo came over first, he tried to fit the huge mushroom head within his lips and couldn´t. Lucho who had never sucked a cock timidly came over and first tasted the heavy amount of precum Robyn´s cock was producing.Lucho also tried to capture the head between his lips and couldn´t.Robyn said watch an expert do it. I leaned in and watched my technique unlocking my jaw which had been broken by a group of African rebels while I was serving as a liaison officer training Nigerian soldiers.

While in Africa I was working in Chad, next the country of Nigeria.We were out on a training mission in the bush when I got lost and found myself in the hands of rebels.The Nigerians were looking for me and rescued me after a week.During the week on endured torture by my captives both physical and sexual.There was a black guy who made me suck his 18 inch big black dick.At first it was impossible and he slammed the butt of the rifle against my jaw breaking it.After that I was able to unlock my jaw,allowing me to suck any size cock with ease.I still remember his black mamba slithering down my throat.I was in a lot pain, but knew he would kill me if I didn´t placate his cock.Homosexuality was forbidden, but he would come when everyone was sleeping and empty his big heavy balls and fill my stomach.Ever since then, I found it easy to unlock my jaw and have to ability to swallow any size cock presented before me.

Lucho and Eduardo sat back on the couch and watched how I took care of Robyn´s cock.They watched how after a bit of sucking its length Robyn grunted and sent his cum directly into my belly.I couldn´t taste it but felt it pulsate and travel down flooding my gullet.I let the big tube of Robyn´s cock start to decrease in size enabling him to pull his spent cock out. I looked over to Lucho who after watching me take Robyn´s cock and load begin to gyrate his hips into his nephew´s maw which was greedily received his Uncle´s creamy treat.After that,they both left ,thanking Robyn for the good time. Robyn and I went upstairs to his bed which we were going to share.It was about one in the morning when I felt Robyn turning me over wanting my ass. Thank God Eduardo had fucked me before.Robyn used some lubricant and I felt the huge head at the entrance trying to gain access.I felt the head enter with a pop and ground my ass back onto his bare cock. He began to fuck me with a rhythm of a guy who knew how to fuck. He started slow and increased in speed. Robyn said let´s change position and he laid on his back.I sat backwards facing the foot of the bed and engulfed his entire length and laid directly on top of him. I began to pump his cock after a bit seeking relief since it was like having a hot poker inside.I managed to work my ass muscles milking out his Latin cum.The last time I bottomed out he started to fill my ass.I could see his toes curl up in ecstasy while he was cumming.filling my ass with a torrent of cum which started to leak onto his thighs below.I had come without realizing it so engrossed in watching him shoot his second load. In the morning,when we awoke I nursed his cock to its full size and got another reward.Out of curiosity I asked him if he had the biggest cock in his family and he laughed no my father and his brother are bigger. He said they were both around 17 inches. While in Colombia I got the chance to try their cocks out at the same time.




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